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Soulful Events - Week 4 July '23

Events for the 4th week of July '23
Soulful Events - Week 4 July '23

Welcome to another edition of the Soulful Events newsletter! We bring you activities and events that nourish your soul.



Shaam - e - Sufiana - Fri, 21st Jul’23

Join for a mesmerizing evening of soul-stirring Sufi music and enchanting melodies. Just BLR are thrilled to present the renowned FRK Khan and their exceptional band, who will transport you to a realm of spiritual bliss and captivating rhythms. Get ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey through the depths of Sufi music.

Bheegi Jaun Main Piya - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Monsoon inspires writers, poets and singers. The droplets of rain seem like they are soaked with folk songs - of the peacock dancing, the koel singing. The dark clouds and lightning remind women waiting to see their beloved. The bond of togetherness in the magic of monsoons - sometimes under an umbrella, or sometimes just waiting together for the rains to clear. This concert is a tribute to the romance of the rain composed & performed By Indira Naik And Her Band.


According To Official Score, Nobody Cares - Fri, 21st Jul’23

Prepare to be dazzled! Deepak, the epitome of dance perfection in Bangalore, stands as a beacon of contemporary dance prowess. With his illustrious career, he has not only graced the stage with his magnificent moves but has also nurtured countless generations of dancers who now thrive in the world of success. And let me tell you, Mirra, his ever-trusted confidant since their Attakkalari days, is no less of a force to be reckoned with. Now, here’s the pièce de résistance: the present work they are crafting is a breathtaking culmination of two decades of dance perfection. Every step, every gesture, every twist and turn carries the weight of their collective artistry, honed over countless hours of sweat, tears, and relentless pursuit of perfection.

Syncretic Streams - Mon, 24th Jul’23

This narrative begins with the portrayal of duality. There is no one without the other and there is no him without her – in the coming together of the complementary energies of Prakriti & Purusha lies the balance or Sama, of life. It then ruminates on inner dialogue and introspection, building reciprocation with oneself, through the eyes of a man who is waylaid by the six passions of his own mind. Searching for meaning in disjointed exchanges through the nuances of silence, the import of listening and the impact of speech forms the third part and it concludes with finding closure in synergy between all sentient beings, in the peace and bliss it invokes, in its power to heal – us and the world around us. The timelessness of Kathak lies in its ability to adapt itself to modern narratives seamlessly and as trained Indian Contemporary dancers, Roopa and Keerthi, also like to weave in those influences to embellish their presentation and help move their story forward. Through the confluence of movement, original soundscape, multi-media and film, they will portray their understanding of reciprocity and hope that in doing so, they find resonance with the audience and engage in meaningful reciprocity.

Cultural Activities

Mello’s Open Mic and Jamming Session - Thu, 20th Jul’23

Join Mello team for an unforgettable evening of creativity and self-expression at their Open Mic and Jamming Session. Whether you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter, a talented poet or an amazing performer of cover songs, this is your chance to shine. Share your original music, mesmerizing poetry or captivating renditions of your favorite songs in a supportive and welcoming environment followed with an unforgettable night of jamming and collaboration. Mello’s dynamic energy combined with your musical talents will create an atmosphere of pure magic. So, mark your calendars and get ready to rock out with Mello at our jamming session!

Open Mic Night, Bangalore - Fri, 21st Jul’23

You are invited for an Open Mic Night where you can showcase your talent whether it is Music, Poetry, Storytelling, Comedy, Theatre, and what not. Or enjoy the night as an audience supporting and encouraging the upcoming talents.

Lalbagh Heritage Tree Walk - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Lal Bagh is a botanical park and a wonder. A space dedicated to tree heritage, this horticulture wonder is home to over 1000 species, giving anyone who enters, a walk through the world map of trees many of which were planted with great care. Hundreds of years old, unimaginable size, these silent giants come with beautiful stories of origin, background. Let’s give you an experience and tell you their story! Our tree walks is filled with knowledge, identification, sensory learning and recognizing big plants around led by Kavya Chandra.

Songs & Stories - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Ekta’s Gatherings warmly invite you to be a part of our “Songs & Stories” - Monsoon edition. These women gatherings are aimed to create a safe, inclusive, and empowering spaces for women, to share, sing, and enjoy a beautiful time together. This monsoon edition is to celebrate the season by sharing stories, experiences, memories that monsoon brings. Don’t miss this monthly women circle to share, connect, and be part of a community that understands and welcomes the spirit of women.

