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4th Week of December '23

4th Week of December '23
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Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


Girish & The Chronicles Live
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Fri, 22nd Dec'23


Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Guldasta - Anuv Jain India Tour 2023 | Bengaluru
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Rudraveena-Dhrupad Concert by Murali Mohan Gowda - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Rudraveena or Been is an ancient Instrument which is very popular during the Mogul empire. It is said that when the legendary Tansen sang Dhrupad, he was accompanied on Been by Naubat khan. Today there are very few Rudraveena players in the country. Murali has travelled across the country to learn this rare art form for more than a decade and learned from Stalwarts that includes Gundecha Brothers (Bhopal), Pandit Asit Kumar Banerjee (Kolkata) and Pandit Rajashekhar Vyas (Udaipur). He will be accompanied on the Pakhwaj by Shri Anoor Prabodh Shyam.

Ye Jo Hans Rahi Hai Duniya Ft. Rahgir Live - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

After getting much love during his last tour and Jashn e Rekhta, Rahgir is back with his tour with his new special which includes his released and unreleased songs. Come and witness some soul stirring lyrics with raw desi voice.

Monali Thakur Live Concert - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

A Monali Thakur concert is a mesmerizing journey through the realms of music, where her enchanting voice becomes a beacon guiding the audience through a spectrum of emotions. As the spotlight bathes the stage, she effortlessly weaves a journey of melodies, captivating the crowd with her soulful renditions of chart-toppers like 'Moh Moh Ke Dhaage' and 'Sawaar Loon.' Whether belting out heart-wrenching ballads or infusing energy into upbeat numbers, a Monali Thakur concert is a musical odyssey that leaves an indelible imprint on the soul, celebrating the magic of live performance and the artistry of a soulful voice.
Neengal Kettavai
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Sun, 24th Dec'23

Einstein Unplugged: A Live music at The Groot - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Feel the musical brilliance as Einstein takes center stage at The Groot! Join for a night of live band magic, where every note resonates with pure energy. Elevate your senses and immerse yourself in the extraordinary at The Groot. It's not just music; it's an Einstein experience!

Salman-Zaman Live Concert - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Salman and Zaman aren't just a musical act; they're a pulsating musical experience, who've unleashed a storm on social media and the music world. Through their captivating gaayaki and shaayari, they radiate love and positivity with their signature Multi Genre Music. Blend seamlessly with Hindustani Classical music with Urdu Poetry, Alternative Rock, Jazz and Sufi music at the Salman-Zaman live concert. Feel the pride and grandeur of music echoes in every sound with Salman and Zaman.

Dear Zindagi - Diya and Jiya Live (Music Concert) - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Dear Zindagi, will be a soulful melodious rendezvous with the twin singing sensation from Saregamapa. Diya and Jiya, are here to enthral you with their captivating rendition of bollywood, retro and folk music. So come along, and unleash your love for music in this melodious evening!

Atma - Mon, 25th Dec'23

The Atma Ensemble strives to preserve its musical heritage through the performance of ragas — traditional South Indian music built around drones and improvisations that swell and evolve to match the mood. The group, whose name stands for “Alliance for Tradition in Musical Arts” and the Sanskrit word for “soul”, plays pieces that blend the range and style of Indian and Western instrumentation, merging traditional Carnatic music with the spirit and verve of Jazz.
Ek Mehfil Sufi Nights by Tudum Ft. Nizami Brothers
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Wed, 27th Dec'23


Swargada Shaale
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Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Neythe - By Rima Kallingal & Team - Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Rima Kallingal, along with her troupe of artists interprets and narrates the synchronised and rhythmic moments of the craft and celebrates the unsung efforts of weaving artisans and workers through a new multimedia project that swings between metaverse and the stage performance. Neythe captures various stages of the processes and finds a beautiful rhythm and synchronised movements to celebrate the craft in its finest form.

VIVIDa - diversity in culture and united in art! - Mon, 25th Dec'23

An evening where Prabhat Arts International will present a collection of compositions celebrating the diverse cultural extravaganza across the length and breadth of India. The compositions which will be presented draw inspiration from various elements of nature, depict an adaptation of a Hindustani music concept of “Chaturang” into the Karnatik music and Bharatanatyam repertoire, the bhakti movement of varkhari and Karnataka's saint poets interwoven together, the high-spirited pure-dance bliss and so on! A grand spectacle rooted in Indian classical art forms of Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Bharatanrityam, adapting contemporary aesthetics in music and presentation is a treat to behold!

