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Soulful Events - Week 5 April '23

Events for the 5th week of April '23
Soulful Events - Week 5 April '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



Piano man at Lahe Lahe - Fri, 28th Apr’23

Come, experience one of modern music’s greatest singers / songwriters in Bali’s voice. Some of Billy Joel’s choicest writings will be read out too by Reshma. Also trivia about Billy Joel & his songs. Come, prepare for a fun evening of singing along.

World Jazz Festival - Bengaluru - Fri, 28th Apr’23

Jazz, a compelling genre with a rich history, is a form of music that has caught the imaginative fancy of many a musician and connoisseurs across the world. Its improvisational and experimental nature, coupled with intricate and complex melodic and rhythmic patterns, makes it a highly evolved form of music - built on the immense contribution of several notable legends.

Take Seven - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Join with BIC to celebrate International Jazz Day with seven eclectic bands - 1. BSM Contemporary Students Ensemble 2. Joey Sharma Band 3. Jazz Revival 4. Gerard Machado Trio ft. Radha Thomas 5. MoonArra 6. The Sunshine Orchestra 7. Suvankar Ghosh Trio.


EUNOIA 2023 by House Of Liberal Arts - Fri, 28th Apr’23

Come be a part of this showcase to witness some beautiful dance performances ranging from Ballet, Belly dance, hip hop, Bharatnatyam from various artists across Bangalore.

Classical Dance Performance - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Nrutyankura Foundation presents Navapallava, a dance festival featuring Kamakshi Tripura Sri (Kuchipudi), Vaishnavi Dhore (Bharatanatyam) and Laxmi Narayan Jena (Kathak).

Kannaadi: An Evening of Looking at Personal Stories, Law, Politics and Performance - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Priyanka Chandrashekar is a movement practitioner and has also trained and worked as a lawyer and her performance is inspired by both these experiences. She will explore texts and poetry popularly used in Indian classical dance and their relevance to the contemporary lives of the performer. Through these subversive works, Chandrashekar will attempt to question the practice and pedagogy of her form while situating her performance in the present political context and critically looking at her own lived experiences.

Shindig - Sun, 30th Apr’23

SHINDIG brings, to movement and music enthusiasts, a colorful range of cultures represented by some of Bangalore’s finest artists. We take this Showcase as an opportunity to celebrate Merakism’s journey and growth so far with the artists who constantly inspire us and help us grow, and who got us to where we are today! From Indie Flow Arts to Music sets to enlivening displays of various dance styles, it is a celebration of the progress we’ve made as artistic communities!

Cultural Activities

Priya Malik LIVE “Ishq Hai” - Sat, 29th Apr’23

“Ishq hai, Ishq hai, Ishq hai “ is Priya’s solo poetry show that will make you feel things you’ve never felt before, the show will make you laugh and cry and sing along. Priya will be accompanied by singer songwriter Abhin Joshi whose soul stirring voice will be music to your ears.

Monthly Poet’s Meet - Sat, 29th Apr’23

MONTHLY POETS MEET - April Edition, is a monthly poets meet, organized and curated by Ektas gatherings. This is a gathering of poets, song-writers, singers who come together to share their original or inspired composition. We also invite people who simply want to join the tribe to listen and meet the creative folks of the city. Great space to make new friends over poetry, music and a lot great vibes.

Word Wings by SFTE Lit World - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Word Wings is a collaboration between Atta Galatta and Sarsayee Foundation for Theatre And Education’s Lit World to explore flight of thought through words; simple put: book joy! It is an endeavour to offer a platform for exchange of ideas and opinions triggered by delving into books, works of creative minds, authors and poets and their take on all they bring alive in the reader through word. We hope to encourage listening and in turn imagination.

Read Beyond Books - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Read Beyond Books is our humble effort to bring real-life stories in front of all of us. Share your stories, and listen to others. Make new friends and spend some quality time in the company of human books’

Book Exchange Meetup - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Join us at Page-Turner’s Swap, the ultimate book exchange meetup at SLAY Cafe, Koramangala. Bring your pre-loved books to swap and make new friends who share your passion for reading.