Traveller’s Meetup By Banjara and Gypsy - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Are you passionate about travelling and meeting like-minded travellers then this meetup is for you. Join Banjara and Gypsy for the travel meet-up and hear amazing travel stories.

Open Mic - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Cafe Down The Alley invites you for an open mic event where you can showcase your talent whether it is Music, Dance, Poetry, Storytelling, Comedy, Theatre, Science and Technology and what not.

Mahesh - Listening Session - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Trippink Alive are thrilled to present the incredibly talented singer-songwriter and musician, Mahesh, hailing from Bangalore, India. Influenced by John Mayer, Damien Rice, Radiohead, and Jeff Buckley, Mahesh’s captivating vocals and soulful songwriting are sure to leave you mesmerized.

The Urban Solace Weekend Breakfast Celebration - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

The Urban Solace Breakfast Platter is an experience in English Breakfast complete with a juice, eggs of your choice, chicken sausages, baked beans with bread, butter and jam. Taking you back in time; as you enjoy the spectacular view of Ulsoor Lake and indulge yourself in the goodness of a healthy breakfast meal.

Book Launch of The Grande Matriarch of Malabar by Sajita Nair - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Join for the Book Launch of “The Grande Matriarch of Malabar” by Sajita Nair! Explore the fading legacy of a matrilineal household in old Kerala with the author in conversation with Shinie Antony.

Dialogues Poetry Mic - Sat, 22nd Jul’23 & Sun, 23rd Jul’23 (Multiple Venue)

Whether you like listening, reading or performing poems or short stories, be ready to be entertained. Dialogues Cafe are on a journey to create safe spaces for the writers in town — to share their writing with like-minded people and become part of our community. You can hold us accountable for making you have a good time!

Mahabharatha Dialogues - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Embark on a captivating journey into the legendary stories of the Mahabharata. Join Dialogues Cafe for a series of live storytelling sessions that will transport you into the fascinating world of the greatest epic ever written. Immerse yourself in that world and discover the heroic deeds, complex relationships, and moral dilemmas that have enthralled audiences for centuries.

Men’s Unplugged - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Join at Lahe Lahe as they celebrate the incredible spirit and resilience of men! Men Unplugged is more than just an open mic event; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the sacrifices and remarkable roles that men play in our society. From fathers to brothers, sons to friends, partners to husband’s, colleagues to support staff, they deserve our gratitude and appreciation for their unwavering support and dedication.

Indiegasm Session - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Experience a blissful musical evening with 3 beautiful performances by 5 artists. You’ll be taken through the wave of different emotions through their originals, their stories, and their point of view of different experiences. Moreover, who doesn’t enjoy covers of good Bollywood music? Indiegasm Session is the perfect way to enjoy your evening for all you music enthusiasts.

Poetics and Politics after Ramayana - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

After is a collection of poems inspired by Valmiki’s Ramayana, one of Asia’s foundational epic poems and a story cycle of incalculable historical importance. But After does not just come after the Ramayana. On each successive page, Vivek Narayanan brings the resources of contemporary English poetry to bear on the Sanskrit epic. In a work that warrants comparison with Christopher Logue’s and Alice Oswald’s reshapings of Homer, and Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red, Narayanan allows the ancient voice of the poem to engage with modern experience, initiating a transformative conversation across time. In this session, Vivek Narayanan is in conversation with Mani Rao and Arshia Sattar. A Q&A with the audience will follow.

Who is a True Lover? - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

‘Who is a True Lover?’ is a Rumi Appreciation Gathering by Kyoumars Freeman and Shaista, as they read 3 stories of Rumi, from the spiritual Masnavi at the gorgeous The Cafe at Saanchi. With Persian Live Music and some tea, inviting Lovers, Friends, Seekers, basically just everybody!

Syama Krishna Sodari - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Syama Sastry, one of the three that make up the Trinity of Carnatic music, has composed only 60 to 70 krithis, but these are replete with raga bhava and laya intricacies. These compositions depict a rich raga lakshana and serve as a benchmark for ragas like Todi, Dhanyasi, Anandabhsiravi, Saveri and so on. He has honed some rare ragas very beautifully. In this lecture-demonstration, we will try to understand how he has handled these ragas. The musicians will also delve into some of the laya intricacies that Sastry has commonly used. Some of the anecdotes linked with his compositions will also be dealt with.

