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3rd Week of December '23

3rd Week of December '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


Coke Studio Hits
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Fri, 15th Dec'23

Euphoria - India Tour - Bengaluru - Fri, 15th Dec'23

Euphoria are celebrating a major landmark this year with a euphoric feeling, the only way they know best, with Dhoom! Their India Tour this year celebrates a major landmark in their existence and the whirlwind journey of an independent band with a strong DIY aesthetic that has never bowed down to the pressures of commerce and trends. They have always done things their way and on their terms but could not have pulled this off without their collaborators, supporters and most importantly the Fans. This tour is their way of giving back the love and appreciation they have received from everyone.

Shruti Pathak Live Concert - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Brace yourself for a Bollywood bonanza like no other because stepping into a concert with the one and only Shruti Pathak is like diving headfirst into a musical masala adventure! Promising a rollercoaster of emotions set to the beats of "Mar Jaawa" and the foot-tapping frenzy of "Shubhaarambh" – you'll be grooving, it's a ride through the blockbuster soundtracks that define the quirks of Bollywood. With a dash of Coke Studio India magic, her performance is a symphony of tradition and contemporary beats. So, get ready to sing, dance and soak in the Bollywood madness, because with Shruti Pathak, it's not just a concert; it's a quirky, unforgettable fiesta on stage!

Chemmeen Band and Seniorz Melam Live In Concert - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Chemmeen and Seniorz Melam creates a new kind of pulsating music. Rock music and singari melam (percussion ensemble) make an unusual combination, but when Kochi rock band Chemmeen and Thrissur-based percussion ensemble Seniorz Melam play together there is unusual, unexpected harmony. Singari melam is high voltage percussion rhythm and movement based music with a large number of musicians. Get ready for an exhilarating experience with the upbeat sound , rocking music and the pounding drumbeat of the band.
Bandland 2023 | Celebrate the Golden Era of Rock in Bangalore
Relive the Golden Era of rock music festivals at the Badland Rock Festival in December 2023. Get your tickets now!

Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

YUGM - Raag-Bairaag India tour (Banglore)
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Rajhesh Vaidhya with a 6-piece band - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Embark on a captivating musical odyssey with the virtuoso Rajhesh Vaidhya. Witness the enchantment as his skillful plays weave through the strings, crafting a symphony that defies limits. Join for an indelible night of stirring tunes, where every note narrates a tale and each melody resonates with fervor.

Albela Sajan A Fusion Festival - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Ekta S Productionz brings to you for the first time a fusion show which will showcase some of the most popular Hindi pop songs in fusion with Hindustani. The show will leave you spell bound with nostalgic songs like Kabhi toh Nazar Milao and Piya Basanti Re in a completely different version.

Ek Mehfil Sufi Nights by Tudum Ft. Sadho Band - Wed, 20th Dec'23

Tudum’s Ek Mehfil, where the mystic tunes of Sufi melodies weave a tapestry of serenity. This week, you are blessed to experience the divine harmonies of Sadho The Band, a musical voyage to serenity and spiritual enlightenment. Come join them for a magical evening at Tudum!


LIVE Bharatnatyam Performance by Ms. Meghana Karthik & team
Bharatnayam by Students of Kalaajna Academy of Arts(Meghana Karthik)

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Classical Dance Performance by Nrutyankura Foundation
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Tale As Old As Time - A Bellydance Musical
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Sparklights 7 - Student Dance Showcase - Sat, 16th Dec'23

SparkLights is a family-friendly annual dance showcase where students will take centerstage. The purpose of the showcase is to provide an enrichment opportunity for students, as well as to perform for each other “showcasing” their talent. Students of Abstratics & company dancers will be presenting their work in different dance styles like Contemporary, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Ballet & Bollywood. They would love for you to be a part of this event and your presence would encourage them to keep doing better and continue to work towards spreading their love for dance.
Alice - a ballet by The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Narthan - Sun, 17th Dec'23

The students of Aangik Dance School bring to you a performance that beautifully merges classic Kathak with elements of folk, contemporary and hip hop. Adorned by traditional attire, they move in harmony with the rhythmic beats of the Tabla and the melodious chime of ghungroos. This show is a testament to the diverse and evolving nature of dance. This elegant fusion beautifully bridges the gap between the old and the new.

Krishnaya Tubhyam Namaha - Sun, 17th Dec'23

This production walks through the stories and glories of Sri Krishna. We all popularly know Krishna as the favorite of Yashoda who steals butter, plays with cows, troubles gopikas, dances on Kalinga - the five headed snake. But who indeed is Sri Krishna? Krishna is none other than the Supreme God himself. The one who resides in every atom, as well as the one who covers multiple universes with his steps in his mighty form. He is the one who assumed the ten incarnations, lifting up the vedas (Matsya), supporting the universe (Kurma), raising the globe with this tusks (Varaha), tearing the demon HiraNyakashipu to pieces (Narasimha), outwitting the King Bali (Vamana), destroying the corrupt kSatriyas (Parashurama), conquering Paulastya Ravana (Sri Rama), bearing the plough to change the course of Yamuna (Balarama), extending compassion to all (Buddha), and deranging the barbarians (Kalki). He is none other than the Almighty himself - the consort of Padmavati, to whom we surrender indefinitely.