Mehfil-e sama (An open mic by Noor House) - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Noor is a community for independent artists. Open mics with lahe lahe is our space to experiment with music, give budding artists a platform to perform and give the audience a new, redefined music experience.

Open Mic - Mazey, Masti, Music - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Whether you want to show off your guitar-shredding skills, your melodious singing voice, or your poems, or even want to bust out your weekly stress by jamming as an audience This is the place to be! You’ll get the chance to perform in front of an encouraging crowd, and there will be plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded musicians, poets, and audiences.

Truly Open - Sat, 29th Apr’23

The stage is all set to showcase the artist in you, be it music, poetry, comedy, drama, stand-up, painting, dancing or any other form of arts.

How Art Thou - Sat, 29th Apr’23 - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Looking for unique and personalised artwork? How Art Thou specialises in creating one-of-a-kind pieces that capture your personality and style. From paintings to stickers, jewellery to weekly planners, their custom art services ensure your vision is fully realised. Join us at Atta Galatta, Indiranagar to explore their range of custom art services.

Mahabharatha Dialogues - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Embark on a captivating journey into the legendary stories of the Mahabharata. Join Dialogues Cafe for a series of live storytelling sessions that will transport you into the fascinating world of the greatest epic ever written. Immerse yourself in that world and discover the heroic deeds, complex relationships, and moral dilemmas that have enthralled audiences for centuries.

Buddha Poornima Celebrations - Wed, 3rd May’23 - Fri, 5th May’23

Hearty welcome to each and everyone for Karnataka Dhyana Maha Yagna - 2023. Join us in the annual event BUDDHA POORNIMA CELEBRATIONS at Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru, a variety of programs and activities are organized to deepen our understanding of Anapanasati and to connect with our inner selves.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Unleash your inner Goddess - Sat, 29th Apr’23

‘Unleash Your Inner Goddess’ is a powerful program, designed to empower women and help them unleash their inner power and potential, by working on 3 aspects of their lives - unhealed emotional issues, low self-esteem & self-worth, and lack of self-love. Through this program, attendees will identify and address unhealed emotional issues, reclaim their self- worth and learn to live a life of empowerment through self-love. Finally, we will explore Goddess Energy and tap into this source in infinite divine energy.

Injury prevention & strength training - Sat, 29th Apr’23 (2 Sessions of 4-hours each)

This workshop will do a deep dive into how dancers can approach and integrate strength training into their practice and use it as an effective tool to prevent dancing injuries.

5 Rhythms Movement Therapy & Plant Based Brunch - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Take a break from the hustle bustle of life and join us at BCC for this sacred journey of grounding and embodiment, through the magical alchemy of dance therapy and plant medicine!

Explore Voice & Healing with Tritha - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Enjoy a day-long workshop with Tritha at Shoonya where you can opt for either ‘If you can speak, you can sing’ or ‘Chakra healing with Voice’ or you can opt for both. If you can speak, you can Sing! - This workshop is to break the idea that singing is a god-gifted quality. Learn simple techniques to open your singing voice. Breathing exercises, Dynamic & Hammering to muscle Vocal cords. Chakra Healing with Voice - Nada Yoga is Yoga of Sound. And the understanding of 7 chakras and 7 swaras helps to align your body and mind yourself with your own voice. In this workshop, we will learn special sound frequencies & Bija mantras corresponding to every Chakra of the body. Heal and feel the sound vibration in your internal body with your own voice. Thereafter we will do a Chakra Alignment Meditation.

Shakti : Sacred Practices for Feminine Wellbeing - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable about your feminine health issues? Do you want to learn the secrets to maintaining optimal feminine health and well-being? Join our feminine health program at Lahe Lahe and discover the keys to feminine health and vitality!