Caretharsis…Through the Eyes of Caregivers - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Through Care-Tharsis, First Drop Theatre invites you to join them and share your real-life caregiver stories; stories where you have been a caregiver to someone or perhaps you have been cared for by someone - as a parent, child, spouse, partner, friend, relative. Your stories would then be enacted by the actors, on-the-spot, in the format of Playback Theatre!

Van Gogh Immersive Experience - Mon, 24th Jul’23

Van Gogh 360 is an immersive experience featuring the work of one of the most famous and influential figures in the history of western art. Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are housed in galleries and collections around the globe. Van Gogh 360 brings over 300 of his most popular works together in a dynamic show that is not to be missed. Come surround yourself with Van Gogh.

Write Out Loud - Tue, 25th Jul’23

Lahe Lahe brings to you an evening of soul on paper. Every Tuesday we are bringing to you a heart-plucking session of poetry and good company. Welcoming you all and looking forward to an amazing evening of poetry jam BYOP (own/favourite pieces) and bonding and sharing.

Let It Go – An open mic - Wed, 26th Jul’23

StoryZone presents “Let It Go” Open mic event where you can show your talent whether its Storytelling, Acting, Poetry, Shayari, Dance, Mime, Stand up comedy, Singing or Musical Performance or be a part of the audience and appreciate and enjoy the talent showcased.

Personal Development & Soul Nourishment

Meraki - Mindfulness Through Meditation - Fri, 21st Jul’23

‘Meraki’ is a Greek word that means “essence of ourselves”. It cannot be translated in one word but it means “something done with one’s soul, with creativity, effort and a lot of love”. True to this translation, HerMoveMeant are here to offer mindfully curated meditative and creative spaces for individuals to connect with themselves. We, as social animals, are constantly acknowledging and attending to the needs of those around us. But how often do we take the time to ask ourselves ‘How am I feeling today?’ If this question made you think, this workshop is for you!

Handmade with Love - Fri, 21st Jul’23

Handmade with Love is a workshop curated to bring together a young group of individuals passionate about creative projects. Whether you’re experimenting with mixed media, crocheting a sweater for your cat, or scribbling your thoughts away in a journal, bring along your creative art projects with you to BIC and we’ll work on them together, as a community. Art therapists Pallavi Chander and Ketaki Bali, will bring a multidisciplinary approach to this workshop with their different backgrounds in visual arts and drama therapy. The session will begin with the facilitators sharing stories about their own unfinished art projects. It will then be followed by a guided meditation and the participants sharing a space to work on their projects together. The facilitators will support the participants throughout the process, helping them explore new approaches and overcome creative blocks.

Katsu! The Zen Retreat - Fri, 21st Jul’23 to Thu, 27th Jul’23

At Katsu! The Zen Retreat, you are invited to embrace the exhilarating challenge of an intensive seven-day silent meditation retreat like no other. Consider this your spiritual bungee jump, a rare opportunity to leap into the unknown and awaken your own Buddha nature. This retreat is not just a quest for knowledge; it’s about living and being Zen. Prepare to explore the radical teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, Soto Zen, and Rinzai Zen, where ancient wisdom meets modern sensibilities. The program has been meticulously crafted that unlocks profound insights and makes them accessible to the contemporary mind, enabling you to embody the wisdom and realizations in your everyday life.

Ecstatic Dance - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Ecstatic Dance Collective are thrilled to announce their 3rd ecstatic dance session in Bengaluru. Join them for a wonderful journey of self-discovery and healing. The evening will kick off with a transformative Breathwork session, designed to deepen your connection with your inner self and create a sense of calm and clarity. Following the Breathwork, get ready to surrender to the rhythm and embrace the magic of Ecstatic Dance. Together create a safe and judgment-free space where you can freely express yourself through movement. As the night unfolds, conclude the journey with the mesmerizing vibrations of Tibetan Sound Healing. Allow the soothing sounds and frequencies to envelop you, promoting relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation!

Breathwork Circle - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

In this workshop, Tanvi will guide you through gentle movements to help you release tension stored in your body. This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to deepen their connection with themselves, learn mindfulness techniques and cultivate inner peace.

Flowgame - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Flowgame is a playful way to work with any serious questions or challenges that we may be currently exploring in our lives. It is a simple yet powerful game to inspire reflection, dialogue, support, clarity, and action. The Flowgame is a gently hosted process, facilitated by Arvind Shivakumar.