The Maze - Tue, 26th Dec'23

The Maze is a devised artistic creation that fuses text, movement, poetry, music, theatre, and cutting-edge technology to challenge prevailing notions of beauty, femininity, motherhood, and the deification of womanhood. In navigating the complex labyrinth of societal norms and expectations, we seek to explore the political through the personal, drawing from lived experiences and stories of women navigating patriarchy.

Colours of Krishna - an Odissi dance presentation - Tue, 26th Dec'23

This dance presentation, Colours of Krishna is a kaleidoscope of hues & emotions, a symphony of shades & symbolism, meticulously woven through the realms of mythology & human experience, traversing through the sublime landscapes of devotion, love, playfulness & transcendence. In the grand tapestry of mortal existence, Krishna assumes multifarious roles —an adorable son, a playful child, a cherished friend, the ultimate saviour & protector, a true guide & mentor, a divine charioteer and an eternal lover. Krishna's divine leelas, his playful escapades & miraculous feats, from subduing venomous serpent, Kaliya to killing the tyrant king Kamsa, his exploits transcended the boundaries of mortal comprehension, leaving all in awe. Each anecdote, be it his frolicsome dalliances with gopis or his childhood playfulness in stealing butter, melodious strains of his enchanting flute and his eternal love for Radha, serve as a poignant allegory, reminding us of the universality of love, humility, righteousness & devotion.

Kuchipudi kathanam by Avanthika Collective - Wed, 27th Dec'23

Avanthika Space for Dance is a centre for learning, performance and research dedicated to intrinsic learning around Kuchipudi and appreciation of other art forms. Founded by Mrs. Sreelakshmy Govardhanan, an artiste par excellence, her vision to nurture the value of art in young minds made Avanthika Space for Dance a significant voice in the art milieu of Kerala. The institute has been conducting and collaborating performances and research for over a decade now. 'Avanthika Collective' is the repertoire wing of the institute which allows their students to grow and evolve into beautiful performers.

Cultural Activities

Blank Canvas - MAP
December 21, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm - Untitled, Reba Hore, 2004, India, Mixed media on paper pasted on board, Image: H. 29.7 cm, W. 42 cm; Support: H. 44.9 cm, W. 57.2 cm, MAC.00038. The Reader’s Bloc is an online/IRL group of readers taking part in reading, listening and sharing exercises around…

Thu, 21st Dec'23

Christmas Supper Club - Mello
Event created by Copper & Cloves

Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Dialogues Poetry Mic JP Nagar
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Fri, 22nd Dec'23

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Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Akshayakalpa Organic Farmer’s Market
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

The SOCIAL Christmas Bazaar! | Sat 23rd Dec | Church Street SOCIAL | Christmas 2023
Buy Tickets for The SOCIAL Christmas Bazaar! | Sat 23rd Dec | Church Street SOCIAL | Christmas 2023!

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Frame it for Life - Christmas Special!
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23 & Sun, 24th Dec'23

Lal Bagh Tree walk, 23 December Saturday (7.30 am to 9.30 am) - A Green Venture
Description Highlights Additional Details Gallery Child enjoying the company of our resident dog Harley Group of children enjoying some games Children having a good time at the farm Fresh Anjeer from the farm Children planting saplings at the farm A family on the tour interacting & petting a Indie c…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Coffee Meetup: Meet, Greet and Connect - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Get ready for laughter, connections and good vibes at BLR Events Hub's Social mixer! Whether you're new to the city or looking to expand your social circle, this is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Forge new connections and friendships in a laid-back setting. Their social mixer provides a comfortable environment for meaningful conversations and the chance to meet people with diverse interests.

Bookmarked - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

BIC is happy to present weekly quiet reading sessions in their Library! In this week’s Bookmarked, they’re asking you to dust off your heaviest tomes and bring them with you to their Library! You can bring your own book or choose one from BIC’s collection of heavy hitters, pick a cosy spot and read with them for 90 minutes. Post this, their team would love to have a chat with you about the books.

