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Soulful Events - Week 2 Jan '23

Events for the 2nd week of Jan '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


  • An Evening of Opera, Art Song and Chamber Music - Thursday, 5th Jan

    International western classical artists from Romania, Switzerland, Italy and England come together to perform a unique concert that celebrates ensemble music-making and storytelling, showcasing some of the greatest opera arias, western classical art songs, and chamber music pieces, all arranged for violin, voice, and piano. The concert navigates through European music from the 1500s to the 21st century and aims to take the audience on a journey of virtuosic voice, violin and piano interplay. From the soaring melodies of opera arias to the intricate harmonies of chamber music, the concert gives glimpses into the breadth and beauty of western classical vocal and instrumental music. The programme will include works by Monteverdi, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Puccini, Chopin, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and others.

  • Shuffle Dance Experience - Friday, 6th Jan

    Shuffle Dance experience hosted by Khushboo Shahzade Khan. Khushboo Shahzade Khan is a versatile dancer and an intuitive teacher. She has a diploma in Dance from the ISPTD and during the programme trained and built a strong foundation in various forms including Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Indian classical and folk forms. Her most recent passion is Shuffling. She loves the rush it brings her and wants to share it with everyone.

  • Book Gupshup - Saturday, 7th Jan

    Let’s talk about books with Ekta and Sonali! Your favorite, least favorite, go-to, go-from book! Share, listen, quote, analyse..

  • Rediscover yourself - The Seen and The Unseen - Saturday, 7th Jan

    Your subconscious mind is constantly guiding you , giving you signs and wanting to communicate to you to help you live a life which is your 100%. Often these signal are not translated or understood by us which results in disharmony , repetitive patterns that are not working for us, body issues and ailments and so many other hurdles and blocks. Let’s uncover and understand this through the channel of Redikall minor chakra readings, Tarot Redikall readings and Aura readings.

  • Ethnic Kettle Painting - Saturday, 7th Jan

    Give yourself some me-time and try what you always wanted to do. This is the best time to pick your brush again and unleash your creativity..No need to be a born artist or painter. All you need is a bit of enthusiasm and creativity. This will be a 2hr guided session.

  • Sharing Circle with iDare - Saturday, 7th Jan

    To start the year with some fun, hope and purpose. As we share, we will discover what makes days count for us and help us turn off the auto-pilot. Let's make sure to start the year right by talking it through! Meet people similar to you and find your tribe!

  • Pottery Workshop at Lahe Lahe - Saturday and Sunday, 7-8th Jan

    Pottery Workshops for Skillbuilding and Therapy!

    Trying your hand at pottery will not only help you build up a skill during these difficult times but be of great therapeutic help - the need of the hour. Learn Hand-building and how to throw a pot on the Potter's Wheel. 

  • Saaz 52-54 : A Musical Evening by Lahe Lahe - Sunday, 8th Jan

    Welcome to an evening of music! Come along as Lahe Lahe hosts 2 amazing singers/ bands from Bangalore and get mesmerized with their music ! Each performer/ band performs their music, shares their experience of how they got into music, shares their inspirations and gets candid. The audience gets to interact, questions and more… That’s not all, there will also be 3 minutes of open mic. You. Your music. A receptive audience. Sounds good?

  • Ghazals and old Music by Abhinav - Sunday, 8th Jan

    About 'Ek Ghazalnoomah Sham' : Ghazal, which originated as a form of poetry, was transformed into a musical genre by the legends like Mehdi Hasaan, Begum Akhtar, Jagjit Singh etc., so much so that even the mainstream singers and music composers at the time also adapted it into commercial Hindi film music. The concert would be an ode to Love and all its colours, like lovelorn, devotion, forbidden love or the love contested by this society through songs written on it.

  • Open Mic Meetup - Sunday, 8th Jan

    An opportunity to come along and share your expressions in an inclusive environment welcoming for artists of all kinds!

  • Canvas/Dot Mandala Art Workshop - Sunday, 8th Jan

    Let your creative juices flow and find tranquility in creating mandala art. It's a fun and constructive way to express yourself. Let your imagination run free and celebrate the art form! Also get a chance to meet people that share the same interests as you!

  • Yoga flow with Music - Sunday, 8th Jan

    A fun yoga flow (Vinyasa) to begin the new year on a strong note. Energize your body and relax your mind with this flow of yoga postures ending with a long guided relaxation.

  • Painting with Acrylic - Sunday, 8th Jan 

    Grab this chance to showcase your talent and perform in front of a love audience! Don't want to perform? Bring your energy and support to cheer on the talented artists taking the stage! Let's meetup and vibe over an art filled evening.

  • Classical Dance Recital - Sunday, 8th Jan

    Let yourself dive into the timeless art of Bharatnatyam and Mohiniyattam and also support the cause for animal welfare as 50% of the funds would go for the cause!