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Soulful Events - Week 1 Jan '23

Events for the 1st week of Jan '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


  • Katsu! The Zen Experience - Thursday, 29th Dec - 1st Jan

    Experience deep inner stillness & silence through "Katsu! The Zen Experience" a three-day residential Meditation Retreat amidst nature that can help liberate one from the cycles of bondage, isolation & suffering. Explore the profound philosophy and practice of Zen that can give you transformational insights. Uncover who you really are by freeing yourself from false knowledge, inner conflicts, resistance, and limitations. Access joy & contentment in all aspects of living.

  • Releasing 2022 - Thursday, 29th Dec

    'Releasing 2022' is an Expressive Arts Therapy workshop to help honour the year that was through an intentional experience of recollection, ritual, and release.

    As this year slowly comes to an end and we prepare to enter another, acknowledging the year's stories and releasing the limiting narratives can help us step into the New Year with lightness and clarity.

  • Habit Run - Saturday, 31th Dec

    Early morning 5 km run that hopefully turns into a habit going into the new year if you decide to begin it with strong and clear intentions.

  • Trippink Open Mic - Sunday, 1st Jan

    An opportunity to come along and share your expressions in an inclusive environment welcoming for artists of all kinds!

  • Music Jam - Wednesday, 4th Jan

    Every Wednesday we gather in a circle as if around a Bonfire at the end of a busy day... We pull out our instruments and warm up our voices... the sounds come up slowly… and Magic!

    Bring your positive energy and your voice for a soulful evening of music.