Community Silence Hour - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Ever wondered what it would be like to take an hour out of your fast-paced life and just be silent? Welcome to the transformative experience of the "Community Silence Hour" by Anubava – an event dedicated to fostering deep connections, introspection and mindfulness within the community. In a world pulsating with constant noise, this unique gathering offers a haven for those seeking solace, mindfulness and genuine human connection. Join them on a journey of profound self-discovery and community connection at their exclusive "Community Silence Hour" event.
Yearbook @ 2023 - Mello
Event created by Backyard Whispers

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Whose Mic Is It Anyway? Open Mic Nights - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

An open mic event welcoming all musicians, comedians, poets, storytellers and more. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned performer, this open mic is for you. It will be a safe space (rather, a safe stage) for you to try out your new stand-up material, to perform a poem close to your heart or sing that song you’re not confident about. No pressure, no judgement; just a place for you to own the spotlight and give the world your best. And for our audience: come and enjoy a fun evening with some of the cities most talented artists.

Musafir - An Open Mic Event At Lahe Lahe - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Embark on a heartfelt journey with Lahe Lahe at "Musafir", an open event. Dive into the deep theme of a wanderer's reflection, where they'll explore the fleeting beauty of human connections. Express yourself through art, dance, music, comedy, poems and anything that speaks to your soul. Let's create a night of shared stories and transient magic. Join them for an evening where every connection becomes a part of our wandering tales.
All-in Improv Jam - Mello
Event created by praveen chavali

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

ಕೇಳು ಮನಸೇ #೧೨ Kelu Manase #12
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Save the Drama - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

The experience of theatre is dynamic; plays are meant to be read and heard as much as they are performed and imbibed. Come, participate in the BIC’s dramatised reading of Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author – an experimental play by Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936). In Six Characters in Search of an Author (1921) a group of six Characters interrupt a rehearsal, claiming to be creations from unfinished work. Desperately seeking an artist to collaborate with, the Characters ask the Director to stage their story. This session will be structured as a cold and dramatic group reading carried by participants and facilitated by Vibhu Vasudev and the BIC team.
Rooftop Jamming Session ft. SOCIAL - Mello
Event created by Mello Events

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Let’s Jam - Musical Evening - Mello
Event created by Lets Jam Bangalore

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Pay for Christmas Flow Jam by Bangalore Creative Circus
. Join Supervillains and Bangalore Creative Circus for an enchanting evening at the Christmas Flow Carnival!. Step into an exciting world where the art of flow meets the magic of Christmas. . This carnival is a canvas of creativity, featuring:. Spellbinding performances with hula hoops, pois, and da…

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Picnic With Pets - Mello
Event created by Zoop

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Kavitayon Ki Dastak
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Sun, 24th Dec'23

The Reading Social - Mello
Event created by Copper & Cloves

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Coffee and Conversations - The Listeners Circle - Sun, 24th Dec'23

What about some Filter Coffee and Unfiltered conversations on a fine Sunday morning? Listeners Circle is an initiative to facilitate listening without judgment, hence giving a safe space for anyone to speak their heart out without the fear of judgment. Listeners Circle are committed to building a community where there are no unsaid words, held back emotions and buried feelings because of the fear of being judged. Every word matters. Every emotion matters. Every feeling matters. Think about how it would feel to take an hour out of your fast-paced life and share your experiences and thoughts to people who listen to you without judging over a cup of Coffee? Also, listen to others without judging. Listeners' circle Coffee and Conversations -This is an event to make that happen. Be a part of the Listeners' circle Coffee & Conversations - Edition 5.

Exclusive Christmas Feast - Sun, 24th Dec'23 & Mon, 25th Dec'23

Celebrate this festive season in style with Justbe by Nidhi Nahata’s Unlimited Christmas Feast. Make this Christmas memorable with your family, friends and loved ones! Head over to Justbe for a Special Celebration with their Heartwarming Soups, Sumptuous Main Courses, Guilt-Free Desserts and Mulled Wine curated by Nidhi Nahata that will "Love You Back!"
December 2 Remember - Mello
Event created by Backyard Whispers

Sun, 24th Dec'23

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Sun, 24th Dec'23

Christmas Open Mic Challenge Bangalore | Christmas 2023
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Sun, 24th Dec'23


Mon, 25th Dec'23

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Weekday Wind Down Meditation - Thu, 21st Dec'23

Dialogues Cafe cordially invites you for joining a very simple but very powerful meditation. Few Benefits of doing this meditation: Better physical and psychological health. Sharper memory and greater brain powers. Greater harmony in your relationships. Enhanced connection with God and Guru. Wish fulfilling effect. Achieving higher state of peace and happiness because of flushing out of stress and negative thoughts and emotions during the meditation. And much more.
Play Practice Apprenticeship Program : International Dance Event
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Thu, 21st Dec'23 & Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Aikyam Retreat - Fri, 22nd Dec'23 - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Come and join the founder Shivangi, along with Christina, the co-founder of The Lilac Farm for a 3 days, 2 nights gathering at this beautiful farm, as you spend the weekend exploring your connection with the 4 elements of nature and how they form the foundation of your existence.

