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Soulful Events - Week 3 August '23

Events for the 3rd week of August '23
Soulful Events - Week 3 August '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



FNYJ Quartet - Fri, 18th Aug’23 - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Jazz/Experimental pianist and music composer, Frijo Francis, is a visionary artiste. With a unique blend of Indian classical music, jazz harmony and contemporary style, his musical expression is characterized by his ability to seamlessly blend various genres and styles. He pushes the boundaries of traditional jazz and experimental music, creating a fusion that defies categorization. The essence of Indian classical music permeates his compositions which he weaves into the fabric of his music, infusing it with a sense of depth and spirituality. The incorporation of jazz harmony adds a layer of complexity and improvisation, allowing for dynamic and exploratory performances.

Sarangi : The Voice of a Hundred Colors - Sat, 19th Aug’23

The Sarangi is India’s original fiddle, an ancient instrument, unique among all bowed instruments for its voice, construction and style of playing. The instrument’s tone has great sensitivity, a remarkable range and is very close to that of the human voice. The Sarangi now stands firmly on its own as a solo instrument in modern Hindustani Classical Music due to Harsh’s Grandfather Padma Vibhushan Pandit Ram Narayan’s efforts. Panditji has single-handedly lifted the Sarangi from the shadows into the forefront of Indian Classical solo instruments, while developing the instrumental repertoire from the Khyal singing / vocal tradition. Come and witness this versatile instrument and hear the rare solo-nature of the performance, as is the Narayan tradition.

For You, M’Lady - Mon, 21st Aug’23

This musical evening presents compositions from women composers and songwriters, from the past and present. Featuring upcoming soprano Tiana Oberoi singing art songs by Clara Schumann, Alma Mahler, Fanny Mendelssohn accompanied by Khiyanur Vallikad, the program also showcases Musical Theatre repertoire by Kirsten Andersen-Lopez, Allee Willis, Sara Bareilles and songs by Contemporary Pop songwriters including Carole King, Lady Gaga and Faouzia. Also featured is a presentation of two exquisite a cappella choral compositions written by members of The Harmony Chorus, Anjali Pramod and Tiara Oberoi. Join them for an evening packed with unforgettable music woven together through stories and songs!


Dance for Dance Festival - Wed, 23rd Aug’23 - Thu, 24th Aug’23

The Dance for Dance Festival is one of the initiatives by Kalavaahini Trust (founded by Malavika Sarukkai), started in 2018. This was in response to the need for a well curated festival where both junior and senior artists could share their work in an environment conducive to fostering excellence. Kalavaahini has curated three editions (2018, 2019, 2022) of the Dance for Dance Festival in Chennai, during the December Music and Dance season. The Dance for Dance festival has premiered performances of acclaimed artists to house-full shows while also showcasing younger talent to give them greater visibility. This year the Dance for Dance Festival is travelling outside of Chennai for the first time.

Cultural Activities

Mello Open Mic and Jamming Session - Thu, 17th Aug’23

Join Mello team for an unforgettable evening of creativity and self-expression at their Open Mic and Jamming Session. Whether you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter, a talented poet or an amazing performer of cover songs, this is your chance to shine. Share your original music, mesmerizing poetry or captivating renditions of your favorite songs in a supportive and welcoming environment followed with an unforgettable night of jamming and collaboration. Mello’s dynamic energy combined with your musical talents will create an atmosphere of pure magic. So, mark your calendars and get ready to rock out with Mello at our jamming session!

Beautiful Minds: Art by Artists with Autism - Thu, 17th Aug’23 - Sun, 27th Aug’23

BCC are absolutely delighted to present “Beautiful Minds: Art by Artists with Autism” by Sense Kaleidoscopes. SK is a wonderful organisation that consistently has been making breakthroughs in Autism Education. They are also creating a community where the authentic voices, passions and stories of neurodiverse individuals are celebrated, elevated and supported. Most importantly, they are changing the perception that an autistic individual is a burden. Come join this celebration, of both the art, and the artists!

Tipu Sultan & Lalbagh Heritage Walk - Sat, 19th Aug’23

In this local walk hosted by The Social Musafir, you will visit Tipu sultan Palace, Bangalore Fort and Lalbagh Garden. The experience will also involve interactive activities and games.

Dialogues with Books - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Join at Dialigues Cafe for their book club meetup this Saturday. Bring along your favorite book, the book you are currently reading or any book that had an impact on you. Share your experience reading the book with fellow bibliophiles and participate in winding and fun discussions around the joy of reading. Do all this while sipping on coffee/tea or having a hot tasty snack from their cafe!

