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Soulful Events - Week 1 Feb '23

Events for the 1st week of Feb '23
Soulful Events - Week 1 Feb '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


  • New Paradigm Opera - Thursday & Friday, 2-3 Feb

    Performative and immersive installation combining conscious movement, video installation, architecture and live sound performance.

  • Sound Healing with Anjali - Saturday, 4th Feb

    Sound therapy is a holistic approach to healing that uses sound vibrations to bring balance and calmness to the mind and body. This therapy helps to relax and rejuvenate, as well as open the mind up to new possibilities. It is suitable to reduce anxiety and stress, and encourages good sleep. 

  • Mindful Meditation with Sandeep - Saturday, Feb 4

    Mindfulness meditation is a simple yet profound practice which can be done by anybody at any time. It has been taught by ancient yogis and approved by modern science to bring deep peace, satisfaction, relieve stress and help bring deeper fulfillment in life, no matter whether you are at an office desk, building a stressful venture, watching a sunset, grabbing a beer or going through a happy or stressful relationship!

  • Canvas/ Dot Mandala Art Meetup - Sunday, 5th Feb

    Let your creative juices flow and find tranquility in creating mandala art. It's a fun and constructive way to express yourself. Let your imagination run free and celebrate the art form! Also get a chance to meet people that share the same interests as you!

  • Farmers Market - Enjoy Fresh Produce, Music & Art - Sunday, 5th Feb

    Get access to beautiful products from various farms, pickles, jams, sauces, the works, eat some delicious home baked goodies and post the market, choose the workshop that interests you most! This 13th edition of the monthly farmers’ market also brings to you an array of workshops over and above the usual programming!! There is also a big surprise for you in the Gallery :) We’ll tell you more soon!

  • Kareebkhana by Kavish - Sunday, 5th Feb

    Kareebkhana - a space made of his songs, poetry, and stories of his musical journey. Kavish will be accompanied by his guitar and Noori, an instrument he has made and continues to make.

  • Priyadarshi Ashok - Fri-Sun, 3-5 Feb

    Theater play about Ashoka’s life event. Devi compels a reluctant Ashok to go to Patliputra and take the reins of the Mauryan empire, (you belong to me but the Mauryan empire is your destiny). In Patliputra he discovers that there is a deep-seated conspiracy by Mahanand of Kaling, who is one of the descendants of Dhananand, the erstwhile king of Magadh. Mahanand is suspected of engineering the untimely deaths of princes Sushim, Ripudaman and Sukirti.

  • The Sweet Requiem - A Perilous Trek & The Pangs of Memory - Mon, 6th Feb

    Dolkar is a 25-year-old Tibetan woman living in Delhi. 15 years ago, she escaped from Tibet with her father, making a perilous trek across the Himalayas. Since then she has suppressed all recollection of that traumatic journey. But when Dolkar unexpectedly encounters Gompo, the guide who led them from Tibet only to abandon them before they crossed the final pass to freedom, memories of her escape are reignited and she is propelled on an obsessive search for reconciliation and closure.

  • Home and Beyond - 24th Feb to 5th March

    Are you looking to build your own home by yourselves and lead a more sustainable life? Join us at @puvidham_ for a holistic 10 day residential workshop about: Connections between Soil and life, Waste as resource, How to mold your ideas into structures, Embracing Intuitive Intelligence. Requires early registration.

Weekly Events

  • Saaz : A Musical Evening by Lahe Lahe - Every First Sunday

    Welcome to an evening of music! Come along as Lahe Lahe hosts 2 amazing singers/ bands from Bangalore and get mesmerized with their music ! Each performer/ band performs their music, shares their experience of how they got into music, shares their inspirations and gets candid. The audience gets to interact, questions and more… That’s not all, there will also be 3 minutes of open mic. You. Your music. A receptive audience. Sounds good?

  • Pottery Workshop at Lahe Lahe - Tuesday-Friday, Every Week

    Trying your hand at pottery will not only help you build up a skill during these difficult times but be of great therapeutic help - the need of the hour. Learn Hand-building and how to throw a pot on the Potter's Wheel.

  • Painting with Acrylic at Lahe Lahe - Every Sunday 

    Grab this chance to showcase your talent and perform in front of a love audience! Don't want to perform? Bring your energy and support to cheer on the talented artists taking the stage! Let's meetup and vibe over an art filled evening.

  • Music Jam - Every Wednesday

    Every Wednesday we gather in a circle as if around a Bonfire at the end of a busy day... We pull out our instruments and warm up our voices... the sounds come up slowly… and Magic!

Did you enjoy any event you visited last week? Or is there an event you wished to have been included in the newletter? Leave a comment to let us know.