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Soulful Events - Week 2 Feb '23

Events for the 2nd week of Feb '23
Soulful Events - Week 2 Feb '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


Learn practices involving Basic breathing tools, Stress and anxiety management, Chakra awareness and cleanse, Concentration and grounding tools, Visualization activities, Reenergize your entire being & Plan your own personalized regular practice
A place and group to meet potterheads and others from your world and a discussion on romance in the Potter series.
At this sacred ceremony we'll show gratitude, connect deeper to our inner self and let our bodies express themselves in ecstatic dance.

With the help of the potent spiced cacao, the music and energy provided you'll be able to access different levels of consciousness and release all that no longer serves you.
'Hairat-e-ashiqui' is a slow concert of handpicked musical gems on love, by the lovely duo of Bangalore - Saurav Dey and Mubashir. This acoustic set is carefully curated to uplift your soul and make you want to fall in love all over again!
Using journaling to solve problems or make changes in chronic or temporary life situations and how to use writing/journaling to bring more strength in you.
If you find right swipes and awkward coffee shop small talk exhausting and meaningless, and finally feel ready to seek out something real, then “Conscious Dating” may just be the space for you.
Basics of How to do Creative Visualisation and how to use it for solving life, work, relationships, money, health or business problems.
Bring along any of your loved ones for the workshop and explore this creative space with them! It can be your friend, parent, child, sibling, partner or soul mate! We look forward to exploring the meaning of love and compassion for ourselves, and ways that we share that with everything and everyone around us.
It's a Valentine's Day special workshop. It is An Experience Not To Be Missed By A couple looking to create something fun and romantic with their significant other. A Connection With The Earth, To Play With Clay with your person.
Valentine's Day is around and how can we not have a Pottery special for all you lovely couples ! @mayaspottery has planned an intimate pottery workshop just for couples ( with a surprise addition so even if you, as a couple have done pottery workshop before- trust is, this one is going to be uniquely special
Join us for an immersive and transformative experience as we delve into the world of Qi Gong. The session will focus on bringing in the energy of "Heaven" and "Earth" through a set of practices designed to massage our internal organs and open up energy channels running through our body. Our goal will be to store vital Qi in the lower abdomen also called as "lower dantian", leaving you feeling energized for the day ahead. We will enter into deep relaxation through moving meditations and focus on conserving our QI.
Come join us this weekend for a fun contemporary choreography workshop! It is open to movers of all levels. What we create in this space is meant for you to connect with your body and make it your own by bringing in your own personal touch! So come sign up and dance your weekend away with us!

Weekly Events

Welcome to an evening of music! Come along as Lahe Lahe hosts 2 amazing singers/ bands from Bangalore and get mesmerized with their music ! Each performer/ band performs their music, shares their experience of how they got into music, shares their inspirations and gets candid. The audience gets to interact, questions and more… That’s not all, there will also be 3 minutes of open mic. You. Your music. A receptive audience. Sounds good?
Pottery Workshops for Skillbuilding and Therapy!

Trying your hand at pottery will not only help you build up a skill during these difficult times but be of great therapeutic help - the need of the hour. Learn Hand-building and how to throw a pot on the Potter's Wheel.
Grab this chance to showcase your talent and perform in front of a love audience! Don't want to perform? Bring your energy and support to cheer on the talented artists taking the stage! Let's meetup and vibe over an art filled evening.
Every Wednesday we gather in a circle as if around a Bonfire at the end of a busy day... We pull out our instruments and warm up our voices... the sounds come up slowly… and Magic!

Bring your positive energy and your voice for a soulful evening of music.

Did you enjoy any event you visited last week? Or is there an event you wished to have been included in the newletter? Leave a comment to let us know.