Regular Events - Bangalore

Regular Events - Bangalore
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Soulful Events that happen regularly in and around Bangalore. Keep checking this page for updates and changes.

Pottery Workshop - Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Thu, 29th Feb'24 (Every Tuesday to Sunday)

Pottery is the most forgiving art using a lump of clay, placing it on the potter's wheel and giving shape to your very own creativity. As the wheel spins and the clay begins to form, both your mind and body are synergized with surroundings and the universe.

Master Pottery: 30 Hours Flexible Beginners Course - Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Sun, 25th Feb'24 (Daily)

This immersive 30-hour beginner's pottery course comprises of 10 sessions (3 hours each) designed to introduce you to the captivating world of clay and unleash your creativity. Enroll in this 30-hour beginner's pottery course, and embark on a transformative experience that will leave you with lifelong skills and a newfound passion for pottery.

Pottery Workshop (Free Glazing + Firing Included) - Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Fri, 1st Mar'24 (Daily)

This pottery workshop offers participants the opportunity to explore and develop their skills in both hand-building and wheel throwing techniques. Through a combination of guided instruction and hands-on practice, attendees can engage in a comprehensive learning experience in the art of pottery.

Pottery Date (Private): Free Glaze + Firing + Gift - Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Fri, 15th Mar'24 (Daily)

Indulge in an intimate and enchanting experience where you and your partner can explore the art of clay together. Set in a cozy studio, this event is designed to ignite creativity and foster a deeper connection between you and your loved ones. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, you will embark on a hands-on journey of hand-building and wheel-throwing. You'll also have the opportunity to paint on pottery pieces and unleash your artistic flair and express your shared vision.
VISIBLE/INVISIBLE: Representation of Women in Art through the MAP Collection - MAP
VISIBLE/INVISIBLE, a three-year long exhibition, explores the representation of women through artworks in the collection. It attempts to re-address preconceived notions of femininity and gender as a social construct through art history by providing a more inclusive understanding towards it. For cent…

Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Mon, 1st Dec'25

What The Camera Didn’t See - MAP
Alexander Gorlizki/Pink City Studio The exhibition What The Camera Didn’t See reimagines the boundaries between photography and miniature painting, bringing together 23 artworks by Alexander Gorlizki and the Pink City Studio, led by master miniature painter Riyaz Uddin. The paintings were created in…

Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Sun, 24th Mar'24

Book of Gold: The Kanchana Chitra Ramayana of Banaras - MAP
Curated by the late Kavita Singh and Parul Singh, this exhibition shows how spirited the Indian painting tradition was, well into the nineteenth century. Challenging the older art historical narratives that miniature painting in northern India had faded by this time, is the story of a most ambitio…

Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Sun, 10th Mar'24

Rico Vineyard and Winery Tour - Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Thu, 29th Feb'24 (Daily)

Rico Park (Winery and Vineyard) welcomes you to Rico's World of Wines, the very place where their wines begin their journey from grape to your glass. India's leading producer of wines, Rico Vineyards is located amidst the Yelahanka & Nandi Hill Road. A visit to their vineyards and winery is an enjoyable experience for people of all ages. Indulge in an exclusive, all-access tour of their winery followed by a wine tasting session. Unwind with a glass or two at The Tasting Room overlooking the vineyards with panoramic views. Have lunch at one of their restaurants and stay back at the World of Wines. The entire activity takes approx. 3 hrs of time.

Kinvah Wine tours - Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Thu, 7th Mar'24 (Daily)

This 3-hour wine tour at Kinvah Vineyards includes Welcome drink, Winery visit, Wine tasting (5-6 types), Lunch (buffet), Grape stomping and Indoor games(groups games).
Group Yoga Classes for February 2024
Group Yoga Classes Activities in this program: Hatha yoga Vinyasa yoga Shivananda yoga Ashtanga yoga Restorative yoga Power Yoga Sound Healing Face yoga Yoga therapy Meditation Pranayam Mudra Asana Facilities at Paint Cafe Studio - Whitefield 🧘🏻‍♂️ Personal Training 🛵 Free Parking 𖣘 Fan 👚 Chan…

Fri, 23rd Feb'24 - Wed, 28th Feb'24 (Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

The Art of Strumming - Fri, 23rd Feb'24 & Fri, 1st Mar'24

Join "The art of strumming" to master essential strumming techniques on both guitar and ukulele. This workshop offers an in-depth exploration of various strumming patterns, including quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note and triplet strumming. Tailored for both beginners and intermediate players, the workshop will enrich your musicality and rhythm skills.

