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1st Week of September '23

1st Week of September '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


Raghavendram Bhavayami - Thu, 31st Sep’23

A celebration of the Mahaan Guru Sri Raghavendra Swami on his 352nd Aradhana Mahothsavam with insightful discourses, mesmerizing music and a breathtaking dance act.

Bazm - E - Mausiqi - Fri, 1st Sep’23

Ghazal is a form of poem or ode originating in Arabic poetry that deals with spirituality and romance while highlighting the pain of separation or betrayal. Combined with music it creates healing and magical moments for the performers as well as the listeners. Nazm is another genre of Urdu poetry written in rhymed verses and poems. Bazm-e-Mausiqi promises to be an enthralling and delightful programme with its music and poetry by their truly gifted Musicians and Poet.

The Classic Sufi Concert - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

The Classic Sufi Concert is a unique presentation where the legendary sitarist Ustad Shujaat Khan will present some unforgettable numbers from the treasure of Sufi music. The renowned sitarist/vocalist would start the evening with the Indian Classical touch followed by his rendition to famous Ghazals with a contemporary presentation. So get ready to witness an evening which is a perfect balance of our heritage and Sufi music.

Shaam E Sufi - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Performed Sufi-e-shaam’ is an exclusive sufi music experience in Bangalore, curated by Ekta’s Gatherings. From shrines to Bollywood, sufi music and lyrics have been widely loved by everyone. They bring to you, a ‘Sufi-e-shaam’, performed by the very amazing Bangalore based duo artists Hemant Raagi and Shreyas.

When Chai Met Toast-Love You The Same - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Get ready for a soul-stirring musical journey as the enchanting band, When Chai Met Toast, embarks on an extraordinary India tour spanning 8 vibrant cities. The atmosphere is set to be nothing short of magical, filled with the mellifluous melodies of "So Beautiful, with You " and other chart-topping hits. As they take the stage, the crowd is greeted with the warmth of a thousand suns, their spirits lifted by the familiar refrain of “Khoj (Passing By)” and “Firefly.” The band’s euphoric blend of folk-pop will transport you to a whimsical world, reminiscent of the lyrics from “Love You The Same” as they embrace the mantra of hope and resilience.

Delving Into Padams - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

‘Yati Gati’ is a performance series curated by Temple of Fine Arts and Atta Galatta. In line with its core intent of ‘staging the dialogue between the artist and the audience’, the evening will host a moderated interaction between the artist and audience about the art form and the thought process behind the work performed. In the upcoming Yati Gati evening, Bala presents an evening of Padams, the amorous song form genre of carnatic music, the repertoire of the hereditary matrilineal musician families. Sung in a slow tempo, the languorous musicality and unhurried rhythmic structure of the padam affords a loss of temporality cutting across time and space and is one of the most characteristic compositional forms of carnatic music. This form is at least five centuries old and is informed by the poetic idiom and musical aesthetic of the subcontinent for over a thousand years.
From Bangalore to Buffalo - Bangalore International Centre
Tracing a Musical and Family Lineage RSVP <a href=“https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegrRmWBqYdSGYsgE6zpNBLiLxcB0jHRWol5JdPopebdCffNA/viewform?usp=pp_url” target=“_blank” rel=“noopener”>here</a>
Tue, 5th Sep’23

At Odds with Even Love - Wed, 6th Sep’23

This performance brings together the amorous song of the courtesan, songs from the Bhakti/Sufi traditions, and queer stories from the Indian Subcontinent. This labor of love, shared in an intimate gathering, juxtaposes erotic poem songs from the Indian musical tradition and stories of love, longing, passion, and pain from the queer community.


Lost in Oscillation - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

In “Lost in Oscillation,” the dancer embodies ethereal beings caught in a surreal dreamscape, where self-doubt manifests as a physical entity. This intangible force envelops the dancer, distorting their movements and warping their perception of self. The stage transforms into a shifting labyrinth of reflective surfaces, reflecting fragmented images that mirror the dancers’ internal struggle.