Conscious Weekend Residential Retreat - Fri, 22nd Dec'23 - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Join for a power packed weekend retreat filled with yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork, kirtan, music, wisdom circles and celebration. These 2 days will give you a new understanding towards living a conscious life and allow you to reset and realign towards healthy, joyful and peaceful living. You will leave this retreat feeling rejuvenated and full of life, with many deep, life long connections!
High Up In the Air: An Aerial Yoga Workshop (5 slots only) | SAMA Studio
Experience anti-gravity as you learn and perform asanas in our aerial hammock. Includes a relaxing calm mind practice.

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Charisma Masterclass – Radiate Magnetic Confidence - Unalome Project
Discover the transformative power of charisma in The Charisma Masterclass. Elevate your presence with insights into magnetic interactions, authentic style, and confident communication. Unveil the secrets of charismatic body language and connect with a supportive community. Join us to unleash your br…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Community Drum Circle - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Wrap up the year with symphonies of beats, rhythms, and pure vibes – BDC Style. Experience the upbeat magic at BDC Community Drum Circle & Open Jam.

Smart Finances 2024 - A Community Meet-up - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Welcome to "Smart Finances 2024," a community meet-up hosted by Anubava. This event is designed to bring their community together for an insightful discussion on financial decisions, savings strategies, investment avenues and future plans. Join them as they delve into the world of financial literacy, sharing experiences and charting a course towards a more financially secure 2024.

Legopreneur Mini 1.0 - 3 days and 7 days - Sun, 24th Dec'23 - Sat, 30th Dec'23

For those with hectic schedules, Azpire.in Mind Gym is delighted to present Legopreneur Mini 1.0 – a condensed, power-packed version of their groundbreaking LEGOpreneur Workshop Series, all squeezed into an immersive 3-day physical event at the renowned BHIVE Workspace Whitefield Campus. Witness creative thoughts in multiple forms, product design, teamwork, building, communication and presentation—emphasizing how pricing is determined based on the value provided, considering the cost of time, resources and money—all through hands-on LEGO play.

Understanding Societal Systems

Battle of Hilli - Thu, 21st Dec'23

The Battle of Hilli was the most famous and savagely fought battle in the 1971 Bangladesh War. In the words of the then GOC in C Eastern Command, Lt Gen JS Aurora, PVSM, who addressed the unit, 8th Battalion Brigade of the Guards before the War, the Battle was the bloodiest battle of the Bangladesh Liberation War in the entire Eastern Command. The talk by Brig PT Ghogale, VSM, a participant of the Battle of Hilli will be followed by a discussion moderated by Lt Gen Ramesh Halgali and a Q&A with the audience.

Art & Craft

Pottery Workshop - Thu, 21st Dec'23 - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Pottery is the most forgiving art using a lump of clay, placing it on the potter's wheel and giving shape to your very own creativity. As the wheel spins and the clay begins to form, both your mind and body are synergized with surroundings and the universe.
Friday, 22nd December 2023 | Winter Nights | 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a Saturday evening? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing with yo…

Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Christmas Macrame Workshop - Mello
Event created by [email protected]

Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Perfume Making Workshop - Mello
Event created by Copper & Cloves

Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Saturday, 23rd December 2023 | Its a Golden Christmas - Gold Leaf Pain
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time? Think no further, this is for you! Come celebrate the most joyous festival with us! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventur…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Northern Lights Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room
Northern Lights Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room, Koramangala

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Sip, Paint & Vibe
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Sips & Swirls | Guided Painting Session | Sarjapur SOCIAL | Christmas 2023
Buy Tickets for Sips & Swirls | Guided Painting Session | Sarjapur SOCIAL | Christmas 2023!

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Christmas Tree-Finger Painting - Mello
Event created by Art jam

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Canvas Painting Workshop - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

BLR events hub presents Canvas Painting Workshop. Join them for a hands-on experience where you'll learn fundamental techniques, unleash your artistic expression, and create a masterpiece to take home. No prior experience required – just bring your enthusiasm!

