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1st Week of October '23

1st Week of October '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


Alap, Jor and Jhala - Bangalore International Centre
A Sarode & Vocal Jugalbandi RSVP <a href=“https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYl_Qf4HjU0WR2NNAP_G-NNWlHg3FdY0smXWe9zxtCx_wMdQ/viewform?usp=pp_url” target=“_blank” rel=“noopener”>here</a>
Thu, 5th Oct'23

SOI Chamber Orchestra - Fri, 6th Oct'23 - Sat, 7th Oct'23

After multiple sold-out performances at Ranga Shankara in 2020 and 2022, the SOI Chamber Orchestra, based at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai comes back to perform in Bengaluru. Symphony Orchestra of India's Music Director Marat Bisengaliev conducts the concerts.  The programme includes Mozart's beloved Symphony No. 40, arguably the most popular of Mozart’s 41 symphonies, with its instantly recognisable opening melody amongst other works.
Ibaadat - A Sufi Music Night - Mello
Ibaadat – literally translating to “prayer” is Ruhaniyat’s take on love; Both “Ishq-e-Haqiqi” and “Ishq-e-majazi”. We’ll be spending the evening performing songs from various genres- from Sufi to Bollywood, to whatever feels right!
Sat, 7th Oct'23
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Sat, 7th Oct'23

Sanam Live in concert - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Sanam is an Indian pop-rock band formed in 2010 currently based in Mumbai, India known for its renditions of old classic Bollywood songs as well as original music. The band SANAM consists of Sanam Puri (lead vocalist/composer), Samar Puri (lyricist/lead guitar/composer), Venky S or Venkat Subramaniyam (bass guitar) and Keshav Dhanraj (Drums/lead music arranger). The band will entertain fans with foot tapping and soulful numbers in this concert that is bound to leave the audience asking for more.
A Lullaby Concert
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Sun, 8th Oct'23


The Albatross - Sat, 7th Oct'23

The Albatross is a contemporary dance production exploring themes of life and longevity, in the current ethos confronting global climate crisis. Directed by Sahiba Singh, Founder of Flux and performed by the graduating batch of the 10th X Sense program, The Albatross will make us question, feel and derive our own path forward to the mess we find ourselves in.

The Nrityanidhi Baithak - Sun, 8th Oct'23

The 'Nrityanidhi Baithak' isn't merely a wondrous experience of Kathak; but also a lingering sensation of magnificence, that only comes through the enchantment of 'Nrityanidhi Magic'! At Nrityanidhi, an event is treated as an opportunity to travel into the sublime aspects of artistic expression. An opportunity to take deeper breaths, unwind & acknowledge the true meaning of life. None of this, however, is the main goal. The goal is simply to put up a great performance. Yet somehow, the whole experience is surreal, leading the artists as well as the audience into a powerful realm of possibility & tranquility.

Cultural Activities

Celebrating the Divine goddess within - Fri, 6th Oct'23

Durga Puja or Dussehra is one of the largest festivals in India. As the story goes, she kills the evil demon king Mahishasura to shower her blessings on us. Mahalaya Amavasya is an event to welcome her journey with her four children to Martya Lok. It is also the last day of offering tribute to our departed forefathers, i.e Pitripaksha and the beginning of the Devipaksha. On the 6th of October, Friday, Lahe Lahe, with a lot of love, gets set to invite the divine feminine home, through divine songs and stories. They will have a story time of Goddess and Songs will be sung in the remembrance & celebration of the divine feminine.

BSS Monthly Storytelling Meetup - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Join at Atta Galatta for a heartwarming evening of stories and flavors at the Bangalore Storytelling Society's monthly meet-up. Share your tales or savor the potluck stories, where dishes hold cherished memories. A community of storytellers and listeners awaits you, all united by the love for stories.

Fabled - Fri, 6th Oct'23

Unlock your imagination and embark on a storytelling journey with Fabled! Join at Atta Galatta for a unique Story Exchange session. Let's weave tales together and pass on the magic of storytelling.