Relax into your Being - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Our social structures are complex webs of suppression and held voices. Experiences of suppression on the lines of gender, class and caste finds relatability within our collective conscience. This piece aims to give a voice, strengthen and heal by empowering ourselves with accepting our fears and offering solidarity through navigation of our personal histories. This especially gains relevance in our present , complex and polarised, social and political structures. It offers hope by de-stigmatising the conversation around our traumas.

Cultural Activities

Mello’s Open Mic and Jamming Session - Thu, 31st Aug’23

Join Mello team for an unforgettable evening of creativity and self-expression at their Open Mic and Jamming Session. Whether you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter, a talented poet or an amazing performer of cover songs, this is your chance to shine. Share your original music, mesmerizing poetry or captivating renditions of your favorite songs in a supportive and welcoming environment followed with an unforgettable night of jamming and collaboration. Mello’s dynamic energy combined with your musical talents will create an atmosphere of pure magic. So, mark your calendars and get ready to rock out with Mello at our jamming session!

Art @ Urban Solace - Thu, 31st Aug’23 - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Art @ Urban Solace - The Gallery for Creative Visual Self Expression presents a solo exhibition cum sale of 15 original paintings by jojo Manoj Menon. The Gallery is a space in Urban Solace that has been created to promote the creative spirit of the human soul through paintings, photography, structure and more through mediums of visual art.

Bookmarked - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

BIC is happy to present monthly quiet reading sessions in their Library! Their first edition, in collaboration with Champaca, commemorates Women in Translation month. You can bring your own book or choose one from Champaca’s collection, pick a cosy spot and read with them for an hour. Post which their team would love to have a chat with you about the books.

The Reading Social - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Escape into a world of words, coffee and conversations at The Reading Social at Copper + Cloves, Bengaluru! A period of silent reading, nourishing food and good coffee, followed by a chance to connect with your reading community. This is your time to come to yourself, read and just be.

Firefly Memories - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Explore the world of ‘Firefly Memories’ with Jonaki Ray: A collection that blends personal and political, memoir and travelogue, giving voice to the usually unheard—people of color, women, children, migrants, immigrants, prisoners and refugees. Join for the book launch at Atta Galatta, as they celebrate narratives that delve into the essence of belonging and the search for a place to call home.

Bangalore Blues - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Join Kirtana Kumar as she unveils ‘Bangalore Blues’ in a captivating evening of nostalgia, diversity and literary conversations with Nandita Bose. Immerse yourself in 33 tales weaving a tapestry of a bygone era to post-pandemic unknowns.

Dialogues Poetry Mic JP Nagar - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Whether you like listening, reading or performing poems or short stories, be ready to be entertained. Dialogues Cafe are on a journey to create safe spaces for the writers in town — to share their writing with like-minded people and become part of their community. You can hold them accountable for making you have a good time!

Listener’s Circle - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Listeners’ Circle in association with Lahe Lahe presents to you ‘Tell your story’!! Speak your heart out without fear of judgment and listen without judging! Every story matters. Every life matters. Every feeling matters. But do we share our stories, struggles and experiences with others openly? What stops us? Isn’t it the fear of judgment? And how often we listen to others patiently without judging them? Think about how it would feel to take an hour out of your fast-paced life and tell your story to people who listen to you without judging? Also, listen to the stories of others without judging.

Chouboli - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Performed in the oral tradition of storytelling, this Hindi adaptation of a folktale (originally written in Rajasthani by Vijaydan Detha) is a funny, satirical take on complexities of human life in its myriad forms. It weaves timeless, lyrical riddles of ethical and philosophical dilemmas and preferences, in a story within a story format. It takes on patriarchy and masculinity and celebrates femininity and female bonding with its eclectic mix of fantasy and realism, magic and logic, fact and fiction!

Stories at Sunset - Storytime for Adults - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

How about sitting in a circle and listening to stories as the sun goes down? The late evening performance storytelling session for adults by Vikram Sridhar will explore stories from folklore, mythology, heritage, travel narratives across the country etc. over an hour. Being interactive in nature, the event’s stories will bring in emotions of love, valor, humour, joy, etc.

Parikrama - The Oriental Journey - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Parikrama is a lecture demonstration and performance by The Nrityakosh Company. The company will bring 10 Middle Eastern dance styles & take the audiences through the history, culture & the socio-politics of the art form. All these varied dance styles contribute to what we popularly call “Belly Dance”. The performers will be narrators and educators throughout the show. This is a first lecture demonstration & performance ever presented by an oriental dance company in Bangalore, India. The show concludes with a roundtable conversation with an eminent Indian classical dance practitioner & educator.

