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Soulful Weekly Events

Soulful events that happen every week
Soulful Weekly Events

Weekly Events

Pottery Workshop at Lahe Lahe - Thu, 6th Apr’23 - Sun, 30th Apr’23 (Tuesday to Sunday)

Pottery Workshops for Skillbuilding and Therapy! Trying your hand at pottery will not only help you build up a skill during these difficult times but be of great therapeutic help - the need of the hour. Learn Hand-building and how to throw a pot on the Potter’s Wheel.

Rico Vineyard and Winery Tour - Thu, 6th Apr’23 - Sun, 30th Apr’23 (Daily)

In a span of 3-hours, indulge in an exclusive, all-access tour of Rico Park followed by a wine tasting session. Unwind with a glass or two at The Tasting Room overlooking the vineyards with panoramic views. Have lunch at one of our restaurants and stay back at the World of Wines.

Mini Canvas Painting Workshop - Fri, 7th Apr’23 - Fri, 26th May’23 (Every Friday at Art Beat Studio & Art Beat

Always wanted to try your hand at painting? Or just haven’t painted in a while? This workshop is perfect for you. Learn the art of canvas painting. Learn how to paint on canvas. Using acrylic paint. Creating a beautiful landscape on canvas using acrylic paints.

Qi Gong - Sat, 8th Apr’23 (Every Saturday)

Join for an immersive and transformative experience as we delve into the world of Qi Gong. The session will focus on bringing in the energy of “Heaven” and “Earth” through a set of practices designed to massage our internal organs and open up energy channels running through our body. Our goal will be to store vital Qi in the lower abdomen also called “lower dantian”, leaving you feeling energized for the day ahead. We will enter into deep relaxation through moving meditations and focus on conserving our QI.

Break n Flow - Sat, 8th Apr’23 - Sun, 9th Apr’23 (Every Saturday & Sunday)

The dance class is an attempt to find fluidity in transiting from one movement to another. There will be a reflection of floor techniques of breaking which finds home in the freedom of contemporary dancing. These sessions will challenge you physically and mentally to push your limits in order to find ease with the phrases that will be taught. These classes are tailored to prepare the body to find the ease in going off and on the floor.

Frame it for Life @ Urban Solace - Sat, 8th Apr’23 - Sun, 30th Apr’23 (Every Saturday & Sunday)

Bangalore’s First Pet Friendly Café invites you to a scrumptious breakfast, lunch or dinner! Treat yourself to Great Food and Great Wine and take home a signature photo frame for a special photograph with your four legged family member and then “Framing it for Life”.

Open Mic - Mazey, Masti, Music - Sat, 8th Apr’23 - Sat, 15th Apr’23 (Every Saturday)

Whether you want to show off your guitar-shredding skills, your melodious singing voice, or your poems, or even want to bust out your weekly stress by jamming as an audience This is the place to be! You`ll get the chance to perform in front of an encouraging crowd, and there will be plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded musicians, poets, and audiences.

Truly Open - Sat, 8th Apr’23 - Sat, 15th Apr’23 (Every Saturday)

The stage is all set to showcase the artist in you, be it music, poetry, comedy, drama, stand-up, painting, dancing or any other form of arts.

Jagriti Open Mic Saturdays - Sat, 8th Apr’23 - Sat, 26th Aug’23 (Every Saturday)

If you’ve wanted a place to share your poetry, perform your music, try out your comedy set, tell a story you wrote, or just try something out in front of a live audience, the Jagriti Open Mic is for you! Anything that can be performed with one mic or less is welcome - comedy, music, poetry, etc. No prior experience required and all languages welcome.

Salsa and Bachata with Motley Dance Company - Sun, 9th Apr’23 - Sun, 25th Jun’23 (Every Sunday)

Have you ever dreamt to move your hips like Cuban Salsa stars? Here is your chance to get things started with the help of a great Indian Salsera : Minoti Ramachandra and Manoj Kumar.

Paint with Coffee - Sun, 9th Apr’23 - Sun, 27th Apr’23 (Every Sunday)

Coffee Painting is a beautiful art from a common household item, though this art is Monocromatic (involves working with only one color), the potential is limitless. Anyone can paint !!! It looks difficult yes , it looks impossible yes but join us for a 1.5 hour workshop and through the guidance of our Art Facilitator, Bharat you will be able to make a masterpiece at the end of your workshop!

Vipassana Meditation - Every Sunday

Vipassana is the art of quieting the body, mind, and turning the attention inwards. It takes us back to our primal and simpler way of living, in peace, harmony and silence. Join us every Sunday for our free Vipassana sessions, discourse, and discussion over a Whole Food Plant Based Breakfast at Justbe Resto Cafe.

Hands In Clay : Pottery workshop - Sun, 9th Apr’23 - Sun, 7th May’23 (Every Sunday)

Join Small World on a journey of self-expression and artistic discovery as you mold, sculpt, and glaze your very own ceramic masterpieces. Our skilled instructors provide expert guidance and foster a supportive environment for beginners and experienced potters alike. Unleash your inner artist, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on a therapeutic adventure into the mesmerizing world of clay.