Tandav Festival - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Join in spreading smiles at 'Tandav', India's only inclusive dance festival! Team Social Spotlight is thrilled to support Smiley's India in creating an accessible and empowering experience for everyone, especially our differently-abled friends. Be a part of the celebration by participating, contributing or volunteering!

Cultural Activities

Knot by Knot, Tier by Tier - MAP
December 14, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - Mrinalini Mukherjee with her work at West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK, 1978, Mrinalini Mukherjee Archive, Courtesy of Asia Art Archive and Mrinalini Mukherjee Foundation. The personal archive of sculptor Mrinalini Mukherjee offers a comprehensive view of her ar…

Thu, 14th Dec'23

The Improv - Thu, 14th Dec'23

THE IMPROV - Bengaluru’s most laughed and loved improv comedy experience celebrates 10 years of live, on the spot and magical improv comedy. Come experience a night of magical moments created from mere suggestions given by the audience, by arguably the most talented team of improvisers in India in recent years.

Tasting the Trends - Thu, 14th Dec'23

India’s food is one of her most remarkable features: its countless tastes and styles reflect the nation’s history, enduring traditions, and diversity of people and place—it is also rapidly changing. Eating the Past, Tasting the Future: exploring India through her changing food ventures ‘off the plate’, across the subcontinent and into the contemporary foodscape to discover the myriad forces – economic, technological, cultural, social and global — transforming what, how and where Indians are producing, trading and eating their food. At a time when food and our relationship to it are topics of increasing interest and debate, this is a timely, and important, work. In Eating the Present author Charmaine O’Brien blends history, travelogue, memoir and conversations with leading chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, producers and retailers alongside domestic cooks and consumers to tell a unique story of India ‘now’ through her changing food. The talk will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

India Art Festival - Thu, 14th Dec'23 - Sun, 17th Dec'23

The India Art Festival is a vibrant celebration of art and creativity, showcasing the paintings and sculptural work of 350 artists in diverse artistic styles across 100 booths. The art festival promises to be a feast for the senses with 3500 paintings and sculptures on display. In addition to the visual art, attendees can also enjoy Fusion shows, including live music, art performances, and painting demos on all days. The daily film screenings - ‘The Eternal Canvas’ offer viewers a journey through 12,000 years of Indian art.

Fri, 15th Dec'23

Wine Picnic in ’Luru! - Mello
Event created by Devati Mallick

Sat, 16th Dec'23

VV Puram Food Walk
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Lets Talk - Books
Book Tickets for Lets Talk - Books Hosted By Yellowcheer for Mental Health. Event starts on Saturday, 16 December 2023 and happening at Atta Galatta, Bangalore, KA. Register or Buy Tickets, Price information.

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Bookmarked - Sat, 16th Dec'23

BIC is happy to present weekly quiet reading sessions in their Library! Their ninth edition, in collaboration with Champaca, dives into the genre of Memoirs and Biographies. You can bring your own book or choose one from Champaca’s collection, pick a cosy spot and read with them for 90 minutes. Post this, their team would love to have a chat with you about the books.

Saturday Book Club - Sat, 16th Dec'23

When was the last time you read a good book and went on an adventure, learned something new, exercised your brain, and fed your curiosities? This is the space to connect and socialise with people and share the learnings from the books you have read or created an impact. If you are looking to read more books and also need help reading or finding new books, this is the event for you, they have newbies or avid readers in their community. Fiction and non fiction readers are both welcome to come and have a conversation about the current book you are reading or trying to find what you want to read.
Dialogues Poetry Mic Koramangala
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Stories from the Mahabharata - Sat, 16th Dec'23

What is found here may be found elsewhere, but what is not found here cannot be found elsewhere. Few stories in the world are as intriguing as the Mahabharata, with its numerous plots and sub plots and characters having strengths and flaws in equal measure. 'Stories from the Mahabharata' is an endeavour by Aparna Jaishankar to recreate an interest in this epic.

Community Silence Hour - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Ever wondered what it would be like to take an hour out of your fast-paced life and just be silent? Welcome to the transformative experience of the "Community Silence Hour" by Anubava – an event dedicated to fostering deep connections, introspection and mindfulness within the community. In a world pulsating with constant noise, this unique gathering offers a haven for those seeking solace, mindfulness and genuine human connection. Join them on a journey of profound self-discovery and community connection at their exclusive "Community Silence Hour" event.

Coffee Meetup: Meet, Greet and Connect - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Get ready for laughter, connections, and good vibes at BLR Events Hub's Social mixer! Whether you're new to the city or looking to expand your social circle, this is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Forge new connections and friendships in a laid-back setting. Their social mixer provides a comfortable environment for meaningful conversations and the chance to meet people with diverse interests.
All-in Improv Jam - Mello
Event created by praveen chavali

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Rooftop Jamming Session ft. SOCIAL - Mello
Event created by Mello Events

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Frame it for Life - Christmas Special!
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Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

Namu Recommends Vegan Market - The Christmas Edit - Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

Save the date for 10th and very special edition of the Namu Recommends Vegan Market, The Christmas Edit - this time at the Shangri-La, Bangalore. This food-focused market which will be a fusion of gourmet delights, one-of-a-kind products and an abundance of festive joy.
Terai Bazaar: An Urban Flea Market | Christmas 2023
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Christmas Edition - Sunday Soul Sante - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Get ready to dive into the magical Christmas Edition! Save the date as Ecoworld, Bangalore, transforms into a festive hub of artistic wonders, live melodies, mouth watering delights and heaps of merriment. The magic of Christmas awaits you at Sante!
Satrangi Mela | All Day Queer Fest | Indiranagar SOCIAL
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Pairing - Mello
Event created by Devati Mallick

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Dialogues with Books
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Mahabharatha Dialogues - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Embark on a captivating journey into the legendary stories of the Mahabharata. Join Abhilash Purohit for a series of live storytelling sessions that will transport you into the fascinating world of the greatest epic ever written. Immerse yourself in that world and discover the heroic deeds, complex relationships, and moral dilemmas that have enthralled audiences for centuries.

