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4th Week of January '24

4th Week of January '24
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Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


Sangeetha Kalanidhi Vidwan Sri Neyveli Santanagopalan Vocal Concert
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Fri, 26th Jan'24

TCS Ruhaniyat - Seeing The Divine - Fri, 26th Jan'24

TCS Ruhaniyat, the oldest and the largest soulful music festival of Banyan Tree Events is best described as a unique pilgrimage, the call of the soul that enlivens centuries of spiritual wisdom. The immortal works of great mystics are brought to life by mostly unheard of but immensely talented carriers of living traditions from remote parts of the country. Now for the 23rd consecutive year the seekers of joy, spiritual wisdom, enchanting music and unheard-of living traditions will be delighted to assemble yet again for Ruhaniyat.
Tour Alappara - Bangalore
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

Violin Duet - Classical Music Concert
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

Candlelight India A tribute to Bollywood - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Candlelight India is a one of a kind immersive concert experience. It is curated to evoke a sense of wonder in concert goers by taking you on a magical journey where music and ambience converge to create an unforgettable atmosphere. We aspire to mesmerize our audience through an evening filled with surreal melodies paying homage to legendary and popular artists, performed by exceptionally talented musicians.

Abhinav Ka Sangeet - Sun, 28th Jan'24

An evening of Music and Conversations by Abhinav, who’s a PhD in Hindustani Music and chose a path of bringing back the forgotten melodies, legends and the resistance of Indian Musicology through these curated shows.
Prince Rama Varma’s Concert
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Mon, 29th Jan'24

Sarvepalli Sister’s Vocal Duet Concert
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Tue, 30th Jan'24

Ek Mehfil Sufi Nights by Tudum Ft. Wajahat Hasan - Wed, 31st Jan'24

Unwind in the soothing ambiance of Tudum's Ek Mehfil, where the Wajahat Hasan transports you to a realm of tranquility and musical bliss.


Dvidha - Fri, 26th Jan'24

Dvidha which means duality, in this show they will be presenting the Indian classical dance form of Kathak. Kathak has two major divisions one is the technical aspect of Taalang which is the rhythmic cycles, and the other is Bhavanga which is about Abhinaya and story telling. They will be seeing the dual sides blending together. Two artists from two different cities will be coming together to present Dvidha - Aditya Garud from Mumbai and Sohini Karanth from Banglore. The dual aspect of masculine energy and feminine grace will also be a highlight of dvidha. The duality of gender and how that translates into movement. Dvidha will be all about dualities coming together and blending into one.

Saranagati - Fri, 26th Jan'24

Kimaham School of Indian classical dance presents Saranagati 2024 by Nrityagram Ensemble. Nrityagram, the land of red mud and birdsong, is our home and muse. For over three decades, this land has nurtured us and we have poured our sweat, dreams and art into its bountiful earth. Nrityagram Dance Ensemble invites audiences to journey with them across time to witness Khankanā: The sound of dancing feet. They present highly acclaimed and celebrated pieces over the last three decades by choreographer Surupa Sen, that showcase a unique sensibility of thought and movement. Join and soak your feet in the red earth of our land as they dance for a more hopeful future for our earth.
DOUBLE BILL - Metamorphosis & Tanmantra
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Sun, 28th Jan'24

SAMAAGAMA - Kathak and Bharatanatyam by Nirupama - Rajendra
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Sun, 28th Jan'24

Tyaga Pushpam - Sun, 28th Jan'24

A collaborative coming together of three unique yet intertwined art forms of story telling, music and Bharthanatyam, This production aims to draw the emotional landscape of how the Saint poet Sri Tyagaraja maneuvered his bond with Lord Sri Rama. Tyagaraja's life was Rama - his myriad emotions, turmoils, questions, happiness and doubts began and ended with Sri Rama. This production aims to foray into the personal, emotional journey of this unique bond between a human saint and The Human Divine.

Madhurya - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Madhurya is an exploration towards the divine charm of Madhava, The ultimate grace. We all perceive and love Krishna in our own specific ways and Madhurya brings together the process of delving and dissolving into Krishna through various shades of love, playfulness and devotion. It unifies a trinity of dancers with their own schools of thoughts towards dance but their shades of love towards Krishna coincide. They’ll be tramping through the process of getting conscious towards his grace, finding him through their interpretations of love, playing with him, dancing with him and ultimately dissolving into him.

Kāmākshim Kalayāmi - Mon, 29th Jan'24

This solo dance production thematises the story of Goddess Kamakshi. The lyrics for the script are adapted from Sri Lalitha Sahasranama, Soundarya Lahiri, Mooka Panchas’athi, Rajarajeswari Choornika and Kamakshi Suprabhatam.