Sari Nari - Fri, 6th Oct'23

Dive into the world of Indian saris with Dr. Vaibbhavi Pruthviraj Ranavaade, the author of 'Indian Sari: Sartoria & Semiotics', in a captivating conversation with fashion writer-editor Bhawana Pingali. Join at Atta Galatta as they explore the rich tapestry of tradition and style.
Guchcha - A Bunch of Original Stories
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Fri, 6th Oct'23
Bookmarked - Bangalore International Centre
Silent Reading Session Bangalore Reads RSVP <a href=“https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfGjGzQcEIhsUaXP7XyDp49UAptmR4rX7noQcjgvf02kQjXnQ/viewform?usp=pp_url” target=“_blank” rel=“noopener”>here</a>
Sat, 7th Oct'23

Mythology Marvels - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Indian Mythology is full of answers to the many whys of our culture. Join Lavanya Prasad and Meenu Sivaramakrishnan, as they explore and bring forth the marvellous stories from the Indian Mythology through music, dance and theatre. This month as Navarathri is nearing, they explore the fascinating Dussehra lores of the land we live in. Join in to be wowed by listening to some unknown stories about dussehra and finish on a high with an amazing dance number with your family and friends.
Match Box Edition 2
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Sat, 7th Oct'23
Guchcha ( A Bunch Of Original Stories )
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Sat, 7th Oct'23
Dialogues Poetry Mic JP Nagar
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Sat, 7th Oct'23

Listener's Circle - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Listeners’ Circle in association with Lahe Lahe presents you ‘Tell your story’!! Speak your heart out without fear of judgment and listen without judging! Every story matters. Every life matters. Every feeling matters. But do we share our stories, struggles, and experiences with others openly? What stops us? Isn't it the fear of judgment? And how often we listen to others patiently without judging them? Think about how it would feel to take an hour out of your fast-paced life and tell your story to people who listen to you without judging? Also, listen to the stories of others without judging.
Meter and Magic - Bangalore International Centre
Poetry Reading and Discussion RSVP <a href=“https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSffCC9jUN6iSfHDtVLs4NwysaWCvHIydzXFFr-8fHmph43UmQ/viewform?usp=pp_url” target=“_blank” rel=“noopener”>here</a>
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Mello’s Open Mic - Mello
Curated Experiences in Bangalore
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Mello’s Jamming Session - Mello
Curated Experiences in Bangalore
Sat, 7th Oct'23
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Sat, 7th Oct'23

Tree walk with AGreenVenture - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Starting very close to Mahalaxmi metro, through quaint residential lanes observe various trees, plant, flowers and tree filled corners and learn more about Trees around This walk introduces you to the world of trees and plants, how to spot, identify, origin and the checkered history of Bangalore's interesting horticulture and past. This walk includes a fun activity and takeaway! We end at Bangalore Creative circus which has a beautiful organic farmer market The walk will be conducted by Kavya Chandra, Founder, A Green Venture done in collaboration with Bangalore Creative Circus.

Farmers' Market - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Bangalore Creative Circus presents to you the 21st edition of their monthly Farmers’ Market! As always, they are excited to host local farmers and producers selling fresh fruits and veggies, homemade pickles and jams, vegan desserts, traditional games, pet adoption, and more. Lots of new stalls this time! You ask, and you shall receive! Come along with your friends and family!
The Urban Solace Book Lovers’ Club - October 2023 meet
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Sun, 8th Oct'23

My Neighbour is a Pest! - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Join Atta Galatta for a delightful journey through the eyes of young authors as they unveil 'My Neighbour is a Pest!' This charming book emerged from their summer workshop exploring urban biodiversity through whimsical comic strips. Don't miss the chance to hear their imaginative tales of evolving neighborhoods, past and present.
Kavitayon Ki Dastak
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Sun, 8th Oct'23
Mahabharata Dialogues JP Nagar
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Sun, 8th Oct'23
Bending Reality - Magic, Mentalism & Mischief
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Sun, 8th Oct'23
Wine & Cheese Tasting Experience - Mello
Event created by Devati Mallick
Sun, 8th Oct'23

Lahe Lahe Open Mic (Open To All Genres) - Sun, 8th Oct'23

In sync with the vibe of the space - Lahe Lahe presents "Lahe Lahe Open Mic". You get to have a mic, a stage, an audience and 4 minutes each where you can express yourself. Gender no bar, Genre no bar, Language no bar, Age no bar. They will have 2 featured artists from their end who will get 10 mins each. And 20 people from the audience can perform for 4 mins each. Interested to perform? Excited to see your 4 minutes of fame.

