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Soulful Events - Week 4 April '23

Events for the 4th week of April '23
Soulful Events - Week 4 April '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



The Tapi Project - Fri, 21st Apr’23 - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

With its folk and contemporary music fusion, The Tapi Project believes that music is an extension of yourself. The band’s sound is a mix of funk and folk on a hypnotic contemporary tribal groove. They experiment with intricate genres like folk, trip-hop, and jazz and with ambient textures while using folk instruments as an essential part of their music. Their music is woven like a fabric, organically grown on Yogi’s poetry. At the same time, the lyrics come alive through Swati’s powerful and sensuous voice, swallowing one in an ocean of emotions.

Nazm-e-Mohabbat - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

The concert would be an ode to Love and all its colours, like lovelorn, devotion, forbidden love or the love contested by this society through songs written on it.

Forbidden Love, a musical evening - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Join in for a musical treat on love through iconic Ghazals, Nazms and Semi Classical songs.

Kee and Techno Live - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

An Ambient Indian Classical Concert combining sounds of Indian Classical Music & Synthesizers by Keerthana Vaidyanathan and Prashanth Techno. This live concert will feature their originals & adaptations of Indian literary works and ancient poetry across multiple languages, exploring themes of love, harmony and devotion.


Chittapaharana - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

The mesmerizing performance of Chittapaharana is a unique blend of two distinct performing arts that will leave the audience spellbound. Chittapaharana is a fusion of these two captivating art forms Harikatha and Apaharana, showcasing the stunning beauty and power of storytelling and dance. It promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave the audience in awe.

Festival de Danza Bengaluru 3rd Edition - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Festival De Danza, India’s only premier jugalbandi dance festival. The 3rd edition presents a bouquet of renowned, internationally and nationally acclaimed dancers of various genres.

Cultural Activities

Wine + Pizza Night - Thu, 20th Apr’23

Sommelier Devati Mallick brings to you a wine tasting experience with a match that is literally made in heaven - wine and pizza! At the city’s favourite - Brik Oven, they’re the best! Savour a selection of international wines, discover exciting things in the world of wines guided by Devati, with some classic pizza pairings to devour on the side. It’s going to be epic!

Panchatantra for Adults -Storytelling Performance - Fri, 21st Apr’23

While growing up we’ve heard these stories being told repeatedly to children. But what we have not been told is these timeless tales were one of the best 3 Maha kavya of the Indian Land apart from the Mahabharata and Ramayana created for adults to talk about human psychology, descision making , emotional strength, relationships, strategy and administration.

Let’s talk Travel (Travel Meetup) - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

If you belong to the community of travel freaks who believe that wherever you go, it becomes a part of you and can’t stop raving about your last journey - then let’s meet up, relive those memories and exchange stories.

The Book Of Longing - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

An evening filled with 5 hysterical poets & 5 idiosyncratic musicians to take you into a world of Poems, Songs, Yearning.

Indiegasm Sessions - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

If you are someone who is an Indie Music Enthusiast then this is the perfect experience for you. A curated experience is awaiting for you where you will be seeing all the artists getting raw with their music and sharing their original Compositions with you.This is an intimate gig where you can have an extremely cozy environment.

Open Mic by Speaking Souls - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Join Speaking Souls for yet another edition of our Bengaluru open mic for a delightful Sunday evening with fellow artists of your city!

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Connect with ‘I’ - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Connect with ‘I’ a Breakout initiative for students to identify and explore their SELF. The event will have the presence of various experts from Academics and Corporate. As an audience they will go through and experience various methodologies like Corporate theatre and panel discussions to explore their SELF.

The Holding Circle - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

With The Holding Circle, a session facilitated by Expressive Arts therapist Nidhi Khurana, we aim to create a safe healing space where we pause from the hustle-bustle of life, reflect, share stories and create together. Drawing from the principles of Expressive Arts Therapy, we use the power of arts to connect with all aspects of us – body, thoughts and emotion.

Breathwork Circle - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Experience a specific type of breathwork designed to increase awareness, promote relaxation and release emotional and physical tension guided by internationally trained professional Tanvi Khemsra.

Awakening through Dreams - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

In the workshop facilitated by Brinda Jacob-Janvrin, participants will be guided to bring together their dreaming body and moving body to explore their inner world. Bringing together principles of Natural Dreamwork and Authentic Movement, participants will begin to develop a sense of embodied presence as they explore the relationship between the creative, psychological and sacred dimensions of their experience through bodily expression.

Cozy Up To The Quiet - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

A long juicy three-hour session of yin drizzled with sweet spinal releases, creamy lower body loosening, long deep meditations to invite a fresh acceptance into how we see life, to get cozy in our warm blankets as we embrace and settle into a sleepy and fluffy quietness.

