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Soulful Events - Week 2 June '23

Events for the 2nd week of June '23
Soulful Events - Week 2 June '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



The Omara Portuondo Band - Fri, 9th Jun’23

Accompanying the Grande Dame of traditional Cuban singing, The Omara Portuondo Band comprising Pianist - Yadasny José, Bass Guitarist - Angel Gastón, Drummer - Rodney Yllarza and Percussionist - Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, have enthralled audiences the world over. Their music epitomizes the energy and style that beats at the heart of Cuban music, ranging from the Cuban guajira, bolero, mambo, and son to elements of jazz. Along with Omara Portuondo, the band will be performing at Windmills to give us a taste of the syncretic rhythms of Cuban music.

Bhairavi - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Chitradurga’s legendary singer Bhairavi Venkata Subbaiah’s story forms the base of this play. Venkanna, as he is fondly called, is not only a singer but a metaphor for ‘creative genius’. Pandita is the chief court musician of Chitradurga, and he is symbolic of an ordinary ‘run of the mill’ artist. Pandita is a God-fearing traditionalist, who believes that his art is for the betterment of society. Venkanna is the exact opposite. He is a drunkard and a womanizer with a foul mouth but a God gifted singer. Pandita recognizes and resents Venkanna’s God given gift. He resents God for cheating him by bestowing his benevolence on Venkanna. Thus unravels a tale of vengeance and spite! This Musical Masterpiece has been written & directed by C.R.Simha. Music is by C.Ashwath.

Honestly Yours - Bangalore - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Embark into an evening of Hindustani Classical / Semi Classical, musical instrumental concert with Artists / Performers Ashwin Srinivasan (Bansuri), Ojas Adhiya (Tabla) and Sanjoy Das(Guitar).

The Silk Road - Tue, 13th Jun’23

The Silk Road was a network of Eurasian trade routes that facilitated economic and cultural interactions between the East and West for over a millennium. Although it no longer exists, cultural exchange between the East and West has only intensified as the boundaries between cultures and nations become increasingly blurred. This program presents the music of composers who have been significantly influenced by their Western or Eastern contemporaries, beginning with Debussy’s encounter with Javanese gamelans at the 1889 World Fair in Paris and his consequent fascination with Eastern philosophy. The second half focuses on two composers of Indian origin, UK-born and Parsi-identifying Sorabji and US-born Reena Esmail, each of whom expresses their dual ties to India and the West in diametrically opposing ways. In this lecture recital, pianist Chelsea de Souza asks the question – how does identity, whether it is constructed by the self or perceived by others, take shape in music? The recital will conclude with a virtuosic piano duet where Chelsea will be joined by her sister, Chloe de Souza.


Natya - A Bharatanatyam Recital - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Natya is a BTA initiative to bring renowned artists closer to the art community and students who are learning Indian dance so that they appreciate, get motivated and inspired to delve more deeply into Dance.

Cultural Activities

Project Meet Up (Discussion) - Fri, 9th Jun’23

A photography based meet up to discuss & start work on different kinds of individual projects that can be done and followed through for a certain time frame. This is a basic discussion space to get you started on photography based journeys & storytelling. No need for any gear for this.

Book launch of Paro of the Sundarbans - Fri, 9th Jun’23

Karadi Tales invites you for the book launch of Paro of the Sundarbans wonderfully written by Vaishnavi Giri and stunningly illustrated by Pallavi Jain at Atta Galatta.

A Story of Stories - Sat, 10th Jun’23

In this session of the Stories at MAP series, we will engage in a storytelling session by visual artist & performer Malavika PC. A Story of Stories, presents a unique chance to listen, imagine and participate in uncovering a tale about how stories came to be. Thinking of museums as story keepers and how art can store our memories, beliefs and creative ideas, this session includes an image hunt through MAP to explore the representation of stories across cultures. And an immersive storytelling exercise that allows participants to not only learn the story, but co-create it!