Tue, 30th Jan'24

S.thala: An Indian Suite - Wed, 31st Jan'24

S.thala is the name of an imaginary location invented by famous 20th century French author Marguerite Duras. In the books and films of her Indian Cycle, the characters travel from one novel to the other often without sticking to a precise narrative, but referring as a leitmotiv to an initial event that happened during a ballroom party. In this corpus, L’Amour is a mysterious non-linear fragmented text that evokes reiterated, transformed memories extracted from the organic magma of the Indian Cycle. In L’Amour the characters have been dislodged from the original books and projected into new narrative regions. A woman, a man, a traveller, a beggar, a rejected woman are among the somewhat anonymous characters inhabiting this ghostly world and its surrounding nature. The choreography presents a first period of movement and space exploration inspired by the many physical indications and themes contained in Duras texts. These dance modules are accompanied by the reading of short passages from the text L’Amour. In a second period the dancers perform an elaborate piece constructed and extrapolated from the first part explored figures and recurring elements.

Cultural Activities

Genealogies of Sonic Pluralism - Thu, 25th Jan'24

This talk examines the inaudible yet polyphonic pasts of modern South Indian raga-based music by exploring the complex history of Islamic musical production in Tamil-speaking South India in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A Q&A session with the speaker will follow.
Veganuary Supper Club
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Fri, 26th Jan'24

Desh Mere - A Musical Evening - Fri, 26th Jan'24

This Republic Day, Lahe Lahe welcomes you to join in grand celebrations with "Soul Acoustics" Team * India-themed special musical evening * Patriotic/Motherland/Desh-bhakti soulful songs * Celebrate, dance, sing along the full-of-josh youthful numbers * Two special Dance Performances Kathak/Bollywood * Apply face paints * Indian flag/Tri-colour * Indian Flags will also be provided.
Ekta’s Monthly Poet’s Meet
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

The BWW Short Story Community at Atta Galatta - Sat, 27th Jan'24

The BWW Short Story Community this month will discuss Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Conner.

Transoceanic Cultures and Memories - Sat, 27th Jan'24

> The session will begin with a talk by Dr. Sayan Dey exploring the different forms of trans-religious, trans-communal and trans-continental musical and spiritual performances of the African communities across the Indian Ocean. These historically influenced the development of societies and cultures in India, with a specific focus on intercultural musical practices of the African Indians in India (specifically with the Siddi community in Gujarat) and indentured South African Indians in South Africa. Discussed in the session will be practices of the Zikrs, Dhamaals, and various other Afro-Indian folkloristic performances of the Siddis in Gujarat, and how they have contributed towards shaping the multicommunal and multireligious practices in Gujarat and other parts of India today. After the talk will be a panel discussion with Dr Payel Dutta Chowdhury and Elizabeth Thomas followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Coffee Meetup: Meet, Greet and Connect - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Get ready for laughter, connections and good vibes at Cuppa Redefined's Social mixer! Whether you're new to the city or looking to expand your social circle, this is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Forge new connections and friendships in a laid-back setting. Their social mixer provides a comfortable environment for meaningful conversations and the chance to meet people with diverse interests.
Craft Chocolate and Specialty Tea Pairing
Join us for a delightful pairing of Indian craft chocolate and our specialty Indian teas! The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival X Mountain Bee Kombucha What happens when the the world of Indian craft chocolate collide with specialty teas? These two important agricultural produce share mor…

Sat, 27th Jan'24

Karwaan - Sat, 27th Jan'24

The Draft Page is a platform where you can bring out your creative side. It is an open platform for a community of writers, poets, singers and other artists coming together to promote art & culture.
Whose Mic Is It Anyway? Open Mic Nights - JP Nagar
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

Akshayakalpa Organic Farmer’s Market - Avarekai Mela!
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Sat, 27th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

The Urban Solace Weekend Breakfast Celebration
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Sat, 27th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Frame it for Life!
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Sat, 27th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Mahabharata Dialogues Koramangala
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Sun, 28th Jan'24

Sunday Book Club Meet - Sun, 28th Jan'24

When was the last time you read a good book and went on an adventure, learned something new, exercised your brain, and fed your curiosities? This is the space to connect and socialise with people and share the learnings from the books you have read or created an impact. If you are looking to read more books and also need help reading or finding new books, this is the event for you, they have newbies or avid readers in their community. Fiction and non fiction readers are both welcome to come and have a conversation about the current book you are reading or trying to find what you want to read.
Musafir - An Open Mic event
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Sun, 28th Jan'24

Sunday Improv Jam
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Sun, 28th Jan'24

Spill Poetry Open Mic - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Spill Poetry's Open Mics are like a thikana for artists, where they welcome talents with open arms to perform their poetry, stories and spoken word pieces. They are awaiting to meet new and amazing talents and make a whole new Spill Parivaar here!
Walkthrough of Book of Gold: The Kanchana Chitra Ramayana of Banaras - MAP
January 30, 2024 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - (Detail) Vibhishana Showers Gifts from the Pushpaka Vimana, 1812, Lankakanda Style D, H. 46.5 x W. 35.5 cm, PTG.02328. Curated by the late Kavita Singh and Parul Singh, the exhibition, Book of Gold: The Kanchana Chitra Ramayana of Banaras, displays nearly 80 fo…

Tue, 30th Jan'24

Art Jam
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Tue, 30th Jan'24

Drunk on Love - Tue, 30th Jan'24

Vipul Rikhi will be in conversation with Gurupriya Atreya, discussing his new book on Kabir, Drunk on Love. The discussion will focus on the figure of the famous 15th century Bhakti-Sufi poet Kabir, and his life and philosophy. The session will include some songs of Kabir sung by Vipul, as well as Q&A with the audience.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Thriving Minds (Meditation Session) - Fri, 26th Jan'24

Imagine a woodcutter who never pauses to sharpen his axe. That's how most of us lead our lives without ever allowing our minds to pause, rejuvenate and reset. Join Shwetha Sivaraman's 90-minute meditation masterclass to equip yourself with tools to calm the mind, regulate the nervous system and allow it to thrive.