Anjuman's Poetry Open Mic - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Anjuman's Poetry Open Mic where words weave magic, and hearts find resonance. Join at Atta Galatta for an enchanting evening of Hindi-Urdu poetry, a tradition that's been alive in Bengaluru since 2011. Whether you're a poet or a poetry enthusiast, their stage welcomes all. Come, let the verses flow freely and the stories unfold.

Open Mic Bangalore - Sun, 8th Oct'23

A Stage Like Never Before! Open Mic for all ages. It's your first time no worries, we will support you all the way. The Chords Open Mic aims at giving a non-judgmental platform to new as well as known artists. Firstly, You get to have a mic, a stage, an audience and 4 minutes each where you can express yourself. Gender no bar, Genre no bar, Language no bar, Age no bar. Also, all those performers who make a mark in the open mic get a chance win Exciting Prizes & to perform for a GIG  in upcoming shows. So come, be a part!
Awaken Words Presents Bangalore Open Mic
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Sun, 8th Oct'23
Open Mic Bangalore
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Sun, 8th Oct'23

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

LEGO Autodidacts
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Fri, 6th Oct'23

Aura Alchemy - Healing Meditation Concert - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Our energy field or aura defines our life experiences and the objects, situations, and people we attract. For many of us, our aura has been denied, blocked and eroded over time leaving us feeling depleted and robbed of the rich experiences that we truly deserve. This blindfolded meditation concert aims to rebalance, energise and revitalise your aura, and kickstart a deep healing journey.

Sound Bath - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Come & experience the calming and rejuvenating effects of Sound Healing at Justbe by Nidhi Nahata. The instruments create vibrations and frequencies that will resonate with you and help in Developing Vitality, Healing, Stress Relief, Emotional Balance, Mindfulness, Better Sleep, Health and Well-Being, and Reduces Body Ache.

Wellness Workshop by Attitude Makeover - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Feeling stuck in the daily grind? Dive deep into a transformative experience with Attitude Makeover’s Blackbox Experience. Unlock self-discovery, find your tribe and truly align with your authentic self.

Rewear Your Grief - Sat, 7th Oct'23

The session will have short, guided meditation (sensorial experience) and a set of self-observational, artistic activities conducted in a sharing circle. It will create a a safe environment for us to express our stories and emotions—nostalgia, joy, grief, and pain—connected to our saris and other clothing. Based on the participants' and the facilitator(s) experience, it will hold space to exchange Reduce-Refuse-Reuse-Repurpose-Recycle fashion techniques and ideas that you can tweak and apply.
LEGO Puppet Storytelling
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Sat, 7th Oct'23 & Sun, 8th Oct'23
The Physical Brain
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Sat, 7th Oct'23 & Sun, 8th Oct'23

3 Days Therapeutic yoga by Dr. Anurag Acharya - Sat, 7th Oct'23 - Mon, 9th Oct'23

Adinath yoga and Medication Center are delighted to announce a 3 day intensive therapeutic yoga workshop by Dr. Anurag Acharya (BPT, M.P.T(Ortho), MA in Yoga, Certified Manual therapist, International yoga teacher). Dr. Anurag is working already with many patients and he has medical background and more practical approach to treat people with yoga. Filled with Lot of learning, fun, meditations, yoga healing, wellbeing, Restorative yoga.
Breathwork Circle - Mello
Event created by Tanvi Khemsra
Sun, 8th Oct'23
Your Mind Matters: Anxiety Release Workshop - Mello
Event created by Copper & Cloves
Tue, 10th Oct'23
The Alexander Technique Continuous Learning Programme
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Tue, 10th Oct'23 - Mon, 27th Nov'23

