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Soulful Events - Week 3 July '23

Events for the 3rd week of July '23
Soulful Events - Week 3 July '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



Barkha Ritu - Musical Celebrations with Maestros - Fri, 14th Jul’23

For centuries, the monsoon season has served as a bountiful source of inspiration to the finest music minds belonging to the Indian Classical Music traditions. This, in turn, led to the creation of several soulful Raagas such as Malhar, Des, Megharanjani, and Varunapriya, to name a few. Typically, these Raagas explore all the varying moods associated with the experience of the rains and are usually performed during the monsoon months. Built on this very essence, Banyan Tree envisioned the concept of ‘Barkha Ritu – a musical celebration with the maestros’ – developing a grand celebration of music that encapsulates all the emotions that the rains evoke in us. A host of renowned artists have performed at this festival, and they have all had the opportunity to present their own creative renditions of the Monsoon Raagas. Now entering its 22nd year, Banyan Tree’s ‘Barkha Ritu’ has truly cemented itself as a celebration of the monsoons, also enabling the propagation of India’s rich intangible heritage.

Prabhat Te Sairat - 100 years of Marathi Cinema - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Prabhat Te Sairat is a unique combination of music, dance & drama audio-visuals with relevant costumes that brings the 100 yr old Marathi film era alive on stage. Audience of all age groups relate to this show as around 70-80 songs are presented by renowned singers & dancers with support of modern technology. Popular marathi actor, Rahul Solapurkar, the narrator ensures that the audience is completely enthralled by this musical journey.

Dublin to Rio, & Points in Between - Wed, 19th Jul’23

Traditional Irish folk songs, characterized by bright tones and up tempo rhythms, will be interspersed with instrumental jigs and reels, and played on four-string banjo and Irish bouzouki. American folk songs and ballads will feature traditional melodies and complex vocal harmonies; mellow Brazilian Jazz and Bossa Nova will combine lyrical, soulful vocals with syncopated acoustic instrumentation. The evening will not only include music, but also folk history, musical side-notes, and a fascinating journey into various cultural forms.


Maruti - The Benevolent - Fri, 14th Jul’23

The Bharatnatyam production is inspired by the Sundara Kanda of Valmiki Raamayana, with most of the lyrics in Sanskrit. The presentation is in Margam format and uses Vachika (dialogues) to connect the compositions. “Maruti” is an attempt to meander through the course of the Epic from Hanuman’s perspective.

Cultural Activities

Mello’s Open Mic and Jamming Session - Thu, 13th Jul’23

Join Mello team for an unforgettable evening of creativity and self-expression at their Open Mic and Jamming Session. Whether you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter, a talented poet or an amazing performer of cover songs, this is your chance to shine. Share your original music, mesmerizing poetry or captivating renditions of your favorite songs in a supportive and welcoming environment followed with an unforgettable night of jamming and collaboration. Mello’s dynamic energy combined with your musical talents will create an atmosphere of pure magic. So, mark your calendars and get ready to rock out with Mello at our jamming session!

A blissful evening - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Step into a mesmerizing world of melodies as Trippink Alive proudly present the extraordinary talent of Isha Gangoly, a captivating artist who will grace the stage and transport you to a realm of pure bliss. With her soul-stirring renditions and unique selection of songs, Isha will weave a tapestry of nostalgia and happiness that will leave the audience spellbound, their hearts overflowing with awe. Immerse yourself in the magic of her exquisite voice and be prepared to embark on an unforgettable journey, where every note will resonate with your very being.

Sufi Night - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Prepare to immerse yourself in an evening of soulful Sufi music and captivating narratives with “Sufi Night - Sufi Songs and Stories”, presented by Soapbox Events. The event will be held at the soothing and aesthetically pleasing venue of Mello Experience Center. They’re delighted to present this unique blend of music and storytelling featuring the talented duo, Aditya and Kartikey. With their voices and the compelling narratives they bring to life, these artists embody the Sufi tradition’s transcendental beauty.

Kalaatma - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Stories arising from the soul of Art, Of People who learnt to think a new and act, Of Moments filled with humur, warmth and tact, a presentation, an experience, a fresh start. Kalaatma - returns and afresh, curated with love by storytellers - Meera Venkatesan, Lavanya Prasad, Anagha Prasad, Ramya Srinidhi unravel the tales of the power of art through music, narrative, dance and visual art.

Limitless Stories - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Are you ready to be whisked away to far-off lands and magical realms? Our storytelling session is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild. We’ll be serving up steaming cups of Kashmiri Khawa to keep you cozy as you listen to tales of heroism, romance, and intrigue. Whether you prefer myths and legends or contemporary fiction, there’s something for everyone at this lively, living room session. Come join at Lahe Lahe and let the stories unfold!

