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Soulful Events - Week 1 May '23

Events for the 1st week of May '23
Soulful Events - Week 1 May '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



Chirag Katti and Friends - Fri, 5th May’23 - Sat, 6th May’23

The concert will be a mix of Indian classical, fusion, and folk music and feature a rare sitar, ‘jugalbandi’ by Chirag and his brother, amazing sitarist, Chintan Katti, accompanied by the Tabla and Djembe. Flautist Avdhoot Phadke and Vocalist/Keyboardist Shivahari Ranade will perform original compositions based on Indian classical music to create a unique, classy, contemporary hi-energy sound.

Morning Raag with Aniruddh Aithal - Sun, 7th May’23

The concert will be a traditional Khayal performance consisting of morning melodies. In the Hindustani Classical music system, every Raag has a designated time at which they are supposed to be sung for maximum impact and effect. However, in a fast-paced world centered around efficiency and convenience, morning concerts have become extremely rare, hence a lot of Raagas are not being sung. This concert will consist of such Raagas.


Ekagrata - Fri, 5th May’23

Ekagrata is a state that guides and directs us towards our formless nature of pure consciousness. In this Bharatanatyam performance, Priyanka Ravishankar (disciple of Guru Smt Vasanthi Sridhar) will exemplify this concept of “Ekagrata” through captivating dance compositions on two admired manifestations of the formless Supreme – Lord Shiva and Lord Hari. The performances have been conceptualized and choreographed by Guru Smt. Vasanthi Sridhar.

The Sway - Mon, 8th May’23

As a male Mohiniyattam practitioner the artiste is often asked, “Why did you choose a female dance form?”, “How can you imbibe lasya (grace) in your body?”, “How can you portray the nayikas (heroines) in a traditional padam?”, and “What do you wear on stage?”. Mohiniyattam is known for its swaying movements or circular movements. It stands against the patriarchal notion of male body, that is solid, strong, and rigid. In this hour long performance, Amith K will be presenting the major compositions of Guru Nirmala Paniker. Especially her desi compositions that are centred around the worship of the Mother Goddess in Kerala.

Cultural Activities

Listeners Circle - Sat, 6th May’23

Listeners’ Circle in association with Lahe Lahe brings you a safe space to speak your heart out without fear of judgment and listen without judging!

Whose Mic Is It Anyway? Open Mic Nights - Sat, 6th May’23

An open mic event welcoming all musicians, comedians, poets, storytellers, and more. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned performer, this open mic is for you. It will be a safe space (rather, a safe stage) for you to try out your new stand-up material, to perform a poem close to your heart, or sing that song you’re not confident about. No pressure, no judgement; just a place for you to own the spotlight and give the world your best.

Coffee Tasting Session - Sat, 6th May’23

Something’s Brewing is organizing an interactive Coffee Tasting Session for all coffee lovers in Bangalore! Taste and learn about the basics of coffee and brewing through a French Press, Brew Bags, and a Pour Over at our Coffee Experience Centre in Indiranagar.

Stories Through Music with Vrushali - Sat, 6th May’23

Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget to stop and reflect. Living in the moment and really feeling the moment to its fullest. As kids, our imaginations run wild and somehow we might’ve been more present in the moments. Wouldn’t it be nice to get together and just be in the moment and take a break from our daily routines? So get ready to unwind, and experience music in a way you may not have before!

Walkthrough by Indu Antony - Sat, 6th May’23

Join the artist at MAP as she gives a guided tour of the exhibition, highlighting the stories exchanged, relationships forged and the collaborative, community-rooted process behind the evocative pieces on display at the exhibition. Feel free to jump in with your questions, thoughts and reflections during the interactive walkthrough with Indu Antony!

Harry Potter Discussion - Sun, 7th May’23

Lahe Lahe is holding a discussion meetup based on the seven main Potter books only. Should be very familiar with all seven main Harry Potter books.

Saaz 56-65 : A Musical Evening by Lahe Lahe - Sun, 7th May’23

Welcome to an evening of music! Come along as Lahe Lahe hosts 2 amazing singers/ bands from Bangalore and get mesmerized with their music ! Each performer/ band performs their music, shares their experience of how they got into music, shares their inspirations and gets candid. The audience gets to interact, questions and more. That’s not all, there will also be 3 minutes of open mic. You. Your music. A receptive audience.

Plant Based Brunch - Sun, 7th May’23

Join at Cafe Graze by Natureville this Sunday morning, for Global Weekends, that are inspired by different countries every week. We focus on showcasing Whole Food Plant Based with NO OIL making every meal nutritious, tasty and exciting! Join in with a friend or come make new friends over a healthy meal!