Understanding Societal Systems

Every Time You Tell a Story - MAP
October 7, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm - A still from Every Time You Tell A Story. Courtesy of Ruchika Negi and Amit Mahanti. How do you tell a story whose words are a song, a stone, an image, or a symbol? A story that is woven into a shawl, woven through time itself? Every Time You Tell A Story by Ruc…
Sat, 7th Oct'23

Art & Craft

Pottery Workshop - Thu, 5th Oct'23 - Wed, 11th Oct'23

Pottery is the most forgiving art using a lump of clay, placing it on the potter's wheel and giving shape to your very own creativity. As the wheel spins and the clay begins to form, both your mind and body are synergized with surroundings and the universe.

Hands In Clay : Pottery workshop - Thu, 5th Oct'23 - Sun, 8th Oct'23 (Multiple Venues)

Join Small World on a journey of self-expression and artistic discovery as you mould and sculpt your very own ceramic masterpieces. Their skilled instructors provide expert guidance and foster a supportive environment for beginners and experienced potters alike. Unleash your inner artist, connect with fellow enthusiasts and embark on a therapeutic adventure into the mesmerizing world of clay.
Friday, 6th October 2023 | The Midnight Swing Time | 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a boring Friday evening? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing wi…
Fri, 6th Oct'23
Epoxy resin Mini beach decor workshop - Friday 6th October 6PM to 8PM
Take home what you make all materials included and can choose any color beach and get complementary display stand with this workshop. ⏰ Schedule : Date : 6th October 2023 (Friday ) Time :6:00PM 08:00PM Take home what you make. 📍 Location : Paint Cafe Studio, #16, 4th floor, SV Atrium, ECC Road,…
Fri, 6th Oct'23

Writing and Performing Poetry in Meter - Fri, 6th Oct'23

Do you want to write soul-shifting poetry? Hold the attention of the room as you recite that powerful poem, the crowd hanging on to your every word? Then don't miss this event! American poet and performer Annie Finch will show you how to create this magic in meter. This is your chance to attend a poetry session with an award-winning writer who has come to shape American Literature as we know it. Join her for an evening of poetry and magic at the Atta Galatta Bookstore.
No Pressure Improv’s Improv & Sketch Open Stage - Edition 9
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Fri, 6th Oct'23
Composing Magic - Workshop and Jam
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Fri, 6th Oct'23
Salad Masterclass with Chef Sarah - Mello
Event created by Copper & Cloves
Fri, 6th Oct'23
Saturday, 7th October 2023 | Giggle, Giggle, Quack | 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a Saturday evening? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing with yo…
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Beach Paradise Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room
Bangalore Drawing Room invites you to a fun laid back Art Gathering! Discover the artist in you as you paint your version of “Beach Paradise”. Never painted before? not to worry, you will be guided by an Artist. With no prior painting experience required, this will be a guided session, shedding ligh…
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Inks & Drinks: Canvas Painting & Mixology Session w/ @susanhalfhideartworks & Hoegaarden Gin
Buy Tickets for Inks & Drinks: Canvas Painting & Mixology Session w/ @susanhalfhideartworks & Hoegaarden Gin!
Sat, 7th Oct'23