Full Moon Freedom Circle (Meditate, Manifest) - Fri, 26th Jan'24

Full Moons are a time for tapping into our Full potential and releasing what is no longer serving us. This Full Moon in January is special for many reasons and is also called the Wolf Moon. At the Full Moon Freedom Circle we will invoke our wild and free self, tune in with the Lunar energy and our own cyclical nature, Meditate, Move, Chant and really sow seeds for the manifestations we want to invite in the coming year. Come lets walk on the wild side!

Full Moon Gathering - Fri, 26th Jan'24

The full moon holds significant cultural and spiritual symbolism in various traditions around the world. While beliefs and interpretations may vary, we believe that the full moon is associated with the idea of letting go and releasing the old and stagnant energy, in order to make way for the new. Recognizing the power of group energy, HerMoveMeant intends to create a spiritual space for self-growth through meditation, intention setting, journaling, movement and intuitive readings for self. Reiki healing is also offered to the participants during the session to energize ones intentions and initiate smooth energy flow through their being. So if you are looking for a space to take some time out for self-reflection and inner exploration, come join them!

Vision Board Crafting Workshop - Fri, 26th Jan'24

It’s possible to turn your dreams into reality. The first step is getting clear on “What you truly want”. Once you are crystal clear on what you truly want, you can use tools like Vision Board, Vizualizations and aligned actions etc to manifest your true desires. Our mind works in form of images or pictures and that’s why all top leaders be it Oprah Winfrey or Deepak Chopra use “Vision Boards”. Simply put Vision Boards are visual representations of your goals! It’s a powerful way of designing your dream life. Join for a in-depth powerful 3 hour workshop where Richa Tiwari will be taking you through 1) Creative Visualisations process 2)Scientific goal setting framework 3) Creating your vision boards. You will be guided to use a combination of ancient tools like visualisation, meditation to wester tools of reprogramming the subconcious mind through NLP (Nero-linguistic-Programming). They will also provide you a session-workbook which you can fill in.

BDC Unity Jam & Community Drum Circle - Fri, 26th Jan'24

Brace yourselves for the ultimate BDC ‘Unity Jam’ & Community Drum Circle happening at the vibrant Bangalore Creative Circus. Unwind, because it’s a holiday! Join them as they orchestrate a symphony of beats, rhythms and pure vibes - BDC Style!

Spine Health Awareness Workshop - Fri, 26th Jan'24

This Spine health awareness workshop hosted by Vaidya Seemaa Malick (Ayurvedic Spine Consultant) includes Prakruti Assessment; Pathya For Spine Care (Nutrition); Yoga & Exercise routine; Lifestyle Modification Guidance; Posture Correction; Ergonomic Work place Practice and Common spine problems.
The Foundation Course Archives - Time to Think
Introducing key applications of the Thinking Environment. The Foundation Course (2 Days) introduces you to the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment and their eight group applications. You will explore Thinking Pairs, Dialogue, Rounds, Open Discussion, Meetings, the Council and Facilitation. Any…

Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Disconnect to Reconnect: A Mandala Art Meditation Experience
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

Move Like Water - Backbend & Hip Opening Yoga Workshop
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

Weekend Wind Down Meditation - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Dialogues Cafe cordially invites you for joining a very simple but very powerful meditation. Few Benefits of doing this meditation: Better physical and psychological health. Sharper memory and greater brain powers. Greater harmony in your relationships. Enhanced connection with God and Guru. Wish fulfilling effect. Achieving higher state of peace and happiness because of flushing out of stress and negative thoughts and emotions during the meditation. And much more.

Vision Board Workshop - Sat, 27th Jan'24

A Vision Board is a visual representation of the things we want to achieve, acquire, or experience in our life - a space that reflects our dreams and desires! Begin this New Year with mindful intentions, visualising what you'd like this year to look like and playfully explore the beauty of creating the future you wish to manifest for yourself!

How can we build our future? Ubuntu has answers - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Individuals and societies flourish when there is diversity and freedom. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of the past, we look at the role of diversity and freedom - both of which are important for the individual in building the future. Ubuntu is a philosophy that helps build harmony, even in the face of deep division and conflict. It is a source of inspiration for how to move beyond irreversible differences and hurt, towards human dignity. This session includes a talk with an experiential session and an interactive dialogue circle.
Mindtalk Moodlift Open Mic Ep. 3
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

Fluid Moves: A Dance Workshop in Floor Work - Sat, 27th Jan'24

"Fluid Moves" is a workshop in floor work, focusing on the seamless flow of the body and incorporating release techniques. The workshop provides a transformative experience for participants, facilitated by Sahiba Singh and Yashaswini, both experts in their field.