Mehfil-e samā (An open mic by Noor House) - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Welcome to our Open Mic Night, where you’ll witness a gathering of the city’s most talented indie artists. Prepare to be captivated by an evening filled with amazing music that will leave you in awe. Immerse yourself in the immaculate vibes as artists take the stage, showcasing their unique sounds and captivating performances. With multi-genre acts, you’ll experience a diverse range of musical styles, from soulful melodies to energetic rock anthems and everything in between. This Open Mic Night is a celebration of local talent, promising an unforgettable evening of extraordinary performances and a true appreciation for the power of music.

Bookmarks-Lahe Lahe Reading Club - Sat, 10th Jun’23

What are you reading these days? Is there an author or a poet that you have been amazed by recently? Or a book that changed your life. Lahe Lahe would love to hear about it. Meet and share the magic of some wordsmiths who not only influenced us but shaped our lives in some way.

AG Book Club by Rohini Malur - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Abandon all hope, ye who enter - this month we’re talking dystopian fiction! Join Rohini Malur‘s AG Book Club where we’ll explore compelling tales of dystopia. Make sure to bring your favourite dystopian masterpiece to Atta Galatta, Indiranagar. Don’t miss this captivating experience!

Bending Reality - Magic, Mentalism & Mischief - Sat, 10th Jun’23

With the success of the previous show ‘Bending Reality’ Waseem and Sanjay got Ronak on board for this combined creative force to curate a blend of magic and mentalism in an interactive form for this show, Bending Reality. Come, live and witness their unique performance in Bending Reality.

Dialogues Poetry Mic JP Nagar - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Lovers of poetry and prose — this one is for you! Whether you like listening, reading or performing poems or short stories, be ready to be entertained. Dialogues Cafe are on a journey to create safe spaces for the writers in town — to share their writing with like-minded people and become part of our community. You can hold us accountable for making you have a good time!

Dialogues with Travel (A Moment Captured) - Sat, 10th Jun’23

If you are not traveling outside Bangalore this Saturday, then travel to Dialogues Cafe for this exciting event where you meet fellow travelers, share your adventurous stories, listen to tales about untrodden places and ultimately celebrate wanderlust!

Slam Dunk Saturdays: Life Stories from Sports - Sat, 10th Jun’23

First Drop Theatre presents Slam Dunk Saturdays - a sports based storytelling event where we look at different stories from the world of sport. Join Bejoy at Lahe Lahe who would be narrating a couple of stories on a theme and then open it up for an interactive session with the audience.

Kavitayon Ki Dastak - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Dialogues Cafe brings to you a Sunday full of kavitā and shāyari! If you love writing or just listening to Hindi poetry or couplets of shāyari or lyrical ghazals, we invite you to a poetic sundowner filled with hindi writing and sher-shāyari. Let’s get together for ‘Kavitāyon Ki Dastak’, an open mic or rather an open mehfil to set your mood and make you feel wholesome.

Coffee & Conversations - Listener’s Circle - Sun, 11th Jun’23

What about some Filter Coffee and Unfiltered conversations on a fine Sunday morning? Listeners Circle is an initiative to facilitate listening without judgment, hence giving a safe space for anyone to speak their heart out without the fear of judgment. We at Listeners Circle are committed to building a community where there are no unsaid words, held back emotions and buried feelings because of the fear of being judged. After 50+ Editions of Tell your Story, Listeners Circle relaunching a lighter format - Coffee and Conversations!

Read Beyond Books - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Read Beyond Books is our humble effort to bring real-life stories in front of all of us. Share your stories, and listen to others. Make new friends and spend some quality time in the company of human books.

Anjuman - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Join us at Atta Galatta for “Chaar Kavi, Ek Shaam”! Experience the vibrant subculture of Hindi poetry in Bengaluru as Lovely Goswami, Mohit Kataria, Anuradha Singh, and Sourav Roy share their captivating works. Don’t miss the engaging discussions, book signing, and open mic recital (Anjuman).

Open Mic By TRS - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Join The Rhyme Society Bengaluru for an upcoming open mic event where you can showcase your talents and connect with like-minded individuals. This is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself through various forms of performance, including poetry, music, and storytelling. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event!

Mahabharata Dialogues - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Embark on a captivating journey into the legendary stories of the Mahabharata. Join Dialogues Cafe for a series of live storytelling sessions that will transport you into the fascinating world of the greatest epic ever written. Immerse yourself in that world and discover the heroic deeds, complex relationships, and moral dilemmas that have enthralled audiences for centuries.