A Workshop on Contemporary Flamenco by Naya Binghi - Sat, 22nd Jul’23 - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

A workshop on contemporary flamenco by Naya Binghi facilitated by Ronita Mookerji in collaboration with Manifest Dance-Film Festival. In this extraordinary workshop, immerse yourself in the rhythmic tapestry of the flamenco world as Naya unveils her treasured repertoire. Unleash your inner dancer as you delve into the evocative beats and steps, guided by the graceful expertise of a true artist. Join at Shoonya and embark on a transformative journey that fuses the timeless traditions of flamenco with the exhilarating spirit of contemporary dance.

Self Care Sundays by iDare - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Join Dialogues Cafe for Self-Care Sundays by iDare and prioritize your well-being with a delightful blend of games, conversations and nurturing experiences. Book your tickets now to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection and self-care that will leave you inspired and revitalized.

Creative Wellness Festival - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Join BCC at the Creative Wellness Festival in Bangalore! Get ready for a day filled with art, music, and wellness as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and collective awakening. Immerse yourself in a One-of-a-Kind Sound Healing Experience with over 100 participants acquainting with the power of harmonizing vibrations. Engage with renowned experts in presentations on personal growth, creativity, and holistic well-being. Gain valuable insights to enhance your life. Delight your senses with captivating performances by talented artists and musicians, celebrating the beauty of human creativity.

Unbox Your Story - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Stories have the power to move people. Our lives have many stories within them —- what we consider important, what we value, our hopes and how we are the way we are; our work is one such story about us. Whether it is with an organisation or a personal project, how do we create stories about our work? How do we understand our relationship with it; what excites us about it, what it means to us and why do we do what we do? Once we start thinking about the stories behind our work, how do we then move people with these stories and find connections with others around us? Join Swati Sambrani as she guides us to recognise and articulate the skills, know-hows, values and hopes interwoven into our work. Inviting us to reflect on our journey with any piece of work, the session will focus on discovering the values and hopes we hold close in life and understanding how they translate into what we do. Through group activities and sharing, the session will help us unearth the stories behind our work and create proposals for actions based on what we hold important.

Understanding Societal Systems

What Kind of Nation Can Our Classrooms Build? - Thu, 20th Jul’23

Teach For India is committed to an education that builds an India free of poverty and filled with love. Since 2009, it has been building a movement of leaders who transform the lives of students in the short term, and develop as leaders for educational equity in the long-term – indirectly reaching 50 million children across India. The focus of this session will be a panel discussion with Khushi Chauhan (TFI student alumna and True School of Music), Nimesh “Nimo” Patel (musician and member of Manav Sadhna), Nooraine Fazal (co-founder of Inventure Academy) and Suraj Moraje (founder of Eka Fellowship). The discussion will surface insights into how our nation is built in our classrooms, and ways in which we can raise a generation of children committed to practising the ideals enshrined in the Preamble of our Constitution. The discussion will be preceded by a soulful musical performance by Bindhumalini. Post the discussion, Nimo Patel and Khushi Chauhan will perform an original song from Teach For India’s upcoming musical, the Conference of the Birds, which premieres on 29-30 July in Bangalore.

Beyond Imagination - Fri, 21st Jul’23

A presentation based on the documentary “Expanding Imaginations” by Harry Dhaul and Devdatt Pattanaik, this is a thought-provoking AI-based interactive event that aims to explore various dimensions of human imagination, sufi thought and the clutter we pick up as a part of the human experience. This event will harness the power of AI to provide participants with context-based answers through an AI-based model, enabling engaging discussions and enhancing the overall learning experience.

Women in Art and Patronage in the Mediaeval Metropolis - Fri, 21st Jul’23

Through the depictions of female deities, the poetry of female saints and records of prominent female patrons to whom temples or other public buildings are attributed, Sharada Srinivasan aims to explore these lesser known facets. In this illustrated talk, she highlights the ways in which distinctions between art and reality may be blurred; and how women may have played a more significant role than previously noted in pre-modern times.