Shakti Cirque Gathering - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Blr Creative Circus are thrilled to host the Shakti Cirque Gathering, a transformative workshop by the Unalome Project designed exclusively for women! By participating in the Shakti Cirque Gathering, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge you need to: • Tap into your inner strength and courage • Overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and fears • Experience inner peace, clarity, and calm • Connect with a community of supportive and like-minded women • Empower yourself to live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Conversations for women - Changing gender roles - Sun, 30th Apr’23

The monthly conversation circles for women will discuss different topics that affect us as a community. The sharing of perspectives can help us figure out new paradigms, showing us we are not alone as we journey into a better place mentally and spiritually. This is an evolving circle which offers a safe sharing ground, a friendship which engages in meaningful conversations and a community that cares.

“Lets Talk Feelings” with Neelam Kamall - Sun, 30th Apr’23

In this workshop, we use art, visualization, activities, theatre and discussions to create a safe and happy space of self awareness and self confidence.

Women’s Healing Circle - Sun, 30th Apr’23

In this 2-hour workshop, You will dive deep to understand what is self-compassion really, How to cultivate self-compassion?, Safe space for open heart centre sharing, Deep Relaxation, Connecting to your feminine essence, Self Empowerment, Movement, Dancing and a lot of fun!

Mastering the Law of Attraction - Sun, 30th Apr’23

The Law of attraction helps you understand the secret of how your thoughts & emotions contribute to the reality of your living. Master this Universal Truth to accomplish a powerful mindset so you can alter your Life Permanently & Live a Reality that feels fulfilling in line with your dreams.

Chair Yoga - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Chair yoga is a gentle practice in which postures are performed while seated and/or with the aid of a chair. Chair yoga classes typically target those with physical disabilities or aging men and women who find a typical yoga session too challenging. It is also a great form of yoga for beginners or anyone who wants to focus on a gentle practice.

Basic Theater Workshop (10 Weekdays) - Mon, 1st May’23 - Fri, 12th May’23

Yours Truly Theatre Interactive Space brings 10 weekdays workshop on basic theatre to learn the art of creativity & losing inhibitions in expressing ourselves. Key Focus Areas 1. Breaking habitual bound thinking 2. Fun game-based activities 3. Working with Rhythms & Patterns 4. Understanding the language of Expressions 5. Exploring Transformations 6. Understanding & Exploring - Improvisation & Characterization.

Understanding Societal Systems

Small Actions, Big Difference - Fri, 28th Apr’23

Prof. CB Bhattacharya’s latest book Small Actions Big Difference, unveils a purpose-driven pathway that will enable organizations to integrate environmental and social concerns into all their business decisions. Based on interviews with 25 global multinational corporations as well as employees, middle managers, and senior leaders across multiple sectors, this is the first book to connect sustainability to the theory and principles of psychological ownership and to propose a succinct, easy-to-digest model for managerial use.

The Essence of Education - Wed, 3rd May’23

Anurag Behar’s A Matter of the Heart is a book on the state of education in India beyond the main cities and an ode to educators who are shaping the future of our country. In this collection of essays, Anurag Behar takes us to schools in remote villages of India. He gives us an insight into where our nation stands on education and, through that lens, into the nation itself. He shows us an India that is waiting for better infrastructure and one where the right to education is in constant struggle with the need for survival. But what emerges is the heart-warming and life-affirming story of how people and communities, energised from within, are changing lives—of individuals and the nation. This book is testimony to the essence of education: “The heart of the matter is that it is a matter of the heart.”

Art & Craft

Resin Art - Clock & Beach - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Explore the basics of resin, learn about mixing ratios & use the tools and techniques to create clock and beach art!

Sip. Paint. Vibe (Canvas Painting Workshop) - Sat, 29th Apr’23 & Sun, 30th Apr’23

Head to Cafe Reset for a Canvas Painting Workshop to learn, have fun, and network all while sipping and eating your favourites.

Oil Painting Workshop - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Learn how to use and paint with oils using oil paint and create a beautiful artwork on canvas.

Knife Painting Workshop - Sat, 29th Apr’23

In this 3 hour workshop, you are going to explore different techniques, patterns and style using palette knife and take home a decor worthy painting with tons of memories!