Stories from the Mahabharata - Sat, 15th Jul’23

What is found here may be found elsewhere, but what is not found here cannot be found elsewhere." Few stories in the world are as intriguing as the Mahabharata, with its numerous plots and subplots and characters having strengths and flaws in equal measure. ‘Stories from the Mahabharata’ is an endeavor by Aparna Jaishankar to recreate an interest in this epic.

Stories at Sunset - Storytime for Adults - Sat, 15th Jul’23

How about sitting in a circle and listening to stories as the sun goes down? The late evening Performance storytelling session for adults by Vikram Sridhar will explore stories from folklore, mythology, heritage , travel narratives across the country etc. over an hour. Being interactive in nature , the event’s stories will bring in emotions of love, valor, humur, joy, etc.

Dialogues with Books - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Bring along your favorite book, the book you are currently reading or any book that had an impact on you. Share your experience reading the book with fellow bibliophiles and participate in winding and fun discussions around the joy of reading. Do all this while sipping on coffee/tea or having a hot tasty snack from Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala!

Whole Latte Books - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Once upon a time, Bookworms were left on read. Not anymore! SLAY Coffee and Your View On Books invite you to the newest Bibliophile Meetup in town. Maddie Dawson, our host, and Chief Fiction Aficionado has read and reviewed over a hundred books. He’s also played host to more than ten book clubs. Bring your favurite book and share your reading experience. Meet new characters, while enjoying a steaming Cuppa!

Sankey Tank Tree Walk - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Sankey Tank was built by Richard Sankey in 1882 to solve a water crisis in Bangalore. A massive water reservoir spread across a few acres situated in the North West part of life Bangalore between Sadashivnagar and Malleshwaram one of the oldest residential areas of the city. Popular amongst walkers with broad walking tracts bordering the man made lake, lots of birds here including duck families, moor hens, egrets, herons, kingfishers. Tree Walk by BCC starts at the Malleshwaram entrance where the oldest trees stand, take you through the plant and tree diversity and also speak about Bangalore’s past water storage methods besides the horticulture. Enjoy the view as they take you through green heritage of wonderful Sankey Tank.

Once Upon a Brunch - Food and Lores - Sat, 15th Jul’23 - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Weekend and late morning Brunch is an emotion. On the other hand Stories have always been an emotion too. What’s common between the two is the rich heritage of food and stories. What if they come together? Listen to these stories of the food as you enjoy your weekend Brunch set at a cozy location that has its own stories. A beautiful day starts with a lovely breakfast. And a morning with breakfast and stories. Every food we eat has a story to share … Idli, Vada, bread, Paratha etc. Every breakfast comes after a long break and eager to be eaten. The event has 3 aspects to them, A simple Weekend morning Brunch put together by Atta Galatta; Storytelling around the foodlores by Vikram Sridhar. The stories will be woven around the same and Meet new people with similar interest over culture and art.

Sustainable Fashion Festival - Sat, 15th Jul’23 - Sun, 16th Jul’23

You are invited to Bangalore’s first ever sustainable fashion festival organized by The Preloved Co. in collaboration with Lahe Lahe. You are welcome to visit, shop, donate your preloved fashion and / or set up your own stall to sell preloved beauties from your closet. Also there will be community led workshops with their favurite designers in the house, sharing their knowledge, styling demo, Movie screening, tarot readings, finger food and so much more!

AG On Wheels - Sat, 15th Jul’23 - Sun, 16th Jul’23

'AG On Wheels’ is coming to Litbox this weekend. Come and enjoy a day full of fun and frolic with your friends, indulge in our signature dishes and craft cocktails.

The Mancher’s Studio - Open Mic - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Open mic evenings at Lahe Lahe are a celebration of diverse talent, featuring a range of performers such as poets, storytellers, comedians, musicians and more. Whether you’re a budding artist or a first-time performer, they encourage you to take to the stage and showcase your talent. And if you prefer to watch, you’ll be treated to an evening full of energetic performances. There are no limitations on the language, genre, or theme of your performance, making it a perfect platform for artists to express themselves freely.

Beyond the Blue Dot - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Dive into ‘Beyond the Blue Dot’, a unique exploration that goes beyond traditional astronomy and space science education. Perfectly suited for both budding enthusiasts and discerning explorers, this experience promises an extraordinary journey through the cosmos, all within our comfy Cafe environment. With a blend of hands-on props, immersive star projections, and insightful discussions, we unfold the mysteries of the universe.

Listener’s Circle - Tell Your Story - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Listener’s Circle is an initiative to facilitate listening without judgment, hence giving a safe space for anyone to speak their heart out without the fear of judgment.