Class Matters - Fri, 21st Jul’23

A large citizen survey was conducted in Bengaluru to better understand the everyday practices through which citizens effectively wield their rights. This is beyond conventional measures of voter turnout or generalisations about citizen participation in politics. The key takeaway is that the poor access the state through political participation and the rich through their influence and connections. It was also found that unlike the conventional celebration of participation as a citizenship-deepening activity, a substantial part of participation is associated with forms of brokerage that compromise democratic citizenship. This session will present the findings of the study and its implications for understanding the nature of urban democracy.

Smoke and Ashes - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Amitav Ghosh’s new book, Smoke and Ashes: A Writer’s Journey Through Opium’s Hidden Histories is the story of how, under the aegis of the British Empire, India became the world’s largest producer of opium between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the different conditions under which opium was produced in various regions, with lasting effects for those areas. It also traces the transformative impact that the opium trade had on India, China, Britain and the United States, with profound long-term consequences for the birth of the modern world, and of contemporary globalism. Many of the world’s biggest corporations got their start in the colonial opium trade. But the opium economy also had significant effects at the microlevel, influencing migration and settlement patterns, and touching upon millions of lives, including those of his own forefathers. The author, Amitav Ghosh, will speak to us about the making and execution of this exciting book and, engage in a conversation with Ramachandra Guha. A Q&A with the audience will follow.

Democracy: Thriving or Surviving? - Mon, 24th Jul’23

The event seeks to better understand the ways in which democracy is under attack in an interactive debate format. An audience poll will be taken before and after the intellectual engagement to determine how popular opinion has changed with a panel of judges to call the result. Audience members will be invited to share their reasons for changing opinions after the discussion in groups. Come and witness an exciting discussion regarding the troubled future of global democracy.

Art & Craft

Acrylic Painting On Canvas - Greece Landscape - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Join Art Beat for an amazing Acrylic on canvas workshop at the beautiful Art Beat studio. No prior experience is required. This workshop is made for beginners. Learn how to paint on canvas using acrylic paint creating a beautiful landscape (Greece landscape) on canvas using acrylic paints and take home a beautiful artwork on canvas along with loads of memories and pictures.

Alcohol Ink Workshop - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

You will be introduced to color theory and mixing techniques, tips for keeping all the colors vibrant in spite of dilution, moving the canvas appropriately around to create patterns, understanding how different colors will look when they interact with one another.

Pour Painting - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

In this 2-hour pour painting meetup, you will be learning basics of pour painting, canvas/color preparation, pouring styles and finally create an abstract art.

Knife Painting Workshop - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Get creative and master the basics of Knife Painting with Dipali. You will learn how to approach and start using palette knife. Using a palette knife for the first time can be intimidating to try out on your own. It is very different than painting the traditional way using the brushes. In this 3 hour workshop, you are going to explore different techniques, patterns and style using palette knife and create a decor worthy painting with tons of memories!

Travel Sketching - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

If you love to travel, trek and have wanderlust, come along and join in, for this fun and unique Travel sketching Workshop. Here you will learn how to sketch all those amazing places you visit, be it a temple in Bali or a lovely waterfall in Vietnam, be it a café in Europe or even a museum. This is a Kickstarter workshop for newbies who are starting their sketching journey. Bring your travel buddy and join in!

Play with Textures - a Blank Canvas Event - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Get ready to unleash your inner artist in the most eccentric and mesmerizing way! Join Saloni at the Texture Art Workshop, where the magic of observation takes center stage. Discover the hidden artistry in everyday objects as you embark on a thrilling journey of texture creation. She will lead you through the enchanting realm of art appreciation, helping you unlock your creative potential.

Resin Clock Workshop - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Resin art is a new form of medium that everyone has been crushing about these days. Soul Art will be conducting a beginner’s friendly resin class. You will be taught on how to safely work with resin and create amazing art pieces with resin art methods and techniques. Come along, get your hands dirty and take home a beautiful decor. Lets have a lot of art fun and create memories.

Textured painting on a mini canvas - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Join Shruti in this fun workshop where you will learn step by step process to create beautiful textured acrylic art on mini canvas. This is a beginner friendly workshop where you will learn to paint different beautiful texture art on mini canvas.

Decoupage @ Urban Solace with Artist Shabana Patel - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Decoupage or découpage is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements. In this workshop, you get to take home a beautifully Decoupage bottle. What you learn is the technique of how to do decoupage, the right surfaces to use, color blending and waterproofing.