Conscious Souk Edition 12 - Sat, 2nd Sep’23 & Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Embark on a journey of conscious living and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Conscious Souk Edition 12. Indulge in a delightful exploration of thoughtfully curated products that epitomize sustainability, craftsmanship and mindful choices. This transformative event, hosted at the prestigious RainTree in Bangalore, promises an unforgettable experience that resonates with your deepest values and aspirations.

Farmers’ Market - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Bangalore Creative Circus presents to you the 20th edition of their monthly Farmers’ Market! As always, they are excited to host local farmers and producers selling fresh fruits and veggies, homemade pickles and jams, vegan desserts, traditional games, pet adoption, and more. Come along with your friends and family!

Once Upon a Brunch - Food and Lores - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Weekend and late morning Brunch is an emotion. On the other hand Stories have always been an emotion too. Whats common between the two is the rich heritage of food and stories. What if they come together? Listen to these stories of the food as you enjoy your weekend Brunch set at a cozy location that has its own stories. A beautiful day starts with a lovely breakfast. And a morning with breakfast and stories. Every food we eat has a story to share … Idli, Vada, bread, Paratha etc. Every breakfast comes after a long break and eager to be eaten.

Kaavad Baithak - Tue, 5th Sep’23

Stories are at the core of human life. Stories we create and share captures the wisdom of our life as individuals and of our ecology. The way wisdom is embedded in stories is through its symbols, structures & semantics. Over thousands of years, there have been evolution and extinction of various stories & its traditions. With every extinction, we not only let go of a form of storytelling but also the way it makes us experience the wisdom of our past & present. One such tradition at the brink of its extinction is Kaavad Katha (‘Katha’ means Story) from Rajasthan, India. This performance demonstration will give you a glimpse of kaavad storytelling performance, introduce you to the kaavad tradition, share some key principles of kaavad katha and painting based activities to encourage you with creation of your own kaavad styled interconnected tales.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Breaking Points - Dance/ Movement Workshop - Fri, 1st Sep’23 - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Breaking Points is a Physical Movement Practice for dancers/movers that develops physical skills and intelligence by actively deconstructing the past and current movement vocabulary and patterns. The module aims to research harmonised body-mind coordination to explore one’s personal inner rhythm, freedom and authenticity. Based on this foundation, the practice encourages creation and development of dance language derived consciously through stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Thinking With Hands - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

This dynamic workshop promises to engage you in a captivating design challenge, hone your problem-solving skills, and provide an immersive hands-on experience that will ignite your passion for innovation. Presented by Nonlinear, an esteemed design studio located in HSR, Bengaluru, this event offers a unique chance to dive into the realm of product design and master the art of transforming ideas into reality.

Experience the Japanese Martial Art of Ninjutsu - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Martial Arts in the original sense of the practice is less about fighting and more about life. In essence, training a martial art is about training for life, about how to connect with and align with every situation in this ever-changing world. It is about learning to pay attention, to be in control of our own thoughts and actions. And also, to be responsible for the consequences of our interactions with the world around us. So come and experience this art, and learn the basic ideas which you can apply in everyday life, in your meetings, in your interactions with people, and when and if needed, perhaps in your physical defence too.

Ecstatic Dance Journey - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Dive into the journey of breathwork and sound healing to release the old emotions, cleanse the energetic and emotional body, and even open the mind to a higher energy circle. A space where everyone can feel safe to be spontaneous, try new things and push their edges. This is the dance you dance when nobody is watching. Allowing your body to move freely without judgments or concerns for the “grace” or beauty of the dance, just getting lost in the dance into a space of no-mind.

Now & Zen Workshop - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

A Portal of wisdom awaits to arise from deep within you, making life profound and meaningful. Discover the serenity of Zen philosophy and immerse yourself in the transformative practices of zazen meditation and qi gong. Join facilitator Shaurya Singh for a rejuvenating day of self-discovery, inner peace and holistic well-being.

