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Soulful Events - Week 1 June '23

Events for the 4th week of June '23
Soulful Events - Week 1 June '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



The Speaking Hands - Thu, 1st Jun’23

The timeless sounds of the Sarangi blend seamlessly with modern beats and melodies. The evocative notes of Ejaz’s Sarangi blend with Aditya’s tabla, creating a transformative experience that transcends age and musical preferences. Whether you’re a connoisseur of classical music or a lover of contemporary tunes, their innovative fusion is sure to captivate you.

Sanjay Sabha - Live - Sun, 4th Jun’23

A trailblazer on and off stage, Sanjay Subrahmanyan is one of the leading artists in the Carnatic music field today. Sanjay Sabha LIVE is an extension of Sanjay Sabha’s channel on YouTube, a popular channel amongst Carnatic music connoisseurs. Sanjay Subrahmanyan will be accompanied by S Varadarajan on the violin and Neyveli Venkatesh on the mridangam.


GLASS Expression - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

“GLASS Expression” is a captivating dance performance that explores the inherent qualities of glass—transparency, fragility, clarity, and vulnerability. Through an interplay of light and shadow, this performance blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination.

We All Have An Expiry Date - Sun, 4th Jun’23

‘We all have an expiry date’ is based on the idea of interconnectedness between all of human beings as a collective through interpersonal relationships, as well as through conscious and unconscious participation in socio-political power dynamics. It tries to explore the connections, disconnection or division within relationships, within self and larger structures.

Cultural Activities

Kavita Junction - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Ghummakkad Kavita presents the 23rd edition of Kavita Junction - Hindustani poetry recital session at Lahe Lahe. We invite you to immerse in the soul-stirring world of diverse and new Hindustani poems.

Life & Works of Purandara Dasa - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Ekta’s Gatherings invites you to an evening of remembering Purandara Dasa’s life & songs. Purandara Dasa is considered as the father of Carnatic Music. Purandaradasa, (flourished 16th century, India), was an Indian saint who was a major poet and composer of Haridasa devotional song, one of the major genres of Kannada literature. Purandaradasa’s bhakti (devotional) songs on Vitthala (an avatar, or manifestation, of the deity Vishnu), which criticized divisions of caste and class and invoked divine mercy, are landmarks in Carnatic music, the classical music of southern India.

Whole Latte Books - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

SLAY Coffee and Your View On Books invite you to the newest bibliophile meetup in town. Maddie Dawson, our host and Chief Fiction Aficionado has read and reviewed over a hundred books. He’s also played host to more than ten book clubs. Bring your favorite book and share your reading experience. Meet new characters, while enjoying a steaming cuppa!

Listeners Circle - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Listeners’ Circle in association with Lahe Lahe brings you a safe space to speak your heart out without fear of judgment and listen without judging!

Open Mic - Mazey, Masti, Music - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Mazey, Masti Aur Music is an open mic event that offers a platform for people to come together and socialize through the expression of their artistic talents and fun games to break the ice with strangers. The event is open to individuals who are interested in sharing their musical, poetry or comedy skills, as well as to those who want to simply enjoy and support the performances.

Open Mic by Indiegasm - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Experience different forms of art with Indiegasm’s open mic. Listen to people perform, hear their stories, moreover be the one telling the stories. We provide a platform for artists to perform their art. Let it be music, poetry, storytelling or standup comedy. Come join us, you will make our evening better. Let us together feel emotions through art. Not an independent artist? Dont, worry. This open mic is open to everyone and anything they wish to perform.

Truly Open - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

The stage is all set to showcase the artist in you, be it music, poetry, comedy, drama, stand-up, painting, dancing or any other form of arts.

Pre Loved Swap - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Wardrobe makeover at zero cost! Like something that you don’t love wearing anymore? Bring your sarees, dresses, scarves or any wearable item that is in wearable condition to this gathering and exchange it with someone else’s and there you go with a brand new wardrobe!