Word Wings by SFTE Lit World - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Word Wings is back with its story reading session. They bring you some gems from some of the greatest Tamil stories ever told. Stories that cut across time to touch the heart. Stories that inform us of what has or just has not changed in the world as we shape it and it shapes us.

Chouboli - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Performed in the oral tradition of storytelling, this Hindi adaptation of a folktale (originally written in Rajasthani by Vijaydan Detha) is a funny, satirical take on complexities of human life in its myriad forms. It weaves timeless, lyrical riddles of ethical and philosophical dilemmas, and preferences, in a story within a story format. It takes on patriarchy and masculinity and celebrates femininity and female bonding with its eclectic mix of fantasy and realism, magic and logic, and fact and fiction!

Stories for Mahabharat - Sat, 19th Aug’23

What is found here may be found elsewhere, but what is not found here cannot be found elsewhere." Few stories in the world are as intriguing as the Mahabharata, with its numerous plots and subplots and characters having strengths and flaws in equal measure. ‘Stories from the Mahabharata’ is an endeavor by Aparna Jaishankar to recreate an interest in this epic.

The Mahabharata Way - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Embark on a captivating journey into the legendary stories of the Mahabharata. Join Abhilash Purohit for a live storytelling session to transport you into the fascinating world of the greatest epic ever written. Immerse yourself in that world and discover the heroic deeds, complex relationships and moral dilemmas that have enthralled audiences for centuries.

Let’s Jam - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Let’s Jam Bangalore presents a jamming extravaganza like no other. Step into a world of rhythmic wonder and let the beats guide your spirit. Their group of music lovers has curated an experience that transcends boundaries to create harmonious magic. Whether you’re a guitar guru, a drumming prodigy, or just love tapping your feet to the rhythm, their crazy jam sessions will ignite your musical soul and leave you with a euphoric high. Let’s jam, and make memories that will resonate for a lifetime!

Music Jam Session at StoryZone - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Whether you’re a performer or just want to groove to the beats, join for a music jam session at StoryZone. Bring your musical flair and instruments, and connect with fellow music lovers.

Open Mic Soiree - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Come spend your Sunday amongst the rising talents of Bengaluru! Or better yet, perform and unleash your talent upon the world! Pops of Pastel would love to have you as a performer/audience! Poetry, Music, Storytelling, Comedy, Anything you want to perform in front of an audience! No language/genre/theme restrictions.

Fete De La Trip 2023 – Trippink Alive’s Anniversary Celebration - Sat, 19th Aug’23

For two vibrant years, Trippink Alive has been an unwavering source of support, a nurturing oasis for artists to flourish and unite. This Saturday, the air will be imbued with the electrifying energy of celebration as the community commemorates its anniversary. Amidst the embrace of creativity, 15 luminaries will grace the stage, their talents weaving a tapestry of inspiration. As the sun sets and the stars emerge, stalls adorned with delectable culinary creations, enchanting treasures, and artistic memorabilia will beckon. A feast for the senses awaits as flavors mingle with artistry, creating an ambiance of unison and festivity. Every artist in the vibrant heart of Bangalore is extended a heartfelt invitation to partake in this transcendent occasion, as Trippink Alive embarks on a new epoch of artistic evolution. Come, converge, and experience the symphony of talents, as Trippink Alive’s 2nd year celebration becomes a testament to the power of unity, creativity, and the boundless spirit of artistry.

Books are home - a meetup - Sun, 20th Aug’23

‘Books are home‘ welcomes all those who relate to the comfort and insights that reading and writing brings. The meetup is about knowledge sharing, books recommendations, passage reading, book discussions, book swapping and making new connections. While you are at The Circular Square, feel free to scan through their books collection, make yourself (and for others) tea/coffee at their pantry and enjoy their indoor/outdoor setting. You can bring along snacks if you like.

Read Beyond Books - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Out & About presents Read Beyond Books. Read Beyond Books is their humble effort to bring real-life stories in front of all of us. Share your stories and listen to others. Make new friends and spend some quality time in the company of human books. That’s not it, experience blindfolded conversations that will give you a new perspective and open you up to new ideas!

Listeners Circle - Tell Your Story - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Listeners Circle is an initiative to facilitate listening without judgment, hence giving a safe space for anyone to speak their heart out without the fear of judgment. Speak your heart out without fear of judgment and listen without judging! Every story matters. Every life matters. Every feeling matters.