The Kreative Process - Sat, 27th Jan'24

The Kreative Process is a series of meeting Creative individuals in the city and discussing our works, our processes and perhaps our challenges. A creative process is usually a set of steps and mental activities that an individual goes through when generating new and original ideas, concepts or artistic expressions. It involves a combination of cognitive, emotional and practical processes that culminate in the creation of something unique and innovative. This is a safe and non-judgemental community space for sharing, expressing and of course meeting wonderful creative folks in the city, over a morning coffee & conversations.

Sat, 27th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Breathwork For Athletes | SAMA Studio
“BreathWork for Improving Endurance,” is designed for athletes seeking to elevate their performance through targeted breathwork techniques.

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Move With Stillness: Somatic Movement Workshop
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Sun, 28th Jan'24

The Enhancing Sleep Quality Workshop
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Sun, 28th Jan'24

Body Scapes: A Dance Workshop in Improvisation - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Embark on a journey of creativity with 'Body Scapes', a captivating workshop in Improvisation Tools. This innovative session unravels the process of spontaneous movement creation through creative explorations, including body mapping, navigating through levels, exploring shapes and diving into dynamic schemas. Led by the dynamic facilitator Yashaswini, this workshop promises an exhilarating experience, inviting participants to explore the limitless possibilities of improvised movement.

In Sickness And In Health - Sun, 28th Jan'24

In a world where we are constantly put up against impossible standards and cosmetic ‘ideal images’; feeling ‘not good enough’ tends to be a widely common wound for most people which manifests as a fractured relationship with out bodies. In Sickness & In Health is an opportunity to take time to reflect, re-orient and redefine our most primary relationship - our relationship with our bodies, in a safe community space and using diverse expressive arts tools finding our way back to feeling at home within the body.

Wed, 31st Jan'24

The play of human needs
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Wed, 31st Jan'24

Understanding Societal Systems

Republic Day - Dialogue on Documentary - Fri, 26th Jan'24

This Republic day, Dialogues Cafe brings to you a space for sharing your vision about the future of India. Do you feel passionate about giving back to your country and doing your duty as a global citizen? Then this event is for you! They will screen documentaries that shows issues, as well as progress in the Indian society. This will be followed by a discussion on where India stands as a country and what is the way ahead? Finally you will all create your own visions about how you view India and how you as citizens want to see it in the future.

Art & Craft

Friday, 26th January 2024 | Lotus - Republic Day Special | 5:00PM - 7:
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a Friday evening? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing with your…

Fri, 26th Jan'24

Epoxy Resin Workshop Island and Beach on Friday 26th January or Saturd
Take home what you make & all materials included like MDF board - 10 inch, stand, resin, pigments, colors, brush, mixing cup etc, and you can choose any color beach and get complementary display stand with this workshop. Take home what you make! ⏰ Schedule : Date : 26th January 2024 (Friday) T…

Fri, 26th Jan'24

Epoxy Resin Geode Wall hanging Workshop | Friday 26th January or Satur
In this geode wall hanging , you`ll mix colorful colors with a resin , pour them onto a geode shape base and create mesmerizing designs. It’s a fun and creative process that results in unique, abstract artworks. Learn different techniques of fluid art. Join us to explore your artistic side and make…

Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Buddha Texture + Epoxy Resin Art Workshop on Friday 26th January or Sa
Discover the artistry of crafting your own Buddha wall hanging using a captivating blend of crystals, texture paint, and resin in our immersive workshop. Here’s a detailed description of what our workshop offers: “Creating Serenity: Buddha Wall Hanging with Crystals, Texture Paint, and Resin” Artis…

Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

12 inch Epoxy Resin clock Workshop | Saturday 16th December, 2023 | 01:00PM to 03:00PM
“Explore the beauty of Beach or geode or texture resin in a captivating resin workshop. Learn the art of creating stunning resin art pieces using various materials and techniques. Discover how to mix colors, embed crystals, and design your unique masterpiece. Unleash your creativity and take home a…

Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

14 inch Epoxy Resin Clock Workshop | Friday 26th January or Saturday 2
“Explore the beauty of Beach or geode or texture resin in a captivating resin workshop. Learn the art of creating stunning resin art pieces using various materials and techniques. Discover how to mix colors, embed crystals, and design your unique masterpiece. Unleash your creativity and take home a…

Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

DIY Resin Coasters With Dried Pressed Flowers Workshop - Set of 4 on F
Join our Coaster Workshop and embark on a creative journey to craft your own set of four beautiful and functional coasters inspired by the serene beauty of the beach. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a complete beginner, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of coastal char…

Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

DIY Macrame Dream Catcher Workshop | Friday 26th or Saturday 27th Janu
DIY Macrame Dream Catcher/ Mandala/ Sling bag with key charm Workshop! ✨ Create your perfect boho corner at home with a touch of your own creativity! Ever fancied those dream catchers that you wish to buy but find them too pricey? Why not learn to make your own at our DIY Dream Catcher Workshop! 🌈…

Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Candle Making Workshop on Friday 26th January or Saturday 27th January
Join our candle making workshop and embark on a sensory journey like no other. In this hands-on experience, you’ll create two exquisite aromatherapy candles to infuse your space with soothing scents and relaxation. Here’s what you can expect: Make 5 different kind of candles: Strawberry, raspberry,…

Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Intro to Social Dancing - Urbankiz, Bachata, Salsa - Fri, 26th Jan'24

Social Dancing is a fantastic way to connect, relive and explore. There are so many styles like Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Urbankiz, Tango, Jive, Zouk and many more.
Saturday, 27th January 2024| Chill Kittens | 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a Saturday evening? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing with yo…

Sat, 27th Jan'24

Watercolour Painting Workshop - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Dive into the mesmerizing world of watercolors at Lahe Lahe's upcoming event, "A Splash of Colors: Watercolor Wonderland." Join them for a delightful evening filled with creativity, inspiration and the joy of painting with watercolors.

Acrylic Painting Workshop - Sat, 27th Jan'24

BLR events hub presents Canvas Painting Workshop. Join them for a hands-on experience where you'll learn fundamental techniques, unleash your artistic expression, and create a masterpiece to take home. No prior experience required – just bring your enthusiasm!
Epoxy Resin Metallic Fluid Art Workshop on Saturday 27th January, 2024
Metallic art is a captivating and unpredictable form of abstract art that combines epoxy resin with metallic pigments, creating shimmering, elegant, and one-of-a-kind pieces that evoke a range of emotions and invite viewers to engage with their dynamic beauty. Materials included in this workshop :…

Sat, 27th Jan'24

Macrame heart wall hanging workshop.| Saturday 27th January 2024 | 4PM
Join our Valentine’s Special Macramé Workshop! Discover the art of macramé as we create a mini wall hanging with a pixelated heart design. Perfect for beginners, using a 6-inch dowel. Let’s craft a unique and heartfelt décor piece together!

Sat, 27th Jan'24

Curator for a Day - MAP
January 27, 2024 @ 10:30 am - Linking collections globally, Museums Without Borders is an unique digital collaboration between MAP and art institutions in India and across the world. Ranging from six to ten minutes, each episode in this series juxtaposes an artwork from MAP with an object from a par…

Sat, 27th Jan'24

Hand Building Pottery Workshop | Saturday 27th January 2024 | 2:00PM t
Welcome to our Hand-Building Pottery Workshop, where creativity knows no bounds! Join us for an immersive experience in the world of pottery as you learn the ancient art of crafting beautiful, functional pieces with your own hands. Whether you`re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, our worksho…

Sat, 27th Jan'24

Pottery Workshop - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Shape clay into personalized masterpieces, whether you're a novice or pro. Under expert guidance, craft unique pottery pieces reflecting your style. Take home lasting treasures from a day of inspiration. Afterward, savor diverse pizzas to complement your creative experience. Depart with not just your crafted pieces but cherished memories from an unforgettable evening of art, pizza, and camaraderie!

Soil Stories - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Join at BCC for three unique workshops highlighting the many facets of soil and clay, and the intricate connections we have with the ground beneath our feet.

Home Gardening Workshop - Sat, 27th Jan'24

In this workshop, you will * Master the basics of home gardening - from seed to harvest! * Learn the art of setting up your garden & selecting top-notch inputs * Discover the scoop on nutrients and organic fertilizers * Ace crop maintenance techniques like a gardening pro * Become a superhero at identifying different pests and diseases * Unveil the secrets of pest & disease management.

Kusudama (Japenese Origami) - Sat, 27th Jan'24 & Sun, 28th Jan'24

Kusudama, meaning "medicine ball" originally served as holders for incense or potpourri. Today, origami kusudama are used as decorations or gifts. Come learn the art of Japanese origami at Lahe Lahe and oomph to your christmas decor.

Crafty Carpentry Workshop - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Unlock creativity at Saspire Studio's Crafty Carpenter Workshops, where young builders embark on a hands-on journey to craft personalized keyholders from scratch. With hammers in hand, they nail, sand and skillfully fix screws, transforming raw materials into functional masterpieces.
Pay for Unlock the Art of Fermentation by Copper And Cloves Wellness
WorkshInviting you to a ferment together session with fermenter Anshita! Welcome colourful, flavorsome and gut friendly jars ! Fermentation is an age old way of preserving foods that enriches your microbiome and in this workshop you will learn the how and why behind this technique and ferment too! .…

Sat, 27th Jan'24

Coffee 101: Sniff, Slurp & Spit
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