Feed The Soul - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Join at ‘Feed The Soul’, a December Storytelling Meetup for Adults by Bangalore Storytelling Society. Reflect on the year’s end and share tales of peace, love, faith and hope. Whether a storyteller or a listener, let’s gather at Atta Galatta to celebrate the warmth of stories. Embrace the art of oral storytelling with Bangalore Storytelling Society, nurturing the tradition since 2013.

Echoes of a Lost Era - Sun, 17th Dec'23

In this session discover history, anecdotes, a wealth of shared personal experiences, and remarkable insights into a deeper sense of living. Trailblazers of the Travancore Plantations by Sunitha Srinivasan is a story of the transformation of the hills of Central Travancore from impenetrable jungle to a bustling plantation district and then to a hub of education and a tourist destination within about 100 years is definitely worth telling. It is replete with accounts of ingenuity, skill and sheer grit. The session will begin with a short introduction into the people and history of Idukki, a discussion between the panelists and a deep dive into the photographs from the book.
Mehfil e ishq
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Baithak - Hindi/Urdu Poetry Open Mic - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Theatrenama in collaboration with Speakout Society is bringing back its open mic sessions. Writers and audience are encouraged to attend this urdu and hindi creative presentation. This will be an open platform to encourage participants to share their write ups with like minded people and show off their presenting abilities. Lets unite on this platform to appreciate and encourage writers and orators.

The Wedding Night - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Ekta's Gatherings invites you to a pleasant December evening, on the magical rooftop, that is The Café At Saanchi to remember 'The Wedding Night'. Introduction to Maulana Jalaluddhin Balkhi Rumi by Kyousmars Freeman, for newcomers. Shaista Yacoob & Kyousmars present 'Rumi's life with Shams until his death', 'Rumi's view about death'. Why is this night called 'The Wedding night'. Persian ghazal readings and a song by Kyousmars Freeman, english translations by Shaishta Yacoob. Only few spots are available to keep this gathering intimate, special and memorable.
Spoken Mic #54 : Bengaluru
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Speaking Souls - Bengaluru Open Mic - Mello
Event created by [email protected]

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Mindtalk Music
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Buy Tickets for OPEN MIC / JAMMING SEASON 1 (PART 3)!

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Listeners' Circle - Tell Your Story - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Listeners' Circle in association with Dialogues Cafe presents you ‘Tell your story’!! Speak your heart out without fear of judgment and listen without judging! Every story matters. Every life matters. Every feeling matters. But do we share our stories, struggles, and experiences with others openly? What stops us? Isn't it the fear of judgment? And how often we listen to others patiently without judging them? Think about how it would feel to take an hour out of your fast-paced life and tell your story to people who listen to you without judging? Also, listen to the stories of others without judging.

Kaarwan - TDP Open Mic - Sun, 17th Dec'23

The Draft Page is a platform where you can bring out your creative side. It is an Open platform for a community of writers, poets, singers and more coming together to promote art & culture.

The Soul of a City - Tue, 19th Dec'23

What makes Bangalore different from other cities in India? What are some great restaurants for authentic Karnataka food? Where do you go to find a community of wine lovers in Bangalore? What makes Shivaji Nagar special? How does Bangalore deal with its heritage buildings? Is there a nature community in Bangalore? Where do you go birdwatching in this city? What are some great places to shop? Who are the movers and shakers of this city? Author Shoba Narayan writes about Bangalore, the city she has lived in for close to two decades, in her new book, Namma Bangalore: the soul of a metropolis. The book, is a series of essays, which will give visitors and new Bangaloreans a taste of what it means to live in India’s most genteel and cosmopolitan city. The session, brings together eclectic Bangaloreans to share their stories of the city. A Q&A with the author will follow.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Play Practice Apprenticeship Program : International Dance Event
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Thu, 14th Dec'23 - Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Group Yoga Classes for December
Group Yoga Classes Activities in this program: Hatha yoga Vinyasa yoga Shivananda yoga Ashtanga yoga Restorative yoga Power Yoga Sound Healing Face yoga Yoga therapy Meditation Pranayam Mudra Asana Facilities at Paint Cafe Studio - Whitefield 🧘🏻‍♂️ Personal Training 🛵 Free Parking 𖣘 Fan 👚 Chan…

Fri, 15th Dec'23 - Fri, 29th Dec'23 (Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

Dances of Universal Peace - Fri, 15th Dec'23 & Sat, 16th Dec'23

Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) is a simple yet powerful movement practice where we come together in a sacred circle and sing songs from different spiritual traditions across the world, all while moving in meditative steps. In simple words, we sing, dance and pray for peace within ourselves and for the world. The Dances are for everyone, easy to learn, easy to sing and easiest to feel. Come and join them!
Yoga Workshop - Mello
Event created by Copper & Cloves

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Make Your Own Vision Board For 2024 (All Materials Provided) | SAMA Studio
120-minute workshop where you can utilize provided materials to reflect on 2023, embrace mindfulness, and create a personalized vision board for 2024 by our vision Board Expert , This workshop provides a space to explore tranquility and set intentions for the upcoming year.