Read it Queer - Sun, 16th Jul’23

How queer is Merchant of Venice? Those are questions we aim to discuss and answer in this fun little books meetup! Bring all the books and poems, you feel is queer or queer coded and let’s break it down. Come queer folks, come allies to this fun gathering at Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala.

Love Stories for Adults : As the Sunsets - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Time travel into a space where love existed in realms that is not defined by today’s dictionary. From folklore to mythology to tales hidden in oral literature the performance shall travel into the lesser known but strongly depicted ‘love’ in our heritage from architecture to performances to paintings to folk songs peppered with emotions garnished with prose and poetry.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Relational Meditation - Fri, 14th Jul’23

Join Lahe Lahe for authentic relating games and relational meditation. Noticing and welcoming our experience as it is, we open to the textures of the present moment. Not trying to heal or get anywhere, we savor the aliveness of existing in conscious awareness, together.

Akasha - Fri, 14th Jul’23

The Akasha element, also known as ether or space represents the subtlest and most spiritual aspect of existence. It is often associated with space, consciousness and the interconnectedness of all things. This element has no boundaries and thus forms a part of all the other elements. Ether is emptiness, but it is also potential. This is the first of a series of elemental exploration. Join at Dialogues Cafe and come together to explore Akasha - the subtlest of all elements, the element that connects us all through - Embodiment activities, Meditation, Movement, Sound bath and Art.

Meet Yourself - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Join for a transformative journey of self-discovery and emotional healing at our Movement and Dance Healing Workshop. This unique experience is designed to help you release stuck emotions and embrace a positive relationship with your body. Say goodbye to self-doubt as you immerse yourself in a safe and supportive environment where you can : Cultivate self-love and acceptance, Release negative energy and emotional tension, Foster body positivity and celebrate individuality, Enhance self-confidence and authenticity, Special emphasis on cleansing of chakras and letting go of emotions that are holding you back and Dancing session to celebrate the beauty of your existence.

Embracing Self Love Meditation - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Join Ma’rifa Avi for a transformative session dedicated to exploring the profound impact of self-love. Through this session, you will discover the keys to cultivating a deep and unconditional love for yourself and fostering a harmonious relationship with your mind, body and soul.

Sound Healing with Jeet - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Sound Healing is an effective & natural way to heal the body, mind and spirit. It is a powerful tool for promoting deep relaxation, deeper introspection, improving sleep quality, reduce stress & anxiety amongst many more benefits. Sound Healing sessions are passive meditations where the participants absorb, feel & experience sound and melody. The session involves specific frequencies vibrations to promote relaxation and an overall well-being. The therapist will use Singing Bowls, Gongs and various other musical instruments to create a safe & calm space. Take this opportunity to ground, clear and align yourself to inner-self.

Qi Gong - The Tool to Longevity - Sat, 15th Jul’23

The art of Qi gong is based on the principles used in acupuncture and traditional chinese taoist medicine. It is a form of light exercise that involves repeated movements, practiced breathwork, stretching, and increasing fluid movement within the body. By doing this, qigong restores the flow of energy in the body and helps us become aware of the flow of our own life force energy or chi.

Airo Yoga - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Airo Yoga is a fresh, new and playful spin on aerial yoga, combining elements from Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates and Acro-Play with a custom-designed swing. Designed for the modern-day Yogi, Airo Yoga is accessible to all levels of fitness and is a fantastic complimentary system to other sports and movement practices. Come and experience the bliss and benefits of yoga in a unique and exciting way.

Arm Balances Workshop - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Explore the art of arm balance asanas in your yoga practice and unlock new levels of balance, focus, and empowerment.

Headstands & Inversions Workshop - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Headstand also known as the “King of all Asanas” gives us remarkable benefits from developing brain power, a healthy heart to learning deeper, subtler aspects to find presence and control. You will focus on shoulder stands, headstands and forearm balancing by following step by step techniques to help you get there. This workshop is for people who have just begun their practice or who have been practicing but find it too daunting or for those who have a good inversion practice and want to step up and advance their Inversion practice.

Capoeira 2-Days Workshop at FLUX - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It originated in the 16th century during the time of slavery in Brazil and was developed by enslaved Africans. Capoeira is characterized by fluid and rhythmic movements, often performed in a roda, a circle where practitioners play and interact. It is not only a martial art but also a cultural expression and a way to build community. Capoeira can be practiced for self-defense, physical fitness or simply as a form of artistic expression.

Experience the Japanese Martial Art of Ninjutsu - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Martial Arts in the original sense of the practice is less about fighting and more about life. In essence, training a martial art is about training for life, about how to connect with and align with every situation in this ever-changing world. It is about learning to pay attention, to be in control of our own thoughts and actions. And also, to be responsible for the consequences of our interactions with the world around us. So come and experience this art and learn the basic ideas which you can apply in everyday life, in your meetings, in your interactions with people and when and if needed, perhaps in your physical defense too.