Emoticons Theater’s Mime and Movement Workshop - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

This workshop is designed for both performing arts practitioners as well as people who are curious and aspiring to experience theatre. This is an intensive lab to explore performer’s physicality, explore and break your limitations, know your self and advance in your characterization and bodily presence using biomechanics and physical movement methodologies.

Essential Film Making Workshop - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Alumni of New York Film Academy and Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute introduces a 2 day filmmaking workshop. Designed for working professionals who want to seriously learn and pursue filmmaking this is a great starting point. This workshop can be your first step at understanding what really goes into the process of filmmaking. Covering the basic elements of filmmaking — from story development/screenwriting and directing the scene. This 2 day workshop will provide a strong introduction to the craft. By the end of the course each group of four students will have shot a complete scene.

Improv Workshop with Actors Collective - Sat, 22nd Jul’23 - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

The workshop will lay emphasis on learning the nuances of improvisational acting, working with a team, enhancing creative thinking, building greater presence of mind and to let one’s hair down. Participants learn to think out of the box, break conventional patterns of thinking, learn to use metaphors in performance, get more comfortable with their bodies, enhance body vocabulary and work on their creative imagination with a bunch of like-minded souls.

Saturday Art and Craft Week - Sat, 22nd Jul’23 - Tue, 25th Jul’23

Come and join StoryZone for your choice of wonderful art workshops over the week. There is no need of prior experience and it is beginner friendly where you will be guided step by step to create a beautiful art piece to take home along with you. Reserve your spot by clicking on Zone Saturdays, Saturday Evening Zone, Sunday Morning Zone, Sunday Afternoon Zone, Sunday Evening Zone, Zone Mondays and Zone Tuesdays.

Play with Textures - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

A Texture Art Workshop, is an opportunity to learn new artform by using the method of observing. You will be guided to appreciate the art around and create textures from everyday objects. This engaging activity promises not only to ignite your creativity but also to foster a memorable experience, allowing you to craft your own designs and depart with a stunning masterpiece in hand, brimming with cherished memories.

Sip & Paint - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

It’s time to unleash the Artist in you and join Tania for a Paint party this Sunday with your friends/family.

Sip. Paint. Vibe with Fluid Art - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Join Shreya for a captivating and hands-on experience that will take you through the mesmerizing world of fluid art where creativity meets fluidity! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced art enthusiast this workshop is designed to ignite your imagination and help you create stunning abstract masterpieces using the unpredictable nature of fluid paints. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of colors, textures, and endless possibilities!

Sunset canvas painting – Sip and paint - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Experience the magic of a Sip and Paint event centered around a stunning sunset acrylic painting. Relax and let your creativity flow as you sip on your favorite beverage in a welcoming and supportive environment. Take home a tangible reminder of your artistic journey—a unique sunset acrylic painting to treasure.

Paint Party - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Over the course of 3 hours, you’ll be able to learn the basics of Wall paintings including the kind of paints to use and unconventional methods to get textures, get Polaroids of your painting session, take home memories with other like-minded people and the fact you brightened up the world!

Finger Painting Workshop - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Finger Painting is a very expressive way to create art. It gives you more freedom to express emotions, feelings and as a whole it is a very therapeutic process! You will create different impressions using a lot of colors and paint in your own style. This 3 hour workshop is a perfect match for your relaxing weekend. Join Dipali and rejuvenate your creativity while you master different techniques for Finger Painting. You will explore on what colors to use, how to easily blend them together, different impressions to create while painting with fingers and much more in this detailed workshop.

Paint over Coffee - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

During this hands-on workshop, an experienced artist Priyanka Jain will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating your own masterpiece. No prior painting experience is required. All materials will be provided, ensuring a hassle-free experience. You only need to bring your enthusiasm and eagerness to explore your artistic side.

Mandala Art Workshop - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Mandala art is known for its meditative properties. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day or to spend a quiet afternoon at home. As you focus on creating your mandala designs, you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed and centered. Sign up for OwlStar Mandala Art Workshop & learn to create art that calms your mind.

Terrarium Making Workshop - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

It’s time to put down your electronic gadgets and tap into your creativity. Join Saloni Kumar for a unique and restorative experience where she will take you through the history of terrariums, materials you need, care & maintenance and step by step demo to design your own one-of-a-kind terrarium.

Upcycle Old Bottles - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Thinking what to do with your used glass bottles??. Well, ArtDelight have an answer. They bring to you a Sunday full of creativity. Its time to renovate your old bottles to a beautiful piece of decor with the art of Decoupage.