Gold Foiling Workshop - Sat, 23rd Dec'23 & Sun, 24th Dec'23

In this workshop, you will learn the unique art technique of gold foiling and create beautiful artworks using it! You will create a design first and subsequently paint it with the use of gold foil. The end result is a mesmerising one and the process in itself is very calming and satisfying and finally you get to carry the beautiful artwork created by you.
Resin Art - Beach Theme Coaster Making Workshop - Set of 6 on Saturday
Join our Beach Resin Coaster Workshop and embark on a creative journey to craft your own set of six beautiful and functional coasters inspired by the serene beauty of the beach. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a complete beginner, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of co…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

12 inch Epoxy Resin clock Workshop | Saturday 16th December, 2023 | 01:00PM to 03:00PM
“Explore the beauty of Beach or geode or texture resin in a captivating resin workshop. Learn the art of creating stunning resin art pieces using various materials and techniques. Discover how to mix colors, embed crystals, and design your unique masterpiece. Unleash your creativity and take home a…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23 & Sun, 24th Dec'23

Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Christmas Paint Party - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Make and take home a set of 3 unique and personalised ornaments to put up on your tree or to gift to your dear ones. Perfect for date with family, friends or your partner. Learn different art skills and take home something handmade and special. All while sipping on delicious hot cocoa and Christmas cookies.
Festive Macrame Workshop: Craft Your Own 40cm Christmas Tree | Saturda
Festive Macrame Workshop: Craft Your Own 40cm Christmas Tree! Join us for a delightful macrame workshop where you’ll learn the art of basic macrame knots, setting you up to create endless patterns. In this special holiday edition, we’ll be crafting charming 40cm Christmas trees using colorful cords…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Candle Making Workshop
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Candle Making Workshop on Saturday 23rd December | 11:00AM to 1:00PM
Join our candle making workshop and embark on a sensory journey like no other. In this hands-on experience, you’ll create two exquisite aromatherapy candles to infuse your space with soothing scents and relaxation. Here’s what you can expect: Introduction to Candle Making: Our expert instructors wil…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Eco friendly resin peony flower diffuser and tray making workshop / Sa
Welcome to our Eco-Friendly Peony Flower Diffuser and Tray Making Workshop! Immerse yourself in a delightful crafting experience where sustainability meets beauty. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the art of creating a stunning peony flower diffuser and accompanying tray using envi…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Eco resin trinket tray and planter making workshop | Saturday 23rd Dec
Join our Eco Resin Workshop! Make cool stuff like a trinket tray and planter. No experience needed! Eco-Friendly Resin Fun: Learn about eco resin – it`s cool, and it`s good for the planet! Trinket Tray Magic: Craft your own stylish trinket tray. Pick colors you love! Plant Lover’s Planter: Make a…

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Drone Genesis: The Art of Nano Drone Racing
Build your drone hatchling, learn how to fly and then take on the race course!

Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Salad Dressing Workshop
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Coffee 101: Nail That Brew
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Bake, Bond, Bliss: A Culinary Affair for Every Pair
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Christmas Doughnut Decoration - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Come and have a special fun experience at Krust Cafe by decorating your favourite doughnut the way you like it and yes the best climax of taking with you home.
Some Kullad Chai and Some Salsa!
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Sat, 23rd Dec'23 & Sat, 30th Dec'23

Pawfect Parenting 101: A Primer for Pet Parents - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or a newcomer to the world of furry companionship or even just thinking of being a pet parent, the event promises an evening of connection, insightful discussions and the shared delight of being part of a vibrant community. Join at Atta Galatta for "Pawfect Parenting 101" as you explore the answers together, sharing insights and tips to make your pet parenting adventure in Bengaluru a tail-wagging success.
Sunday, 24th December 2023 | Hot Choco Kinda Day | 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a cold, cozy Sunday? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing with y…

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Swiss Alps Knife & Brush Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room
Swiss Alps Knife & Brush Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room, Koramangala

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Painting with Paws- 2 - Mello
We are back with another workshop of Painting with your Pets 🐶 Why should Hoomans have all the fun? Bring your paw friends and together create a pur-fect painting! > A very beginner friendly painting workshop where you paint on canvas with your pets, all colors are non-toxic and your pets will crea…