Urban Odysseys - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Our daily routines, schedules and commutes are a large part of how we interact with our city. However, we rarely take the time to reflect on how these rituals contribute to our experiences within these spaces. MAP Bengaluru invites you to reimagine Bengaluru through your memories and create personal maps of the city with this exploratory workshop. Through the workshop, architect and building conservationist Veena Choudhary will introduce participants to mental mapping or the idea of looking at geographies from personal points of view. Using the sensory factors of touch, sound, smell and sight, this workshop will enable participants to reflect on their daily routines and redefine what living and interacting with the city means to them. By introducing a creative and unique way of expressing one’s experiences of the city, the workshop helps the participants embark on a transformative journey of connecting with different facets of Bengaluru.

How to be real and authentic in dating? - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Learn playful ways to build authentic connections. Generally, a lot of dating advice says “Just Be Yourself”. But “how to be yourself” is often not talked about. What does it mean to be myself? Am I not myself when I am not feeling alive? Or when I am feeling sad? It is difficult to figure because growing up we were often told to not feel our feelings or express our thoughts - Children are shushed, boys are asked not to cry, girls are supposed to sit in a certain way, etc. Similar challenges show up in dating. Furthermore, the mainstream media showcase a certain way of romance and dating which tends to set unreal expectations from real life. This is likely to bring up pressure or anxiety. Have you felt it? Or perhaps a certain hesitation or fear? This workshop helps in experiencing, learning and practicing methods and tools which help us “be ourselves” in the dating life (and apparently in any other area of life). We do this by playing some games and trying out a few exercises especially designed for singles coming from diverse background, age, gender and sexuality.

Body Whispering - An Immersive Session - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Experience an immersive session dedicated to cultivating a profound connection with your body and accessing its wisdom. Learn the art of intuitive body communication through guided practices, mindful movement and gentle exploration. Discover the transformative power of listening to the whispers of your body for physical healing, emotional balance and deeper self-connection. Suitable for all experience levels, no prior knowledge of body whispering required. Join Ma’rifa Avi for an empowering and rejuvenating experience at Lahe Lahe Cafe and unlock the potential for holistic well-being.

The Calm Collective - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Join Huma for a fun and relaxing yoga and meditation workshop for the youth of Bangalore! This workshop will include interactive games, yoga therapy and a guided meditation session. Come meet new people and learn some new techniques to help you feel more calm and centred.

Backbends Workshop - Sun, 16th Jul’23

In this workshop, you will be guided step-by-step progression towards advanced backbends, deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology, understanding the principles of alignment in advanced asanas, exploring variations, modifications and transitions and mastery and integration of advanced asanas into a flowing sequence.

Breathwork Circle - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Join at Go Native for a Zen and Healing workshop with Tanvi, where you’ll learn the transformative power of conscious connected breathing, movement and voice practices. Through guided exercises and meditations, Tanvi will help you connect with your body, breath and voice, allowing you to release tension and cultivate inner peace. You will learn how to use your breath to calm your nervous system and connect with your inner self.

Dances of Universal Peace + Whole Plant-based Lunch - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Come experience a powerful group practice where we move together in meditative steps and sing sacred songs from various traditions across the world, for peace within ourselves and for the world at Natureville Holistic Wellness Center which will be followed by a delicious Whole Plant-based Lunch!

Something Sufi – Love. Freedom. Light. Silence. - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Embark on a captivating three-hour offline workshop that delves into the enchanting poems of Mevlânâ Rumi. Experience a transformative journey of self-discovery through Sufi practices, exploring themes of love, freedom, light and the divine language of silence.

Let’s Talk Emotions - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Have you ever had a heartache, lost someone or something very very close to you. You can’t seem to find a way out. You want to talk about stuffs. You want to share how hard it is and how you keep trying each day to find your way back. At “Lets Talk emotions” we touch intricate feelings and share a procedure to love it while we move forward in life with confidence. Join Ananya this Sunday for talk therapy, journaling exercise and art therapy. This is not all, she has a surprise event for you at the end so that you never feel lonely or left out ever again. Materials would be provided at the workshop, you just need to come with an open mind and a sharing heart.

Understanding Societal Systems

I-Connect @ ISB - Sat, 15th Jul’23

I-Venture @ ISB and PIEDS, BITS Pilani brings you the 4th Edition of I-Connect @ ISB, an unmissable networking extravaganza in association with Atrium Angels. Witness the biggest gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, business leaders, mentors and enablers, all under one roof and rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the ecosystem. You also get a chance to engage with the amazing alumni community of ISB and BITS Pilani, comprising trailblazing founders and VCs, making this edition truly special.