Beyond the Blue Dot - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Dive into ‘Beyond the Blue Dot’, a unique exploration that goes beyond traditional astronomy and space science education. Perfectly suited for both budding enthusiasts and discerning explorers, this experience promises an extraordinary journey through the cosmos, all within our comfy cafe environment. With a blend of hands-on props, immersive star projections, and insightful discussions, Nikhil Joshi unfold the mysteries of the universe.

Once Upon A Melody - Sun, 20th Aug’23

A bouquet of stories and songs brought alive by two versatile artists, Once Upon a Melody will combine humourous and soulful tales with warm musical renditions, in an unforgettable, lyrical evening. The stories are curated from a selection of intriguing episodes from the performers’ lives, as well as from folklore and fantasy. The music – from old-school country to pop and light rock - will blend seamlessly with the stories, adding a rare sparkle and cadence.

Dialogues with Travel - Sun, 20th Aug’23

If you are not traveling outside Bangalore this weekend, then travel to Dialogues Cafe for this exciting event where you meet fellow travelers, share your adventurous stories, listen to tales about untrodden places and ultimately celebrate wanderlust!!

Travellers Meetup By Banjara and Gypsy - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Are you passionate about travelling and meeting like-minded travellers then this meetup is for you. Join Banjara and Gypsy for the travel meet-up and hear amazing travel stories.

ಅರಳಿ ಕಟ್ಟೆ- Kannada Open Mic - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Come spend your Sunday amongst the rising talents of Bengaluru! Or better yet, perform and unleash your talent upon the world! Pops of Pastel would love to have you as a performer/audience! Poetry, Music, Storytelling, Comedy, Anything you want to perform in front of an audience! No genre/theme restrictions. This is a Kannada only open mic.

Sunday Picnic at Rico Vineyard - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Banjara and Gypsy are super excited to bring “Banjara and Gypsy Sunday Picnic”. Picnics aren’t just the 90’s thing. It’s that time of our Sundays when all would sit together and share bite, play games and spread a joy of laughter. Let’s bring it back and get away from our phones and just immerse in those books we started or listen to our favourite music in company of a guitarist and while sipping the wine. Picnic is curated for friends, families, kids, solo members to become part of their Banjara Gypsy family.

Lost (and Found) in Translation - Tue, 22nd Aug’23

The Reader’s Bloc is an online/IRL group of readers taking part in reading, listening and sharing exercises around texts that help them learn more about themselves, the identities they share and the communities they live in. For their next session, they are thinking about connecting with each other through languages, ideas getting lost in translation and trying to convey all that they want with the limited words they have at hand. They are reading two texts – the deeply personal essay by Jenny Liao, Forgetting My First Language where she talks about her experiences of losing her language – and her connection to her family, culture and past and Translating a Person where Alejandro Zambra talks about the nuances of language and the people they become when they inhabit another language. Join them as they try to unpack experiences of translating their ideas and themselves through these accounts.

Bending Reality - Magic, Mentalism & Mischief - Sun, 20th Aug’23

With the success of the previous show ‘Bending Reality’, Waseem and Sanjay got Ronak on board for this combined creative force to curate a blend of magic and mentalism in an interactive form for this show, Bending Reality. Come, live and witness their unique performance in Bending Reality.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Embodied Senses - Thu, 17th Aug’23

Embodied senses is a practice that combines the power of movement, poetry and emotions to accompany healing and self-expression. This immersive experience creates an intimate space where participants can connect with their bodies, tap into their emotions and unlock their creative potential. The workshop encourages journeys of self-discovery, offering a safe environment for exploration. It is an invitation to dance with vulnerability, trust, honesty and self-alliance, to cultivate those through the understanding of body sensation.

Qi Gong - For Wellness - Sat, 19th Aug’23

The art of Qi gong is based on the principles used in acupuncture and traditional chinese taoist medicine. It is a form of light exercise that involves repeated movements, practiced breathwork, stretching and increasing fluid movement within the body. By doing this, qigong restores the flow of energy in the body and helps us become aware of the flow of our own life force energy or chi.

Yoga Of Tao - Sat, 19th Aug’23

An extraordinary voyage that seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with contemporary ingenuity through Tao-Yoga. This exclusive workshop has been meticulously curated for those who crave harmony, clarity, and boundless inspiration amidst the chaos of modern life. Prepare to be entranced, and fully immersed in the enchanting realm of the Flow-state and experience inner rejuvenation like never before.