Shuffle Dance Workshop - Fri, 23rd Feb'24 - Fri, 22nd Mar'24 (Every Friday)

Shuffle Dance, also known as cutting shapes, is an energetic and visually captivating style of dance that allows you to translate music into movement like never before. In this Shuffle Dance Workshop, their experienced instructors will guide you through the steps, techniques and unique style elements that make this dance form so exciting.

Music Jamming Session with Amit - Fri, 23rd Feb'24

Join Amit & band for a musical extravaganza where your instruments are the stars of the show - guitars, cajons, flutes, violins, tablas, harmoniums, keyboards, and anything that strikes a chord with your soul!
Fascinating Trees of Cubbon Park
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Sat, 24th Feb'24

The Core Challenge ( Yoga + Pilates)
Buy Tickets for The Core Challenge ( Yoga + Pilates)!

Sat, 24th Feb'24

Guitar Workshop by Amit - Sat, 24th Feb'24

This guitar workshop includes 1. Basic Hands-on and Finger Exercises 2. Different Scales and Octaves 3. Major and Minor Chords Progression 4. Indian and Western Strumming Styles 5. Play your first Song Tabs and Writing notes 6. Finger Styles and Arpeggios.

Guitar Workshop - Sat, 24th Feb'24 - Sat, 30th Mar'24 (Every Saturday)

The workshop is structured to provide a solid foundation for those embarking on their musical journey. The cost is Rs 750 per class, or you can take advantage of a cost-effective option at Rs 6000 for a package of 10 classes. This workshop is a great opportunity to dive into the world of guitar playing and develop your skills under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

A date with ukulele - Sat, 24th Feb'24, Sun, 25th Feb'24 & Sun, 3rd Feb'24

Let’s embark on a musical journey filled with joy, harmony, and the sweet sound of ukuleles. Whether you're a beginner or a strumming pro, My School Of Rock are here to make sure you have a fantastic time.

Learn Keyboard - Unwind With Keys - Sat, 24th Feb'24 & Sat, 2nd Mar

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of keyboard mastery with My School Of Rock's 90-minute workshop. From understanding the parts of a keyboard to playing songs, this workshop covers essential topics including the chromatic scale, music theory, forming chords and applying them melodically. Whether you’re a novice or seeking to refine your skills, join us to unlock the full potential of your musical journey.

Vocal Workshop - Discovering your voice - Sat, 24th Feb'24 & Sat, 2nd Mar'24

Unleash the power of your voice in My School Of Rock's transformative vocal workshop designed to help you find your unique sound and master the basics of singing. From understanding vocal techniques like vibrato and breath control to adding dynamics and expression to your performance, this workshop is your gateway to becoming a confident and expressive singer both on and off the stage.

Guitar Groove - Learn to play guitar - Sat, 24th Feb'24

Unleash your inner guitarist at My School Of Rock's exclusive workshop, where they bring you a harmonious blend of fretboard mastery and musical creativity! This workshop covers - Finger Strengthening Exercises: Spider Walk Exercise: This involves moving your fingers up and down the fretboard like a spider, helping with finger independence and strength; Music Theory: Note Names on the Fretboard: Understanding where each note is on the fretboard is crucial; Learn Basic Chord Shapes: Open Chords: Teach common open chords like C, G, D . Emphasize proper finger placement and switching between these chords smoothly; Simple Strumming Techniques: Downstrokes and Upstrokes: Ensure participants understand the basics of strumming in both directions. Practice with simple chord progressions; Jam on Songs: Easy Song Selection: Choose songs with basic chord progressions; Jamming Exercises: Encourage participants to jam together using the chords and strumming patterns they’ve learned.

Learn the uke - Sat, 24th Feb'24, Sun, 25th Feb'24 & Sun, 3rd Mar'24

Whether you're a newbie or a strumming expert, My School Of Rock are here to ensure an enjoyable experience. This workshop covers - Warm-up Exercises: Finger taps, Spider Walk, and String Squeeze to get those fingers ready; Music Theory Basics: Learn notes, scales, chords, and ukulele anatomy; Chord Shapes: Master fundamental chords and transitions; Strumming Techniques: Dive into up and down strums and percussive rhythms; Jamming Session: Play along with a mix of classic and modern tunes; Q&A and Farewell: Share experiences, ask questions and get resources for your ukulele journey.