Whose Mic Is It Anyway? Open Mic Nights - Sat, 3rd Jun’23 & Sat, 17th Jun’23

An open mic event welcoming all musicians, comedians, poets, storytellers, and more. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned performer, this open mic is for you. It will be a safe space (rather, a safe stage) for you to try out your new stand-up material, to perform a poem close to your heart, or sing that song you’re not confident about. No pressure, no judgement; just a place for you to own the spotlight and give the world your best.

Drum Circle - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Bangalore Drums Collective is the city’s very own free for all drumming community of passionate djembe drummers, percussionists, musicians, and happy people. The goal is to create a community of all ages and skills, using drumming as a means for relaxation, meditation, and connection with each other. In the Drums Circle, the participants play together, creating a rhythmic and melodic groove that evolves as the circle progresses.

Saaz 56-65 : A Musical Evening by Lahe Lahe - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Welcome to an evening of music! Come along as Lahe Lahe hosts 2 amazing singers/ bands from Bangalore and get mesmerized with their music ! Each performer/ band performs their music, shares their experience of how they got into music, shares their inspirations and gets candid. The audience gets to interact, questions and more. That’s not all, there will also be 3 minutes of open mic. You. Your music. A receptive audience.

Art Jam - Sun, 4th Jun’23

This art jam welcomes all those who relate to the feel-good factor of practicing art, irrespective of how far in your artistic journey you are. The meetup is about drawing/sketching/painting together or solo, knowledge sharing, discussions, and making new connections. If you find yourselves stuck with a creator’s block or require some guidance at any point during the session, our in-house Art facilitator will be happy to help.

HSR Book Club - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Bring any book you’ve read and would like to talk about. Fiction or nonfiction, hard copy or Kindle or audio book - all formats are welcome! Expect a relaxed Sunday vibe with soulful conversations around books and maybe leave with a friend. This event is ideal for introverts who are trying to figure out how to socialise and book lovers!

Harry Potter Discussion - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Lahe Lahe is holding a discussion meetup based on the seven main Potter books only. Should be very familiar with all seven main Harry Potter books.

Farmers’ Market - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Bangalore Creative Circus presents to you the 17th edition of our monthly Farmers’ Market! As always, we are excited to host local farmers and producers selling fresh fruits and veggies, homemade pickles and jams, vegan desserts, traditional games, pet adoption, and more. Come along with your friends and family!

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Framing Motion with Ronita - Thu, 1st Jun’23 - Thu, 8th Jun’23

This Contemporary Dance Intensive invites beginners and intermediate dancers alike to immerse in technique drawn from acclaimed performances and practices worldwide. Over 3-days, fuse genres and discover new depths of expression. The body awakens as floor and space come alive through energizing exercises, conditioning sequences and movement flow poised to unleash your creative potential. Gain insights into global works guiding this holistic approach. Reflection and guidance from our expert faculty provide the tools to better understand both contemporary technique and your own abilities.

Full Moon Meditation - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru presents Full Moon Meditation and invites you to join and connect with the celestial energy for empowering ourselves.

Immersive Sound Movement Experience Workshop - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Discover the profound synergy of breath, sound, and movement in this transformative workshop. Engage in breathwork practices to unlock deep relaxation and inner healing, while immersing yourself in the therapeutic soundscape and expressive movements with meditative dance. Experience a harmonious fusion of modalities that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Flow Game - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Flow Game is a playful way to work with any serious questions or challenges that we may be currently exploring in our lives. It is a simple yet powerful game to inspire reflection, dialogue, support, clarity, and action. The game taps into our own inner wisdom as well as the wisdom of the group in exploring our question, while also giving us the opportunity to offer wise counsel to fellow players.

Handpan Workshop By Martin Dubois - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

In this collective workshop, we will take a look at the different technics, how to use the fingers & specifics harmonics with this magic instrument! We will learn simple rhythms patterns, how to breathe with the tempo, to get well with this instrument. In 4 hours of discovery & practice, you will go back with a good baggage to work at home & with the possibility to find your own style!