Contact Improvisation - Sat, 19th Aug’23

This weekend marks poetry in motion whether you are feeling indecisive, flaky, enthusiastic, excited or even plain dull. This is an invitation for all of you to come, move & jam together with Shree Ganesh.

Harmony in Motion - Sat, 19th Aug’23

EDC extend a warm invitation to all of you to join them for “Harmony in Motion” - the upcoming session of the Ecstatic Dance Collective in Bangalore. This event will be a two-part session centered around somatic healing and dance. The first part will take place on August 19th. Here’s what you can look forward to: Engaging in guided breathwork practices designed to release pent-up and unwanted emotions. Participating in guided movement practices that will help you attune to the delightful sensations of aliveness, relaxation, freedom and play within your body. Receiving cues and prompts that you can carry forward, enhancing your ability to relish and feel more at ease with your body. Immerse yourself in a buoyant and uplifting Ecstatic Dance session, offering you the opportunity to let go, embrace joy and cultivate your somatic movements.

How to Repair Trust Issues? - Sat, 19th Aug’23

This workshop is a collective sense-making on trust. Why? Because trust in any relationship - romantic, within families, with friends and colleagues is the knowing that we are loved, cared, acknowledged, respected and nurtured. Therefore, this is not a passive listening session and this is also not going to be a discourse or motivational speaking seminar on building trust. Varun Venugopal Gupta, the facilitator invites you to actively participate in the session by bringing your wisdom and understanding.

Me and Shared Love - Psychodrama Workshop - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Psychodrama, also known as the Theatre of Truth is around a 100 year old discipline, invented by Dr. Jacob Levy Moreno. It uses enactment and group process as a way of understanding and strengthening the different roles that emerge in us and the different role relationships we have in life. The Psychodrama philosophy believes that none of us live, heal or grow in isolation. We are always in relationships. These relationships may be with our homes, different places, nature, our pets, our hobbies, our work and/or the people in our lives. Psychodrama workshops are therefore, safe spaces where we come together and relate with fellow humans to enact and understand our inner landscapes and relational landscapes. As we see the play of our own and other groups members’ stories, we connect together in our humanness. These authentic connections nurture us in deep ways and create healing and growth.

Breathwork with Tanvi - Sun, 20th Aug’23

In this workshop, Tanvi will guide you through gentle movements to help you release tension stored in your body. This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to deepen their connection with themselves, learn mindfulness techniques and cultivate inner peace.

Reconciling With Guilt - Sun, 20th Aug’23

In this two hour intensive workshop brought by Oasis Community, they will cover the following : 1. Theory of “What is Guilt and Where does it arise from” 2. A Step by Step framework to help you manage feelings of guilt. 3. Create an action plan for you to help you reconcile with the monster called - Guilt.

Acroyoga - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Join Sreya & Sayanti for a unique and immersive session where the purpose of Partner Yoga comes to life. Begin with a partner warmup, connecting with your yoga buddy and establishing a sense of trust and synchronicity. Explore a series of invigorating partner acro yoga poses, where you’ll rely on each other’s support and balance to achieve beautiful and awe-inspiring postures. Engage in a fun and playful activity with your partner, fostering laughter and joy as you deepen your connection. Conclude the session with a mindfulness practice and relaxation, allowing you to fully unwind and experience a profound sense of peace and harmony.

Meraki - Mon, 21st Aug’23

‘Meraki’ is a Greek word that means “essence of ourselves”. It cannot be translated in one word but it means “something done with one’s soul, with creativity, effort and a lot of love”. True to this translation, HerMoveMeant are here to offer mindfully curated meditative and creative spaces for individuals to connect with themselves.

Stillness Retreat (Residential Program) - Tue, 22nd Aug’23 - Mon, 28th Aug’23

Join the new revised format of Stillness Retreat at Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru. Experience the calming silence of mind and body through meditation, mouna, seva, breathwork, wisdom and special food (millets and salads).

Understanding Societal Systems

76 Years Since - Thu, 17th Aug’23

Pranav Kohli’s Memories in the Service of the Hindu Nation is based on 14 months of ethnographic fieldwork in Delhi and its surroundings between 2017 and 2018 with Partition survivors from west Punjab and the North-West Frontier Province. On the anniversary of the declaration of the Radcliffe Line as the boundary between India and Pakistan following the Partition of India, author Amandeep Sandhu joins Pranav in a conversation as they delve into the profound insights from the book and shed light on the global rise of far-right nationalism in the context of globalisation and its interconnectedness with memories of victimhood. Focusing particularly on Hindu nationalism in India, the book presents a timely and significant contribution to the literature on South Asian Partition Studies, unraveling the intricate web of tragic events and their far-reaching consequences. Memories in the Service of the Hindu Nation offers an understanding of the intricate interplay between past and present, trauma and politics, inviting attendees to engage in critical discussions on nationalism, memory, and identity. This conversation is an opportunity to explore complex historical legacies and the role of memory in shaping current sociopolitical landscapes.