Understanding Societal Systems

Global Startups Club - Startup Networking - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Introducing Global Startups Club, a one-of-a-kind member only networking hub & community that will meet once a month over beers & good coffee. Our mission is to bring together talented founders, expert consultants and influential leaders and startup professionals. Members will come together for a well curated and agenda driven offline meet showcasing their investor decks, business pitches, beta tech / platforms, network for business referrals and attend joint workshops from industry experts.

Art & Craft

Glass Painting Workshop - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Learn the art of glass painting using glass paints with some tips and tricks and take home a fully framed masterpiece of your glass painting of “The Starry Night” made by you with loads of memories and pictures.

Sip and Paint Workshop - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Coffee painting is a unique and exciting art form that offers endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. Participants will be taught the basics of coffee painting, different techniques involved and to create their own masterpiece from scratch with the use of just coffee. So come sip on coffee while you paint with coffee and learn a new planet friendly art form that involves using natural colors instead of its toxic alternatives!

Photography Workshop with Arun Kunjunny - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Photography is not all about the camera. Without the eye to see and interpret the world, the camera remains just an equipment and not a tool of art. The workshop aims at understanding and training the eye to see the world closely and differently.

Sushi Rolling Masterclass - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Learn to roll a variety of sushi with the professional sushi chef and master-instructor, Amit Patra. During the fun and interactive workshop, you will be taken through his easy-to-follow rolling techniques before making your own rolls and learning how to adapt them with an array of fillings and toppings.

Resin Art - Clock & Beach - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Explore the basics of resin, learn about mixing ratios & use the tools and techniques to create clock and beach art!

Art of Home Brewing - Sat, 22nd Apr’23 - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Learn the art of coffee homebrewing in a special masterclass brought to you by the Humblebean Academy and discover the science behind brewing methods and learn the practical skills to brew your perfect cup at home using the most popular brewing methods: Pour Over, Chemex, AeroPress, and French Press.

Art Party at Art Beat - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Explore 3 different art forms in 3 hours - Canvas Painting, Alcohol ink on a coaster (1 coaster 4-inch diameter) & Acrylic pour on a wooden fridge magnet ( 4 -inch diameter).

Pour Painting - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

StoryZone invites you for a creative evening to learn the art form of pour painting with step by step guidance by the artist in a relaxing environment.

Paint party - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Anjana & Harshita will be guiding you to paint. It will be a fun Phone case painting session where in you’ll be assisted to make a painting for your phone cases.

Sip & Paint - 2 - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Join Tania for yet another Paint party and with some amazing cocktails by O’be Cocktails. You will be provided with all materials, cocktails & food at the venue. No prior experience needed, step by step guidance provided. Medium of paints - Acrylic on canvas.

Canvas/Dot Mandala Art Meetup - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Learn the art form of mandala in a relaxing environment.

Clowning Workshop by Hasya Hetu Films - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Meet your clown and unleash your hidden potential. Ronak invites you all to dive into your own life and know yourself much better. Talk to your pain and strength together. Find the freedom from your own preconceived shackles of thoughts. Join our Energy Clowning Workshop and claim your inner happiness.

Film & Theater

A Lullaby To Wake Up - Fri, 21st Apr’23 - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Our Protagonist Kaavish, an archiver of lullabies, is stuck in his dreams. The playmaker invites you to join him in his dream and help him make a lullaby for him to get out of his dreams.

Apne Ghar Jaisa - Fri, 21st Apr’23 - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

A woman is getting ready to welcome an unknown man who has rented a room in her house. She feels uneasy about admitting a stranger into her home. He has an unusual name—a name which leaves her only with questions about him: Who is he? Where is he from? Her fear and aversion to the ‘other’ bubble to the surface. She lets her imagination run wild and is eventually consumed by a frenzy of rage and violence…when the man arrives, hoping to be welcomed into her home. She was right: there is something unusual about him, something surprising, something, perhaps, eye-opening.

Me and My Trash- Yati Gati - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

‘Me and My Trash’ is a performance work by artist Preethi Bharadwaj that seamlessly brings together movement, story-telling, spoken word, poetry and object theatre to explore the complex relationship between art, trash and humanity. The artist looks at everything that humans generate from plastic, technology, tradition, stories, ideas, ideologies and even art as trash and attempts to examine the responsibility and accountability that comes with this act of creation.

Draupathi - (Mega Stage Play in Tamil) - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

A Mega Theatrical Production about an epic woman of Mahabharata, Draupathi - presented in poetic language with all art forms drama, music and dance.