Texture Art - Sat, 7th Oct'23

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn 1. Overview of Tools 2. Texture Paste Mediums; Different paste mediums (different budget & professional options); Pros and cons of each medium 3. Tips & Hacks to find the right base, Other options (MDF, Art boards, etc.) 4. Techniques & Styles 5. Neat canvas edges, sanding and other helpful tips 6. Color Theory, Selections & mixing Color Theory 7. Finishing touches advice to finish your piece.
Dot Painting on a mug and a coaster by ArtDelight
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Sat, 7th Oct'23
Resin Ocean Art Workshop
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Sat, 7th Oct'23
12 inch Beach Resin Art Workshop on Clock Saturday 7th October 2023 10
“Explore the beauty of Beach in a captivating resin workshop. Learn the art of creating stunning resin art pieces using various materials and techniques. Discover how to mix colors, embed crystals, and design your unique masterpiece. Unleash your creativity and take home a dazzling, one-of-a-kind c…
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Resin art- Beach theme coaster- set of 6. Saturday 7thOctober 11AM to
Join our Beach Resin Coaster Workshop and embark on a creative journey to craft your own set of six beautiful and functional coasters inspired by the serene beauty of the beach. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a complete beginner, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of co…
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Buddha texture+ Epoxy resin art workshop Saturday 7th October 2023- 1:
Discover the artistry of crafting your own Buddha wall hanging using a captivating blend of crystals, texture paint, and resin in our immersive workshop. Here’s a detailed description of what our workshop offers: “Creating Serenity: Buddha Wall Hanging with Crystals, Texture Paint, and Resin” Artis…
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Paws To Remember
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Sat, 7th Oct'23
Pottery Fiesta - Mello
Event created by Mello Events
Sat, 7th Oct'23

Mud n Magic - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Discover the art of handbuilding pottery in Tattva Kala's hands-on Mud n Magic workshop. Learn basics of hand-building pottery techniques to craft your own stunning pieces and take you creations home as a momento.
Sat, 7th Oct'23

Terrarium Workshop: Craft Your Mini Ecosystem - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Tired of your regular weekend plans? Join Paudhe Se Yaari at Heartfelt Histories' Terrarium Workshop. Terrarium is like a tiny, self-contained garden inside a glass container. You'll learn how to create your own green oasis!
The Design Dojo
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Sat, 7th Oct'23
Dance 4 Joy- Dandiya Workshop, Saturday 7th October 2023 6PM
🌟 Discover the Magic of Dandiya in Bangalore! 🌟 🥁 Are you ready to dance to the enchanting beats of Dandiya this festive season? Join our Dandiya Workshop in the heart of Bangalore and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of India! 🌟 Workshop Highlights: ✨ Guidance:Learn the art of gra…
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Garba Dance Workshops | Navratri 2023
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Sat, 7th Oct'23, Sun, 8th Oct'23 & Sat, 14th Oct'23
Navadurga Sloka - Dance workshop
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Sat, 7th Oct'23 & Sun, 8th Oct'23
Dance Alignment-Posture-Connection-Language Workshop.
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Sat, 7th Oct'23 - Sun, 15th Oct'23

HumbleBean Coffee Cupping and Homebrewing Workshop - Sat, 7th Oct'23 - 15th Oct'23

HumbleBean Academy offers multiple courses to enhance your coffee knowledge. Learn upto four different brewing methods with the Homebrewing Masterclass or experience the variety of natural flavours and textures of coffee with the Coffee cupping sessions.
Paint Party - Acrylic Painting Workshop
Book Tickets for Paint Party - Acrylic Painting Workshop Hosted By Games Lab. Event starts on Sunday, 8 October 2023. Register or Buy Tickets, Price information.
Sun, 8th Oct'23
Sip N Paint! - Mello
Event created by [email protected]
Sun, 8th Oct'23

Fluid Art Workshop - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Fluid art workshop is a fun learning experience which let's you experiment with warm and under tones; experiment, explore and discover new techniques; gives immense freedom to enjoy with colors and paints. In this workshop, learn 8 different techniques in fluid art, learn what is color theory and its application in real life.
Wall as your Canvas - The Van Gogh Edition - Mello
Event created by creatibeeti
Sun, 8th Oct'23
Dot Mandala Workshop
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Sun, 8th Oct'23