The Jewel in the Crown - Sat, 15th Jul’23

The remains of what must have been a jewel of a Buddhist monastery, perched high on a granite massif, have been found at Phanigiri, 150 km from Hyderabad. The main construction and artefacts date between the 2nd to 4th centuries AD—a decisive period when Buddhism was sharing space with a rising number of organized sects. How did that impact its art and architecture? Prof. Naman Ahuja will take the audience through the astounding quality of the sculpture at Phanigiri and focus the audience’s attention on one piece in particular, a narrative that forms one of the key moments in Buddhist art.

India: The Entire Past - Tue, 18th Jul’23

G N Devy has immersed himself in a project that takes on a contentious issue in India’s culture wars, the country’s long history. He has brought together ninety historians from around the world to work with him on this project to trace the trajectory of the entire subcontinent since the end of the last ice age, some 12,000 years ago. This has culminated in the new book The Indians: Histories of a Civilization. G N Devy and Ravi Korisettar (eminent Archeologist) will describe the process leading to the unique collective that undertook and completed the comprehensive account of India’s past. They will offer glimpses of various enigmatic historical issues that the book deals with. The first copy of the book will be presented to eminent historian Ramachandra Guha who will offer his views on the collective initiative.

Art & Craft

Acrylic Painting on Canvas - Workshop - Fri, 14th Jul’23

Learn how to paint on canvas using acrylic paint creating a beautiful landscape on canvas using acrylic paints.

Healing Hues - Fri, 14th Jul’23

Join Simoni Sahoo for an immersive Art Therapy Session where creativity meets relaxation. This transformative 60-minute experience is open to all, regardless of artistic skill. Unleash your creativity, learn about the significance of colors and strokes, dive into a vibrant color splashing activity and engage in supportive group therapy discussions.

Acrylic painting on canvas - Painting a classic - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Join Art Beat for an amazing Acrylic on canvas workshop at the beautiful Art Beat studio. No prior experience is required. This workshop is made for beginners.

Glass Painting Workshop - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Learn the art of glass painting using glass paints with a brief introduction to glass painting as a medium along with tips and tricks and take home a fully framed masterpiece of your glass painting made by you along with loads of memories and pictures.

Fluid Art Workshop - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Fluid art workshop is a fun learning experience which let’s you experiment with warm and under tones. You can experiment, explore and discover new techniques and it gives you immense freedom to enjoy with colors and paints. In this workshop, you will learn 8 different techniques in fluid art and learn what is color theory and its application in real life.

Play with Textures - Sat, 15th Jul’23

The Leo Studio in association with AG on Wheels at Litbox presents Play with Textures. A Texture Art Workshop is an opportunity to learn new artform by using the method of observing. You will be guided to appreciate the art around and create textures from everyday objects. This engaging activity promises not only to ignite your creativity but also to foster a memorable experience, allowing you to craft your own designs and depart with a stunning masterpiece in hand, brimming with cherished memories.

Sip & Paint Workshop curated by The Purple Splash - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Join for an enchanting evening of creativity and indulgence at a Sip & Paint Workshop curated by The Purple Splash! Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of art while enjoying the cozy ambiance of Nomad Pizza, located in the heart of Bengaluru.

Sip and paint – Acrylic paint on canvas - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Capture the mesmerizing beauty of a landscape sunset in this workshop. Learn techniques to blend vibrant colors and create a serene atmosphere on canvas. No experience needed. Join Shalini Aditya for a few hours of artistic expression and take home a stunning masterpiece that embodies the magic of sunsets.

Art Therapy - Mindfulness & Relaxation - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Experience the Soothing Blend of Art and Nature in a Relaxing Art Therapy Session by iDare X Madhoomita. Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature and mindfulness as you explore the therapeutic benefits of engaging with art. Let your creativity flow as you connect with the beauty of the natural world, allowing it to inspire and nurture your soul. Join them for a rejuvenating experience that harmonizes art, nature and self-discovery.

Food Miniature Workshop - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Miniature art is a very old art technique of creating small paintings, sculptures etc from medieval age. Artists use paper, clay, marble, wooden sticks etc to make their art pieces. In this workshop, ArtDelight Group will be illustrating food miniature.

Pottery Santé - Sat, 15th Jul’23

This one-day pottery workshop is a hands-on experience that will introduce participants to the basic techniques of creating functional and decorative pottery pieces. The workshop will cover essential pottery-making skills such as clay preparation, wheel throwing and hand-building. Participants will learn how to create various forms, including bowls, cups, and plates, and explore decorative techniques such as carving, stamping and glazing.

