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Soulful Events - Week 1 April '23

Events for the 1st week of April '23
Soulful Events - Week 1 April '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



Kachha Ghada : Rahgir Live - Fri, 31st Mar’23
After getting much love during his last tour and Jashn e Rekhta, Rahgir is back to Bangalore with his new special which includes his released and unreleased songs. Come and witness some soul stirrering lyrics with raw desi voice.

Transfusion Music - Sat, 1st Apr’23
French musician, songwriter, and teacher, Martin Dubois, will be performing at Shoonya’s TransFusion Music. The opening support for the concert will feature Martin’s use of instruments that produce a sound massage along with Shrikanth Rao on Bass, Didjeridoo and Bansuri flute and Hemant Chakraboty on Handpan, percussions, and Jaw Harp, beneficial for relaxing the body, mind, and spirit, and allow listeners to better accept the world around them.

Madhatters - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Gawky Goose presents Madhatters. “We are all mad here …. You must be, or you wouldn’t have come here!” Unleashing mayhem with a brand new experience and a taste of Wonderland in Bangalore! You will be escorted down the rabbit hole and into a whimsical world for what promises to be an unforgettable evening. Inviting you all for a mad mad night in the making.

Morning Raag with Vaibhav Ramani - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
Vaibhav and Kaushik will be presenting a Contemporary Carnatic music concert, including both traditional pieces as well as instrumental pieces called Ragapravaham. This is a form of composition wherein the musical possibilities of the instrument are explored in an expansive way, while still staying within the Carnatic framework.


Flow MoveMeant - Sat, 1st Apr’23 - Sun, 16th Apr’23
Combining the elements of contemporary movement, contact improv, technique, dance movement therapy and choreography, we have created a special batch for you to come explore your own movement vocabulary, your connection with you body and express yourselves through authentic movement experiences.

Salsa - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
What To Expect: 1. Learn the basic timing and posture of Salsa. 2. Know the timing and footwork of ballroom 3. Enjoy the Latin dance forms.

Bachata - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
Bachata is the dance of social gatherings. It’s free-spirited and easy to dance to, but it’s a lot more than that. Bachata has the intensity, technique, and attitude of Salsa but with a beautiful romantic vibe that is all its own.

Belly dance choreography workshop - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
The 3.5 hr Belly Dance Fusion Choreography special workshop aims towards providing a unique experience of fusing Belly dance moves to Bollywood music. The attendees will be taught a choreography in a systematic step by step manner & it is an open level workshop. A fun experience is guaranteed & short video clips would be captured at the end of the session.

A Palo Seco - Wed, 5th Apr’23
In “A Palo Seco”, choreographer Sara Cano explores the search for a unique choreographic language, conceived in between the visceral present of Spanish dance and the conceptual frameworks of contemporary dancing. The work leans towards the contemporary, where the reformulation of knowledge, research and experimentation forms a solid base that supports a dance that flows beyond categorisation and is removed of superficial ornamentation.

Cultural Activities

Rico Vineyard and Winery Tour - Thu, 30th Mar’23 - Fri, 31st Mar’23
In a span of 3-hours, indulge in an exclusive, all-access tour of Rico Park followed by a wine tasting session. Unwind with a glass or t.wo at The Tasting Room overlooking the vineyards with panoramic views. Have lunch at one of our restaurants and stay back at the World of Wines.

Cubbon Park Nature walk with Locul - Thu, 30th Mar’23
Get to learn about Bangalore in general along with the specific history of Cubbon Park. The walk is a mix of nature and history/heritage. The walk will cover a tree walk with Nikhil who has conducted more than 20 tree walks for Wilderness Ways. Along with him, Locul Hostels will take you through the rich and often neglected history of Bangalore city through the eyes of Cubbon Park.

Tree Walk with A Green Venture - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
Hidden in plain sight in the urban sprawl of Yeshwantpur, are green giants that make namma ooru greener and help us breathe better. Join the tree walk to learn how to identify trees, their histories and origins, interesting myths and stories, and more, to get us closer to our city’s green heritage.