Crafting Lightscapes - Mon, 24th Jul’23

Indian dance is a theatre of imagination. Lighting helps create multiple realities in a single space. It transforms the space, the artistes and the storytelling by adding drama, perspective and heightened curiosity. This workshop takes the participants on an illuminating path of lights, their role, usage, design and execution. The participants will learn : 1. How to conceptualize and develop an effective lighting design 2. Understanding the types of lights 3. Building a lighting plan 4. Rigging, programming and execution.

Yes You Can Cook - Mon, 24th Jul’23 - Thu, 27th Jul’23

Over the course of five days, you’ll dive into various culinary techniques, from mastering sauces and soups to creating delicious pasta, pizza, salads, handling meats, and exploring the basics of bread making. Our experienced chefs will guide you throughout the workshop, providing step-by-step instructions, expert tips, and hands-on assistance. Join Ovensay on this culinary adventure, where you’ll enhance your culinary skills, ignite your creativity, and savor the joy of creating mouthwatering dishes.

Film & Theater

Anandowari: The Blind and The Elephant - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

This play is a Hindi adaptation of D.B Mokashi’s novel Anandowari, a seminal work in Marathi Literature. Originally published in 1974, the novel Anandowari looks at 17 th century saint poet Tukaram’s story through his younger brother Kanha’s perspective. Tukaram has gone missing again. This time though the hints seem ominous. He may not come back again. There are many speculations about his disappearance. Kanha, his younger brother re-commences this ritual of search for his younger brother and in the process recalls his brother’s story. It takes us through those 3 days of Kanha’s frantic search for Tuka and his many realisations about his brother.

Beda Nee Kolabeda - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

A fable in the mould of a Panchatantra Tale, “Beda… Nee Kolabeda” is an unique play written by Master Playwright - Shree Parvatavani. A hunter sets a trap to kill a ferocious tiger. But the ‘Hunter’ becomes the ‘Hunted’! The forest animals turn the tables! The shocked hunter becomes a prisoner and what ensues is a morality court case! The play showcases environmental concerns, the plight of animals in the wild, and puts the destructive nature of humankind in the spotlight. The role reversal is complete as the play reveals the ‘Humanity’ of wild animals and the shocking ‘Animal Savagery’ of humans!

Thushagni - Sat, 22nd Jul’23 & Sun, 23rd Jul’23

It all happened 100 years ago. In the Royal state of Travancore, in the village of Theyyaadimukku; Amboori Neelandan wishes to become the main Vishahaari (local toxicologist) of the village after Theyyadi Maathu - the doyen. Things do not go as planned for Neelandan as Maathu finds the heir in his son - Kumaran. As Neelandan’s indignation, anger, and frustration converge to transform into a simmering fire of vengeance, the village witnesses a duel like never before.

Dark People - Sat, 22nd Jul’23 & Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Dark People is a play that brings stories from South India that shed light on some of the dark human behavior. It sheds light on How we as human beings give importance to status in society more than human relations. How, finding the one person in your life is not as easy as it sounds when the entire family comes into the picture and things turn violent in no time and there is no time to react or comprehend. The play tackles the sensitive topic of intimacy with a hint of humor and the violence is handled in a way that will make the audience guilty of being a part of it.

Jakkana - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

The Jnanapitha Awardee, Padmabhushan Dr. Chandrashekhar Kambar weaves a fascinating play using - Mythological - Fables and History. Jakkana, the legendary sculptor of youre is the protagonist of the play. An unparallelled artist, whose fame is spread far & wide, but unfortunately he is blinded by his own ego. The play is narrated by a chorus who piece together the various threads of Jakkana’s life : Who is the Mysterious Mad Woman?; Who is young sculptor Dankkana?; What is the challenge accepted by Jakkana?; & Who is the happy go lucky Sheperd Boy? The play brings together all these strands and the climax reveals the answers!

Karnabhara - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

The play stages Karna a well known tragic hero of Mahabharata known for his sacrifice and his devoteness towards Duryodhana. The epic emotionally carries people in his tragic tale through shivu honniganahalli’s direction and his eye catching design of props and set. Be ready to witness a emotional saga of karna’s rule or otherwise Karnabhara!