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Acrylic Abstract Art Workshop on Canvas for Mom, Dad and Kid | Sunday
Join our acrylic Abstract Art Workshop for a creative and free-spirited journey into the world of abstract expressionism! In this immersive experience, you’ll explore the beauty of unconventional shapes, colors, and textures to create stunning bohemian-inspired artworks. Note : Mom/dad gets 1 canvas…

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Hand Building Pottery Workshop | Sunday 24th December, 2023 | 2:00PM t
Welcome to our Hand-Building Pottery Workshop, where creativity knows no bounds! Join us for an immersive experience in the world of pottery as you learn the ancient art of crafting beautiful, functional pieces with your own hands. Whether you`re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, our worksho…

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Hand Embroidery on tote bag Workshop | Sunday 24th December, 2023 | 2:
Two distinct hand embroidery workshop wall hanging designs, one with a floral theme and the other featuring a landscape: Design 1: Enchanted Garden (Floral) Step into the world of blooming beauty with our “Enchanted Garden” hand embroidery workshop. This design is a celebration of nature`s colors…

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Wall hanging- Hamsa Hand Workshop | Sunday 24th December, 2023 | 02:00
Discover the ancient art of dot painting and create a stunning Hamsa hand wall hanging with tassels in this immersive and hands-on workshop. The Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection, positivity, and good fortune in various cultures, and you’ll learn to infuse your creation with meaning and intention…

Sun, 24th Dec'23

String and Nail Art Workshop | Sunday 24th December, 2023 | 1:00PM to
“Unleash your creativity with our String and Nail Art Workshop! Join us for a hands-on experience where you’ll craft stunning masterpieces using strings and nails. Highlights include expert guidance, vibrant materials, and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts. Discover th…

Sun, 24th Dec'23

Christmas Plum Cake Decoration - Sun, 24th Dec'23

This Christmas lets merry around doing something different. Krust Cafe invites you to decorate your own plum cake and relish the same with your family and friends.

Dhrupad Vocals and Instrumental Workshop - Sun, 24th Dec'23

The workshop aims at introducing the basic concepts and techniques of Dhrupad. By the end of the workshop, you would have the conceptual and experiential understanding of Dhrupad and Indian music in general. It will be an interactive session that includes exercises and demonstrations.
Christmas is Here Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room
Christmas is Here Canvas Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room, Koramangala

Mon, 25th Dec'23

Film & Theater

Beyond Hattamala - Thu, 21st Dec'23

Beyond Hattamala is an English adaptation of a Bengali play Hattamalar Oparey by Badal Sircar. Two likeable thieves, Kena and Becha jump into a river to escape being caught and wash up on the shores of a strange land – a land where there’s no money! Kena and Becha are excited at the opportunities this strange new land has to offer. What follows are humorous, sometimes thought-provoking exchanges as we follow their misadventures in this land beyond Hattamala.

Brant - Fri, 22nd Dec'23

Dr. B. R Ambedkar: Now & Then is a feature length documentary film that explores deep questions of human condition. Questions of liberty, equality, fraternity, social justice, exclusion and marginalized representation through, Jyoti Nisha, a Bahujan feminist filmmaker’s gaze in an upper caste Indian film industry. The film aspires to translate the praxis of Ambedkarite politics to image making and representation of marginalized subjects’ culture, history, politics in popular cinema and media. Driven by Dr. Ambedkar’s philosophy epistemologically, the film symbolically and politically documents the representation and assertion of Bahujan people in the contemporary era. Questioning the institution of caste in India, this film is a commentary on religion, revolution, politics, and the freedom of speech.

Dastan-e-Maseeha - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

“Dastan-e-Maseeha” is a Dastangoi retelling of the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. Narrated in Hindustani (Urdu-Hindi) language, it narrates the socio-political landscape in which Jesus was born with metaphysical aspects of it, his upbringing, the events that led to his rebellion, along with a handful of companions, his brutal killing and the impact his resistance movement had and still has on the hearts of billions around the world across the times and borders. This is a story of human spirit, resistance and hope narrated in Prose and Poetry, both existing and original, written and performed by Kafeel Jafri.