Flowgame - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Flowgame is a reflective process in the form of a board game. A fun way to engage with questions and challenges that we may be currently exploring in our lives. Flowgame is a simple yet powerful process to inspire reflection, interactive dialogue, find support, gain clarity and step into action. This Flowgame will be around the theme of ‘Freedom’ and is for persons seeking to explore any question around their freedom and empowerment.

Collective Creation : Exploring through Art - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Join at BCC as Madhuri Umashankar and Keerthana Paulraj come together and explore our inner and outer worlds through a bunch of fun and thoughtful visual-art based activities! This 2 hour endeavour will give us an opportunity to tune into the present moment, experience a sense of calm and joy and reap the therapeutic benefits of exploring through art.

The Panchatantra Exploration : Workshop for Adults - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

The 3 hour offline workshop at the lovely Atta Galatta, explores the roots of this ancient text, the content in chapters and what can it hold for the stakeholder in the form of tales inspired from Ecology, Heritage and Folklore. The workshop is open to anyone who learns and works with stories in their day to day lives from people managers, HR professionals, public speakers, writers, Academicians etc. From Strategy to Decisions to leadership, the tales has something for everyone who crosses paths with another human being.

Grounding your way to health and happiness! - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Earthing or Grounding is touching our body to the Earth’s surface and receiving Earth’s energy through our skin. In this interactive meet-up, facilitated by Hetal Dodhiya, you will be learning and receiving the knowledge and understanding she has gained about grounding over the years, her own personal experience, how she made this practice a part of her life and the changes it has brought to her and some practices to take back with yourself. By the end of the meet-up, you may find your reason to make grounding a part of your everyday life.

Self-Reflection : An Art-based exploration - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Join Centre for Mindful Presence as they come together through a 2 hour meditative visual art practice which would help in releasing tension, de-stress, hold space for ourselves with compassion and get in touch with our body. Artist or not, this is open to one and all.

Breathwork Circle - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Join for a Zen and Healing workshop with Tanvi, where you’ll learn the transformative power of conscious connected breathing, movement and voice practices. Through guided exercises and meditations, she will help you connect with your body, breath and voice, allowing you to release tension and cultivate inner peace. You will learn how to use your breath to calm your nervous system and connect with your inner self.

Dances of Universal Peace - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

The Dances of Universal Peace are a simple yet powerful group practice where you move together in meditative steps, and sing sacred songs from various traditions from across the world - for peace within yourselves and for the world. The Dances are for everyone, easy to learn, easy to sing, and easiest to feel, come and join them!

Meipayyat - Mon, 4th Sep’23 - Fri, 8th Sep’23

Kalarippayat, known as the “mother of all martial arts,” hails from the southern state of Kerala, India, and is far more than a mere fighting system — it embodies an ancient dynamic meditation form. Deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of the region, Kalarippayat interweaves physical training, self-defense techniques and traditional medicine, forming a comprehensive and holistic martial art. Over time, this discipline has evolved into a sophisticated system that encompasses physical, mental and spiritual aspects, placing great emphasis on the unity of mind, body and spirit. Practitioners undergo rigorous physical conditioning, including flexibility exercises, body movements, agility training and breath control.

Understanding Societal Systems

Isn’t Scientific Thinking for Everyone? - Thu, 31st Aug’23

Our modern lives, needless to say, depend heavily on the fruits of science and technology. While this is true everywhere, in India we see a conundrum. On the one hand, Indians have embraced modern technologies as their own with enthusiasm, such as mobile phones, ultrasound medical diagnosis or the Chandrayaan moon mission. On the other hand in many everyday contexts, the scientific method that is the basis of these technologies seems rejected, even by those with advanced educational degrees in science and technology. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Is scientific thinking limited to the field of science? Has the scientific method been fully internalised within the scientific enterprise? What is scientific thinking? What are the responsibilities of the practitioners of science and technology in this context? This will be a conversation addressing the above questions.