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Zen Art Workshop (Create Your Own Painting-All Materials Provided) | SAMA Studio
This immersive experience is designed to foster a connection between zen philosophy and the art of painting. Join us for ZenArt , a unique opportunity to tap into your creativity and experience the serenity within each brushstroke.

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Krav Maga Self Defense Workshop | Koramangala SOCIAL
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Relax Yoga - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Join TheatreNama Studios for a rejuvenating experience at their Relax Yoga event! Immerse yourself in tranquility as they guide you through gentle poses, deep breaths, and mindfulness. Let go of stress and embrace relaxation in a serene atmosphere. All levels are welcome. Reserve your spot for a blissful evening of restorative yoga.
Who Cares? - MAP
December 16, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 1:30 pm - Chairs, Harisha V, 1976, Indian, 2006, Woodcut print on paper, Image: H. 25.2 cm, W. 35.5 cm; Paper: H. 36.9 cm, W. 51.9 cm, MAC.00179-3 In this workshop, participants will imagine care beyond carceral logics of surveillance, punishment, and disposability, an…

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Womens' Circle - Sat, 16th Dec'23

This workshop is tailored for women who desire a transformative and authentic journey towards a deeper connection with their inner wisdom, effortless healing and the power of sisterhood. It aims to foster genuine self discovery, heal past wounds and promote a shame free approach to personal development.

Something Sufi - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Dive into Rumi's Mystical Heart at Something Sufi Journey. Unveil the hidden beauty and wisdom within Rumi's poetry in our immersive offline workshop, Something Sufi - Unveiling the Mystical Way of Rumi. Join for: 1. Deep exploration of Rumi's poetry: Discover the profound themes of love, freedom, and light. 2. Transformative experiences: Engage in guided meditations, fire rituals and Sufi Whirling to unlock inner peace. 3. Expert guidance: Learn from the insightful Shaurya Singh and tap into his own spiritual journey. 4. A nurturing space: Connect with like-minded individuals seeking inner growth and self-discovery.

Sound Bath - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Join for a unique wellness experience that combines ancient practices with modern wellness trends. Learn about the benefits of CBD, explore the power of pranayama, connect with your breath and movement in light vinyasa yoga and let the sound bath carry you away to a state of deep relaxation. Stick around afterward for refreshments and a chance to connect and share your experience. Be a part of this extraordinary fusion of breath, sound and the sacred plant medicine - a morning where we elevate the senses and open the heart.
A Journey of Personal Growth: Meditation Workshop
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Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

CannaBliss Awakening 2.0 - Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

Immerse in a Healing Circle with the Essence of Plant Medicine. Embark on a transformative journey through yoga and breathwork amid the vibrant energy of Bangalore. Pause amidst the chaos, embrace the stillness and awaken the power of Now. Engage in rhythmic breath and mindful movement, dancing with the universe to shed worries and embrace clarity. Release the past, embrace the present and step into a serene world where each breath leads to liberation.
Reflect & Renew - Yoga Journaling Workshop for 2024! - Mello
Event created by 918792109724

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Sound Healing Session - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Join Prachi for a Sound Healing Session, a practice known to reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance well-being. Discover the power of sound therapy and experience its calming effects firsthand. It’s a chance to unwind, relax and find inner harmony.

Yoga of Tao - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Enjoy a revitalizing yoga session and immerse deeply into your inner most intimacy. Connect deeply with your own body and create a profound space of tranquility and surrender. Designed to forge a new dialogue between your mind and body, fostering a deeper connection within. This is specially crafted holistic approach to self-discovery and well-being. No prior fitness experience required. Discover the easy path to an authentic connection with your most exuberant self.

Single and Saving - Sun, 17th Dec'23

"Single and Saving," a special community meetup crafted for individuals navigating the solo living journey, eager to unravel the secrets of smart savings and expense management. Are you navigating the exciting path of solo living, or considering the leap into the realm of independence? "Single and Saving" is the perfect gathering for you. This unique community meetup brings together like-minded individuals to share insights, tips, and strategies for living solo while making the most of your financial resources. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your financial literacy, connect with a supportive community, and embrace the joy of living solo. Join us at "Single and Saving" – where independence meets smart savings!

Understanding Societal Systems

Navigating Health Horizons - Thu, 14th Dec'23

New York Times Journalist Thomas Friedman described the convergence of global warming, globalization, and population growth as the dominant challenge for the 21st Century in his 2008 book, Hot, flat and crowded. Focused primarily on economic well-being, Friedman looks especially to investments in green technology to transform energy, and thus mitigate global warming and stimulate equitable economic growth. However, the scientific consensus today is that even if average economic well-being is maintained or increased in the coming decades, other measures of well-being, especially population health, will likely suffer with massive challenges to the environmental conditions that sustain life on our planet. Changing patterns of infectious diseases, mental and cardiovascular health are already apparent around the world, especially in countries such as India, where socio-economic and environmental conditions are already strained. Environmentally driven changes to the health landscape will almost certainly accelerate in the coming years. Thus, while we endeavor to slow global warming through social and economic transformation, we must also anticipate unavoidable changes to the socio-ecological and public health systems that enable well-being. We must make well-informed adaptations in urban planning, agriculture, energy, water use, transportation and health service delivery, among other sectors, to keep people and our environments healthy. We have learned some valuable lessons in partnerships across community organizations, universities, companies and governments around the world, and it’s abundantly clear that this is an “all hands on deck” moment that requires active participation and vigilance from all citizens. This session is part of the Let’s Talk Climate Change Talk series.
Cultures of Mourning - MAP
December 15, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Directory of the Outsiders (First Edition), Indu Antony, 2023, Cotton, paper and print Mourning can connote different things to different people. From a deeply individual way of processing grief, to a set of communal practices and customs, that differ by regio…