Open Mic Bangalore - Sun, 11th Jun’23

A Stage Like Never Before! Firstly, you get to have a mic, a stage, an audience and 4 minutes each where you can express yourself. Gender no bar, Genre no bar, Language no bar, Age no bar. The Chords Open Mic aims at giving a non-judgmental platform to new as well as known artists. Also, all those performers who make a mark in the open mic get a chance win Exciting Prizes & to perform for a GIG in upcoming shows. So come, be a part!

Lahe Lahe Open Mic (Open to all genres) - Sun, 11th Jun’23

In sync with the vibe of the space - we present “Lahe Lahe Open Mic”. You get to have a mic, a stage, an audience and 4 minutes each where you can express yourself. Gender no bar, Genre no bar, Language no bar, Age no bar.

The Urban Solace Book Lovers’ Club June 2023 Meet - Sun, 11th Jun’23

The Urban Solace Book Lovers’ Club invites you to their monthly book reading and reviewing meet. This month, the club will be discussing The Myth of Sisyphus which is a 1942 philosophical essay by Albert Camus.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Lets talk Feeling - Thu, 8th Jun’23

An open space to share, exchange and learn about relationships: with yourself and with all others around. Whether you are single, or with a partner, this is open to adults of any gender as long as you are open to listening & sharing within a group.

Something Sufi - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Join Shaurya Singh for ‘Something Sufi: Unveiling the Mystical Way of Rumi’, an immersive offline workshop that will guide you through the profound teachings of Sufi mystic Mevlânâ Rumi. Immerse yourself in this transformative experience, exploring the hidden beauty and serenity within Rumi’s poetry, and embark on a journey of deep introspection and personal growth.

Zen Flow - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Discover Zen Flow, where mindfulness and inner peace converge for a harmonious existence. Immerse yourself in ancient Zen wisdom on a transformative journey led by Sneha S (Breathwork and Meditation) and Kavery MK (Qi-Gong). Experience mindfulness, breathwork, Qi-Gong, and Metta Meditation in a one-hour immersive session. Cultivate present moment awareness, embrace impermanence, and foster compassion and inner peace. Join our vibrant community of Zen enthusiasts, whether you are a seasoned practitioner or curious beginner. Awaken your senses, transform your life, and connect with the flow of life.

Journey Within: A Guided Journaling Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23

In this 40 minute workshop, you’ll explore the purpose of journaling, learn key principles to enhance your practice and put them into action with reflective prompts. Journaling can be a powerful tool for healing, offering safety, insight and support.

Satrangi Re Dance Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Escape into the rhythms of ‘Satrangi Re’ from ‘Dil Se’ under Bhaavesh’s masterful guidance. This vibrant and evocative routine is his perfect fusion of uninhibited expression and soul-stirring musicality. For two hours, you are invited to immerse in color and sound, releasing into movement unlocked from within.

The Comfort of Food - Sat, 10th Jun’23

A workshop exploring food as a source of comfort. We will eat together and reflect on how food can be a tool for self care, engaging in discussions about comfort food and why we associate comfort with certain foods based on our personal lived experiences. Through the course of the workshop we will also share recipes and create a cookbook.

Trapeze Yoga Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23 & Sun, 11th Jun’23

Trapeze Yoga is an Aerial form of Yoga performed using the prop called Trapeze. The benefits of this yoga form is instant spine traction, back pain and sciatica relief, core strength, deep backbends, full body strength and its also lots of fun.

Nostalgia with Postcards - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Touch your inner child and write any message to yourself on a Postcard! Memories, feelings - friendships, families, do we really outgrow them? There is more! Come and find out. Express yourself to yourself in this introspective workshop!

Nada Yoga Workshop - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Yoga is a divine practice which unifies the body and mind. When Yoga is combined with the beautiful practice of Sound Healing, it is definitely a blissful experience. You surely don’t want to miss this. Join at Atta Galatta with your friends and family for Nada Yoga, a combination of yoga and sound healing and experience a rejuvenating morning

Energize - A Woman’s Circle Experience - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Energize is a women’s circle experience where we hold space and discuss relevant topics for the women of today. Unlike other talking circle experiences, here we also spend time connecting with our inner selves through energy work.