Alcohol Inks Workshop - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Alcohol ink is a highly pigmented medium which creates a maze effect. This medium is a current rage amongst artist due to its highly pigmented colors that are transparent and extremely vibrant that dry giving a polished stone effect. During this 2 hour workshop, you will learn some unique alcohol ink techniques. After a brief introduction and demonstration, students will have a chance to experiment with the inks to create their own kettle and an artwork of their own to take back.
Pen & Paper Workshop | Bangalore
Sun, 8th Oct'23
Sunday, 8th October 2023 | The Art Of Clay | 11:00AM - 1:00PM
Paint Bar x Winique Pottery Hey there! Looking to have some fun time? Think no further, this is for you! This one-day pottery workshop is a hands-on experience that will introduce participants to the basic techniques of creating functional and decorative pottery pieces. The workshop will cover essen…
Sun, 8th Oct'23
Tie and Dye workshop by ArtDelight
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Sun, 8th Oct'23
Drawing Spaces - MAP
October 8, 2023 @ 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm - Adai Dvipa Pata Fragment, c. 1900, India, D. 8.4 cm, H. 104 cm, W. 104cm, TXT.00138. A space that one occupies evokes a strong connection and leaves indelible impressions in one’s mind. When we frequently visit a place, navigate it on a daily basis, or have spen…
Sun, 8th Oct'23
Macrame Workshop by ArtDelight Group
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Sun, 8th Oct'23

Mobile Photography Workshop - Sun, 8th Oct'23

A photography workshop is a place to which everyone who is interested in photography should pay a visit every once in a while; especially workshops organized by renowned professionals. It's a great place to observe and learn, not to mention the opportunity to discuss your own ideas with expert photographers.
Learn to Sing a Lullaby
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Sun, 8th Oct'23
StoryZone AfterHours - Mello
Curated Experiences in Bangalore
Mon, 9th Oct'23
SCA Coffee Skills Program: Sensory Skills (Foundation)
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Mon, 9th Oct'23
SCA Coffee Skills Program: Sensory Skills (Intermediate)
Buy Tickets for SCA Coffee Skills Program: Sensory Skills (Intermediate)!
Tue, 10th Oct'23 & Wed, 11th Oct'23

Film & Theater

Kamaroopigal - Thu, 5th Oct'23

Ramayana is an epic having many characters with many traits. These characters and their traits help us understand human emotions. Inspired by the Panchavati portion of Ramayana, Kaamaroopigal is a play that starts from the insult of Shoorpanki by Rama and Lakshmana and ends at Jatayu Moksha. Life has many facets to it - Righteousness, evilness, love, hatred, romance & lust. Blending Ethnicity with Modernity, this play highlights the lust of Shoorpanaki towards Rama and its repercussions there on.

Lokada olahorage - Fri, 6th Oct'23

This play is a direct discussion of the questions Tagore himself had about Western culture and the revolts against it in early 1910's. As a symbol of both these thoughts, the two main characters of this play, Siddhartha as an admirer of Western thought, and Indrajit as an opponent of that culture, the ups and downs of an innocent girl named Sharade, who is caught between them, is the core of this play. The conflicts of these two thoughts that enter into the family, where everything seemed to be romantic, are revealed through the play and how they break up not only that family but also the surrounding society becomes the core issue. This play tries to convey that only inclusive minds can build a healthy society.
Brachio - Bangalore International Centre
The Story of a Lighthouse RSVP <a href=“https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWp2cxTzYfcjzEcrPxkwYAnZcsk_1B2a67xc_1-kYAQJSzgg/viewform?usp=pp_url” target=“_blank” rel=“noopener”>here</a>
Sat, 7th Oct'23
Adhura ( An Hindi Play )
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Sat, 7th Oct'23

Short Film Tour - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Delhi Stories, in association with White Wall Screenings and Ekta Gatherings, brings you a tour of handpicked short films to be showcased across cities. The tour is one of a kind for cinephiles. Watch handpicked shorts! Discuss with the crew about what went behind making them. Meet, greet and interact with filmmakers and fellow film lovers!