Farmers’ Market - Sun, 7th May’23

Bangalore Creative Circus presents to you the 16th edition of our monthly Farmers’ Market! As always, we are excited to host local farmers and producers selling fresh fruits and veggies, homemade pickles and jams, vegan desserts, traditional games, pet food, and more. Come along with your friends and family!

Darwinism of Tamil Cinema - Tue, 9th May’23

Nitrate Saga has been published in two volumes, available online at Amazon. It deals with the evolution of nascent Tamil Cinema and its progress over the three decades from 1920s to 1950s, with its own stroke of serendipity. The book covers the Darwinism of Indian cinema as originated from Theatre, the silent era, early talkie, the early lack of infrastructure, the foreign talents and cross-cultural cooperation in Tamil Cinema, and people who made the magic happen.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Jay Shetty World Tour: Love Rules - Sat, 6th May’23

In a 90-minute experience, Jay Shetty will take the audience on a journey of finding, keeping, and even letting go of love, including live meditations, experiments, and demonstrations.

Happy Pregnancy Workshop - Sat, 6th May’23

Discover the secrets to Happy Pregnancy at MYSHISHU where you will learn about 1. Know your pregnancy 2. Sacred bonding 3. Myths and misconceptions 4. Breastfeeding 5. Parenting starts at pregnancy 6. Meditation for Positive Parenting.

MindFest - Bangalore Edition - Sat, 6th May’23

Mindpeers invites you to MindFest 2023 - an evening where they bring together India’s top therapists & psychologists, therapy takers and humans who care about their mental health together.

Body, Breath & Movement - Sat, 6th May’23

If you are new to yoga or have been practicing online yoga and want to check or correct your posture and alignment, this is the class for you. You will learn breathing techniques, Surya namaskar, asanas with proper alignment cues and corrections.

Zen Flow - Sat, 6th May’23

This workshop combines ancient Qi Gong movements with live Metta meditation. Improve physical and mental health with gentle exercises and cultivate love, kindness, and compassion towards yourself and others.

Shamanism - Sat, 6th May’23 - Sun, 7th May’23

Shamanism is a practice of engaging with our inner worlds and with the natural world in a ceremonial way. What this means is that then we are in ceremony, we accept events and situations the way that they have come to us. Being in ceremony means to feel your place in the larger whole. When we remember our connection to all of life, we are naturally connected to the wholeness within.

Art, Body and Soul! - Sun, 7th May’23

Let’s grab some crayons, move to fun beats, share some stories and bring that Inner Child out to play! There is no being more courageous, authentic and intuitive than our younger self. HerMoveMeant invites you to reconnect and create a compassionate space for that child within you and nurture this connection with our entire being where we explore and express different aspects of ourselves using various Alternative Healing modalities like Expressive Arts, Meditation, Journaling, Reiki Healing and Intuitive Readings.

Yoga For All - Sun, 7th May’23

Welcome to a beginner-friendly yoga class where Vindhya will guide you through each pose and offer modifications if you need them. The focus will be on proper alignment, breath awareness and mindfulness. Take breaks whenever you need to and remember, there’s no judgment. By the end, you’ll feel relaxed, energized, and ready to continue your yoga journey!

Self-Healing and Meditation by Banani Vista - Sun, 7th May’23

A 90 minute session on Meditation and Healing. Welcoming all the folks of Bangalore who would like to release their emotional/mental/physical pain and would like to bring in joy, peace, happiness and contentment in their lives.

Understanding Societal Systems

Startup Meetup - Sat, 6th May’23

Here is a community of budding entrepreneurs who have taken the biggest risk of their life by starting to work on their own venture. It is a great time of sharing your ideas and networking with like minded people around the city.

Art & Craft

Pour & Paint - Thu, 4th May’23

Join us for a mesmerizing evening of creativity & Coffee! Our upcoming painting event is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner artist and create a masterpiece to cherish forever. Disconnect yourself from this chaotic world and indulge in the world of art while you spin on a cup of SLAY coffee.

Introduction to Baking by Chef Alifiya Kothari - Fri, 5th May’23

In this course, we’ll be focusing on the sweet and delicious world of cookies, brownies, and no-bake cheesecake. Over the course of our lessons, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make a variety of these classic baked goods from scratch.

Cherry Blossoms Canvas Painting Workshop - Sat, 6th May’23

Join for a Cherry Blossoms Canvas Painting Workshop at Qube Cafe where the artist Neethu will guide you with step by step demonstration even if you have no prior experience. Get your friends and family along and spend amazing quality time with your loved once and create a memorable painting together.