Make your own name plates - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Join Lahe Lahe and make your own name plates! Spend few hours, learn something new, make your plates. Personalise them, Decorate them, Colour them or just leave them simple. They glaze and fire them for you!! And they become a part of your everyday life!

Wall as your Canvas - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Over the course of 7 hours, you’ll be able to learn the basics of wall paintings including the kind of paints to use and unconventional methods to get textures, get Polaroids of your painting session, take home memories with other like minded people and the fact that you made the world that much brighter.

Alcohol Ink Workshop - Sun, 30th Apr’23

In this workshop, you will be introduced to color theory and mixing techniques, tips for keeping all the colors vibrant in spite of dilution, moving the canvas appropriately around to create patterns, understanding how different colors will look when they interact with one another.

Canvas/Dot Mandala Art Meetup - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Learn the art form of mandala in a relaxing environment.

Finger Painting Workshop - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Finger Painting is a very expressive way to create art. It gives you more freedom to express emotions, feelings and as a whole it is a very therapeutic process! You will create different impressions using a lot of colors and paint in your own style.

Make at MAP - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Looking for a fun and creative way to engage with museum exhibits? Our drop-in session allows you to create and take home a special souvenir of your visit. With the help of MAP’s Education team, unpack and look closely at a chosen museum exhibit to unleash your creativity and explore our collection in an exciting manner.

Film & Theater

By 2 Coffee - Sat, 29th Apr’23

The play By2Coffee is about the conflicting feelings between a mother and her son set in a middle class family. The play deals with altering thoughts between two generations and how they both perceive life in their own way all served on a single platter called ‘Society’. The fun simple and satirical conversation leads up to many new unanswered questions, as they set out to find the answers between them they begin to decode new reality’s truths which forms the crux of the play.

Ond Second - Sat, 29th Apr’23

The Performance is a one man show (monologue) indulging in a deep introspection of one’s mental ability to think in past about an incident that has impacted highest. The performance is largely based on devised movements with improvisations at different sections of the performance. It takes the audience to a journey of a person who the protagonist is and makes them think through the pains the protagonist undergoes leaving the perennial question of what if it was me in his position.

Dropathi Helthavle - Sat, 29th Apr’23

“Droupathi Heltavle” is a turn of important events in Droupathi’s life characterised by herself throughout the play. Droupathi is an unimaginable character and a cold ablaze concealed in the inner faculty of every other female on the planet without exception.

Rakshasa Tangadi - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Rakshasa Tangadi’ written by Girish Karnad is a slice of Indian history and a gem of a spectacle that captures the battle between Deccan Sultans of the Bahamani Kingdom and the Vijayanagara Empire in the year 1565 which had an impact on the political and cultural map of India. This play which indulges in politics, ego, and war strategies is precisely stitched by the characters having diverse elements and their motive to surpass each other.

Maarikaadu - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Maarikaadu - A brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by Jnanapita awardee Dr. Chandra Shekar Kambara and directed by Joseph NeenNaaSam.

Endings - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Endings is an avant-garde play borrowing heavily from the theatre of the absurd to explore some hard hitting truths. A Dramarsis production, an original play written by Navoneil Bhattacharyya and directed by Shekhar Sanyal, questions conventions galore and turns them on their head. Be it genders and gender roles, norms of society or even well established structures of storytelling - There are no holy cows in this play that unfolds in a tongue-in-cheek fashion leaving no room for preachiness. It is a delightful smart play that will leave you happy yet challenged, amazed yet involved, and thoughtful yet puzzled.

The Peacock Prince - Mon, 1st May’23

The play arises from the ithihasa Mahabharata, but chooses to seek answers and resolutions in a modern day society that exposes its confusion, fear, and lack of empathy for those who identify themselves beyond the binary. The play is an attempt to seek new definitions, new meaning to roles and responsibilities that have been historically gender specific.