Open Mic Bengaluru - Sun, 9th Apr’23 - Sun, 23rd Apr’23 (Every Sunday)

Calling all musicians! My School Of Rock is excited to announce their 31st Open Mic Music Challenge where 3 winners will be chosen. Get ready to take the stage and unleash your inner musician!

Music Jamming - Sun, 9th Apr’23 - Sun, 14th May’23 (Every Sunday)

An open and free music jam for all… Stretch your musical muscles every Sunday with the refreshing and the rejuvenating vibes. An opportunity to meet, learn and work with a wide spectrum of talented musicians both formal and informal ones.

Write Out Loud #271-283 - Tue, 11th Apr’23 - Tue, 30th May’23 (Every Tuesday)

Lahe Lahe brings to you an evening of soul on paper. Every week we recite poetry on a theme they would have fixed last week or if not, you can recite any of your poems you would like to share or even a poem you like with credits to the poet. Also we have poet of the week where we talk about the poet and his works.

Coaster painting workshop - Wed, 12th Apr’23 - Wed, 31st May’23 (Every Wednesday)

Always wanted to try your hand at painting? Or just haven’t painted in a while? This workshop is perfect for you. Learn the art of canvas painting. Perfect for beginners and folks who have never painted before. Learn how to paint on wood Using acrylic paint. Creating a beautiful landscape on a wooden coaster.

Music Jam - Wed, 12th Apr’23 - Wed, 30th Aug’23 (Every Wednesday)

Every Wednesday Lahe Lahe gathers in a circle as if around a Bonfire at the end of a busy day… We pull out our instruments and warm up our voices… the sound comes slowly up… Magic… Bring your positive energy and your voice for a soulful evening of music. We would love to see you there!

Regular Art Classes at BCC - Every Saturday

The class includes a variety of mediums, like acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolour, charcoal, pencil and pen sketching, colour pencils, soft pastels and a lot more. You will be guided through each of these mediums in the level that you are at. The classes will be taught using a wide range of creative exercises and activities. You will be encouraged to develop and follow your own style and creativity, while learning the skills needed to do so.

Weekly Events for Kids

Shuffle Dance Workshops - Fri, 7th Apr’23 - Fri, 25th Aug’23 (Every Friday)

Shuffle Dance or “Cutting Shapes” as it is sometimes called, is characterized by quick and slick footwork, danced to the latest EDM music. It’s a fun and upbeat dance that has many mental and physical health benefits. In this course, you`ll be guided through the techniques of shuffle dancing in a methodical way, so that you can master them and dance up a storm.

Painting for Kids - Sat, 8th Apr’23 - Sat, 29th Apr’23 (Every Saturday)

Lahe Lahe will be conducting live art together under the artist’s guidelines where kids will get to paint on canvas.

ISKCON Samskriti Culture Camp 2023 - Mon, 8th Apr’23 - Mon, 17th Apr’23 (Multiple Venues)

ISKCON Samskriti has designed a camp that is a 360° program giving your child the right cultural education along with an ounce of constructive entertainment. Look forward to: * Kirtans * Value-based stories * Vedic Chants * Video shows * Tasty food And more.

Singer’s Portfolio Making - Sat, 8th Apr’23 - Sun, 28th May’23 (Every Saturday & Sunday)

Music is a lifelong journey. There’s always more to learn. We at Fusion Waves Music Academy offer best learning experiences that will help you perfect your learning and put it into action right away. Our mentor-ship programs were designed to push you to the edge of your comfort zone and beyond. Our custom program is designed to provide instruction, accountability, and feedback over four or eight weeks to make sure you make significant progress on your goals.

Pottery with Families - Sun, 9th Apr’23 - Sun, 27th Aug’23 (Every Sunday)

An Experience not to be missed by you with your favorite child(Ren) - can be your kid/ niece/ nephew or your neighbor! You both can be in connect with the earth, to play with clay, open ideation & creativity with the most beautiful art form of pottery. This workshop helps both kids and adults to understand the feel of natural clay, hand-building techniques like pinching, coiling & slab making.

Beginner Guitar Workshop - Sun, 9th Apr’23 - Sun, 16th Apr’23 (Every Sunday)

Music in us presents beginner guitar workshop! This workshop is designed for those who are brand new to the guitar and want to learn the basics. You don`t need to own a guitar to attend the workshop as a guitar will be provided in the studio for the duration of the workshop. By the end of the workshop, you will have a solid foundation in finger strengthening exercises, music theory, understanding chords and simple strumming patterns.

Painting with Acrylic - Sun, 9th Apr’23 - Sun, 30th Apr’23 (Every Sunday)

Lahe Lahe conducts live art together under Bharat’s guidelines such that you get a beautiful art which you can take to your home to decorate your wall with the painting/image.

Music Summer Camp 2023 - Mon, 10th Apr’23 - Mon, 17th Apr’23 (Every Monday)

As the 2023 summer is nearing, gear up for your kids creative initiation through our Fusion Waves Music Academy`s Music summer camp.