Book launch- ““Launch of the BWW Bangalore Anthology” - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Join Atta Galatta to celebrate the launch of the BWW Bangalore Anthology, with authors Yogesh Kannan Mariappan, Ashish A, Sushma Madappa, and Avishek Chakrobarty. BWW is the first-of-its-kind writing and storytelling school established in Bangalore in 2011. Celebrate 10 years of Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW) with us!

Paws & Party by Supertails.com - Sat, 1st Apr’23
An exclusive pet parent mixer for like-minded people who love furry companions! Enjoy curated activities and meet other pet parents while hanging out with adorable pets.

Organic Farmers’ Market at Blr Creative Circus - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
BCC are excited to host local farmers and producers selling fresh fruits and veggies, homemade pickles and jams, vegan desserts, traditional games, and more. There will also be live music performances, farm to table food at The Circus Canteen, an arts corner for kids (and adults!), and a pet adoption section. Come along with your friends and family!

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Family Constellation - Fri, 31st Mar’23
Family Systems Constellation is a modality of healing that works with individuals, within the context of the wider family system. We see that often the root cause of issues are traced to patterns carried in the family system. Through the process, we can experience resolution and healing from patterns we have unconsciously absorbed. 1. Trace emotional patterns and blocks to their roots. 2. Gain insight into the underlying dynamics of your family system. 3. Find healing through resolution of entanglements and unresolved issues. 4. Move towards wholeness.

ROOH - Chakra Healing Workshop - Sat, 1st Apr’23 - Fri, 7th Apr’23
A 7 days deep dive into bringing our awareness to each of the chakras and connecting with them on a holistic level. The workshop will include elements of Reiki Cleanse, Crystal Guided Meditation, Breath Work, Oracle Reading, Intuitive Journaling ,Basic theory about the chakras to ground our learning about the system.

Sound Healing Sunday - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
What To Expect: 1. Guided meditation for full-body relaxation 2. Immersing in soothing, nature-oriented sounds 3. Invite inner exploration and a sense of restfulness through chakra singing bowls, Koshi chimes, angel chimes, rattles, rain sticks and shaman drum 4. Connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Break Free - A Womxn Only SoulVersing Circle - Sun, 2nd Apr’23 - Sun, 23rd Apr’23
SoulVersing invites a handful of beautiful women to enroll themselves for this once in a lifetime coaching, counseling and healing circle to heal themselves from past hurts and traumas, to embrace their present and to leap into a beautiful future ahead. This is a safe and non-judgmental space that would meet 4 times a month in April 2023.

Conscious Dating 2.0 - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Ekta Singh invites you to join as she leads a workshop around becoming aware of your deeper relationship needs, followed by an intentional mixer where you’ll have the chance to practice naming those needs with other like-minded people.

Understanding Societal Systems

Great Power Games - Mon, 3rd Apr’23
West Asia at War, written by veteran Indian diplomat Talmiz Ahmad, combines an understanding of the diverse forces shaping the politics and economics of this region, and paints a portrait that is at once grim, painful, colourful and exciting. The author, Talmiz Ahmad, will be in conversation with P.S. Raghavan and Latha Reddy. A Q&A with the audience will follow

The Indian Mindset Through Cinema - Tue, 4th Apr’23
Every kind of popular narrative has a constituency it addresses, the mindset of which it understands. Cinema is a much-loved form in India and by studying it we can understand the mindset of the Indian public which is its constituency. Since Indian cinema is different from the rest of world cinema in crucial ways, it points to the uniqueness of Indian thinking and idea of creativity.

Art & Craft

Paint Workshop at Paint Bar - Wed, 29th Mar’23, Sat, 1st Apr’23, Sun, 2nd Apr’23 (11.30am) & Sun, 2nd Apr’23 (3pm)
Hey there! Looking to do something super fun and new on a Friday evening? Come by and paint with us at Paint Bar! With step by step instructions and all materials provided, we make it easy for you to paint, even if you have never painted before!