Speaking out of Syllabus - Fri, 1st Sep’23

Of India’s civil servants, Mani Shankar Aiyar may have arguably had one of the most colourful careers. Known for his lacerating wit and many indiscretions, with a career that has seen great highs and lows, he has been a true maverick. In this extraordinarily honest memoir, Memoirs of a Maverick, he tells the story of his first fifty years – from his childhood at Dehradun where he was raised by his feisty widowed mother to nearly becoming the president of the Cambridge Union, to working as a young diplomat who strengthened Indo–Pak ties by brilliantly managing India’s first consulate general in Karachi and then going on to work intimately with Rajiv Gandhi in the PMO. In this session, he discusses with the panel, events from his personal life, about his childhood and college days, of his parents’ troubled marriage and his beloved youngest brother’s suicide, and also about his political career, about the net level of freedom in both India and Pakistan being the same, Saddam Hussein’s government being unusually feminist with a large number of female public servants, and much more!

Court on Trial - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

The Indian Supreme Court was established nearly seventy-five years ago as a core part of India’s constitutional project. Does the Court live up to the ideals of justice imagined by the framers of the Indian Constitution? Critics of the Supreme Court point out that it takes too long to adjudicate cases, a select group of senior advocates exercise disproportionate influence on the outcome of cases, the Chief Justice of India strategically assigns cases with an eye to outcome, and the self-appointments process-known as the collegium-is just another ‘old boys’ network’. Building on nearly a decade of original empirical research, this book examines these and other controversies plaguing the Supreme Court today. The authors provide an overview of the Supreme Court and its processes which are often shrouded in mystery, and present data-driven suggestions for improving the effectiveness and integrity of the Court. The panel will discuss the issues raised in the book. A Q&A with the audience will follow.

Art & Craft

Lippan Art Workshop - Thu, 31st Aug’23

Are you ready to explore the vibrant world of Lippan art? Join Saspire Studio for this engaging workshop and learn the intricate techniques of this traditional art form that originates from Western India. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, this workshop is perfect for everyone!

StoryZone Art and Craft Week - Fri, 1st Sep’23 - Tue, 5th Sep’23

Come and join StoryZone for your choice of wonderful art workshops over the week. There is no need of prior experience and it is beginner friendly where you will be guided step by step to create a beautiful art piece to take home along with you. Reserve your spot by clicking on Zone Fridays, Saturday Morning Zone, Saturday Evening Zone, Zone Saturdays, Sunday Morning Zone, Sunday Afternoon Zone, Sunday Evening Zone, Zone Mondays and Zone Tuesdays.

Quirky Art Workshop by Artist Nimishaa Beria - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Draw and paint a quirky abstract art piece (as shown in the banner) on blank gessoed canvas with step-by-step instructions by the artist Nimishaa Beria and take home your unique abstract masterpiece.

Valley Of Flowers Canvas Painting Workshop - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Bangalore Drawing Room invites you to a fun laid back Art Gathering. Discover the artist in you as you paint your version of “Valley Of Flowers”. With no prior painting experience required, this will be a guided session, shedding light on the basic strokes, sketches and techniques and helping you paint, getting in touch with the artist within.

Brushes n Strokes – Van Gogh Theme - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Unleash your inner artist and let the vibrant strokes take over. Get ready for a weekend paint party like no other. Come paint with Mounika and create your own version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night! This weekend, she invites you to immerse yourself in a carefree atmosphere and a playful world of acrylic painting inspired by this iconic masterpiece. She will provide all the materials you need to create your own masterpiece, and she will have a guide on hand to help you learn about the painting and techniques used by Van Gogh.

Paint over Coffee - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Discover the artist within you and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of canvas painting! Join Priyanka Jain for an exciting painting workshop where you will work with acrylic paints on canvas. Set in the cozy ambiance of a Third wave coffee in Bangalore, this workshop offers the perfect blend of creativity, relaxation and socializing.

Pour Painting - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

In pour painting workshop, you will be learning basics of pour painting, canvas/color preparation, pouring styles and finally create an abstract art.

Resin Clock Workshop - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Resin is a two-part compound that hardens to give a clear and glossy finish. In this workshop, you will learn how to work with the epoxy resin and how to mix colours and techniques for applying and creating designs and take home a beautiful clock.

Pawtery Haven - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Indulge in a truly one-of-a-kind experience at “Pawtery Haven: Pottery, Puppies and Double Therapy Workshop.” Immerse yourself in the world of pottery as you learn both hand building and wheel-throwing techniques. But that’s not all – this workshop offers a double dose of therapy as adorable puppies join you on this creative journey. Feel the soothing touch of clay and the heart-warming presence of furry friends, all in one event.