Empowering India - Sun, 20th Aug’23

It is 2047. India is among the top 3 economies in the world. It is also in the top 3 nations in research, and technologies like AI, EV and green hydrogen, and spends 3% of its GDP on R&D. It is in top 10 in the Global Innovation Index, has achieved Gross Enrolment Ratio of over 50%, and Human Development Index of 0.9. This dream is Possible and can become a reality, with Empowering India. Published by the Indian Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the IIT Madras Alumni Association, the book explores ideas about what the leading research and educational institutions should do for India@100. Having received inputs from an exemplary book advisory team and over 100 scientists and engineers, all of whom work at the frontiers of their respective areas, they have identified 7 focus areas and outlined 30 recommendations and hundreds of case studies in science, technology and innovation for empowering India and achieving sustainable development. The book also contains 10 illustrations, each of which takes a concept that symbolizes India, rural and urban, and visualizes it in a new context infused with various elements of S&T. The book, Empowering India- Ideas for action by Scientists and Engineers, will be released by authors Thalappil Pradeep and Krishnan Narayanan, followed by a discussion and a Q&A with the audience.

Art & Craft

StoryZone Art and Craft Week - Fri, 18th Aug’23 - Mon, 21st Aug’23

Come and join StoryZone for your choice of wonderful art workshops over the week. There is no need of prior experience and it is beginner friendly where you will be guided step by step to create a beautiful art piece to take home along with you. Reserve your spot by clicking on Zone Fridays, Saturday Morning Zone, Saturday Evening Zone, Zone Saturdays, Sunday Morning Zone, Sunday Afternoon Zone, Sunday Evening Zone, Zone Mondays and Zone Tuesdays.

Decoupage on a Bottle - Fri, 18th Aug’23

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by glueing printed napkins or paper cutouts. This 3-hour beginners’ workshop covers the following: - Introduction to the decoupage and required accessories - Demonstrations and an explanation of every step taken during the workshop - Creation of a decoupage artwork.

Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room - Fri, 18th Aug’23 & Sat, 19th Aug’23

Bangalore Drawing Room invites you for an Art Gathering. Explore your creativity and express yourself through art, at the Swiss Meadow Knife & Brush Painting Workshop & Venetian Balcony Canvas Painting Workshop. With no prior painting experience required, this will be a guided session, shedding light on the basic strokes, sketches and techniques and helping you paint, getting in touch with the artist within.

Paint Bar - Guided Painting Workshops - Fri, 18th Aug’23, Sat, 19th Aug’23, Sun, 20th Aug’23 & Wed, 23rd Aug’23

With easy-to-follow instructions and all the painting supplies provided, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before – you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s a solo adventure, a creative outing with your child, or a fun-filled time with friends, team and family, Paint Bar has got you covered for an amazing experience!

Soft Pastel Painting - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Pastels are fun and versatile! Soft pastels are easily blend-able and can be blended with fingers, a blending stump or a cloth. Unlike the process of painting, the colors are mixed directly on the paper and the colors that are produced are wonderfully intense. You will learn step by step technique to create pastel art. Understand and recreate the tonal effects, finger color blending, shadows & textured shading.

Snowy day and a cabin - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Experience the ultimate blend of relaxation and creativity in this Sip and Paint workshop! Choose the Van Gogh inspired painting or Snowy day cabin theme and let your artistic talents flourish as you recreate the tranquil beauty of a cabin nestled in a winter wonderland. With a drink in hand, you’ll be guided step by step to craft your masterpiece, capturing the serene essence of the season. Join Shalini Aditya for an unforgettable evening of art.

Alcohol Inks Workshop - Sat, 19th Aug’23

During this 2-hour workshop, you will learn some unique alcohol ink techniques. After a brief introduction and demonstration, students will have a chance to experiment with the inks to create their own kettle and an artwork of their own to take back.

Pour Painting - Sat, 19th Aug’23

In pour painting workshop, you will be learning basics of pour painting, canvas/color preparation, pouring styles and finally create an abstract art.

Dot Painting on Mirror - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Dot Mandala is one of the meditation tools which helps in relieving stress and promotes mindfulness. It also allows us to enhance our concentration power along with stimulating creativity and self awareness. ArtDelight brings to you dot painting party where people socialise over art. Come, sit, relax, sip and paint.