Healing Musical Concert by Martin Dubois and Soni Tarasia - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

A unique experience of movements, rhythm & melodies! Martin & Soni will be taking you into a journey of the deep relation between Music & Dance, with the 5 elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space.

The Calm Collective - Sat, 3rd Jun’23, Sat, 17th Jun’23 & Sun, 25th Jun’23

This workshop will include interactive games, yoga therapy and a guided meditation session. Join at Dialogues Cafe and meet new people and learn some new techniques to help you feel more calm and centred.

Access Consciousness Bars Class - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Access Consciousness Bars Class is a full-day class happening in-person in Jayanagar, 4th Block, Bengaluru. Learn the 32 points in the head that when touched can release limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been stopping you from creating the life of your choice! Learn pragmatic tools and techniques to empower yourself and help others in living an empowered life.

Shakti Cirque Gathering - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Shakti Cirque Gathering is a transformative workshop designed exclusively for women! By participating in the Shakti Cirque Gathering, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge you need to: • Tap into your inner strength and courage • Overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and fears • Experience inner peace, clarity, and calm • Connect with a community of supportive and like-minded women • Empower yourself to live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Capoeira Experience with Capitāo - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Join BCC for a workshop on an Afro-Brazilian cultural practice - simultaneously a fight and a dance - that can be interpreted as a tradition, a sport and even an art form. To take you on this Brazilian journey, Instructor Capitāo plans to bring the experience to you in the form of music, samba and movement.

Yoganjali : A Unique Workshop Experience - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Yoganjali focuses on the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram authentic and traditional yoga practices that can help improve physical and mental strength and resistance.

IndieFlow Sundays - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Discover the art of Poi spinning, master the mesmerizing moves of Hula Hoop, unleash your inner warrior with Dapostar, and embrace the rhythmic flow of Capoeira. Join us for an unforgettable day filled with exhilarating dance styles that will ignite your passion and leave you in awe. Get ready to move, groove and let the rhythm guide your every step at this sensational event!

6 weeks Holistic Health Retreat and Natureville Certified Cooking Academy - Sun, 4th Jun’23 - Sun, 9th Jul’23

Natureville are thrilled to announce 6 Weekend Health Retreat & Cooking Academy. This Retreat is aimed to prevent and reverse* chronic lifestyle diseases with practical knowledge to sustain a healthy plant centered lifestyle.

Understanding Societal Systems

Reordering Development Priorities - Fri, 2nd Jun’23

Sanjay Kaul’s book, An Alternative Development Agenda for India provides a revamped, transformative, and fiscally sustainable developmental roadmap for India to radically improve the well-being and livelihoods of its citizens. Grounded on a “people first” approach, the alternate agenda focuses on seven vital development and inter-connected areas that matter most to citizens. These include health, education, food and nutrition, child development, gender, livelihood and jobs, and urbanisation. To discuss the book and the issues that it deals with, we have a panel comprising Author & Policy Analyst, Sanjay Kaul, Director of the Centre for Public Policy, IIM, M S Sriram, Director of Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, G Gurucharan and, Director of the Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Jyotsna Jha, moderated by Additional Chief Secretary, Uma Mahadevan.

Startup Meet Up - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Here is a community of budding entrepreneurs who have taken the biggest risk of their life by starting to work on their own venture. It is a great time of sharing your ideas and networking with like minded people around the city. It is a great opportunity for you to learn, share and develop new and unique ideas and strategies to grow your business.

Art & Craft

Acrylic Canvas Painting Workshop - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Learn how to paint on canvas using acrylic paint and create a beautiful landscape on canvas using acrylic paints.

Texture Painting On Canvas - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Use your hands and your creativity and paint an amazing masterpiece on canvas using texture and acrylic paints.

Play With Textures - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Join for Texture Art workshop at Atta Galatta for a fun and creative activity that you can enjoy with friends or family. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and explore your creativity. Take home your own unique creation and cherish the memories you made during this special weekend activity.