Fri, 15th Dec'23

India’s Economic Future - Fri, 15th Dec'23

Breaking the Mould: Reimagining India’s Economic Future, is a first-time collaboration between Dr Rajan and economist Rohit Lamba. These two distinguished voices from the field of economics and public policy have put together a gripping book about the future of India’s economic development. There is a truly Indian path to prosperity, they argue, that builds on the strengths of our people and our political and societal frameworks. They examine fundamental policy choices that concern every Indian. Where is India going today? Is it surging forward, having just overtaken the United Kingdom to become the fifth-largest economy in the world? Or is it floundering, unable to provide jobs for the millions joining the labour force? What should India do to secure a better future? Breaking the Mould: Reimagining India’s Economic Future tackles these critical questions that revolve around India’s growth and progress in the 21st century.

Terror and Technicalities - Sat, 16th Dec'23

How do people, who are often at the receiving end of legal violence, engage with the law? Amidst the grinding terror trials – which are replete with stories of torture, illegal detention and fabricated charges – this presentation will discuss how the terror-accused schooled themselves in legal language and came to understand how paperwork’s certificatory procedures produce legal truth. Though seemingly mundane, legal technicalities are fraught and highly contested, and acquire urgent ethical qualities in the life of a trial: legal language becomes a question of a form of life. The file becomes a space in which the world can be made or unmade, and the petition is a way of imagining a future. In attending to the ways in which legal technicalities are made to work – through legal language and through files – we are offered a way of understanding how human expressiveness, creativity and vulnerability emerge through the law. Mayur Suresh will give a short talk on the theme followed by a discussion with Leah Verghese and a Q&A with the audience.

Across Continents - Mon, 18th Dec'23

The late Dr John M. Fritz was the first American archaeologist to survey the ruins of Hampi Vijayanagara. Trained at the University of Chicago as an anthropologist with a special interest in prehistoric, Native American sites in New Mexico and Arizona, Fritz brought an entirely new perspective to South Asian urban studies. Together with Dr George Michell, Fritz directed a team of volunteer architects and archaeologists to investigate the meaning of Hampi’s city plan. Building on more than twenty years of fieldwork during the 1980s and 1990s, he concluded that the Hindu god Rama dominated the layout of Vijayanagara’s Royal Centre by acting as a mediator in the everyday activities and ceremonial life of the Vijayanagara rulers. It is this innovative interpretation that Dr. George Michell will discuss in this illustrated lecture. The lecture will be followed by a Q&A Session with the audience.

Art & Craft

Friday, 15th December 2023 | Love You To The Moon & Back | 5:00PM - 7:
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a boring Friday evening? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing wi…

Fri, 15th Dec'23

Saturday, 16th December 2023 | The Glowing Pond | 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a Saturday evening? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing with yo…

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Pink Blossoms Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room
Pink Blossoms Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room, Koramangala

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Canvas Painting Workshop - Sat, 16th Dec'23

BLR events hub presents Canvas Painting Workshop. Join them for a hands-on experience where you'll learn fundamental techniques, unleash your artistic expression, and create a masterpiece to take home. No prior experience required – just bring your enthusiasm!
Finger Painting Workshop | Bangalore
Get ready to dip your fingers in paint and create a masterpiece with me! You will create a beautiful landscape starting from scratch in this detailed workshop.

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Taylor Swift Birthday art party
Buy Tickets for Taylor Swift Birthday art party!

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Pink and Blue Beach Resin Art Workshop | Saturday 16th December, 2023
Dive into creativity with our pink and blue Beach Theme Resin Art Workshop! Join us for a fun-filled session where you’ll learn the mesmerizing art of working with resin to create stunning beach-inspired masterpieces. Discover various techniques, mix vibrant colors, and capture the essence of the se…

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Resin Art - Beach theme coaster making Workshop - Set of 6 on Saturday
Join our Beach Resin Coaster Workshop and embark on a creative journey to craft your own set of six beautiful and functional coasters inspired by the serene beauty of the beach. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a complete beginner, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of co…

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Cut, Copy, Paste - MAP
December 16, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm - Zine workshop at Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi, 2018. Courtesy Renuka Rajiv. Zines provide us with a creative canvas to explore our personal narratives and thoughts, as well as our shared stories and identities. Their low-cost reproducibility makes them a wonder…

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Dot Painting on a mug and a coaster by ArtDelight
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Hand Building Pottery Workshop | Saturday 16th December, 2023 - 2:00PM
Welcome to our Hand-Building Pottery Workshop, where creativity knows no bounds! Join us for an immersive experience in the world of pottery as you learn the ancient art of crafting beautiful, functional pieces with your own hands. Whether you`re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, our worksho…