Painting Tails - Fri, 31st Mar’23
Are you looking for a creative outlet to express yourself? Join us for a painting workshop where our experienced instructors will guide you through the process step-by-step, so no previous painting experience is necessary. Come alone or bring some friends for a fun and relaxing evening of painting. Sign up now and unleash your inner artist!

Resin Art - Clock Art & Beach Art - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Explore the basics of resin, learn about mixing ratios & use the tools and techniques to create clock and beach art!

Bottle decoupage workshop - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Bottle decoupage is an easy-to-learn method to create beautiful art pieces with simple materials and techniques. Join Art Beat on this workshop to find out more!

Zentangle Art - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Explore the basics of resin, learn about mixing ratios & use the tools and techniques to create clock and beach art!

Acrylic pour on canvas workshop - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Introduction to color theory and mixing techniques, tips for keeping all the colors vibrant in spite of dilution, moving the tray appropriately around to create patterns, understanding how different colors will look when they interact with one another on the canvas.

Seaside Hues Canvas Painting Workshop - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Bangalore Drawing Room invites you for this beautiful Seaside Hues Canvas Painting Workshop. It’s a fully guided sessions with step by step demonstration. Get your friends and family along and spend amazing quality time with ur loved once and create a memorable painting together.

Natural Candle Making Workshop by OurBetterPlanet - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Workshop will include:- Learn to make soy candles - Learn about adding fragrances - Learn about wicks - How best to pour wax in candles - Presentation & finishing.

Punch Needle Workshop - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Punch needle is an embroidery technique which uses a special needle (called the punch needle) to push the thread/yarn through a piece of cloth. It leaves a loop at the other side of cloth. You can create patterns, pictures, lettering and more using this technique.

Wall as your Canvas - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
Over the course of 7 hours, you’ll be able to learn the basics of wall paintings including the kind of paints to use and unconventional methods to get textures, get Polaroids of your painting session take home memories with other like minded people, and the fact that you made the world that much brighter.

One Stroke Painting Workshop - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
What To Expect: Introduction to the materials, loading the brush with 2 colours, blending technique, learning different floral strokes, learning different leaf strokes & a final composition using all floral and leaf strokes.

Canvas/Dot Mandala Art Meetup - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
Learn the art form of mandala in a relaxing environment.

Film & Theater

Kirdaar - Thu, 30th Mar’23
Sometimes, the way life unravels is a mystery that many may not understand, so is the tale of Mukundo. An effeminate man with hopes and dreams to perform and showcase his talent as an actor finally gets the opportunity but…what role does he play?

NeeNaaNaaDre NaaNeeNeNaa - Thu, 30th Mar’23
A hilarious adaptation of Shakespeare’s " Comedy of Errors "

Thou Shalt Not Steel - Fri, 31st Mar’23
In 2016 there was massive uproar towards the construction of a steel flyover in Bangalore. This documentary feature takes us through the backstories leading up to the ‘Steel Flyover Beda’ (We Don’t Want A Steel Flyover) protest, the grassroots mobilization and solidarity that ensued, and the ultimate cancellation of the project by the state government. Through the voices and perspectives of various stakeholders, the film explores the larger issues of citizen participation, public accountability, and environmental justice in the context of the city’s rapid urbanization and development.

Sādhanā - Fri, 31st Mar’23
The Kuchipudi recital for the evening is orchestrated keeping the actual essence of Kuchipudi intact. The zest of abhinaya through the four-fold classification of angika, vachika, satvika and aharya are incorporated in the repertoire with an interesting outlook given to storytelling. The choreography pieces that are being presented are composed and set by Guru Smt Sreelakshmy Govardhanan.