Gallup Strengths Workshop - Sun, 11th Jun’23

This transformative workshop will help you tap into your natural abilities and discover your unique strengths and talents. Through interactive exercises and discussions, you will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and learn how to leverage them to achieve your goals, increase productivity, improve relationships, and enhance your overall well-being. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your hidden potential and become the best version of yourself.

Understanding Societal Systems

Memoirs of a Comrade - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Former Kerala health minister KK Shailaja became a global icon because of her handling of the first phase of the COVID pandemic. In her new memoir, My Life as a Comrade, she tells her story – from her childhood as a shy, fearful girl, her days as a school teacher where she learnt the art of managing difficult students to her entry into politics leading to a tenure as health minister where she dealt with two terrifying epidemics. Along the way, she tells the story of Kerala in post-independent India – how its Communist politics shaped her family and the state, and what makes the Kerala model so remarkable. KK Shailaja will be in conversation with Indulekha and Manju Sara Rajan.

Marginlands: Indian Landscapes on the Brink - Mon, 12th Jun’23

Author and Nat Geo Explorer, Arati Kumar-Rao journeys to these marginlands, listening intently to their inhabitants, paying close attention to each fissure, fold and ripple, as she documents the misguided decisions, wilfully ignored warnings and disregarded evidence that have brought us almost to a point of no return. But the land is still rich in ancient wisdom, and its cracks hold lessons that may yet aid us in undoing centuries of slow violence – so long as one is willing to attune their senses. Arati will present photographs and art composed while conducting fieldwork for this project. She will be in conversation with Journalist & Editor, Prem Panicker.

Art & Craft

Pottery Santé - Fri, 9th Jun’23 & Sat, 10th Jun’23

This one-day pottery workshop is a hands-on experience that will introduce participants to the basic techniques of creating functional and decorative pottery pieces. The workshop will cover essential pottery-making skills, such as clay preparation, wheel throwing, and hand-building. Participants will learn how to create various forms, including bowls, cups, and plates, and explore decorative techniques such as carving, stamping, and glazing.

Watercolor Painting Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Learn how to use watercolor and paint with watercolors to create a beautiful painting. You will take home a beautiful artwork on watercolor sheet framed with loads of memories and pictures.

Glass Painting Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Looking for a new, creative craft ? You may want to try glass painting. It is an excellent art form for people of all ages. Glass painting enables you to add texture and color to any kind of glass materials.

Urban Sketching Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Watercolour sketching workshop is a fun and artistic way to meet others and draw together. Take out your thinking hats and put on your creative aprons. Nourish your creative soul with this workshop where you will learn to draw and paint. You will also learn basic steps on using watercolours easily to express yourselves and have fun while doing it.

Dot Mandala Art Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of dot mandala art, including how to prepare the canvas, create different dotting patterns, and apply color combinations. Discover the calming effects of dotting as you gain hands-on experience and unleash your creativity.

Lippan Art Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Mandala Lippan Art or Mirror Mandalas are a type of mirror that is decorated with a mandala, a geometric design or pattern that is often used in meditation and spiritual practices.

Klay and Kaunversations - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Learning pottery is great but what’s even better is to learn it with a bunch of friends you just made at Kaunversations. Kaunversations is an invite-only experience designed to bring together the magic that people hold within them.

Decoupage Bottle Decoration - Sat, 10th Jun’23

A bottle decoupage workshop is a creative and fun event where participants learn to transform ordinary glass bottles into beautiful, unique works of art. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the art of decoupage, which involves applying decorative paper to a surface using a special adhesive. Using this technique, participants will learn how to create intricate designs and patterns on their glass bottles, resulting in stunning and personalized pieces.

Pencil and Charcoal Shading Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23

During this workshop, you will be introduced to pencil and charcoal shading techniques, demonstrations and hands-on practice sessions, tips and tricks for creating depth, texture, and value in your artwork, individualized guidance and feedback from experienced artists, engaging discussions and sharing of artistic insights and a supportive and encouraging environment to nurture your creativity.