Acting on Impulse - Workshop - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Are you struggling with unleashing your full potential on stage? Battling to connect deeply with your characters? DSM is coming with our “Acting on Impulse” Workshop. Designed by seasoned experts, it's tailored to help you respond more authentically and spontaneously on stage. Dive into exercises that nurture your creative instincts, and build a stronger stage presence.
Sunday, 28th January 2024 | Tree House | 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Hey there! Looking to have some fun time on a lazy Sunday? Think no further, this is for you! With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing with your ch…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Texture painting on Canvas - Flower Bunch on Sunday 28th January, 2024
Join our Pink Flower Bunch Texture Art on Canvas Workshop and immerse yourself in the world of creative expression. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the techniques and secrets behind creating stunning textured floral artwork on canvas using a variety of materials and colors. Workshop Highligh…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Canvas Carnival - Sip and Paint Canvas Painting Workshop | Sunday 28th
Join our acrylic Abstract Art Workshop for a creative and free-spirited journey into the world of abstract expressionism! In this immersive experience, you’ll explore the beauty of unconventional shapes, colors, and textures to create stunning bohemian-inspired artworks. Highlights: Guided Explorati…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Art Workshop
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Sun, 28th Jan'24

Pink and Blue Beach Resin Art Workshop | Sunday 28th January, 2024 | 0
Dive into creativity with our pink and blue Beach Theme Resin Art Workshop! Join us for a fun-filled session where you’ll learn the mesmerizing art of working with resin to create stunning beach-inspired masterpieces. Discover various techniques, mix vibrant colors, and capture the essence of the se…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Eco-friendly Resin Peony Flower Diffuser and Tray Making Workshop | Su
Welcome to our Eco-Friendly Peony Flower Diffuser and Tray Making Workshop! Immerse yourself in a delightful crafting experience where sustainability meets beauty. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the art of creating a stunning peony flower diffuser and accompanying tray using envi…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Eco-Resin Trinket Tray and Planter Making Workshop on Sunday 28th Janu
Join our Eco Resin Workshop! Make cool stuff like a trinket tray and planter. No experience needed! Eco-Friendly Resin Fun: Learn about eco resin – it`s cool, and it`s good for the planet! Trinket Tray Magic: Craft your own stylish trinket tray. Pick colors you love! Plant Lover’s Planter: Make a mi…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

String and Nail Art Workshop | Sunday 28th January, 2024 | 03:00PM to
“Unleash your creativity with our String and Nail Art Workshop! Join us for a hands-on experience where you’ll craft stunning masterpieces using strings and nails.” Highlights include expert guidance, vibrant materials, and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts. Discover t…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Make at MAP - MAP
January 28, 2024 @ 11:30 am - Looking for a fun and creative way to engage with museum exhibits? Our drop-in session allows you to create, and take home a special souvenir of your visit. With the help of MAP’s Education team, unpack and look closely at a chosen museum exhibit, and unleash your creat…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Macrame Pot Hanger Workshop - Sun, 28th Jan'24

In this 2-hour workshop, learn to create a beautiful plant hanger through exploring various knotting and weaving techniques and choosing from a range of colors to customize your plant hanger.

Open & Closed Terrarium Making Workshop - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Join Saloni for a unique and restorative experience where she takes you through the history of terrariums, materials you need, care & maintenance and step by step demo to design your own one-of-a-kind terrarium.

Wood work date - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Elevate date with Saspire Studio's Crafty Carpenter Workshop for adults, where couples bond over the art of crafting. Share laughs, create memories and build a lasting connection as you both craft personalized keyholders together, mastering the art of DIY in a uniquely romantic setting.
Semi-classical Dance Workshop on Sunday 28th January 2024 | 05:00PM to
Welcome to our Semi-Classical Dance Workshop website, where tradition and innovation converge to create a dance experience like no other. Discover the Elegance: Our workshop is a sanctuary for those who appreciate the timeless grace of semi-classical dance. We blend the intricate movements of classi…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Coffee & Food Pairings Guided Session
Event Location - HumbleBean Coffee, 3165, 60 feet, 12th Cross Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038. Timings - 28th January 2024, Sunday at 10.30 am to 12.00 pm. For those looking to enhance their coffee drinking experience. OVERVIEW HumbleBean offers specially…

Sun, 28th Jan'24

Film & Theater

Shakespeare’s Wife - Thu, 25th Jan'24

Shakespeare’s Wife is a creative exploration that delves into Shakespeare’s life from the perspective of his wife. Drawing inspiration from Robert Nye’s novel Mrs. Shakespeare and the bard’s own sonnets, and bolstered by insights from Germaine Greer’s well-researched Shakespeare’s Wife, this play offers a window into the societal frameworks and the position of women in Elizabethan England. It’s a narrative that seeks to intertwine historical context with a unique, personal viewpoint, shedding light on the lesser-known aspects of Shakespeare’s era.

Bhoomija presents Girish Karnad's Tughlaq - Thu, 25th Jan'24 & Fri, 26th Jan'24

Girish Karnad's Tughlaq is one of the greatest plays of Indian theatre. This play, which revolves around an eccentric ruler in Indian history and the events of that time, can never be irrelevant. Political strategies, religious intrigues, religio-political conflicts and personal relationships are interlocked in the play. This presentation of the play is an attempt to bring it closer to contemporary times, to 2023, both inwardly and externally. Inwardly by examining Tughlaq’s personal turmoil, and his relationships, externally by bringing up contemporary events. It is an attempt to see Tughlaq as a common man rather than as a king, thereby understanding the present in both general and political contexts. At one end there is the king, the king's stepmother and his statesman, while at the other end there is a swindler, a thief, some rich men and priests. It is also an attempt to understand what impact the orders of the palace have on the population at large.