Paint Together with your loved one - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Lahe Lahe will be conducting live art together under the guidelines of the artist where this time each couple will get to paint on one canvas together so that they get to express the love towards each other while painting on the canvas together.

Resin Art - Clock & Beach - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

Explore the basics of resin, learn about mixing ratios & use the tools and techniques to create clock and beach art!

Sip & Paint Workshop - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

A sip & paint event is a fun and creative way to spend an evening with friends or colleagues. During the event, participants will be provided with all the necessary materials, including canvases, paints, brushes, and aprons. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy some drinks and snacks while they paint.

Fluid Art Workshop - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

A fluid art workshop is a unique and exciting event where participants can explore their creativity and learn to create stunning pieces of art using fluid acrylics. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the techniques and materials used in fluid art, including pouring mediums, silicone oil, and a variety of colours.

Plastic Container: Upcycling Workshop - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

In this engaging and creative session, we will explore the wonderful world of upcycling by transforming ordinary plastic containers into beautiful planters and other useful items. By repurposing plastic containers, we can reduce waste, give new life to discarded materials and create unique and eco-friendly pieces for our homes or gardens.

Canvas Painting & Gold Leafing Workshop - Sat, 3rd Jun’23 & Sun, 4th Jun’23

Bangalore Drawing Room invites you for Koi Fish Canvas Painting Workshop, Rain Canvas Painting Workshop and Shimmering Mountains Gold Leafing Workshop. It’s a fully guided sessions with step by step demonstration. Get your friends and family along and spend amazing quality time with your loved once and create a memorable painting together.

Watercolour Painting Workshop - Sun, 4th Jun’23

This workshop is solely focused on introducing the user to watercolors. You shall be learning watercolors, pigments, types of papers and accompaniments used along with it. Work on a worksheet exercises on doing washes and textures with watercolors, color swatching and color theory. Work on a special illustration painting which you can take home. What better way to plan your artist Sunday!

3D Ocean Workshop - Sun, 4th Jun’23

In this workshop, you will learn how to work with the epoxy resin and how to mix colours and techniques for applying and creating designs and create a 3D island and resin ocean work.

Texture Art - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Join with friends or family for a one-of-a-kind experience that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in an unstructured play space where imagination rules. Experiment with color, form and materials. Craft a personal masterpiece to cherish for lifetimes by simply following your bliss.

Immersive Watercolour Workshop - Sun, 4th Jun’23

A watercolour workshop is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful and meditative art of watercolour painting. This workshop is designed to help you tap into your creativity and create slow, mindful artwork that you can take home and cherish. You will be provided with all the necessary materials, including high-quality watercolours, brushes, and paper, and guided by Aananya, who will help you develop your skills and techniques.

Finger Painting Workshop by Mein Bhi Kalakar - Sun, 4th Jun’23

This 3 hour workshop is a perfect match for your relaxing weekend. Join Dipali and rejuvenate your creativity while you master different techniques for Finger Painting. You will explore on what colors to use, how to easily blend them together, different impressions to create while painting with fingers and much more in this detailed workshop.

Wood Distressing Workshop - Sun, 4th Jun’23

“Distressing” wood generally means weathering it by hand, using tools or chemicals to add enough imperfections to provide age and character, hence giving a vintage vibe to the wooden piece.

Canvas/Dot Mandala Art Meetup - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Learn the art form of mandala in a relaxing environment.

Breakfast N’ Paint - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Enjoy a delicious breakfast spread and get a “taste of art” like you’ve never seen before. Crimson Petal Art School invites you for this unique experience at Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala. Whether this is your first time painting or you enjoy creating artwork occasionally, this workshop is for you. During the workshop, our artist will demonstrate how to make the painting step-by-step and share some tips and techniques on acrylic art.

Sip & Paint - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Join Tania for brunching & painting! Unleash your inner artist and together let’s create some beautiful landscape pieces.