Sat, 16th Dec'23

8 Days Pottery Workshop - Hand-building - starts from 16th December -
Course Details: Introduction of Hand-buildingIntroduction to craft of pottery covering topics like different types of clay, Clay Preparation, Storage and Reclaiming, Managing Drying process and Safety Procedure.Technique: PinchingMaking pots using one of the age old techniques of Pinching.Technique…

Sat, 16th Dec'23 - Sat, 6th Jan'24

Terrarium workshop - Mello
Event created by Copper & Cloves

Sat, 16th Dec'23

String and Nail Art Workshop | Saturday 16th December 2023| 1:00 PM to
“Unleash your creativity with our String and Nail Art Workshop! Join us for a hands-on experience where you’ll craft stunning masterpieces using strings and nails. Highlights include expert guidance, vibrant materials, and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts. Discover th…

Sat, 16th Dec'23

Candle Making Workshop on Saturday 16th December or Sunday 17th Decemb
Join our candle making workshop and embark on a sensory journey like no other. In this hands-on experience, you’ll create two exquisite aromatherapy candles to infuse your space with soothing scents and relaxation. Here’s what you can expect: Introduction to Candle Making: Our expert instructors wil…

Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

Kusudama (Japenese Origami) - Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

Kusudama, meaning "medicine ball" originally served as holders for incense or potpourri. Today, origami kusudama are used as decorations or gifts. Come learn the art of Japanese origami at Lahe Lahe and oomph to your christmas decor.

Potrait Photography - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Learn hands on how to shoot portraits in natural light setting with a model. Also, practical training on how to guide a model for casual and moody images.
Dance & Bond - Freestyle & Kuthu Workshop
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Classical Dance Workshop - Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

Immerse yourself in the grace and elegance of classical dance at Casa Karaoke's exclusive workshop. Led by Shivaani.B, a passionate instructor who is well versed with an experience of 10 years. Explore the rich heritage and intricate movements of classical dance forms only at Casa Karaoke. Come, join her and let the magic of classical dance captivate your soul!

LEGO Dynamics - Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

Do you love playing with Lego bricks? Do you want to learn more about the science behind them? If yes, then join Azpire.in for LegoDynamics, a two-hour program that will teach you the basic principles of physics using Lego models. You will learn about force, motion, energy, gravity and more through hands-on activities and experiments. You will also get to build your own Lego creations and test them in different scenarios.
Coffee 101: Whole Latte Love
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Fundamentals of Great Non-Fiction
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Sat, 16th Dec'23 & Sun, 17th Dec'23

Sunday, 17th December 2023 | MAAMA MIA | 4:00PM TO 6:00PM - Paint with
Hey there! Looking to do something super fun and new to celebrate the weekend with you mom or dad? Come by and paint with us at Paint Bar and make this Sunday a memorable one! Paint with your child on a joint canvas or paint by yourself on a single one. It’s surely gonna be fun, special and will mak…

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Winter in Venice Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room
Winter in Venice Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room, Koramangala

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Acrylic Abstract art workshop on canavs .Mom,Dad and kid | sunday 17th
Join our acrylic Abstract Art Workshop for a creative and free-spirited journey into the world of abstract expressionism! In this immersive experience, you’ll explore the beauty of unconventional shapes, colors, and textures to create stunning bohemian-inspired artworks. Note : Mom/dad gets 1 canvas…

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Knife Painting Party
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Calming Lines | Bangalore
Calming Lines is a very relaxing and unique session where we explore lines & patterns in depth. No particular art skills are required to experience. All you need is enthusiasm and willingness to learn something new!

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Coaster Painting Workshop
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Holidye Magic – Dyeing into the Christmas Spirit - Mello
Event created by Kruthika

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Candle Making Workshop
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Hand Embroidery Wall Hanging Workshop | Sunday 17th December | 3:30PM
Two distinct hand embroidery workshop wall hanging designs, one with a floral theme and the other featuring a landscape: Design 1: Enchanted Garden (Floral) Step into the world of blooming beauty with our “Enchanted Garden” hand embroidery workshop. This design is a celebration of nature`s colors…

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop | Sunday 17th December, 2023 (11:00AM- 1
Join our Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop and unleash your creativity! In this hands-on experience, you will learn the art of macrame, a beautiful and intricate form of textile design. Join today and get complementary gift with your workshop . Workshop Highlights You get to choose any color of your ch…

Sun, 17th Dec'23

Terrarium Making Workshop - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Join Saloni for a unique and restorative experience where she takes you through the history of terrariums, materials you need, care & maintenance and step by step demo to design your own one-of-a-kind terrarium.

Christmas Event - Ginger House Decoration - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Visit Krust cafe and drool in the Merry mood of the Christmas Season. Enjoy decorating your own Ginger House and carrying your creation home.
Macrame Workshop - Mello
Event created by Copper & Cloves

Wed, 20th Dec'23

Film & Theater

The Final Rehearsal - Thu, 14th Dec'23

Noted filmmaker Pawan Kumar’s popular one-man show about an aspiring actor seeking validation of his talents from a world that is completely taken over by a sense of competition and judgment.