Huccharayya Huccharu - Fri, 26th Jan'24

The play revolves around a famous story writer, who is very ambitious, passionate and dreamt of receiving the prestigious 'Jnanapeeta' award. Where he comes across many ups and downs in his life and finally decides to ink up his pen to write a story on psychotic feelings and he gets the major turn of his life. This play is a blend of comedy, current social issues, and message-oriented narrated with different exhibitions, and comprises live music and songs, which is essentially the backbone of the play.

12 Angry Men - Fri, 26th Jan'24 & Sat, 27th Jan'24

The drama is a Hindi adaptation of 12 Angry Men, a 1954 teleplay by the American writer Reginald Rose. The play unfolds in India in a room in which 12 individuals on jury duty must decide the conviction of a 19 year old slum dweller being tried for the murder of his father. A cut and dry guilty verdict in a jury-judged murder case is brought into doubt by one lone voice in the shape of a concerned juror. Can he break through the prejudices of the other 11 to force them to take a fresh look at the evidence? 12 Angry Men is like holding a mirror up to the audience and letting them see the variations of humanity among them. It is real, it is salient and it is timeless.

Apne Ghar Jaisa - Sat, 27th Jan'24

‘Apne Ghar Jaisa’ creates an image of everyday bigotry and its potential to impoverish the self and tear apart the social fabric. In an extremely diverse and stratified society, people learn to be tolerant and accommodating, but they can also be instigated — by public discord or personal tragedy, for instance — into giving vent to often subliminal prejudices and irrational fears. The protagonist in the play finds all kinds of reasons for turning away an unwelcome guest — not only to protect her identity but also to cope with loss and grief. In the process, she enters a dark place within herself, constructs caricatures of people 'not like us’, and destroys the very thing she most cherishes and wants to preserve.

Shakuntaleyondige - Sat, 27th Jan'24

This one woman performance provides a new insight into the eternal romantic epic “Abidjan Shakuntala.” The script evolves as a powerful kaleidoscope of looking at relationships and love with a different perspective. Smt. Vaidehi looks at Abhijnana Shakuntala from the perspective of Shakuntala herself and not Kalidasa. The play makes an attempt to redefine the basic values like possessiveness, love, attachment, selfishness that play a vital role in relationships even today. Love here is portrayed as a journey through self-introspection and as a metamorphosis of a complete woman, who is nothing but nature herself. Feminism is redefined in this play and so is theatrical semiotics. This play uses the intricacies of dance and subtleties of music to add an extra dimension to the narration of ideas. This project is just an attempt to provoke a thought process that might help us to identify with the “Shakuntala” and the “Dushyanta” within us all.

Expanding the Goalposts - Sun, 28th Jan'24

The Untold Stories of Indian Women’s Football is a series of 6 short films about women footballers in India. Shot as candid interviews, the raw expression of the protagonists as they share their sporting journeys, provides a rare insight into an ecosystem that runs on passion. The films were conceptualised and created by professional footballers, lending an insider perspective to the content. Join us for a screening of select films interspersed with a conversation between the Co-Creators, who will touch upon their own experiences of balancing demanding careers and professional sport, capturing the nuances of women who continue to play against the odds. The screenings and discussion will be followed by a brief Q&A session, moderated by Sahana Das.

Karma - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Karma is a psychological thriller Kannada drama (with English Subtitles) that delves into the complications of human relationships, encompassing marriage, friendship, love, affair, and subconscious indulgences. It unravels how the choices made unconsciously by individuals bear a conscious impact on their lives.

Chomana Dudi - Kannada Play - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Choma is an untouchable bonded-labourer in a village who is working along with his family for a landlord, as he belongs to a backward class. Due to his social status, he is not allowed to till his own land, something that he desires most. Though he managed to rear a pair of bullocks that he found straying in the forest, he cannot use them to till the land. He comes in contact of Christian missionaries who try to convert him giving him the lure of the land, but Choma does not want to let go of his faith. He releases the fury that fate has beset on him, by beating his drum.

Chaityabhumi - Mon, 29th Jan'24

Chaityabhumi is a holy site that holds immense importance for the Dalit movement in India, as it is where Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s last rites were performed after his passing on December 6, 1956. Dr Ambedkar, often called the father of the Indian Constitution, dedicated his life to fighting the chains of caste oppression and bringing revolutionary change. He was a guiding light for the oppressed who dismantled discriminatory barriers and empowered them to reclaim their dignity and their rightful place in society. This musical film will bring to light the history and cultural politics of how people commemorate December 6 at Chaityabhumi, Mumbai and what is the relevance of this public event in contemporary India. It explores how the Dalit community comes together to honour this day and the political implications it holds for their identity and empowerment. After the screening, the director, Somnath Waghmare will be in conversation with Deepa Dhanraj and Sumit Sute followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Jokumaraswamy - Mon, 29th Jan'24