Resin Geode - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Join Geode Resin Workshop at Studio Chhavi and dive into the captivating world of creating stunning geode-inspired art pieces with resin. Immerse yourself in this hands-on experience where you will learn the techniques, tips, and tricks to craft mesmerizing geode designs that mimic the beauty of natural crystals.

Resin Art - Clock & Beach - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Explore the basics of resin, learn about mixing ratios & use the tools and techniques to create clock and beach art!

Florals through ananyazperspective - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Join us for a delightful session where you can learn to paint a vibrant floral composition on a greeting card. While enjoying your favorite beverage, you will be guided through the process and taught techniques to create colorful and eye-catching designs.

Canvas & Knife Painting Workshop - Sat, 10th Jun’23 & Sun, 11th Jun’23

Bangalore Drawing Room invites you for this beautiful Hummingbird Canvas Painting & Monsoon Palette Knife Painting Workshop. It’s a fully guided sessions with step by step demonstration. Get your friends and family along and spend amazing quality time with ur loved once and create a memorable painting together.

Knife Painting Workshop By Main Bhi Kalakar - Sun, 11th Jun’23

In this 3 hour workshop, you are going to explore different techniques, patterns and style using palette knife and take home a decor worthy painting with tons of memories!

Canvas/Dot Mandala Art Meetup - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Learn the art form of mandala in a relaxing environment.

Sip & Paint - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Enjoy a creative afternoon of painting and socialising along with some of your favourite drinks & food where you will paint bon-fire by the night Acrylic painting on canvas board with step-by-step guidance provided by the artist Tania.

Landscape painting - Sun, 11th Jun’23

When you pick a brush to paint, sky’s the limit. There’s nothing as beautiful as inspiring as the nature outside. Learn about scaling, real objective drawing and color theory used in the nature. The different colors and techniques used for Landscape painting. Learn about shadow effects, perspective theory and color scheme in nature.

Resin Clock Workshop - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Resin is a two-part compound that hardens to give a clear and glossy finish. In this workshop, you will learn how to work with the epoxy resin and how to mix colours and techniques for applying and creating designs.

Gondfusion: Wooden Plate Painting Workshop - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Join at Lahe Lahe for a captivating workshop that blends the ancient art form of Gond with the rustic beauty of wooden plates. Discover the intricate world of Gond art through its mesmerizing patterns and mythological inspirations. Unleash your inner artist as you bring these vibrant designs to life on wooden plates. With brushes and an array of colors, merge tradition and innovation, letting the natural textures of the wood complement the intricate motifs.

Film & Theater

Harishchandrakavya (Kannada) - Thu, 8th Jun’23

Raghavanka a noted Kannada writer who lived in late 12th to early 13th century. He is credited for popularising the use of the native shatpadi metre (hexa metre, 6 line verse) in Kannada literature. Harishchandra Charitham, is known to have one of the foremost works on the subject, with an interpretation unlike any other on the life of King Harishchandra and is considered one of the important classics of Kannada language. Raghavanka emphasises on racism along with untruthfulness prevailing in his times. Daring presentation of Raghavanka shows the importance of secularism for a healthy and prosperous society. Our play is a very apt at the present intolerance scenario, as we are just voicing out Raghavanka’s view point. A herculus task of selecting of 115 shatpadi verses from the original Raghavanka’s “Harishchandra charitham” and presenting production in the name of “Harishchandra kavya” should be credited to Shri K.G. Mahabaleshwar who is directing this great work.

Cumin - Fri, 9th Jun’23

Noor and Zula are cousins but they have been estranged for a long time. Now in their mid-30s, Noor, a celebrity chef in Bombay, reaches out to Zula, a struggling choreographer in Berlin, trying to create a family for herself. How do they meet after all this time, weighed down by their mothers’ legacies/unlegacies, inheriting pain and disease that seems to come in the way of their lives? How do they really meet? In this story that explores the ideas of grappling with certain inheritances, alone, finding connection to ‘family’, finding purpose and a meditation on women living alone.