Sip & Paint at Rico Vineyard by Banjara & Gypsy - Sat, 19th Aug’23

How can you not have a great time sipping your favorite wine with a brush dipped in colors around a bunch of lovely people? Banjara and Gypsy has come up with an initiative to treat the Picasso hidden within all of us. Let the creativity flow! If you’re looking out for some fabulous memories to make, here it is! A sip and playdate for you, your partner and your friends!

Hands In Clay : Pottery workshop - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Join Small World on a journey of self-expression and artistic discovery as you mold, sculpt, and glaze your very own ceramic masterpieces. Our skilled instructors provide expert guidance and foster a supportive environment for beginners and experienced potters alike. Unleash your inner artist, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on a therapeutic adventure into the mesmerizing world of clay.

Candle Making Workshop - Sat, 19th Aug’23

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn: Basic candle making techniques; Live making of scented jar candle, motichoor laddoo and beach candle; Learn to make candles in silicon moulds and how to clean them; Choosing the right kind of waxes for different type of candles; Waxes characteristics - paraffin, soy, gel wax; Fragrance ratio and colour combinations; Temperature of pouring wax and mixing scent; Managing frosting issues, sink holes and Vendor details.

Hologram Making Workshop - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Are you intrigued by holograms? Are you a DIY enthusiast? Join BCC this Saturday for a first of its kind workshop to make your own hologram projector, and take it home with you! A hologram is a three-dimensional projection of any image from a two-dimensional screen. In this workshop, you will explore this wonderful merging of art and science to turn your smartphone into a hologram projector.

Indian Cupping Session - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Experience a journey through the different coffee growing regions around India! Learn the technique of cupping coffees from Coorg, Chikmagalur, Yercaud, Meghalaya, Orissa, Mizoram, and Araku! Through this course you can experience the different cup characteristics and hidden attributes of some of the most unique coffees from different states. Understand how the aromas, acidity, textures and flavour profiles are influenced by different terroirs and climatic conditions.

Home Brewing Master Class - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Join HumbleBean Coffee for a hands-on course on how to brew coffee at home using four popular methods: Pour over, Chemex, French press and Aeropress. This is for coffee enthusiasts who want to explore the different brewing techniques that can bring out unique flavor profiles and textures from the same coffee beans. In this course, you will learn about the key factors that influence coffee brewing, such as water temperature, grind size and brewing time. Gaurav Ganapathi, their In House Q-Grader will guide you through the step-by-step process of each brewing method and provide tips on how to achieve the best results.

Knife Painting Workshop - Sat, 19th Aug’23 & Sun, 20th Aug’23

Get creative and master the basics of Knife Painting with Dipali. You will learn how to approach and start using palette knife. Using a palette knife for the first time can be intimidating to try out on your own. It is very different than painting the traditional way using the brushes. In this 3 hour workshop, you are going to explore different techniques, patterns and style using palette knife and create a decor worthy painting with tons of memories!

Mud & Mocha Workshop - Sat, 19th Aug’23 & Sun, 20th Aug’23

This one-day pottery workshop is a hands-on experience that will introduce participants to the basic techniques of creating functional and decorative pottery pieces. The workshop will cover essential pottery-making skills, such as clay preparation, wheel throwing and hand-building. Participants will learn how to create various forms, including bowls, cups and plates, and explore decorative techniques such as carving, stamping and glazing. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience with pottery, this workshop is a fun and rewarding way to explore your creativity and learn a new skill.

Brunch N’ Brushes 3.0 - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Join for a wonderful acrylic-on-canvas painting workshop at Dialogues Cafe, where you’ll embark on a journey to create exquisite art from start to finish. Whether you’re picking up a brush for the first time or you’re an occasional art enthusiast, this workshop is tailored just for you. Throughout the workshop, their talented artist will guide you through each step of the painting process, offering insightful tips and techniques for acrylic art.

Acrylic Painting Workshop - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Get ready to play around with brush & paints! Mein Bhi Kalakar brings you a perfect match for your relaxing weekend. Join Dipali for this Acrylic Painting workshop & get ready to create a masterpiece with her!

Sip & Paint - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Join Tania for paint party and unleash the artist in you. This is a beginner friendly workshop where you learn the basics of acrylic painting on canvas while sipping & munching on your favourite food & drinks.