Kāḷaji Nagara - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

What does it mean to have care communities in the city? What does it mean to use the arts to let a language of care emerge? How is such work intentionally facilitated? Join at MAP for a screening of the film Kāḷaji Nagara (Kannada for Care/Concern City) to explore these questions, followed by an audience interaction with Maitri Gopalakrishna. Using contemporary shadow puppetry, stop motion animation and a rich sound design, Kāḷaji Nagara was thoughtfully crafted as an outcome of gathering and analysing data from interviews, process notes, images and video recordings of participants and facilitators.

Gangavatharana - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Gangavatharana is inspired by the poems of D.R.Bendre, known by his pen name “Ambikatanayadatta”. Known for the lyrical rhythm and beauty, his poems are one of the most popular works of Kannada literature. Influenced by vedic literature and aurobindo, his poems are often philosophical in nature, yet, in a very simple manner. The play chronicles many famous anecdotes and incidents from Bendre’s life, parallel with the story of a literature researcher devoted to Bendre’s life and work. The play raises serious questions about human potential and his ability to rise above his misery. The play, known for its colorful dance sequences and soulful rendition of Bendre’s poems, is widely acclaimed as one of the breakthrough plays of the recent past.

Fun and Games

Good ‘ol Games Night - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Good 'ol Game Night brings back your favourite house party games to unique setting where there can be only one winner. Visit your childhood days where we play multiple house party games but with Twists. Compete with the group to reach the top of the score board and win a special prize. Spend your Friday night going back to the Nostalgia and having Fun at the same time.

Board Gaming Meet-Up with BLR Meeples - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Come join Bangalore Meeples at Klayworkz Barista they we play different kinds of board games! Mix of all sorts of board games and people— strategic, social, casual & fun, the serious gamer, all of it!

With Kids

Hanv Ghara Asa - Thu, 20th Jul’23

Hanv Ghara Asa, which means ‘I am Home’ in Konkani, explores the idea of ‘Being Home’. Told through objects & materials, this play wishes to take the viewer on a journey of what it truly means to be home.

Avinyautsav Science Fablabshow - Fri, 21st Jul’23

India’s 1st First science show theatre in the form of live fun science stage shows that create curiosity, instill a love for science and be super entertaining for children between age of 7years - 16years!

The Land of Mea Lilo - Fri, 21st Jul’23

The audience is invited by Mea & Lilo, two quirky characters in their discovery of ‘The Land of Mea Lilo’ - a place of hidden objects. What happens to them there, and how do they overcome the challenges they face with wit, teamwork and determination. Witness their adventures of creative explorations and watch your imagination come to life!

Bags Of Gags - Fri, 21st Jul’23 & Sun, 23rd Jul’23

The magical world in the bags of two clowns are going to unravel and fall open for you to see! Bags of Gags is a non- verbal clown show based on a profound clown technique and supported by magic, mime, slapstick and audience interactions.

Build With Troy - Fri, 21st Jul’23 - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

Block play is a great way to encourage movement and physical activity. Children can use their whole body as they build and manipulate the blocks, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the process.

Bottle Decoupage Workshop For Kids - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

Bottle decoupage is an easy-to-learn method to create beautiful art pieces with simple materials and techniques. Let your kids join at Art Beat on this workshop to find out more!

The Crying Village - Sat, 22nd Jul’23

The Crying Village is a play for children that follows the adventures of Guddu, a young boy, who travels to a dreamland where water is scarce. There, he meets Oni, a girl from another world, together they learn that this land lacks water, and everyone drinks tears. From here, Guddu and Oni embark on a quest to find a solution and bring hope to Oni’s drought-stricken world. As Guddu and Oni traverse the breathtaking landscapes of this enigmatic realm, they confront a series of extraordinary challenges that test their resolve and strengthen their bond. Everything that they learn here further fuels their curiosity and deepens their resolve to find a sustainable answer to the world’s unyielding drought. Along the way, they encounter unique challenges, discover and learn valuable lessons about empathy, friendship, and the importance of cherishing Earth’s precious resources.

Avinyautsav Little Theatre Arts - Sat, 22nd Jul’23 - Sun, 23rd Jul’23

When the fate of the world lies in a frying pan! A bunch of quirky eccentric cooks in a strange kitchen filled with the strangest ingredients are entrusted with the task of cooking up an extraordinary recipe that could save the world from impending doom. Not a simple task! They have to travel to magical worlds and alternative dimensions to find otherworldly ingredients for the recipe. It’s a race against time. Will they create the recipe on time?