Annana Nenapu - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

“Annana Nenapu” is a Docu-play dramatized from wonderful piece of art novel - Annana Nenapu written by KP Poornachandra Tejaswi which is Mahakavi Kuvempu’s Memoir. The play reflects key excerpts of Tejaswi’s life journey and portrays Kuvempu in the eyes of Tejaswi.The play conveys the important chapters that depict the significance of Kuvempu’s place in Kannada cultural history along with the key literature topics and emphasizes the Karnataka Unification Movement.

Aakhar Dakshin - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Prabha Khaitan Foundation is all set to celebrate “Aakhar Dakshin”, a literature festival on South Indian languages. It brings to you Konkani, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada authors.

Old Man and the Sea - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

This play is based on Ernest Hemingway’s Novella. This is the story of an epic struggle between an old, seasoned fisherman and the greatest catch of his life. For 84 days he has returned home empty-handed. On the 85th day he sets out far beyond into the sea and drops his lines. At noon, a big fish, which he calls Mari takes the bait but the old man cannot pull it out. Instead, the fish begins to pull the boat. For five days the old man struggles with the fish, with sharks and with the sea, to survive and get back home.

Ashuma - Tue, 25th Apr’23

An agrarian village/society loses its rationality and sanity when confronted by a prolonged drought. Meanwhile, dark internal politics in play to attain the position of the pontiff strains the functioning of a monastery that represents the society religiously, academically and culturally. A socially conscious monk, who is in a position of authority, takes up the responsibility of imparting scientific knowledge among the people to counter the drought, instilling environmental awareness in the process.

Remembering the Legend of Kannada Cinema - Tue, 25th Apr’23

An analysis of the phenomenon – a documentary that examines what made Rajkumar a household name with an indelible impact on the psyche of the Kannada identity, featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Vishnuvardhan, Jayanthi, PB Srinivas, Dr UR Ananthamurthy, Jayanth Kaikini and many more.

Kamaroopigal - Wed, 26th Apr’23

Ramayana is an epic having many characters with many traits. These characters and their traits help us understand human emotions. Inspired by the Panchavati portion of Ramayana, Kaamaroopigal is a play that starts from the insult of Shoorpanki by Rama and Lakshmana and ends at Jatayu Moksha. Life has many facets to it - Righteousness, evilness, love, hatred, romance & lust. Blending Ethnicity with Modernity, this play highlights the lust of Shoorpanaki towards Rama and its repercussions there on.

Fun and Games

Flow Games For Earth Day - Sat, 22nd April’23

Flow Game is a way to find clarity together. It is a simple game that taps into the wisdom of the group and our own inner wisdom to explore any important question or challenge. On Earth Day, trained facilitators around the world are hosting Flow Game to help us find inspiration to act together for the planet. Flow Game for Earth Day will be hosted by Arvind Shivakumar.

Chess Connect / Bangalore Chess Club - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Are you tired of playing chess online and looking for a way to play friendly games in person over-the-board? We have you covered. Bangalore Chess Club is here with another Chess Connect. Do you need to be a professional? NO. We have players from all age and rating categories! So book now for some fun-filled chess hours!

With Kids

Explore with TROY - Thu, 20th Apr’23 - Fri, 21st Apr’23

Welcome to Troy Workshop! Our workshop is designed to provide a fun and engaging learning experience for children. We offer five different themes that cater to the interests and skills of children, ensuring that they will have a great time while also learning new things. Here are our five themes: Ancient Egypt, Railway station, Airport, Castle, Farm house.

The Jungle Book- Storytelling for kids - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

This is a fun story telling session for kids and family of the all time classic story - ‘The Jungle Book’. We will follow the thrilling story of Mowgli and his wolf pack family, Bageera, Baloo and the ferocious Sheer Khan. This will be followed by an interactive discussion of the story.

Glass Painting - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Looking for a new, creative craft ? You may want to try glass painting. It is an excellent art form for people of all ages. Glass painting enables you to add texture and color to any kind of glass materials.

Tulika Day at Atta Galatta - Sat, 22nd Apr’23

Atta Galatta welcomes all book lovers for celebrating Tulika Day! Get to meet the authors and illustrators behind your favourite children’s books. It will be a fun filled event, with activities for kids to engage in.

Kids Art Workshop - Sun, 23rd Apr’23

Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala invites all the kids to a fun-filled, glass painting workshop to explore different forms of artwork this summer vacation. During the class, the instructor will provide step-by-step instructions for creating the artwork.

Pottery Summer Camp (5-8 years) and (9-12 years) - Tue, 25th Apr’23 - Thu, 27th Apr’23

Summer time is funtime to explore new hobbies - try your hand with clay; experience the hand building techniques along with the experience of using a potters wheel in a pottery studio.

Did you enjoy any event you visited last week? Or is there an event you wished to have been included in the newsletter? Leave a comment to let us know.