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Soulful Events Week 3 Dec '22

Events for the 3rd Week of Dec '22

Welcome to another newsletter of Soulful Events! We bring you activities and events that give you food for your soul.


Sip, Sing & Sway - Saturday, 17th Dec

Enjoy an acoustic evening with some soulful music, hyggelig peeps, and some warm, punchy sips. Let’s awaken the senses! Please your sense of hearing with some soulful music. Sway with the amazing company while you surprise your tastebuds with some hygge sips* (cocktails and mocktails).

December Poet’s Unite - Saturday, 17th Dec

Here's inviting all English, Hindi, Urdu Poets of Bangalore, to share an intimate space this time at the pretty hidden gem of @ambara.bangalore💜 in Ulsoor
No mic or stage this time, just us sitting and sharing a space💜..one way of bringing you closer to the world of language and expression.

Pottery Workshop - Sunday, 18th Dec

This workshop helps you to understand the feel of natural clay and hand-building techniques like pinching, coiling & slab making. Also, they will be trying their hands on potter’s wheel under the guidance to make their own vase or bowl.

Pick a ‘Quote’ that suits you! - Sunday, 18th Dec

Always believed in the power of a line or a quote? Have a most favorite line to go back to always?
Let's gather for the love of quotes, insights, postcards and a fun easy-going space to start your Sunday on a great 'note' !

Self-Care Sunday with iDare – #iDareToExpress - Sunday, 18 Dec

As a part of #iDareToExpress you will have a fun opportunity to build connections with strangers, partners, friends and yourself. Are you ready to express yourself through colors, compliments, games and glitter? We hope to know you there.