Lokada Olahorage - Thu, 14th Dec'23

This play is a direct discussion of the questions Tagore himself had about Western culture and the revolts against it in early 1910's. As a symbol of both these thoughts, the two main characters of this play, Siddhartha as an admirer of Western thought, and Indrajit as an opponent of that culture, the ups and downs of an innocent girl named Sharade, who is caught between them, is the core of this play. The conflicts of these two thoughts that enter into the family, where everything seemed to be romantic, are revealed through the play and how they break up not only that family but also the surrounding society becomes the core issue. This play tries to convey that only inclusive minds can build a healthy society.

Kamaroopigal - Fri, 15th Dec'23

Ramayana is an epic having many characters with many traits. These characters and their traits help us understand human emotions. Inspired by the Panchavati portion of Ramayana, Kaamaroopigal is a play that starts from the insult of Shoorpanki by Rama and Lakshmana and ends at Jatayu Moksha. Life has many facets to it - Righteousness, evilness, love, hatred, romance & lust. Blending Ethnicity with Modernity, this play highlights the lust of Shoorpanaki towards Rama and its repercussions there on.

Beyond Hattamala - Fri, 15th Dec'23 & Sat, 16th Dec'23

Beyond Hattamala is an English adaptation of a Bengali play Hattamalar Oparey by Badal Sircar. Two likeable thieves, Kena and Becha jump into a river to escape being caught and wash up on the shores of a strange land – a land where there’s no money! Kena and Becha are excited at the opportunities this strange new land has to offer. What follows are humorous, sometimes thought-provoking exchanges as we follow their misadventures in this land beyond Hattamala…

DNA - Fri, 15th Dec'23 - Sun, 17th Dec'23

A group of teenagers do something terrible, then panic and cover the whole thing up. But when they find that the cover-up unites them in their disaffected lives, where’s the incentive to put things right? How much do the rights of the individual matter compared to those of the group? DNA deals with a whole host of contemporary issues through its portrayal of a particularly disaffected and alienated teenage-orientated view of the ‘modern’ world. It is a poignant and sometimes, hilarious tale with a very dark heart.

Chavundaraya - Fri, 15th Dec'23 & Wed, 20th Dec'23

Chavundaraya is a historical play. Chavundaraya Maharaja was a commander, chief minister, loyal friend of Marasimha. The one who led life believing that ideal life is greater than power.

Cadmium Hollow - Film Screening - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Cadmium Hollow is a full-length fiction film by Abhishek Udaykumar. The piece includes a Prologue. The story follows a day in the life of an artist as he makes a painting for his parting beloved. Over the course of the story, he encounters friends and strangers who appear helpless in their disenchanted lives. The film contemplates the idea of abstraction in art, time, relationships and nostalgia.

Soldiers Silence - A play by Hartman de Souza - Sat, 16th Dec'23

A forsaken Indian airport with a faulty electric supply. The peak of Indian summers. And two war-torn soldiers. This setting becomes the battleground for a personal war between an American war veteran and an Iraqi militant. Come witness this unique chance encounter between two individuals who were destined to be at loggerheads by the design of the world, but who end up talking freely about the vices and slices of their worlds and almost become friends. Until...

Vinura Vema - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Vinura Vema is a play which spreads light around the life of Saint Vemanna and his Teachings and Reforms of Society With Narrative Combination of Teachings And Thoughts Of Saint Sarvagnya and Akka Mahadevi.

Gauhar - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Gauhar is the fascinating story of one of India's first mass media superstars at the turn of the last century! An Armenian Christian who later converted to Islam, Gauhar Jaan was a naturally gifted musician with a wide repertoire. One of the earliest women artists who seized the opportunity that came with the advent of recording technology, hers was the first Indian voice to be recorded in 1902, and during her life she cut close to 600 records,(and sang in over 20 languages!) with her fame travelling as far as Europe, with her face emblazoned on matchboxes and postcards!

Jai Ho Ratna - Sat, 16th Dec'23 - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Jai Ho Ratna – A Magical Musical play based on the famous ‘Ratnan Padagalu’ by Sri G.P. Rajaratnam. These poems offer a unique background to the play. The characters and situations emerge from these beautiful poems. Ratna, a laborer finds true love in Nanji. Their pristine love blooms amidst a dull, dreary, humdrum existence. Ratna, an optimist, finds magical romance even in his hand to mouth existence. Life is a ‘song’ for him to be enjoyed to the maximum. Nanji is his counterfoil, lovingly managing the house with his meagre income. Ratna, his friends, and their daily escapades in the local toddy shop leads to several delightful situations. Ratna seems to have a song for every occasion. His wit and humor get him out of all difficulties. The play gently flows like a river and culminates with a profoundly philosophical message. Come over for a beautiful musical evening that will have you dancing to the emotions!

Why English? - Layers beneath the language! - Sun, 17th Dec'23

“WHY ENGLISH?” “WHY DO I SPEAK ENGLISH??” I have been asked this in an accusatory manner. I’ve been offended by it sometimes.. I’ve often wondered.. “What’s all the fuss about? Isn’t it just a language?” Recently, I decided to become a full-time actor in my country - India. Suddenly, I couldn’t find work, as I mainly spoke English, in a so called “non-English speaking nation.” Thus, started my journey to find answers. Using a perfect blend of contemporary dance and the spoken word, I tell my personal story through my unique physical language. Come and watch a glimpse of my life!