Fusion Tray Workshop - Sun, 20th Aug’23

In this hands-on workshop, you will create a stunning fusion tray. The fusion part adds a creative twist by blending different techniques resulting in a unique and personalized tray. Learn to make a tray with 4 coasters with stenciling, decoupage, texturing, heat embossing, use of resin is optional to give a final touch.

Mandala Art Workshop with OwlStar - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Treat yourself to a blissful experience with Mandala Art Workshop – a journey of self-discovery and relaxation. Embrace the calming power of mandalas, renowned for their meditative qualities and let your worries fade away as you immerse yourself in the world of creativity.

Gold Foiling Workshop - Sun, 20th Aug’23

In this workshop, you will learn the unique art technique of gold foiling and create beautiful artworks using it! Reha Jain will guide you to create a design first and subsequently paint it with the use of gold foil. The end result is a mesmerising one and the process in itself is very calming and satisfying and finally you get to carry the beautiful artwork created by you!

Toodlegraphy Workshop (Beginner) - Sun, 20th Aug’23

In this workshop, Games Lab takes you through the process of experimenting with different patterns, lines and shapes to tell your visual stories on paper. Don’t worry about artistic experience or skill level – this workshop is designed for everyone. Through a series of engaging exercises and demonstrations you discover the therapeutic and the freeing nature of doodling. Feel the stress melt away as you immerse yourself in the rhythmic flow of the pen allowing your imagination to run wild.

Charcoal Painting Workshop - Sun, 20th Aug’23

This 3-hour beginners’ workshop covers the following: Introduction to the charcoal and required accessories; Demonstrations and an explanation of every step takes during a drawing; Drawing, Practice sessions and rendering techniques and Creation of a charcoal artwork.

Pottery Painting - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Get your hands dirty and unleash your inner artist at our Pottery Painting Workshop at Small World! Dive into a world of colorful ceramics and creative expression as you transform plain pottery pieces into personalized masterpieces.

Fabric Printing - Sun, 20th Aug’23

This is a hands-on training with different shapes and designs. You will create your own beautiful tote bag and pouch. You may also bring your own cotton fabric to make your print. In this workshop, you will learn • Introduction to block printing • How to prepare block before printing • Right colours to choose • Various styles of printing • Mixing of colours • Fabric to choose • Multicolored block printing • Border printing.

Salsa Styling For Women - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Calling all Salseras with 6+ months of salsa experience! Elevate your dancing to new heights with Salsa Ladies Styling and Spin Technique workshop at LVDS! Join them for an empowering session where you’ll refine your styling skills, perfect your spins and exude confidence on the dance floor. Led by their expert instructors, this workshop is designed to help you master the art of adding elegance, grace and personality to your salsa moves. Discover the secrets of intricate footwork, body movement and arm styling that will make you shine as a salsa lady.

International Cupping Session - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Experience a journey through the different coffee growing regions around the world! Learn the technique of cupping coffee from Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia and more! Through this course, you can experience the different cup characteristics and hidden attributes of some of the most unique coffees from different continents. Understand how the aromas, acidity, textures and flavour profiles are influenced by different terroirs and climatic conditions.

Film & Theater

Huttava Badidare - Fri, 18th Aug’23

Huttava badudare is a classical kannada play written by K.V.Narayana, which was about a bad king being replaced by a benevolent one. It is an interpretation of the original one vigada vikramaraya by a playwright Samsa. The desirable changes happens only when the system gets changed and not the kings. Though the play written in 1975, till now it connects with contemporary situations.

Will Eno’s Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) - Fri, 18th Aug’23 - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Thom Pain (based on nothing) written by Will Eno was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, 2005. This rambling Monologue performed as a one man show tells the story of a dog, a bee sting and a woman. Among many other things, irreverently funny and tragic in equal measure, Thom Pain’s humanness is a profound force as he tells the story of his life, which is everything and nothing all at once.

SmaranniK Theatre Festival - Sat, 19th Aug’23

SmaranniK Theatre Festival is one of the most eminent theatre festivals in Bengaluru. Season Pass is the Day Entry Ticket for All Plays together at a discounted price. One Season Pass is valid for all 3 Shows (1st Show– 2 New Short Plays - Sayam-er Aalo and Ekhono Ondhokar; 2nd Show - Pagol-Para; 3rd Show - Typist) on 19th August of SmaranniK Theatre Festival 2023.