Art-is-Zen Sat, 15th Jul’23

Daiti Baindur welcomes to the “Art-is-Zen” workshop, where creativity and craftsmanship come together to create fun pieces of wearable art. This workshop is dedicated to providing an immersive and enriching experience for beginner-level jewelry enthusiasts! And the best part is that you get to take home what you make! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make a bracelets with cute charms attached, anklets, earrings, and even rings!

Stitch-Nic Embroidery Workshop - Sat, 15th Jul’23

The workshop enables learners to manipulate delicate fabric, grasp different stitching techniques to create textures and motifs & gain confidence to further their journey into the world of embroidery.

Ae Ri Sakhi - Sat, 15th Jul’23

‘Ae Ri Sakhi’ is a dance meet where anyone (even absolute beginners) can learn how to heart out our emotions through dance and expression. A part of soulful song ‘Ae Ri Sakhi’ will be choreographed by Neha. Neha will help us channel our inner feminine and bring forward graceful movements.

Indian Cupping Session - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Experience a journey through the different coffee growing regions around India! Learn the technique of cupping coffees from Coorg, Chikmagalur, Yercaud, Meghalaya, Orissa, Mizoram and Araku! Through this course you can experience the different cup characteristics and hidden attributes of some of the most unique coffees from different states. Understand how the aromas, acidity, textures and flavour profiles are influenced by different terroirs and climatic conditions.

Painting Workshop by Bangalore Drawing Room - Sat, 15th Jul’23 & Sun, 16th Jul’23

Bangalore Drawing Room invites you to Serene Buddha Finger Painting Workshop, Hazy Sunset Canvas Painting Workshop and Santorini Knife Painting Workshop. It will be a guided session where step-by-step instructions are provided by the facilitator. Get your friends and family along and spend amazing quality time with your loved once and create a memorable painting together.

Paint over Coffee - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Discover the artist within you and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of canvas painting! Join Priyanka Jain for an exciting painting workshop where you will work with acrylic paints on canvas. Set in the cozy ambiance of a Third wave coffee in Bangalore, this workshop offers the perfect blend of creativity, relaxation, and socializing.

Sips & Swirls: The Fluid Alchemy - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Create a beautiful fluid art masterpiece on an MDF board with ARTery and Aananya T while you sip drinks and relish food from Go Native!

Acrylic on Canvas - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Join for an Acrylic on Canvas Painting Workshop in Bangalore at Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala. Whether this is your first time painting or you enjoy creating artwork occasionally, this workshop is for you. During the workshop, our artist will demonstrate how to make the painting step-by-step and share some tips and techniques on acrylic art. Take time out with family and friends to unwind and paint your own masterpiece. When you’re done, take your artwork home!

Finger Painting Workshop - Sun, 16th Jul’23

This 3 hour workshop is a perfect match for your relaxing weekend. Join Dipali and rejuvenate your creativity while you master different techniques for Finger Painting. You will explore on what colors to use, how to easily blend them together, different impressions to create while painting with fingers and much more in this detailed workshop.

Painting with Paws - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Bring your paw friends and together create a pur-fect painting! Join a fun painting activity for you and your pets, paw-printing on canvas boards using acrylics.

Gold Leaf Painting - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Discover the allure of gold leaf on MDF board in this captivating painting workshop. Experience the unique combination of lustrous gold leaf and smooth MDF surface as you create stunning artwork. Learn the step-by-step process of preparing the MDF board, applying the delicate gold leaf sheets, and sealing your masterpiece. Immerse yourself in this elegant form of artistic expression and leave with a visually striking artwork that adds a touch of glamour to any space.

Wall as your Canvas - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Over the course of 5 hours, you’ll be able to learn the basics of Wall paintings including the kind of paints to use and unconventional methods to get textures, meet mural artists who will guide you through a session to paint 6 wall panels of a government school, get Polaroids of your painting session, take home memories with other like minded people and the fact you brightened up the world!

Date Night Painting Party - Sun, 16th Jul’23

ArtDelight brings to you date night painting party. Bring your date or come solo. No, this is not a painting class or workshop. Its painting party where people socialize over art. Come, sit, relax, sip and paint. Rejuvenate yourself, paint with fun and do something different on weekend.

Toodlegraphy Workshop - Sun, 16th Jul’23

In this workshop, Games Lab will take you through the process of experimenting with different patterns, lines and shapes to tell your visual stories on paper. Don’t worry about artistic experience or skill level – this workshop is designed for everyone. Through a series of engaging exercises and demonstrations, you discover the therapeutic and the freeing nature of doodling. Feel the stress melt away as you immerse yourself in the rhythmic flow of the pen, allowing your imagination to run wild.

Mud & Mocha Workshop - Sun, 16th Jul’23

This one-day pottery workshop is a hands-on experience that will introduce participants to the basic techniques of creating functional and decorative pottery pieces. The workshop will cover essential pottery-making skills such as clay preparation, wheel throwing and hand-building. Participants will learn how to create various forms, including bowls, cups, and plates and explore decorative techniques such as carving, stamping and glazing.