Sip & Paint - Sat, 6th May’23

Start your weekend with some painting, food & drinks. You will be provided with step-by-step guidance by the artist.

Resin Ocean Art - Sat, 6th May’23

Resin art is a new form of medium that everyone has been crushing about these days. Soul Art will be conducting a beginner’s friendly resin class. You will be taught on how to safely work with resin and create amazing art pieces with resin art methods and techniques.

Resin Art - Clock & Beach - Sat, 6th May’23

Explore the basics of resin, learn about mixing ratios & use the tools and techniques to create clock and beach art!

Paint Together with your loved one - Sat, 6th May’23

Lahe Lahe will be conducting live art together under the guidelines of the artist where this time each couple will get to paint on one canvas together so that they get to express the love towards each other while painting on the canvas together.

Water Colour Workshop - Sat, 6th May’23

Learn the art of watercolor painting and create a beautiful painting which you will take home along with loads of memories and pictures.

Knife Painting Workshop - Sat, 6th May’23

Get creative and master the basics of Knife Painting with me. You will learn how to approach and start using palette knife. Using a palette knife for the first time can be intimidating to try out on your own. It is very different than painting the traditional way using the brushes. In this 3 hour workshop, you are going to explore different techniques, patterns and style using palette knife and take home a decor worthy painting with tons of memories!

Texture Painting On Canvas Workshop - Sat, 6th May’23

Use your hands and your creativity and paint an amazing masterpiece on canvas using texture and acrylic paints.

Coffee Arches Texture Art Workshop - Sat, 6th May’23

Join for a Texture Art workshop at Lahe Lahe for a fun and creative activity that you can enjoy with friends or family. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and explore your creativity. Take home your own unique creation and cherish the memories you made during this special weekend activity.

Acrylic on Canvas - Sat, 6th May’23

Want to try something new this summer? Join us at Dialogues Cafe with your friends and family for a guided acrylic-on-canvas painting workshop. No matter if you have never painted before, this workshop is for you. Our artist will demonstrate how to make the painting step-by-step and will share some tips and techniques.

Cakewalk- How to bake delicious cakes at home - Sat, 6th May’23

In this 2 day course, you will bake loaf cakes, bundt cakes, flourless cakes, fruit cakes and cupcakes with frosting each with a different technique and result so you can tackle any recipe with confidence in future.

How to Get Published - Sat, 6th May’23

Whether you want to take a traditional route into print or want to digitally self-publish, this masterclass will give you the advice you need on everything from submitting manuscripts to garnering reviews and promoting your work. It covers everything from polishing a final draft to managing your finances, and is also full of case studies, advice and tips from an industry veteran.

Art Meet Up - Sun, 7th May’23

Join Soulflowart at Dialogues Cafe to spend a day with art journaling and make some crazy friends.

Amalfi Coast Knife & Brush Painting Workshop - Sun, 7th May’23

Join for a Amalfi Coast Knife & Brush Painting Workshop at Klayworkz Barista where the artist Sussan will guide you with step by step demonstration even if you have no prior experience. Get your friends and family along and spend amazing quality time with your loved once and create a memorable painting together.

Glass Painting Workshop - Sun, 7th May’23

Learn the art of glass painting using glass paints with some tips and tricks and take home a fully framed masterpiece of your glass painting made by you with loads of memories and pictures.

Wall as your Canvas - Sun, 7th May’23

Over the course of 7 hours, you’ll be able to learn the basics of wall paintings including the kind of paints to use and unconventional methods to get textures, get Polaroids of your painting session take home memories with other like minded people, and the fact that you made the world that much brighter.

Canvas/Dot Mandala Art Meetup - Sun, 7th May’23

Learn the art form of mandala in a relaxing environment.

Riverside Painting Party - Sun, 7th May’23

ArtDelight brings to you painting party where people socialize over art. Come, sit, relax, sip and paint. Rejuvenate yourself, paint with fun and do something different on weekend.

Acrylic Painting Workshop - Sun, 7th May’23

This 3 hour beginner-friendly workshop is a perfect match for your relaxing weekend. Join Dipali and rejuvenate your creativity while you master painting with Acrylics. You will explore on what colors to use, how to easily blend them together, different strokes to create while painting with brushes and much more in this detailed workshop.