Mavinagudi Colony - Wed, 3rd May’23

A group of friends caught in the web of globalization plan to meet at a place where they had spent their childhood and that place is “Mavinagudi Colony” (Mango Temple Colony). As the name itself suggests, a mango tree is the focal point. And this tree is now on the verge of being destroyed for the development of the area. The friends decide to meet under the tree before it is brought down. Recollecting their childhood memories they spend few hours, reliving those joyous moments. Mavinagudi colony brings back the nostalgic elements of one’s life and draws the attention towards the effects of progress and globalization.

Fun and Games

Board Gaming Meet-Up with BLR Meeples - Thu, 27th Apr’23

Join us for an evening of fun and refreshing board games! Socialize over a coffee whilst scheming to beat your opponents, or simply try your luck at a game of chance! Or maybe you just want to engage in a social deception game after a weary day of office politics! It’s a great way to socialize, and blow off steam after a day of work. There’s no prior knowledge of board games required; we’ll help you out!!

With Kids

Build With Troy - Thu, 27th Apr’23 - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Block play is also a great way to encourage movement and physical activity. Children can use their whole body as they build and manipulate the blocks, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the process.

Jazz For Kids - Fri, 28th Apr’23

Jazz For Kids is a specially-curated concept for children that features eminent international Jazz Musicians, and exposes young minds to the smooth sounds of Jazz, and also acquaints them with the rich history of this music. Children also have the opportunity to closely interact with the artists, enabling them to enjoy and appreciate diverse musical cultures from the world.

Painting for Kids - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Lahe Lahe will be conducting live art together under the artist’s guidelines where kids will get to paint on canvas.

Tie & Dye - Sat, 29th Apr’23

Ever thought of designing your own T-shirt and flaunting it in front of your family and friends? Well, here is a golden opportunity. Learn 4 patterns on handkerchief and 1 T-shirt with pattern of your choice.

Art Commune’s ‘Color Rush’ Painting Workshop at Bangalore Creative Circus - Sat, 29th Apr’23

We at Art Commune Bengaluru, believe in curating an experience for our participants, to learn, enjoy, have a good time with family and friends and make it a memorable Saturday for all. Come and experience this colorful workshop.

Painting with Acrylic - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Lahe Lahe conducts live art together under Bharat’s guidelines such that you get a beautiful art which you can take to your home to decorate your wall with the painting/image.

Open Mic - Kids Got Talent - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Is your child a budding star in the making? Do they love to sing, dance, tell stories or act? Then it’s time to let their talent shine at our upcoming event, “Kids Got Talent”! Our talent show is open to kids aged between 5-13 and offers a platform for them to showcase their skills in music, dance, story-telling, and theatre. But that’s not all! All kid performers will receive a free professional video of their performance, so they can cherish their special moment forever.

TROY Block Play - Sun, 30th Apr’23

Playing with Building Blocks is all about Play Architecture, how much richer this experience becomes for the little architects when the big architects are playing too. Build castles, defensive walls, and turrets that could be combined and recombined into different types of fortresses. The sense of Bigness and littleness- what architects call scale - is a particular attractive aspect of the building block play!

Children’s Theater Workshop (10 Weekdays) - Mon, 1st May’23 - Fri, 12th May’23

Yours Truly Theatre Interactive Space brings 10 weekdays Children’s theatre workshop to learn the art of creativity & losing inhibitions in expressing ourselves. Key Focus Areas 1. Breaking habitual bound thinking 2. Fun game-based activities 3. Working with Rhythms & Patterns 4. Understanding the language of Expressions 5. Exploring Transformations 6. Understanding & Exploring - Improvisation & Characterization.

Summer Theatre - Workshop for Children - Wed, 3rd May’23 - Sun, 28th May’23

Summer Theatre is a BTA initiative to help children overcome inhibitions, build imagination, listening skills, characters and become good storytellers. This workshop will help in developing a voice and they will also be introduced to stage technicalities.

Did you enjoy any event you visited last week? Or is there an event you wished to have been included in the newsletter? Leave a comment to let us know.