Terrarium Making Workshop - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Join Saloni for a unique and restorative experience where she takes you through the history of terrariums, materials you need, care & maintenance and step by step demo to design your own one-of-a-kind terrarium.

Macrame Workshop - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Macrame is the art of knotting threads. Different kind of knots are made to make different patterns and different products. Macrame doesn’t require any kind of tool like needles etc. It can be done using any kind of thread. In this 3-hour guided workshop, you will learn different types of basic knots and take home a macrame glass jar made by you.

Food Miniature Workshop - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Miniature art is a very old art technique of creating small paintings, sculptures etc from medieval age. Artists use paper, clay, marble, wooden sticks etc to make their art pieces. In this workshop, they will be illustrating food miniature.

Hands In Clay : Pottery workshop - Sat, 2nd Sep’23 - Sun, 3rd Sep’23 (Multiple Venues)

Join Small World on a journey of self-expression and artistic discovery as you mold, sculpt, and glaze your very own ceramic masterpieces. Our skilled instructors provide expert guidance and foster a supportive environment for beginners and experienced potters alike. Unleash your inner artist, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on a therapeutic adventure into the mesmerizing world of clay.

Knife Painting Workshop - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Get creative and master the basics of Knife Painting with Dipali. You will learn how to approach and start using palette knife. Using a palette knife for the first time can be intimidating to try out on your own. It is very different than painting the traditional way using the brushes. You will be guiding you through the whole process while you will be creating beautiful art all on your own.

Floral Texture Painting Party - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Want to do something fun on the weekends? ArtDelight brings to you painting party. No, this is not a painting class or workshop. Its painting party where people socialise over art. Come, sit, relax, sip and paint. Rejuvenate yourself, paint with fun and do something different on weekend.

Sip and Paint: Art Date by BlrGrooveCo ft Sowmya - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Sip, paint and let your creativity flow at Dhwani, Indiranagar and enjoy the perfect blend of art, music, drinks and bites. Join artists Sowmya and Manya to paint your heart out and carry your masterpiece home to forever preserve the cherished memories!

Painting With Acrylic - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Join Bharat as he guides you in painting the canvas with acrylic paints. At the end of the workshop, you get to take home a beautiful art work done by you along with lots of memories.

Wall as your Canvas - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Over the course of 3 hours, you’ll be able to learn the basics of Wall paintings including the kind of paints to use and unconventional methods to get textures, meet mural artists who will guide you through a session to paint multiple wall panels, take home memories with other like minded people and the fact you brightened up the world!

Resin Beach Art - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Indulge in the ultimate coastal serenity with mesmerizing resin beach art by Advika. Transcendent layers of translucent resin intricately encapsulate the captivating beauty of the shoreline, enriched with delicate grains of sand, iridescent seashells and vibrant, swirling pigments. Each artwork is a singular and captivating window into the serene enchantment of the sea’s embrace. The artistry and craftsmanship behind every piece offer an invitation to immerse yourself in the tranquil aura of coastal vistas. Whether you seek to infuse your living space with oceanic tranquility or long for a tangible connection to the beach, this resin beach art promises a unique and captivating embodiment of the seaside’s serene charm.

Ganesha Sculpting Workshop - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Join Winique Pottery in their eco-friendly Ganesha idol workshop! Discover creative ways to craft your own Ganesha idol using sustainable materials. Clay, tools and other hand-building supplies would be provided by them. You can take away the pieces you make. Learn about the importance of eco-conscious celebrations and enjoy the option to fire your creation, while also embracing the beauty of natural and biodegradable alternatives.

Horticultural Therapy Workshop - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Dialogues Cafe are thrilled and grateful to bring horticultural therapy practices in Bangalore. While formally recognized since the 1950s, horticultural therapy discipline is still budding in India. Join them for a specially curated workshop dedicated to enhancing inner peace, mindfulness and sleep quality. Expect a blend of insightful knowledge and engaging hands-on activities, with take home techniques & activity kit for continued practice. Healing Garden team will be present in-person to guide the participants. Their expert horticultural therapist will join live from Kerala during the workshop.