Apne Ghar Jaisa - Fri, 9th Jun’23 - Sat, 10th Jun’23

A woman is getting ready to welcome an unknown man who has rented a room in her house. She feels uneasy about admitting a stranger into her home. He has an unusual name—a name which leaves her only with questions about him: Who is he? Where is he from? Her fear and aversion to the ‘other’ bubble to the surface. She lets her imagination run wild and is eventually consumed by a frenzy of rage and violence…when the man arrives, hoping to be welcomed into her home. She was right: there is something unusual about him, something surprising, something, perhaps, eye-opening.

Nagamandala - Fri, 9th Jun’23 - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Nagamandala, written in 1990 by Girish Karnad is a timeless classic. A seminal play in Kannada theatre, it raises important questions of feminism, patriarchy and nature of relationships through a folk lense. 33 years after the first production, this play still rings relevant even today.

Tughlaq (Kannada) - Wed, 14th Jun’23

Tughlaq is a play about the turbulent rule of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. The protagonist, Tughlaq had great Ideas and a grand vision, but his reign was an abject failure. Tughlaq was known for his reformist ideas, one of which was shifting the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad in order to have a capital that is in the centre of his province. This play covers the consequences that followed this decision. The play dramatically highlights the importance of credibility and authenticity for a leader. The play outline his clover plots to eliminate his opponents and ends with scenes of utter chaos and misery in the kingdom and Tughlaq is being left alone, having been abandoned by those who survived him.

Fun and Games

Good ‘ol Games Night - Fri, 9th Jun’23

Good 'ol Game Night brings back your favourite house party games to unique setting where there can be only one winner. Visit your childhood days where we play multiple house party games but with Twists. Compete with the group to reach the top of the score board and win a special prize. Spend your Friday night going back to the Nostalgia and having Fun at the same time.

Social Deception Board Game Night - Wed, 14th Jun’23

Looking for a fun-filled evening that brings people together and unleashes the joy of friendly competition? Look no further! Introducing Social Board game night, where exciting games and amazing people create unforgettable memories. Dive into a world of strategy, laughter, and bonding as you engage in thrilling board game battles. From classic favourites to modern sensations, we have a wide selection of games to suit every taste and preference.

With Kids

Build With Troy - Thu, 8th Jun’23 - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Block play is also a great way to encourage movement and physical activity. Children can use their whole body as they build and manipulate the blocks, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the process.

Zumbini with Aparna - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Zumbini is a music and movement program for kids aged 0-4 yrs and their caregivers. We sing, dance and play instruments all while creating an ultimate bond between the child and the caregiver.

Paint Bar - Guided Painting Workshops - Sat, 10th Jun’23

Hey there! Looking to do something super fun and new on weekends? Come by and paint with us at Paint Bar! With step by step instructions and all materials provided, we make it easy for you to paint, even if you have never painted before!

Priyadarshi Ashok - Sat, 10th Jun’23 - Sun, 11th Jun’23

The play is a new historical perspective on the great king Ashok. It tries to give an insight into the psyche of a misunderstood regent accursed to become a king by the whims of destiny.

Open Mic - Kids Got Talent - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Is your child a budding star in the making? Do they love to sing, dance, tell stories or act? Then it’s time to let their talent shine at our upcoming event, “Kids Got Talent”! Our talent show is open to kids aged between 5-13 and offers a platform for them to showcase their skills in music, dance, story-telling, and theatre. But that’s not all! All kid performers will receive a free professional video of their performance, so they can cherish their special moment forever.

Chippi, The Chipkali - Sun, 11th Jun’23

One day, Chippi, a baby lizard, while playing, is shooed away. People think it is scary and ugly. In the shock, Chippi loses her tail. And everyone starts teasing her, calling her names, as she is tailless now. She feels very sorry for herself and gets into a dark corner, crying. She knows that she has go get a tail. So what does she do to get her tail? Will she ever get her tail back? Will she become beautiful again?

Rain and Rainbow - Sun, 11th Jun’23

Bring your kids to a captivating storytelling session of ‘Rain & Rainbow’ at Ranga Shankara, presented by the talented Seema Karanth. This event is part of AHA! Alternate Sundays - a programme curated specially for children, and it’s an experience your kids won’t want to miss!