UkeDate: Strumming Anuv Jain's Hits - Sat, 24th Feb'24 - Sun, 3rd Mar'24 (Every Saturday & Sunday)

Join My School Of Rock for a melodious evening at “Uke Date,” where you’ll learn to play the enchanting songs of Anuv Jain on the ukulele. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced strummer, this workshop is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the soulful world of Anuv Jain’s music, all through the strings of a ukulele.

UkeDate: Strumming Prateek's Hits - Sat, 24th Feb'24 - Sun, 3rd Mar'24 (Every Saturday & Sunday)

Join My School Of Rock for a melodious evening at “Uke Date,” where you’ll learn to play the enchanting songs of Prateek Kuhad on the ukulele. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced strummer, this workshop is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the soulful world of Prateeek Kuhad’s music, all through the strings of a ukulele.

Paint with Fluid (Pouring Art) - Sat, 24th Feb'24

Learn the captivating techniques of fluid painting, a dynamic art form that emphasizes the unpredictable and mesmerizing flow of colors. Discover the joy of pouring, tilting and manipulating the paint, allowing it to glide and merge in beautiful and unexpected ways.

Canvas On Kick (Painting With Shoes) - Sat, 24th Feb'24 - Sat, 13th Apr'24 (Every Saturday)

Imagine your shoes as a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with your unique style. Lahe Lahe's experienced instructors will guide you through various techniques, from bold brush strokes to intricate details, ensuring that your footwear becomes a true work of art.

Colorful Meetup - Sat, 24th Feb'24 - Sat, 27th Apr'24 (Every Saturday)

Looking for a unique and creative way to connect with someone special? Join Pocket Plans for an Art and Craft Dating event that promises to ignite sparks of creativity and romance! Whether you're coupled up or flying solo, this event is perfect for art lovers and craft enthusiasts alike. From painting to pottery, collage-making to jewelry design, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Work side by side with your date or strike up conversations with other attendees as you let your creativity flow and create memorable masterpieces together.

Paint your passion - Sat, 24th Feb'24 - Sat, 6th Jul'24 (Every Saturday)

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic exploration like never before. Set against the backdrop of a vibrant canvas, this event invites you to delve deep into the depths of your soul and unleash the raw power of your passions through the medium of paint.

Jagriti Open Mic Saturdays - Sat, 24th Feb'24 - Sat, 27th Apr'24 (Every Saturday)

If you’ve wanted a place to share your poetry, perform your music, try out your comedy set, tell a story you wrote, or just try something out in front of a live audience, the Jagriti Open Mic is for you! Anything that can be performed with one mic or less is welcome - comedy, music, poetry, etc. No prior experience required and all languages welcome.

Bring your favourite book - Sat, 24th Feb'24 - Sat, 6th Jul'24 (Every Saturday)

Step into a world where the pages of your favorite books come to life at "Wordsmith's Wonderland: A Literary Extravaganza." This enchanting event celebrates the magic of literature, inviting bibliophiles and wordsmiths alike to immerse themselves in a whimsical fusion of storytelling, creativity, and imagination.

Human Library Bengaluru - Sat, 24th Feb'24 & Sun, 25th Feb'24

The initial idea you'll encounter when exploring the concept of the human library is an event where attendees register as "books," and the audience chooses which "book" (a human acting as a book) they want to listen to. However, our human library introduces a different concept. Our goal is to encourage attendees to engage in more conversations with each other through prompts provided by the host.

Rock the Jam : Open Mic & Jamming Session - Sat, 24th Feb'24

Join for an exhilarating evening at “Rock the Jam”, where music enthusiasts, shower singers and bedroom guitarists transform into stage sensations! Hosted by My School of Rock, this event is a celebration of music, talent, and passion.

Church Street Gaming by The Boardgame Den - Sat, 24th Feb'24 & Sun, 25th Feb'24

Detox from technology, interact with people and have a blast! The Boardgame Den have games from around the world which will get you hooked. Chill out with a light fun game or indulge in a rapt Euro one. Boardgames are for everyone! They have been collecting international board games for the last 15 years. They gather every weekend to play these games. Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome! You can come by yourself or in a group and don't worry about not knowing how to play them. They will help you find a suitable game, gather players and teach you the rules.

Painting With Acrylic - Sun, 25th Feb'24

Lahe Lahe invites you to Painting With Acrylic Workshop where the artist Bharat would take you in the art journey and show you what you feel and express through art. At the end of the workshop, you get a beautiful art which you can take to your home to decorate your wall with the painting/image.