IndieFlow Sundays - Poi, Hula Hoop, Dapo Workshop - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

IndieFlow will be conducting flow and movement workshops ranging from Poi, Hula Hoop, and Dapostar! This is a one day event where all the workshops are beginner friendly, with no age limit. Poi and Hoop are open to all levels - i.e. these are being conducted at the intermediate level as well.

Film & Theater

That Cloud Never Left - Thu, 31st Aug’23

In Daspara, a village 200km outside of Calcutta (now Kolkata), hundreds of toys are produced every day: rattles, whistles, windmills, all made by hand. The raw materials used are old strips of film, remains from the archives of Bollywood. What matters isn’t so much the pictures that are used by the workers, but rather the material and the clicking sound that the strips of film make. As the villagers follow this routine with uninterrupted monotony, a few narratives leak out from the shredded analogues of film and infuse the place with phantasmagoria. Join MAP Bengaluru for a special screening of the film That Cloud Never Left by Yashaswini Raghunandan as they explore nuances of labour, indulging in nostalgia and navigating the mundane.

Tempest - Thu, 31st Aug’23

Tempest was written by the great playwright William Shakespeare in 1610-1611 and is believed to be his last play. His inspiration from nature, depiction of its fury, calmness and relating this trait to human turmoil and relationship is truly marvellous. Though this play has all the qualities to be called as one of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies the approach in which each character in the play tries to find his own self and personality in this world makes it that much more special.

Ready Steady - Fri, 1st Sep’23

Ready Steady is a high school drama co-created by ten teenagers who come from low-income backgrounds and managed to get admission in an elite high school in a posh part of Delhi. The film is an unfiltered perspective of their lives from their eyes.

Himmat Mai - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Witnessing the turbulent time of the fascist rule under Hitler in Germany and hounded by the Nazis for his anti-war stand, all of Brecht’s plays are highly political in nature, but are conveyed with sardonic humor and poeticism. Here in the Hindi adaptation, we witness the character of Himmat Mai, a canteen wagon woman, who lives off selling goods to army men of both the warring parties. She is an embodiment of contradictions, frequently switching the roles from exploiter to the exploited and vice versa. The long treacherous war spanning over a period of thirty years and her innate need to survive, have sharpened her business strategies and has made her shrewd and manipulative. In spite of her best efforts to save her three children, one by one, she loses all of them in war. However, she moves on, returning to her canteen wagon, which is her whole world, her very existence and the only hope she has. Deriving strength from this sense of belonging, soon she comes back to her routine business of selling goods, as usual, to the passing regiment, caring little about which part of the war zone she is and whom she is selling her goods to.

Kohinoor - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

Kohinoor is not a linear play, operating on four planes, it gives the story of 4 women from different demographics. One thing that remains constant amidst their dissimilarities is that they are all confined in various ways and of course, financially. How they keep trying to change their lives, yet are not able to, is made clearly visible. The play ends, not on a cynical note but by invoking a change of mindset among men, which can prompt stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. The Hindi play justifies a careful sprinkling of regional language to give veracity to the locales and bring out the message further accentuated.

Asangatagalu - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

If we start studying about ‘Absurd’ types in Kannada theatre, we find the name of Chandrashekhar Patil (Champa) at the forefront of the list of Absurd play wright. Until then ‘Absurd’ was only known as a genre of Western literature. Credits of introducing Absurd dramas to Kannada, successfully goes to Champa. As Champa puts it “no literary genre is ever a ‘finished chapter’ they are likely to repeat themselves again and again”. So, we have brought few of these plays back on the stage with the hope of re-introducing or reminding the new generation of Absurd dramas. As a first attempt of it, team has chosen Kunta Kunta Kuravatti, Appa and Kodegalu with authentic flavours of North Karnataka custom and dialect. “All my plays have been attempts made at giving a structure (not a solution) to the multitude of issues that have been and are affecting me.” - Champa

Day Zero - Sat, 2nd Sep’23 & Sun, 3rd Sep’23

On a misty morning in 1996, a boy travels to school on a double-decker bus. In 1936, a journeyman-boxer prepares for the fight of his life. In a submerged city in the distant future, an archaeological excavation is underway. A relic from the past holds the key to the future. Is Day Zero the beginning of the end?