Katthale Daari Doora - Sat, 19th Aug’23

Kattale Daari Doora - A play, written by D. R. Nagaraj, in the early 80’s, was actually inspired from Anton Chekhov’s short story Ward No. 6. The stage adaptation of this play has a historical importance in Kannada’s cultural context. The play is a story of the lives of inmates in a mental asylum. The story is hard-hitting and revolves around the injustice, exploitation, corruption and violence which are deep rooted and have developed dynamics to establish various powers. As said by Chekhov, “the role of the Artist is to ask questions, not answer them”, this play by Nagaraj asks pertinent questions. Is suffering simply a creation of the mind? Or does the physical material world around us in our personal circumstances play a role in suffering? Must one have experienced suffering first hand in order to help those around us who suffer? What is the meaning of ‘freedom’ when we are enslaved by sociopolitical illnesses? ‘Kattale Daari Doora’ drives readers-audience to these complex questions through its narratives.

Mysuru Mallige - Sat, 19th Aug’23

It is play composed by using K.S.Narasimhaswamy’s poems which is a feast to every individual who enjoys a combination of music, dance, drama and a lot of emotions. It deals with every other poet’s life who has gone through a lot of ups and downs in his life. Its a treat to the people who relish theatre.

Gayagalu a play Dir: Dr Shripad Bhat - Sun, 20th Aug’23

This play is directed by the coveted theatre director in Kannada, Dr Shripad Bhat. He has created an interesting collage of different creative works that decry the war mongering. What did Italian playwright Pirandello say that’s the same as our Rashtrakavi Kuvempu’s Smashana Kurukshetram did? Many poets and playwrights have spoken about how war breaks the society. A contemporary intense collage of various poems, selected parts from different plays that speak about the ill effects of war.

Ashwathaman - Tue, 22nd Aug’23

‘Ashwathaman’ is an adaptation of famous Greek playwright, Sophocles’ ‘Ajax’ into Kannada by B. M. Shri. It is a wonderful attempt of blending the story of Ashwatthama from the ‘Sauptika Parva’ (Book of the Sleepers) from the great epic Mahabharata, with the famous Greek tragedy. At the time of Duryodhana’s death, loyal Ashwathama takes oath to destroy the Pandavas. Furious and delirious Ashwathama, kills animals thinking them as Pandavas. He overcomes his illusion after sometime and regrets for his misdeed. He thinks that his death is the only punishment for his opprobrium. Ashwathama’s grandmother and his well wishers try to change his decision. But Ashwathama makes them believe that he wants to perform penance and pilgrimage and leaves. Thereafter, he commits suicide. Hearing this, his grandmother and the people are shattered and express bereavement. Ekalavya prepares for Ashwathama’s funeral proceedings which Bhima protests. Krishna approaches and advises.

Sattavara Neralu - Wed, 23rd Aug’23

Sattavara Neralu is a sui generis creative theatre expression of G.B.Joshi popularly known in theatre circle as “Jadabharatha”. Subtly pulling a philosophical string and delineating a dreadful tune, Sattavara Neralu shakes the stable philosophical base and intellectually inquires into the eternally rooted firm beliefs in our society.

Fun and Games

Chess Connect - Sat, 19th Aug’23 and Sun, 20th Aug’23

Are you tired of playing chess online and looking for a way to play friendly games in person over-the-board? Bangalore Chess Club have you covered. They are here with another Chess Connect. Do you need to be a professional? NO. They have players from all age and rating categories! Bangalore Chess Club is an open chess community to join and be a part of! Come, play on the board chess with everyone, banter, trash talk and have fun!

Tuesday Board Meeting – ViPo - Tue, 22nd Aug’23

Vipo Board Games is hosting board game meetup where you can join in at any time during the entire meetup timings. You can play any number of games during the entire meetup timings. No prior knowledge required about board games. It’s both a newbie and regular gamers friendly meetup.

With Kids

Make-In-India for Kids - Sat, 19th Aug’23 - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Hey parents and kids of Bangalore! Looking for a super fun way to celebrate Independence Day this year? Look no further! Sillycon Valley Hangout in Seegehalli, Kadugodi, Whitefield invites you to an exciting Independence Day celebration packed with engaging workshops, where your little ones can showcase their creativity and learn the importance of Make in India!

Zumbini With Your Kids (Monthly Classes) - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Music and movement program for kids aged 0-4 yr olds and their caregivers. Sing, dance and play age-appropriate instruments with an ultimate bonding experience with your kids.

Kids Playdate with The LooRoo Club - Sun, 20th Aug’23

Let’s embark on an unforgettable play date at the courtyard, celebrating the enchanting Onam festival from Kerala! Join The LooRoo Club for a day filled with colors, culture and excitement.