Salaam Noni Appa - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Based on Twinkle Khanna's charming short story, 'Salaam Noni Appa' from her bestseller The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, this is the delightful and heart-warming tale of an autumn romance. Noni Appa, a mature widow, and her sister Binnie, opposites in nature, are two women whose world, after marriage, children and widowhood, is once again a shared one, in which they laugh, bicker, fight and love, and spend their days in a familiar, comfortable, if staid, manner. And then one day, Noni Appa suddenly finds herself falling in love with a married man a few years younger than her, and is torn between choosing companionship over respectability. Salaam, Noni Appa" is a play about breaking stereotypes, about being open to new adventures , about being true to oneself and rediscovering what makes life really worth living.

Thushagni - Sun, 17th Dec'23

All it happened a 100 years ago. In the Royal state of Travancore, in the village of Theyyaadimukku; Amboori Neelandan wishes to become the main Vishahaari (local toxicologist) of the village after Theyyadi Maathu - the doyen. Things do not go as planned for Neelandan as Maathu finds the heir in his son - Kumaran. As Neelandan's indignation, anger and frustration converge to transform into a simmering fire of vengeance, the village witnesses a duel like never before.

Aa Ee Family - Mon, 18th Dec'23

This is a hilarious rollercoaster of family dynamics in 'Aa Ee Family', a comedy play that cleverly explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and the ubiquitous influence of mobile technology on our everyday lives. In a world of screens, gadgets and virtual connections, rediscover the essence of relationships.

Refund - TheatreNama - Tue, 19th Dec'23

Have you ever felt that your school education was an utter waste of time? We are sure you have! Refund is an audacious play of a Middle-Aged Man who confronts his School principal that he is a failure in life and now is seeking a refund from his school for the time and money they wasted. Come watch this rib tickling comedy.

Huttava Badidare - Wed, 20th Dec'23

Huttava badudare is a classical kannada play written by K.V.Narayana, which was about a bad king being replaced by a benevolent one. It is an interpretation of the original one vigada vikrama raya by a playwright Samsa. The desirable changes happens only when the system gets changed and not the kings. Though the play written in 1975, till now it connects with contemporary situations.

Fun and Games

Church Street Gaming by The Boardgame Den
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Sat, 16th Dec'23

Church Street Gaming by The Boardgame Den
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Coffee and Checkmate - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Join for an exciting gathering of chess aficionados where you'll be combining your passion for the game with the pleasure of sipping on freshly brewed coffee. This event is all about camaraderie, friendly competition and enjoying the intellectual challenge that chess brings.

An Evening of Magic - Nakul Shenoy & Friends - Sun, 17th Dec'23

An Evening of Magic is a most amazing magic show presented by 'Nakul Shenoy & Friends', featuring top entertainers and magic acts. Curated and hosted by the internationally-acclaimed mentalist Nakul Shenoy, each event in this series brings unique acts and performances by nationally and internationally acclaimed magicians, alongside some of the most notable up-and-coming stars of magic. This is an evening that is truly magical, and one you will want to experience many times over.

With Kids

Build With Troy - Thu, 14th Dec'23 - Mon, 18th Dec'23

Block play is also a great way to encourage movement and physical activity. Children can use their whole body as they build and manipulate the blocks, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the process.
The Ultimate Christmas Theme Fancy Dress Party for 2.5 to 10year olds.
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Fri, 15th Dec'23

Christmas Carnival 2023 | Christmas 2023
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Fri, 15th Dec'23 - Sat, 16th Dec'23

Katha Utsav - Festive Story Series - Sat, 16th Dec'23

In India's rich cultural heritage, festivals play an integral role, weaving together traditions, stories, and the spirit of celebration. Recognizing the importance of passing down the cultural baton to the younger generation, the enchanting "Katha Utsav" has emerged as a captivating platform dedicated to narrating the tales behind every Indian festival. Katha Utsav is not just an event; it is a journey into the heart of Indian festivities. The series endeavors to educate and entertain children by unraveling the stories, legends, and historical significance that underlie our diverse festivals. Through the art of storytelling, young minds are introduced to the cultural mosaic that defines India.
Li’l Chef Baking Workshop by Table for Tous
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Sun, 17th Dec'23

Stories on a Sunday - Sun, 17th Dec'23

This is 2023 and the girls of today don’t need a prince saving them anymore, thank you very much. The boys are happy whipping up desserts in the kitchen as much as they like kicking a football. Out with the stereotypes, patriarchy and inequality, so why not have fun with traditional fairy tales like Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and add our own special twist to it? Be a part of a storytelling session, write, make art, smash stereotypes and have a laugh!

Once Upon A Time - Sun, 17th Dec'23

In this program, children will get to watch a performance created using handpicked stories. The performance will be followed by an activity with the children to help them respond to the story in their own unique ways. The World Renowned Nose is a fantastical story of a person, whose nose starts growing in length when he hits a certain age. How Mr Nose and the world around him respond to this strange phenomenon is what forms the crux of this delightful story.

Picassos in the Park (Art Workshop for Kids) - Sun, 17th Dec'23

Artist Nashit Ameed presents "Picassos in the Park," an enchanting outdoor art workshop specially designed for young artists between the ages of 5 and 15.

Puppet Workshop - Sun, 17th Dec'23

In this hands-on experience, children will embark on a creative journey to craft their own unique puppets using colorful materials. Guided by skilled instructors, this workshop promises a blend of fun and education, fostering creativity and teamwork among young minds. Watch as your child brings their puppet characters to life, creating cherished memories and unleashing their artistic flair!