Bhanusingher Padaboli - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Rabindranath Tagore’s “Bhanusingher Padabali” is a dance drama based on the classic collection of verses in Brajha Bhasha, that describes the emotional interplay of divinity and submission between Radha and Krishna, choreographed in the exquisite Manipuri style of dance.

Ashwathaman - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

‘Ashwathaman’ is an adaptation of famous Greek playwright, Sophocles’ ‘Ajax’ into Kannada by B. M. Shri. It is a wonderful attempt of blending the story of Ashwatthama from the ‘Sauptika Parva’ (Book of the Sleepers) from the great epic Mahabharata, with the famous Greek tragedy. At the time of Duryodhana’s death, loyal Ashwathama takes oath to destroy the Pandavas. Furious and delirious Ashwathama, kills animals thinking them as Pandavas. He overcomes his illusion after sometime and regrets for his misdeed. He thinks that his death is the only punishment for his opprobrium. Ashwathama’s grandmother and his well wishers try to change his decision. But Ashwathama makes them believe that he wants to perform penance and pilgrimage and leaves. Thereafter, he commits suicide. Hearing this, his grandmother and the people are shattered and express bereavement. Ekalavya prepares for Ashwathama’s funeral proceedings which Bhima protests. Krishna approaches and advises.

Love in the Cholera of Time - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Love in the Cholera of Time is the story of 2 individuals who exist in different eras but fall in love nevertheless, in the in-betweens of time. This aberration puts the jobs and lives of 4 Time Gods in danger, whose job it is to keep time in its own place. This puts into motion strategies that could change the very nature of time. The play is a sharp & funny deliberation on love, loneliness, science and the industrialised weaponisation of time. Now whether the Time Gods’ efforts to keep time understandable, linear and tear free or not, you’ll just have to find out for yourself, won’t you?

Fun and Games

Chess Connect - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Are you tired of playing chess online and looking for a way to play friendly games in person over-the-board? We have you covered. Bangalore Chess Club is here with another Chess Connect. Do you need to be a professional? No. We have players from all age and rating categories!

Board Games : Passport to an Amazing Afternoon - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Cards ‘n’ Dice presents “Board Games: Passport to an Amazing Afternoon.” Escape the screens, embrace the fun! Join them for an immersive afternoon of board games, friendly competition and new connections. Discover the world of mesmerising board games: 100+ award-winning internationally renowned board games, imported from abroad for our exclusive events. From strategy to party games, social deductions and more – they’ve got it all!

Tuesday Board Meeting – ViPo - Tue, 5th Sep’23

Victory Point Board Games invites you for their Tuesday Board Meeting where the event starts from 6pm to 10:30pm. Anyone can join in at any time during the entire meetup timings. You can play any number of games during the entire meetup timings. No prior knowledge required about board games. It’s both a newbie and regular gamers friendly meetup.

With Kids

Build With Troy - Thu, 31st Aug’23 - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

Block play is also a great way to encourage movement and physical activity. Children can use their whole body as they build and manipulate the blocks, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the process.

Stories beyond words : Parent toddler drama time - Sat, 2nd Sep’23

The Parent toddler (1 -4 yrs) workshop looks at 3 ways of creating stories for toddlers, using fingers, without words and using the power of songs. Over the course of the workshop, the parents will learn to create simple stories along with their children and experience the joy of shared learning. The Parent toddler session explores the joy of storytelling and drama for parents who would like to engage the little ones with stories.

Storytime @ Bta- Krishna Katha - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

‘When children are encouraged to express themselves through art, they develop a sense of innovation that extends into their adult lives’ Krishna Leela story narration through shadow puppetry, play a game involving building the city of Dwaraka using wooden blocks and an interactive piano approach to learning Shlokas.

The Big Bear’s Cake - Sun, 3rd Sep’23

The big bear’s bakes a delicious cake and shares it with his friends. They bring him different gifts to thank him for his generosity. Get ready for an enchanting session of Stories blended with music with Vanessa Kandukuri & Lorraine Das. Come watch this enchanting story unfold.