Dapostar Workshop - Sun, 7th May’23

In collaboration with Flowchakra, Dapo Academy & Corium Sacs, we present to you our first ever ‘Dapostar’ workshop at Bangalore Creative Circus to explore, get immersed in flow and also meet a bunch of cool folks!

Raw Food Workshop - Sun, 7th May’23

In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to create mouth-watering, nutritious raw dishes; Simple ways to include more living food into your cooked food diet; Which raw food equipment best suits your budget and kitchen; Nutritional guidance on eating more raw, food combinations and pairing and 5-6 recipes and a fully raw meal with dessert.

Film & Theater

Seasons - A Playback Theatre Performance - Sat, 6th May’23

Seasons…They come and they go, sometimes lasting longer than we wish for and at other times, leaving too soon. Many a time, the season outside is just a reflection of what we are carrying within us but often, the two are also at odds with each other. We invite you to come over on the 6th of May, and share your real-life moments and feelings about your seasons, and then watch our actors bring your stories to life, on-the-spot.

Kannada Play ‘Suddenaag Sathodre?!’ - Sat, 6th May’23

Every Human is chained to a commitment and is busy working towards it. Some are ready to sacrifice anything over money and some are tired of earning and have no zeal for happiness. If this beautiful journey of life is just meant to earn or follow the mechanical schedule or grieve over the past, what is the point in living such a life? To support this state of mind as the ‘Ideal’ one , we find some people very positive, relaxed, happy, ever smiling, how can that be possible? This clearly proves that it is the state of mind that matters and not the situation which brings him down. This play ‘Suddenaag Sathodre?!’ written and directed by Shylesh Kumar MM deals with this issue. This play enlightens the audience with its message and mainly serves the tonic of laughter to them.

CREO Valley Students Fim Festival 2023 - Sat, 6th May’23

CREO Valley School of Film and Television is a platform for all the Film and Media students to showcase their storytelling skills through Cinema. We are conducting a film festival that screens your work to eminent industry jury members. “SHADES” a feature film triology, the inhouse production of CREO Valley in collaboration with theatre artists’ trailers will be launched during the event.

Soular - Sun, 7th May’23

What are souls? What is their purpose? What is their connection with us? Is the soul the only entity that can bring harmony and peace in a world with so much chaos and mayhem and injustice? Is it time for us to now listen to them and feel their presence, for our own good? Come, let us discover, in this spectacular journey of introspection and conflict through dance, theatre, and film.

Chirate Bantu Chirate - Sun, 7th May’23

The content of the film is based on the phenomenon of symbiosis which exists in Nature right from the creation of the Universe. This concept depicts the theory of coexistence and Live and Let Live among living beings. The screening will be followed by a conversation with the Director, CR Krishnamurthy, Producer, Jagadish Malnad and Actor & Activist, Mohan Rao.

Fun and Games

Trust Me, it’s a Forward! - Sat, 6th May’23 - Sun, 7th May’23

Trust me, it’s a Forward! is a game about trust in a post-truth world. The game is set in a fantastical world that is alive and bustling deep under a turbulent ocean hidden under layers of icy crust. Within this world, factions of society are faced with crises, choices, and impossible decisions. This experience is an inquiry into the changing nature of trust in a time when social media influences many of our decisions.

Chess Connect / Bangalore Chess Club - Sun, 7th May’23

Are you tired of playing chess online and looking for a way to play friendly games in person over-the-board? We have you covered. Bangalore Chess Club is here with another Chess Connect. Do you need to be a professional? NO. We have players from all age and rating categories!

With Kids

Build With Troy - Thu, 4th May’23 - Sun, 7th May’23

Block play is also a great way to encourage movement and physical activity. Children can use their whole body as they build and manipulate the blocks, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the process.

Kids Art Workshop - Sat, 6th May’23

We invite all the kids to a fun-filled, glass painting workshop at Dialogues Cafe in Kormangala. Let’s explore different forms of artwork this summer vacation. During the class, our instructor will provide step-by-step instructions for creating the artwork.

Oranges and Lemons - Mon, 8th May’23

A one of its kind NEP aligned summer camp for Tweenagers (8-12yrs). Designed to help children build skills around growth mindset, self management, critical thinking, taking perspective and building positive relationships.

BudBudke - Children’s Theatre Workshop - Mon, 8th May’23 - Sat, 20th May’23

This summer camp is a youth developmental programme through theatre which will be supervised by professionals, that strives to foster personal growth for children by providing them creative, fun, safe educational, recreational programmes, outdoor experiences and group activities while away from home.

Did you enjoy any event you visited last week? Or is there an event you wished to have been included in the newletter? Leave a comment to let us know.