Intro to Salsa Dance - Sun, 4th Jun’23

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the rhythm, timing and basic patterns of salsa dancing. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the fundamental footwork, body movement and partner connection, helping you build confidence and dance skills.

Tanjore Painting - Mon, 5th Jun’23

Discover the traditional art form of Tanjore, known for its rich heritage and intricate details. Join at Studio Chhavi for a transformative learning experience where you will explore the techniques, materials, and cultural significance behind this revered art.

Film & Theater

BaBa Karantha - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

‘Baba Karanth’ is a theatrical representation of the life of the magician of a thespian, BV Karanth. Based on BVK’s biography ‘Illiralare allige hogalare’ by Vaidehi and Prema Karanth’s autobiography ‘Solisabeda Gelisayya’, it has been stage adapted by Krishnaprasad and Shripathi Manjanabailu and conceptualised and directed by TS Nagabharana.

Celebrating Birds - Tue, 6th Jun’23

Each year, World Environment Day is commemorated in early June, and serves as a day to renew efforts to preserve and protect the environment. This evening will feature two presentations – a film screening and a music concert, both of which highlight various facets of nature, birds and coexistence.

Jokumaraswamy - Tue, 6th Jun’23

In this play, Chandrashekhar Kambar, an outstanding playwright makes the women characters expose and oppose patriarchal oppression. In Jokumaraswamy, Gowda is the product of the patriarchal society which sustains the conceptual framework that maintains structures of domination. He regards women and nature as irrational beings that are present to be dominated and exploited for the needs of man. Patriarchal society sustains false notions about men and keeps them blind to their real side. By the wisdom of ages, Shari and Ningi in Jokumaraswamy examine the weakness and hypocrisy of Gowda and stand testimony to the fact that women are wiser than men. Moreover, they scrutinize the patriarchal systems of domination that oppress women and reveal the false ideologies of patriarchy. Further, these women have a strong concern for nature and claim it’s intrinsic value and inherent worth. By showing the representation of patriarchy in religious practices and the fashioning of gods, Kambar points out its pit-falls and calls for a new religion that acknowledges the contribution of women and by exposing the false centrality of man, Kambar discredits the illusion of superiority. Further, he shows the shortcomings of conceptual structures and places women at the centre of discussion. Thus, this paper tries to fulfill its purpose of feminist study that insists on the need for a revolution in the ‘social, sexual and economic structures’ that exploit women.

Sattavara Neralu - Wed, 7th Jun’23

Sattavara Neralu is a sui generis creative theatre expression of G.B.Joshi popularly known in theatre circle as “Jadabharatha”. Subtly pulling a philosophical string and delineating a dreadful tune, Sattavara Neralu shakes the stable philosophical base and intellectually inquires into the eternally rooted firm beliefs in our society.

Fun and Games

Twisting Minds – Magic, Mentalism and Psychological Illusions - Sat, 3rd Jun’23

A captivating fusion of magic and mentalism that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to be transported on a thrilling journey that challenges your perception and unlocks the depths of the human mind.

ParamCON – Festival of Science - Sun, 4th Jun’23

ParamCon is an exciting and innovative science and technology conference designed to inspire and engage participants with the latest advancements and ideas shaping our world. Throughout ParamCon, a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive workshops take place. The topics covered span a wide range of scientific and technological domains, including artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, chemistry, math and many more.

Social Board Games Meetup - Sun, 4th Jun’23

Looking for a fun-filled evening that brings people together and unleashes the joy of friendly competition? Look no further! Introducing Social Board game night, where exciting games and amazing people create unforgettable memories. Dive into a world of strategy, laughter, and bonding as you engage in thrilling board game battles. From classic favourites to modern sensations, we have a wide selection of games to suit every taste and preference.

With Kids

A Platter Full of Stories - Sun, 4th Jun’23

A dash of history, a dollop of folk lore, a sprinkle of mythology and a zing of creativity will all be added to A Platter of Stories. Join Aparna Jaishankar at Atta Galatta for an interactive, activity-based storytelling session for children as she shares tales of food from around the world.