To Be or Not To Be - Sat, 7th Oct'23

To Be or Not To be is a theatre production inspired by Hamlet's soliloquy, presented in a metaphorical physical language. This production is an abstract musical with minimal dialogues. This visual extravaganza, follows the story of 3 characters caught in a large city, their dreams, aspirations and desires, along with the people in a city who are constantly running a meaningless rat race and a never ending desire to reach their materialistic goals.
Endings - Bangalore International Centre
A Play in English for Ages 13 and up RSVP <a href=“https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScILo_umqoCfNDCLa6RKVIU2H8mOxKlITO8DY4QelV8kCExEw/viewform” target=“_blank” rel=“noopener”>here</a>
Sun, 8th Oct'23

Refund - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Have you ever felt that your school education was an utter waste of time? We are sure you have! Refund is the audacious play of a middle-aged man who confronts his school principal that he is a failure in life and now seeks a refund from his school for the time and money they wasted. Come and watch this rib-tickling comedy.

Never Odd or Even - English Play by Theatre Marina - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Never Odd or Even is Theatre Marina’s modern approach towards Theatre art! They assure to offer you a never-before theatre experience with a touch of minimalism! “The brilliance revolves around the title” – not so clear? Then watch them perform the play live.

Sarasatiyagallole - Sun, 8th Oct'23

The life of Savitribai Phule, who is credited as the country's first teacher, is uniquely recorded in the pages of Indian history. It is a common fact that behind every man's success there is a woman. But Jyotibaphule was behind the success of Savitribai Phule. On the one hand, the Indians were suffering from being enslaved by the British; While the entire Indian society was shaking under the grip of domestic priesthood. Savitribaiphule couple are the bright lights that have risen. The attempt to depict the events based on the life of Savitribai Phule, a heroic woman who fought against all the social ills of those times such as stupidity, illiteracy, unavailability of food, neglect of health and so on, was not successful. Do not bow down and worship me; If my ideals are right, there is a demand to implement them. The problems of pre-independence and post-independence are one and the same and an honest effort in confronting both of them is "Sarasatiyaglole".

Parijata - Wed, 11th Oct'23 - Thu, 12th Oct'23

Parijata is based on an incident from Mahabharata. The story of Parijata is quite popular. In Karnataka, it is performed as Sri Krishna Parijata, in Sannata form, which is a folk theater form. In Assam, it is performed as Parijat Haran in the Sattriya form, which is a classical dance. With our production Parijata, we propose to take selected elements from both these versions and create a completely new version, which questions why Krishna, who gave Amruta to Gods and made them immortal, had to wage war with Indra, the King of Gods for the sake of Parijata.

Fun and Games

Tabletop Thursday with ReRoll Board Games
Buy Tickets for Tabletop Thursday with ReRoll Board Games!
Thu, 5th Oct'23
Board Gaming Meet-Up with BLR Meeples - Mello
Event created by Ram
Sun, 8th Oct'23

GamesBlr's Second Edition! - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Come alone or bring your friends along to the Second edition of GamesBlr! Expect to indulge in a one-of-its-kind curated journey where groups compete with each other across dumb charades, pictionary, taboo, relay races, mafia, dance, fitness, theatre, etc with loads of conversations, joy, laughter, adventure, connection & sparks!

Chess Connect - Sun, 8th Oct'23

Whether you're a seasoned player or just discovering your love for the game, come embrace the thrill of chess, forge new connections, and make every move count. Let's bring the chessboard to 'The Hub' and continue journey of checkmates and camaraderie!

With Kids

Little Movers Dance Workshop For Kids - Sat, 7th Oct'23

Get ready to groove and groove with Lahe Lahe's spectacular Kids Dance Workshop! Give your child the gift of happiness and expression through the magic of dance! Their Western and Bollywood dance workshop is perfect for both beginners and kids with dance experience. Calling all young dance enthusiasts aged 6-12 to embark on this rejuvenating dance journey.
Grand Carnival
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Sat, 7th Oct'23

Build with Troy - Sat, 7th Oct'23 & Sun, 8th Oct'23 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath & Dialogues Cafe

Block play is also a great way to encourage movement and physical activity. Children can use their whole body as they build and manipulate the blocks, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the process.

SOI Young People's Concert - Sun, 8th Oct'23

The Symphony Orchestra of India presents a special concert for young audiences and families. The programme, performed by musicians of the SOI with a narrator, will blend entertainment and education, and take children on a journey around the world through music—from Austria to America, France to India, and more!