Paint With Coffee - Sun, 25th Feb'24

Coffee Painting is a beautiful art from a common household item, though this art is Monocromatic (involves working with only one color), the potential is limitless. Join at Lahe Lahe for a 1.5 hour workshop and through the guidance of their Art Facilitator, Bharat, you will be able to make a masterpiece at the end of your workshop!

Bachata Dance Workshop - Sun, 25th Feb'24

Bachata is a dance that tells stories of love, passion and connection through every step and sway. Lahe Lahe's Bachata Dance Workshop offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this sensual and soulful dance style. Under the guidance of their skilled instructors, you'll unlock the secrets of Bachata, connecting with the music and your partner in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Salsa Dance Workshop - Sun, 25th Feb'24

Lahe Lahe invites you for a workshop on Salsa dance which involves Foundations of Salsa, Partner Work, Styling and Expression, Rhythm and Timing, Fun and Social Atmosphere and is open to all levels.

Open Mic Bengaluru - Sun, 25th Feb'24

Are you ready to shine on the grand stage? Whether it’s music, poetry, stand-up, or storytelling, dazzle us with your best 5-minute act! Get ready to celebrate the monumental 50th edition of our Open Mic Challenge at My School Of Rock!

Truly Open (Open Mic) - Sun, 25th Feb'24 - Sun, 21st Apr'24 (Every Sunday)

The stage is all set to showcase the artist in you, be it music, poetry, comedy, drama, stand-up, painting, dancing or any other form of arts.

Music Jamming - Sun, 25th Feb'24 - Sun, 21st Apr'24 (Every Sunday)

Stretch your musical muscles every Sunday with the refreshing and the rejuvenating vibes. An opportunity to meet, learn and work with a wide spectrum of talented musicians both formal and informal ones.

Meetup: Meet, Greet and Connect (Cubbon Park and Rajajinagar Metro Station) - Sun, 25th Feb'24 - Sun, 14th Apr'24 (Every Sunday)

Get ready for laughter, connections and good vibes at this Social mixer! Whether you're new to the city or looking to expand your social circle, this is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Chord Mastery: Decoding guitar & ukulele chords - Mon, 26th Feb'24 & Mon, 4th Mar'24

Embark on a comprehensive journey through guitar and ukulele chord theory and application. This workshop focuses on music theory, chord formation, chord formulas for major, minor, and extended chords, famous chord progressions, and the practical use of a capo to simplify challenging chords. Tailored for both beginners and intermediate players, it's the perfect opportunity to deepen your musical understanding and skills.

Write Out loud (Poetry Evening) - Tue, 27th Feb'24 - Tue, 9th Apr'24 (Every Tuesday)

The Write Out Loud Poetry Evening is a celebration of the spoken word, where poets and poetry enthusiasts come together to share their creative expressions, celebrate the beauty of language and explore the depths of human emotions through poetry. This event is an opportunity for individuals to connect with the power of words and immerse themselves in a night of literary artistry.

Tuesday Board Meeting - Koramangala - Tue, 27th Feb'24 - Tue, 25th Jun'24 (Every Tuesday)

Tuesday Board Meeting is a Tuesday oriented board games gathering where people come across different parts of the city to explore and enjoy modern board games from across the world. You can join either solo or with your group of friends. They got you covered, they'll help you to select the right game for your requirements and explain how to play these games.

Fingerstyle Mastery: Guitar & Ukulele Essentials - Wed, 28th Feb'24 & Wed, 6th Mar'24

Unlock the mesmerizing world of fingerstyle music with My School Of Rock's exclusive 90-minute workshop, tailored for both guitar and ukulele enthusiasts! Whether you're a beginner eager to delve into the basics or an intermediate player looking to refine your skills, this workshop is the perfect opportunity Dive deep into the art of fingerstyle, exploring essential techniques such as forward and reverse arpeggios, the seamless blending of both, and the intricacies of various chord shapes.

Music Jam - Wed, 28th Feb'24

Embark on a musical odyssey as Lahe Lahe invites you to a night of rhythmic resonance, sonic innovation and pure, unbridled energy. Music Jam is not just an event; it's a celebration of diverse melodies, a fusion of talents, and a gathering of souls united by the universal language of music.
10 Days Pottery Workshop - Hand-building - starts from 3rd February 20
Course Details: Introduction of Hand-buildingIntroduction to craft of pottery covering topics like different types of clay, Clay Preparation, Storage and Reclaiming, Managing Drying process and Safety Procedure.Technique: PinchingMaking pots using one of the age old techniques of Pinching.Technique…

10 Days Pottery Workshop

Canvas Painting Workshop - Every Friday & Saturday

Join Art Beat for an amazing Canvas Painting Workshop at the beautiful Art Beat studio. Learn how to paint on canvas using acrylic paint creating a beautiful painting to take home along with loads of memories and pictures.

