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Soulful Events - Week #4 Dec '22

Events for the 4th Week of Dec '22
Soulful Events - Week #4 Dec '22

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.


Those who eat together, they live together. Those who cook together, they build together! Grab this amazing opportunity to enhance your connection with your friend, loved one, partner, colleague, team members to come and bake bread together and know each other in a different setting while also making new friends with other fun people!
Bangalore Creative Circus hosts a gathering with a focus on the intersection of mushroom and Christmas! Experience the story of Christmas through a folklore surrounding mushrooms, a three course meal made from harvested mushrooms, intuitive live music and after all these amazing events the day is ended with a sharing circle!
We came from the soil and go back into it, but very few of us in our busy city lives have the opportunity to play with the soil, mud and clay - the element which nurtures and nourishes us all in our life by giving us food, coffee and our beloved coffee mugs!! Here is an opportunity to play and to create with the mud with Maya, who comes with experience in pottery of over more than a decade across the globe and is a Certified Trainer from ART Clay silver academy Japan. What more, you can take home two of your favourite creations and use them everyday or gift to your loved ones!
Yugaantar is a three-day festival with over 60 workshops by leading personalities in sustainability, education and art. The festival will see a host of musicians and artists, sustainability practitioners and holistic educators to enable the building of local communities.

Hosted by Bhoomi College, which brings together individuals and communities through programmes, conferences and workshops to learn, share and engage, aiming at ecological living on our planet.
Take your fitness beyond boring exercises and just building muscle, in this event we explore a variety of specific forms and moves that have been designed based on some of the most practical and impactful methods. We take inspiration from yoga, from martial arts, from classical dance and even from the 5000 year old Chinese practices of Qi-Gong & Tai Chi; to create this holistic approach to fitness. Entire focus is to help you achieve overall health, wellness and make the most of this physical form.
An opportunity to come along and share your expressions in an inclusive environment welcoming for artists of all kinds!
A sharing circle on the “Idea of Gift”. Have you always been on the fence about the purpose or meaning of giving and receiving gifts? Then this circle is for you. Come listen and discuss the idea of gifting and what it means as both a giver and receiver.