Gode - Fri, 31st Mar’23
In Form Theater team is experimenting with a wall play based on the short story ‘Le Moor’ (The Wall) by Jean-Paul Sartre, the pioneer of existentialism, which questions the existence of human life. Set in World War II, three young men arrested during the Spanish Civil War are sentenced to be shot. The crux of the play is the tension between the three who face death the whole night and the unexpected twists and turns.

We push the sky - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Friends, Faith, Future - wepushthesky invites you to listen to what lies beneath the surface. The protagonist weaves personal stories, stories, song, myth, and community histories into a powerful account about friendships lost, found, and lasting in the midst of loud and divisive political rhetoric.

Jugari Cross - Sat, 1st Apr’23
‘Jugari Cross’ is an effervescent saga of events that unfold in a single day. A romantic thriller set in a small town in the deep forests of the Western ghats, the story revolves around several happenings reflecting contemporary social life.

The Peacock Prince - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
From the despondency of unrequited dreams, arises the scion of the Panchala kingdom, albeit in a new birth, unable to shake off the pain and anguish caused to her gender; the shackling and abuse. Amba takes birth in Drupada’s palace, a gift bestowed by Shiva. Raised with the garb and education of a boy, she believes herself to be one… and in a chance universal shake of the dice transforms into one, by an ancient procedure. Now the young prince seeks redemption that can only be granted by the death of Bheesma, her abductor and bete noire.

Baalakanda - The Divine Entry - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
BaalaKandam - The entry of the divine is a Kannada musical Dance Drama with music from Carnatic classical music and dance sequences of Bharatanatyam. It is a result of artistic research, efforts and interdisciplinary work.

With Kids

Kids Paint Bar – A Kitten Called Moonlight - Sat, 1st Apr’23
Hey there! Looking for your child to do something super fun and new on weekends? Let them come by and paint with us at Paint Bar! With step by step instructions and all materials provided, we make it easy for your child to paint, even if you they never painted before!

Build With Troy - Sat, 1st Apr’23 - Sun, 2nd Apr’23
In today’s digital age, children are spending more time than ever before on electronic gadgets. While these devices can be entertaining, they can also be addictive and have negative effects on a child’s development. That’s why Troy block play is the perfect antidote to excessive gadget usage. Building with blocks provides a screen-free, hands-on activity that engages children’s minds and helps them develop important skills. Our Troy block play offer a fun and engaging way to help your child break free from their electronic devices and get back to basics. With our sets, children can explore their creativity, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness while having fun and interacting with others.

Summer Camp Bengaluru - Guitar, Keyboard, Ukulele & Vocal - Sat, 1st Apr’23 - Fri, 7th Apr’23
Rock Out at My School of Rock Summercamp! Join us for a week of fun, creativity, and musical exploration. Learn the basics of the guitar, keyboard, ukulele and vocal techniques and take your skills to the next level.

Lahe Lahe Creative Summer Camp - Mon, 3rd Apr’23 to Fri, 14th Apr’23
Lahe Lahe invites you to a super exciting ten day creative summer camp experience. Make new friends! Explore new hobbies! Discover the artist in you! Also, you have the option to join for 5 days or join for 10 days – that flexibility is upto you.

Melodious Summer Camp - Mon, 3rd Apr’23 - Fri, 28th Apr’23 (Batch 1 & Batch 2)
Welcome to the Kids Musical Summer camp of the year! A 4 week camp catered to children between the age 5 - 17 years. Wonderful opportunity for the 1st timers and advantage to learn advanced classical songs for existing students.

Brain Art – Summer Camp - Mon, 3rd Apr’23 - Fri, 28th Apr’23 (Batch 1 & Batch 2)
Welcome to our Art and Craft Camp for the Summer! We are thrilled to offer a four-week program filled with creative activities for children ages 6 to 15. Our camp will cover a wide range of art and craft topics, painting, drawing, paper mache sculpture, paper crafts, bottle art and more which allows youngsters to express themselves creatively in a fun and engaging setting.

Did you enjoy any event you visited last week? Or is there an event you wished to have been included in the newletter? Leave a comment to let us know.