Sakal Jaani He Naath - Comedy Folk Musical - Sat, 23rd Dec'23 & Sun, 24th Dec'23

Men are Innocent. Or so they say while playing victim card, thereby alleging the Women Guilty of Charge! Sakal Jaani he Naath is a Comedy Folk Musical adapted from Vasant Deo and Sudama ke Chawal. It revisits the famed mythological fable about Lord Krishna and his childhood friend Sudama. A Tragic-Comedy that explores the narrative of the contemporary human situation and a satire on today’s man, his double standards and polluted mind. While the story and characters are the same, the ethos of these characters is what is seen today and in common life. The age-old tale and its characters have been used only as a reference. The play runs parallel with Narottam Das’s Sudamacharit and their verses are sung in folk tunes of Doha and Behre Tavil.

Project Darling - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Where and all you are roaming, I say? Why can’t there be a training program for marriage? Isn't eloping cheap and best? Why did the brinjal stand up when I went to the market? Meet Khanavali Chenni – she is either asking questions or being asked questions. Chenni was an iconic character who ruled the Kannada stage with her double-meaning dialogues and sexual innuendo. The play traces the journey of a group of performers who set out on a search for their ancestry - women performers on whose shoulders their work stands. In their search, they hear about the legend of Chenni. While trying to find her, they meet several other actresses who have their own stories to share. Will they eventually meet Chenni? What will they discover? Project Darling is a meditation on female sexuality at the crossroads of censorship and culture.

Kindari Jogi - Tue, 26th Dec'23

"Bommanahalli Kindara Jogi" is the popular collection of children's poems by our national poet Kuvempu. It serves as part of our current school curriculum, and inspired by it, we have recreated the play "Kindara Jogi". Originally staged by Padmashri B. V. Karanth in 1987 in Mysuru, this theatrical production aims to reintroduce the stage and the ideals of unity and truth to the young generation, bringing vibrancy to our musical play.

Chomana Dudi - Wed, 27th Dec'23

Choma is an untouchable bonded-labourer in a village who is working along with his family for a landlord, as he belongs to a backward class. Due to his social status, he is not allowed to till his own land, something that he desires most. Though he managed to rear a pair of bullocks that he found straying in the forest, he cannot use them to till the land. He comes in contact of Christian missionaries who try to convert him giving him the lure of the land, but Choma does not want to let go of his faith. He releases the fury that fate has beset on him, by beating his drum.

15 Seconds a Lifetime - Wed, 27th Dec'23

Outside China, India was the biggest market for TikTok. In 2019, the app was downloaded 323 million times, accounting for 44% of the app’s total downloads that year. Mayur Natekar, a hip, young adult residing in the suburbs of Mumbai discovers the app and gets obsessed with it. Looking at others who have prospered in life due to TikTok, he too aspires to achieve something, no matter what. The family of four, including Mayur, his brother and his parents see a dream of escaping from their harsh realities. They support and cheer Mayur in every possible way to become a digital star but soon Mayur’s obsession with the virtual world starts taking a toll on his realities. Will Mayur be able to make it big? Will his family still support him or will the realities shatter his hope of leading a better life? After the screening, the director, Divya Kharnare will be in conversation with Sunanda Bhat followed by a Q&A session.

Fun and Games

Tabletop Thursday with ReRoll Board Games
Buy Tickets for Tabletop Thursday with ReRoll Board Games!

Thu, 21st Dec'23

F.R.I.E.N.D.S or not?
Buy Tickets for F.R.I.E.N.D.S or not?!

Sun, 24th Dec'23

With Kids

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr. - Sat, 23rd Dec'23

The classic story tells of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed to his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity. With many fun supporting roles, this "tale as old as time" is a visual treat not to be missed!

Kids Carnival - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Dive into holiday happiness at Kid's carnival! With an awesome day out bursting with festive fun and cool surprises, catch the holiday magic today!

Christmas Puppet Show - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Let your kids enjoy the amazing Chirstmas themed puppet show by the talented Tickles and tales - Aarti. This interactive puppet show is crafted for kids of age 5 to 12 years.

Christmas art party for kids at HSR - Sun, 24th Dec'23

Explore a range of funfilled activities to keep your kids engaged for the Christmas. Art Beat's art party is designed with the right mix of skills, activities & a whole lotta fun.
Overnight Winter Nature Camp for families December 26-27 (Tues-Wed) - A Green Venture
An overnight experience at an organic farm hosted by A Green Venture. Experience nature and the outdoors while you sleep under the stars, go for a guided walks and treks, go fruit and vegetable harvesting, enjoy farm knowledge and spend quality time away from the city in fresh air and delicious farm…

Tue, 26th Dec'23 & Wed, 27th Dec'23