International Cupping Session - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Experience a journey through the different coffee growing regions around the world! Learn the technique of cupping coffee from Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia and more! Through this course, you can experience the different cup characteristics and hidden attributes of some of the most unique coffees from different continents. Understand how the aromas, acidity, textures and flavour profiles are influenced by different terroirs and climatic conditions.

Craft Chocolate Bonbons Class - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Join Chef Sana and Patricia from the Indian Cacao and Craft Chocolate Festival for hands-on class to learn how to make chocolate bonbons, understand tempering techniques, discover Bon fiction craft chocolate and receive recipes using white, milk and dark craft chocolate.

Words - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Poetry is the epitome of language. Using language in a way that it ‘works’ has advantages that go beyond poetry and is a wonderful skill to possess. Writing poetry also has therapeutic effects and is a valuable form of self expression in an increasingly complex and competitive world. There is an imaginative poet in each one of us, until the hustle and bustle of the world takes it away. However, with some insight into the craft along with activities and prompts that can help us start writing, we can nurture and nourish their inner bards. This workshop aims to do just that. During the workshop, Sourav Roy will guide you to look at topics like phonetics, image, rhetoric, metaphor, symbols and logic with words as our guiding light. Through exercises and activities, participants will be nudged towards writing a few drafts of their own.

Film & Theater

Maarikaadu - Thu, 13th Jul’23

Maarikaadu - A brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by Jnanapita awardee Dr. Chandra Shekar Kambara and directed by Joseph NeenNaaSam.

All This for the Sake of Bread? - Thu, 13th Jul’23

An old woman is traveling and she gets hungry. She opens a packet of Rotti (Indian bread) to eat at the railway station. At the same time, a hungry beggar sees her eating Rotti and snatches it from her and runs away. The old woman shouts, “Thief! Thief!” The police come running and start beating the thief with a stick on his head, causing him to bleed. The beggar who took the Rotti because of hunger is now punished in this way. The incident creates a situation where people turn against the old woman, accusing her of being cruel. She feels distressed and wonders what she should do to rectify the situation. It seems impossible.

Vinura Vema - Fri, 14th Jul’23

Vinura Vema is a Play which spreads light around the life of Saint Vemanna and his Teachings and Reforms of Society With Narrative Combination of Teachings And Thoughts Of Saint Sarvagnya and Akka Mahadevi.

Digdarshak - Sat, 15th Jul’23

The play is about a veteran theatre director meeting an old student who has become a Bollywood superstar. As they get talking, there builds a rift between them, leading to them finding out what went wrong during their initial days at the drama club. Soon, a full-on theatre vs cinema debate ensues — which is better, why one should do theatre, what are the advantages of becoming a theatre artist, and more.

Soldier’s Silence - Sat, 15th Jul’23

A forsaken Indian airport with a faulty electric supply. The peak of Indian summers. And two war-torn soldiers. This setting becomes the battleground for a personal war between an American war veteran and an Iraqi militant. A war after the war! Come witness this unique chance encounter between two individuals who were destined to be at loggerheads by the design of the world, but who end up talking freely about the vices and slices of their worlds and almost become friends. Until…

Connectologues V 3.0 - The Phoenix - Sat, 15th Jul’23 & Sun, 16th Jul’23

Connectologues is an abstract weave of interrelated monologues. It’s a very unique style of presentation where multiple actors render their monologues which is interwoven with a larger story at the outset. This style of presentation combines skill around an actor traveling in the same physical space around different time zones of their characters. The unpredictable and non-linear nature of this presentation makes it a thrill to watch and perform.

The Global Nomads of Karnataka - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Members of the Karnataka-based Hakki Pikki tribespeople were stranded in Sudan in April this year when a civil war broke out in that country. Marooned from any kind of help amid violence all around them, they were left to their own resources for several days before they were rescued with assistance from the Indian External Affairs Ministry. As Indian media reported this harrowing story, the spotlight fell on the community with their travels to the far corners of the world arousing intense curiosity about who these tribespeople were. The basic question that popped up in most people’s minds who followed the troubling accounts of the trapped Hakki Pikki tribespeople was this: How did persons from a miniscule and marginalized tribal community end up in Sudan? The film Sikkidare Shikari, Illiddare Bhikari (Bird Trapper or Beggar?) depicts these travails of the community. Exiled from the forest, reviled by the city, their traditional ways of life outlawed, the Hakki Pikkis share their tales of wit and survival in this delightful cinematic rendition. One of the two film makers has spent a few decades with the Hakki Pikkis and this is evident in the sensitive and empathetic portrayal of the community. The film screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers and members of the Hakki Pikki tribe on how these spunky travellers sell their products globally.