Dr. Chandrashekhar Kambar's Jokumaraswamy succeeds to identify various manifestations of patriarchy and its impact on the lives of women. In this play, Kambar, an outstanding playwright makes the women characters expose and oppose patriarchal oppression. In Jokumaraswamy, Gowda is the product of the patriarchal society which sustains conceptual framework that maintains structures of domination. He regards women and nature as irrational beings that are present to be dominated and exploited for the needs of man. Patriarchal society sustains false notions about men and keeps them blind to their real side. By the wisdom of ages, Shari and Ningi in Jokumaraswamy examine the weakness and hypocrisy of Gowda and stand testimony to the fact that women are wiser than men. Moreover, they scrutinize the patriarchal systems of domination that oppress women and reveal the false ideologies of patriarchy. Further, these women have strong concern for nature and claim its intrinsic value and inherent worth. By showing the representation of patriarchy in religious practices and the fashioning of gods, Kambar points out its pit-falls and calls for a new religion that acknowledges the contribution of women and by exposing the false centrality of man, Kambar discredits the illusion of superiority. Further, he shows the shortcomings of conceptual structures and places women at the centre of discussion. Thus, this paper tries to fulfill its purpose of feminist study that insists on the need for revolution in the 'social, sexual and economic structures' that exploit women.

Naavu... - Tue, 30th Jan'24

The play Naavu... tries to understand the cast system through - discrimination on the basis of caste, social stratification, the policy of reservation, political influence, economic inequality, urbanization and modernization, social movements, legal recourse and the global diaspora.

Kariya Devara Huduki - Wed, 31st Jan'24

This is the story of exploration. A story of five brothers who are being led by a guide who does not know the route as they go looking for their dark god. In the process the brothers lose their way and their wives. They become religious fanatics and lose everything. With this as a storyline, the playwright sheds light on issues like nature, gender equality, communalism, superstition and other issues. This is the story of people who have stuck without applying reason, to a dogma, a belief and a religion.

Fun and Games

Telescope Exploration by Beyond the Blue Dot
Buy Tickets for Telescope Exploration by Beyond the Blue Dot!

Fri, 26th Jan'24

Boardgaming Meetup - Fri, 26th Jan'24 - Sun, 28th Jan'24

Discover a world of board games beyond the classics like Monopoly and Scrabble! Join Cuppa Redefined at their upcoming event for a delightful evening filled with unique games. Whether you're new in the city or a seasoned local, this is your chance to socialise with like-minded individuals and board game enthusiasts.
Coffee and Checkmate
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Sat, 27th Jan'24

“Board Games Bonanza: Your Passport to Fun-Filled Afternoon!”
Buy Tickets for “Board Games Bonanza: Your Passport to Fun-Filled Afternoon!”!

Sun, 28th Jan'24

With Kids

Build Your India with Bricks: LEGO Workshop - Fri, 26th Jan'24

Join for a fun and creative workshop where you can build your favourite things or monuments about India using Lego bricks. Whether it’s the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, the Lotus Temple, or anything else that inspires you, you can unleash your imagination and show your love for India.

Geronimo's Enchanted Adventure! - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Join Atta Galatta for a whimsical journey with Geronimo Stilton as you embark on a magical tale filled with talking animals, hidden treasures and laughter! Through interactive storytelling, you'll explore Geronimo's world, spark imagination and create a delightful experience for your little adventurers. Get ready for a mouse-tastic time!

Beyond Hattamala - Sat, 27th Jan'24

Beyond Hattamala is an English adaptation of a Bengali play Hattamalar Oparey by Badal Sircar. Two likeable thieves, Kena and Becha jump into a river to escape being caught and wash up on the shores of a strange land – a land where there’s no money! Kena and Becha are excited at the opportunities this strange new land has to offer. What follows are humorous, sometimes thought-provoking exchanges as we follow their misadventures in this land beyond Hattamala.

Old Man and the Sea - Sun, 28th Jan'24

This play is based on Ernest Hemingway’s novella. This is the story of an epic struggle between an old, seasoned fisherman and the greatest catch of his life. For 84 days he has returned home empty-handed. On the 85th day he sets out far beyond into the sea and drops his lines. At noon, a big fish, which he calls Mari takes the bait but the old man cannot pull it out. Instead, the fish begins to pull the boat. For five days the old man struggles with the fish, with sharks and with the sea, to survive and get back home.

Tila - Sun, 28th Jan'24

A puppet play for all children above 8 years of age! Based on a number of Indo-German folk tales, the play is about a young trickster Tila, who always thinks he is a grain of Til (Sesame) cleverer than others. The play, using magical realism, reveals a series of witty, humorous episodes from his life. While making fun of other people around him, it is said that, Tila also holds a mirror to the world. In Indian folklore we have Birbal, Tenali, Mullah Nasruddin.

Kindari Jogi - 30th Jan'24

"Bommanahalli Kindara Jogi" is the popular collection of children's poems by our national poet Kuvempu. It serves as part of our current school curriculum, and inspired by it, we have recreated the play "Kindara Jogi." Originally staged by Padmashri B. V. Karanth in 1987 in Mysuru, this theatrical production aims to reintroduce the stage and the ideals of unity and truth to the young generation, bringing vibrancy to our musical play.