Dot Mandala Art - Every Friday & Saturday

In this workshop, create a mesmerizing dot mandala art and take home a beautiful artwork on wood with loads of memories and pictures.

Boho mirror & texture - Every Saturday

Use your hands and your creativity and paint an amazing masterpiece on canvas using texture and acrylic paints. Use a mirror and create a beautiful boho mirror that you can use to amp up your home decor.

Texture Painting Workshop - Every Saturday

Join Art Beat to paint an amazing masterpiece on canvas using texture and acrylic paints at their beautiful Art Beat studio. Learn how to paint on canvas to create beautiful texture painting by mixing different mediums and creating depth in your painting. Use colors such as gold to create contrast in the texture painting and take home a beautiful artwork on canvas along with loads of memories and pictures.

Bottle and Jewellery decoupage - Every Saturday

Do you want to amp up your home by upcycling old bottles and jewellery box into gorgeous decor? Decoupage is an easy-to-learn method to create beautiful art pieces with simple materials and techniques. Join Art Beat on this workshop to find out more!

Alcohol Ink on Paper and Coaster Workshop - Every Saturday

In this 2-hour workshop, you will be introduced to color theory and mixing techniques, tips for keeping all the colors vibrant in spite of dilution, moving the canvas appropriately around to create patterns, understanding how different colors will look when they interact with one another.

Regular Art Classes at BCC - Every Saturday

The class includes a variety of mediums, like acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolour, charcoal, pencil and pen sketching, colour pencils, soft pastels and a lot more. You will be guided through each of these mediums in the level that you are at. The classes will be taught using a wide range of creative exercises and activities. You will be encouraged to develop and follow your own style and creativity, while learning the skills needed to do so.
Programs in Bengaluru City
Bengaluru Residents, Join our weekend satsang - group meditation and wisdom sessions, at Pyramid Valley’s Bengaluru City Center - in front of Ragigudda Anjeneya Swamy Temple in Jayanagar 9th block.

Every Saturday, Sunday & Tuesday

Vipassana - Justbe Resto Cafe
Taste Good Health

Every Sunday

Coaster Painting Workshop - Every Monday & Wednesday

Always wanted to try your hand at painting? Or just haven't painted in a while? This workshop is perfect for you. Learn the art of canvas painting. Perfect for beginners and folks who have never painted before. Learn how to paint on wood using acrylic paint creating a beautiful landscape on a wooden coaster.
Catalog for Art Activities to do at the Studio from Monday to Friday
Welcome to Paint Cafe Studio! We’re thrilled to offer a wide variety of art experiences for both kids and adults. Explore our diverse range of artworks and creative activities designed to inspire and engage artists of all ages. No matter your age or skill level, our Paint Cafe Studio Open House is d…

Every Monday to Friday

Weekly Events for Kids

Kids Art Camp- Starts from February 1st 2024 4:00PM to 5:00PM and 5:00
🎨 Calling All Young Picassos! Join Our Kids Art Camp! 🎨 🌈 Let your child’s creativity shine at our exciting Kids Art Camp! 🌞 From painting and texture are to crafting and resin art work, we’ve got a world of creativity waiting to be explored. 1) Canvas Painting- is a creative and expressive art…

Thu, 22nd Feb'24 - Thu, 29th Feb'24 (Every Monday to Friday)

Kids Drawing and Acrylic painting workshop - 8 days per month
Welcome to our vibrant world of Acrylic Painting Classes for Kids! Ignite your child’s imagination and unleash their creativity through our engaging and interactive classes. With a flexible schedule of 8 days per month, your young artists will have the perfect platform to dive into the world of colo…

Weekday & Weekend Classes

Kids Art Classes at Paint Cafe Studio. Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm and
🎨 Dive into the world of Acrylic Painting with our 3-Month Workshop! 🖌️ Join us for an immersive journey where you’ll learn: 🌟 Acrylic Painting Fundamentals 🖼️ Canvas Preparation and Techniques 🎨 Color Mixing and Blending Mastery 🌆 Landscape and Still Life Painting 👩‍🎨 Portrait and Figure Pa…