Love in the Cholera of Time - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Love in the Cholera of Time is the story of 2 individuals who exist in different eras but fall in love nevertheless, in the in-betweens of time. This aberration puts the jobs and lives of 4 Time Gods in danger, whose job it is to keep time in its own place. This puts into motion strategies that could change the very nature of time. The play is a sharp & funny deliberation on love, loneliness, science and the industrialised weaponisation of time. Now whether the Time Gods’ efforts to keep time understandable, linear and tear free or not, you’ll just have to find out for yourself, won’t you?

A Judgement Error?? - Sun, 16th Jul’23

An English translation of a Bengali script written by Sri Nirup Mitra is set in the context of a nursing home and builds on a surgery which is debated on its merit and judgment, opening up the medical profession for deep introspection. It has a beautiful storyline centered around a young girl whose life changes based on certain decisions taken by an experienced surgeon. The play is intense, builds on tension and drama, provides a thrilling experience, as 15 characters on stage tell a passionate story, reflecting upon the judgment exercised on the young girl. In the context of the recent events where doctors’ judgements are being questioned and challenged every day, this play is extremely relevant and contemporary.

Fun and Games

Night of Mafias! - Fri, 14th Jul’23

Indulge in a super interactive game of Mafia in a unique setting and watch the drama unfold with a chance to meet and bond with people from all walks of life. Socialize and make new friends all the while playing a superlative game.

Chess Connect / Bangalore Chess Club - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Are you tired of playing chess online and looking for a way to play friendly games in person over-the-board? We have you covered. Bangalore Chess Club is here with another Chess Connect. Do you need to be a professional? NO. We have players from all age and rating categories! So book now for some fun-filled chess hours!

With Kids

Zumbini - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Music and movement program for kids aged 0-4 yr olds and their caregivers. Come sing, dance and play age appropriate instruments with an ultimate bonding experience.

Crafty play date for kids - Sat, 15th Jul’23

Calling all young artists, creative minds, and craft enthusiasts! Get ready for an extraordinary play date filled with imagination, colors, and endless fun. It’s time to unleash your artistic talents and create unforgettable memories with friends!

3 Little Pigs - Sat, 15th Jul’23

The three little pigs is a classic tale that has been enjoyed by many, for a number of years and still proves popular to this day. The story takes the viewers on a journey of three little pigs who set off to find materials to build their own house. One of them does a great amount of hard work and builds his house with bricks and the remaining are lazy. They build their houses with straws. One day, a wolf comes to their place and destroys the houses of lazy pigs but will the bad wolf blow down the house of the smarter pig? What trick will he use to get inside the house? Will he disguise himself or land into the house straight through the chimney. Come and enjoy this thrilling and exciting experience with foot-tapping music & dances.

A platter of Stories - Sat, 15th Jul’23

A dash of history, a dollop of folk lore, a sprinkle of mythology and a zing of creativity will all be added to A Platter of Stories. Join Aparna Jaishankar for an interactive storytelling session for children as she shares tales of food from around the world.

Theatre workshop for children : ACT RE-ACT ENACT - Sat, 15th Jul’23 - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Theatre is a wonderful space for children to be themselves, overcome fear, build patience and respect, responsibility, communication and many more.

Snake Charcoal Art For Kids - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Join BCC for an exciting charcoal art workshop for kids on the occasion of World Snake Day! Led by a renowned wildlife artist Prasad Natarajan, this hands-on session will teach children the fascinating art of drawing snakes. In this workshop, kids will explore the intricate details of these slithering creatures and learn how to capture their essence on paper using charcoal techniques. From the mesmerizing patterns on their scales to the curve of their bodies, children will gain valuable skills in shading, texture, and form. This engaging workshop promises a fun and educational experience that will ignite their creativity and appreciation for the natural world.

Stories from Indian mythology - Sun, 16th Jul’23

Until a few generations ago, children were brought up on stories from Indic Epics. These stories were rich in imagery and subtly brought out the hows and whys of many rituals, the significance of flowers, plants and animals in our everyday life, the magic of boons and curses and the antics of asuras and devas. Join Aparna Jaishankar as she explores the world of mythology for children.

Tales from Loonypuram - Sun, 16th Jul’23

The story world has a new station called Loonypuram. A place where kings and queens, animals and birds, characters from books and cartoons all come alive. And what’s more, they each have a problem that is sillier and loonier than the other.

Just Hiss - Wed, 19th Jul’23

An original script adaptation of a short story titled, ‘A Serpent’s Predicament’. A play about non-violence, the need to be your authentic self, to forgive, to not forget and to co-exist with all beings. What does it take to choose love over hate?